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  1. joeltc1

    ISP Stealth Power Amp / Live sound questions

    Got a good review in two places I found. Type in ISP Stealth Power amplifier review and hunt for yourself. If it's cheep I' hop on it.
  2. joeltc1

    Strange behavior of input LEDs in Ultra

    Oddly enough, I have a similar problem but can't answer your question. My Ultra stopped playing and now 3 of the 4 input LEDs look like christmas lights. When turned off then on again the lights disappear then quickly climb to "all on" and stay. At least your Axe plays, mine is now silent and I...
  3. joeltc1

    Metallica Meltdown

    We know tha there will always be critics of anything- any time, any place- my wife says I'm WAY to critical and should focus on the positive. Okay, I POSITIVELY usually dislike ANY mix of a rock band on TV, it doesn't sound any good to my ears compared to live since I've heard live rock...
  4. joeltc1

    Axe-FX II: Doyle Bramhall II - Greenlight Girl

    I rarely get chills listening to music but when something gets to me I get the chills. My chills don't lie, they signify some deeper emotional reaction to what is being said or played, simple as that. You did your best gave and the solo at the end gave them to me. You floored me...
  5. joeltc1

    Second rehearsal with CLR

    Overloading in you iem's? The reason I asked is I have used my DBX IEM which has a lot of controls for compression, etc- didn't know if that would help at all in your case.
  6. joeltc1

    Simple 2 button footswitch?

    or FCB1010, same $ or less, maybe too big for you? Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Footcontroller with Uno 1 0 2 F Firmware | eBay
  7. joeltc1

    Auto Leveling Of Presets

    1+ that alone is probably my biggest issue...
  8. joeltc1

    The history of Axe Fx so far.

    Thanks for the revival, it was fascinating reading. My own story with modeling stated with Vamps then some how I became aware of the Axe and got a standard. I do remember first plugging in, I just played and played with the various presets, not believing how good my playing sounded through this...
  9. joeltc1

    Favorite # Amp types

    I hate to tell you this but I thought I remembered that Bill passed away, his posts were quite special. Sep-17-2012, 06:10 PM #1 jimfist jimfist is offline Senior Member jimfist's Avatar Join Date Jan 2011 Location Tewksbury, MA (USA) Posts 1,268 Sad...
  10. joeltc1

    Kid Charlemagne solo cover

    Always a fav solo of mine, you sounded good, nice tone and playing. Just wish you were deeper in the mix and I would have thought you were the original player:)
  11. joeltc1

    Buyers Remorse Anyone?

    1+ I had a tone on the Standard that I loved, never got it on my Ultra-should have kept the standard until I got the tone. I am lusting for the II, but will keep my Ultra until i have the tones/sounds I want. The standard was great and probably still is!
  12. joeltc1

    What is the typical Fractal user like? ;)

    What is the typical Fractal user like? Here's another way I'd like to answer that question... Well, I've never met another Axe user in person, but from what I see here on the forum I've noticed that no matter what country the Axe user is from: The typical AXE user is intelligent...
  13. joeltc1

    Guess What Amp I Just Bought

    Many, Many Thanks to Cliff and the Crew..... 1+++ I've recently moved from Sarasota, Florida to David, Panama and the forum and it's great spirit has been a constant for me in a time of challenge and change. I'm living where I have to use headphones pretty much exclusively and it's great to...
  14. joeltc1

    Two Strat Lead Settings: Which do you think works better?

    got the patch? number one- got the patch?:)
  15. joeltc1

    Tone Matches for Standand/Ultra

    some patches won't load.. I want to thank you so much for these patches. I only had problems with a few not loading,(Myrath wouldn't load)- I really like many of the ones that would load. I will be playing with some guys who do some Molley Hatchetand I found that I liked the Blackstar 45...
  16. joeltc1

    Tone Matches for Standand/Ultra

    Dear Songtan 12, Niiiiiice!!!! Thanks so much. I threw an TS808 in the drive slot for more lead gain. I still haven't taken the time to learnhow get the irs in place but the TMs sound great with the cabs I'm using. Thanks again! Cheers, Joel
  17. joeltc1

    Tone Matches for Standand/Ultra

    Any chance of getting a tm of Rory Gallagher Off the Handle?- Rory Gallagher - Off The Handle - YouTube I had a few drinks and youtubed him and am floored... awesome playing and tone-RIP
  18. joeltc1

    Tone Matches for Standand/Ultra

    I loaded the patches with midi-ox, pretty easy. I didn't have the same luck with the irs, help, someone:) I liked the evil robot, fender with jetter, vox (!!!) This breathes new life into the Ultra for me although I'll spring for the 2 when my house sells. I've loved my standard and Ultra but if...
  19. joeltc1

    about to buy an axe fx 2 however......

    How do you set the Art-I have one and think I'll try it with my Ultra? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Joel
  20. joeltc1

    I just want to know how many Fractal Users in Florida !???

    Sarasota. Ultra,MFC-101,'61 SG reissue, VG Strat. Meet up?
  21. joeltc1

    Am I one of the few Fractal Artists who uses the AFX II for Everyhing?

    I heard you in Tampa and thought it was fine. If you like it and it makes you life easier, all the better.
  22. joeltc1

    Poll: Axe-fx II vs Empress Compressor shootout (clip included)

    I preferred the first half until the last chord where there was no low end growl to my ears, the second half had a nice low end growl on the last chord that wouldn't stop-that would sound nice at the end of a song.
  23. joeltc1

    New Tonematch - Breaking Benjamin Diary of Jane

    Put my headphones on but nuttin'-Rats!
  24. joeltc1

    Hey Radley, wife and I just heard you at St. Pete Times Forum, Great!

    Not rotary so much, it was not distinct enough for me to suss out and my memory for sound is not that good...Hey Radley, are you there????
  25. joeltc1

    A/B Test EVH 5153 vs. native model in V. 6.01

    ''We played "guess the real amp" 10 times. 8 of ten times Matt said he couldn't tell. Two times he said "that's the real amp"... and those two times he was wrong.'' Great story, Cliff- Times like those have got to make you happy and proud!!!! I appreciate all your work and dedication, I loved...
  26. joeltc1

    Hey Radley, wife and I just heard you at St. Pete Times Forum, Great!

    He could tell you but then he'd have to ---- you! Not! The sound of the guitar had an interesting effect that gave it a keyboardish quality that I enjoyed. Who knows what the secret could be......
  27. joeltc1

    Hey Radley, wife and I just heard you at St. Pete Times Forum, Great!

    Hi Hadley, We got tickets in row 25 pretty much in front of you and had a great time since we had never seen Mr Diamond in concert before. What a great showman with so many moving songs. Don't know how it went for you but it looked/sounded like things went well with your rig. I...
  28. joeltc1

    Have you heard the Brent Mason Hot Wired pedal, can the AxeII duplicate it?

    There's a HW pedal for sale locally so I looked it up on Youtube and found a vid and liked the sound. Just wondering if anyone has duplicated it on their Fractal Axe. Thanks in advance. Brent Mason - Hot Wired pedal demo Pt I - YouTube
  29. joeltc1

    Fractal Patch Contest

    anyone else have trouble with patches not loading??? others would but not these Hi- Congratulations for the win, I'm even more curious how the winning patch sounds since none of these Voes' patches will load, darn it. (My midi IS working, other patches did load, just not these.)...
  30. joeltc1

    What's the best deal you ever got on music gear?

    1+ full price here too- I bought a used standard and loved it so much that I wanted Fractal to get the full price for such a priceless item ! Thanks, Cliff, for both of them Cheers, jjel
  31. joeltc1

    Somebody Get Me a Doctor - Van Halen - without lead vocal

    Don' let this go to your head......but I liked your energy VERY much, sometimes even better than (sac-religious to speak the name:)......CARRY ON !!!!!!!!!
  32. joeltc1

    violin, organ-ish patches

    Hi Lynn, Sorry to have mislead you but no, it seems that I may have tried the synths on organ but found that being able to play a chord was more important than getting a particular sound. I experimented with the synth on a sax sound but had little love for the end result. If you have any luck...
  33. joeltc1

    violin, organ-ish patches

    lmo requested patches-these are mods of B4 posted by another user. Nothing great but possibly interesting for some. I use the violin patch on Delilah. Cheers, Joel
  34. joeltc1

    Feature Comparison of Standard vs. Ultra

    The synths put the Ultra ahead of my standard.. Hi, I'm sure there are other reasons folks prefer the Ultra but the Standard won't cut it for my needs ( I have both) . I use the synths for violin, organ and funky synth stuff for the 70's and 80's tunes we do. ymmv... Cheers, Joel
  35. joeltc1

    70s Funk Rock w/ Rhodes, Clavinova, Mu-Tron... and the Axe on Strat and Bass

    Loved the track :) Dear Sebastian, I put the headphones on to give the track a listen... three plays later they came off...all I can say is WOW, I really love it, the tune, the playing, the MIX- not too heavy on the guitars as many of the other axe tracks offered up. A tip of the hat to...
  36. joeltc1

    3 sounds that I maybe can do a gig with

    It's all good-if you like them why not use them !!!! See how they sound gigging, modify as necessary. They all sound cutting, that's good, you can always tone them down or whatever. As is often said.......Rock On :twisted: Cheers, Joel
  37. joeltc1

    Any STP Core album patches?

    Hi-Thanks for the clips. I haven't had much time to listen/compare but they do sound in the ball park, nice chords too :D . Can you post the patch/patches? I have an STP setting that I'm using for Interstate Love Song that I'd like to a/b. I'll post more when I have more pertinent...
  38. joeltc1

    Any STP Core album patches?

    bump This was not my post but asks the questions I have. I also am curious if there are some good STP patches available. Cheers, Joel
  39. joeltc1

    Marsha BE, TS808 Mod and Tele for some oldschool lead tone

    Re: Marsha BE, TS808 Mod and Tele for some oldschool lead to Someone sounds very jazzed ;) - could it be the tone and response from your patch? :D :D :D Inspired playing indeed-Outstanding, thanks for posting!!! Cheers, Joel
  40. joeltc1

    Quick Vid: Atomic MB-50 into 4x12 Cab, with Axe-Fx Ultra

    :twisted: quite evil indeed...and impressive.
  41. joeltc1

    Fractal Audio welcomes John Petrucci

    Impressive :o :D :shock: ....and,oh, by the way John, care to share a patch or two? :twisted: A few folks here would probably download them eventually...... ;) Cheers, Joel
  42. joeltc1

    Fractal Audio Welcomes Neal Schon!

    ...Fond memories of Journey's "City by the Bay" (link below) ....great guitar all the way through, the solo STILL gives me chills... :o Thank you, Neal for your musicality and I will be looking forward to hearing what you do with your Ultra...... :D Cheers, Joel...
  43. joeltc1

    Gibson and Jtm45

    What a wonderful way to start my morning, beautiful feel, playing and tone combined for another amazing example of what the Axe is capable of ! Muchas Gracias! :D Cheers, Joel
  44. joeltc1

    Went to Merriam-Webster for the definition of "Chime...

    All this talk of "Chime" made me wonder what it really meant and if folks using it really meant what the dictionary defines it as. Here's what I found : Main Entry: 2chime Function: verb Inflected Form(s): chimed; chim·ing Date: 14th century intransitive verb 1 a : to make a musical and...
  45. joeltc1

    Cliff, my B-day is Feb 10th...

    Re: Cliff, my B-day is Feb 10th... Aquarius Well........add 22 to yours and you have mine- I'm probably the oldest on the forum ! :shock:
  46. joeltc1

    Cliff, my B-day is Feb 10th...

    Re: Cliff, my B-day is Feb 10th... Aquarius "This is the dawning of the........" I also was born on the 10th of February, many, many years before your birth. Enjoy your birthday :D ! from the web--- Aquarius Personality, Celebrity Aquarius, Daily Aquarius Horoscope and More Aquarius...
  47. joeltc1

    Best and cheapest 1 rack space SS Power amplifiers

    another option- I have 3 single space amps and prefer my Soundtech PS802- Pros- 230 watts @8OHMS , 400 @4OHMS, 800 bridged 1/4" & XLR inputs , cleaner tones A/Bs vs my Peavey DPC 750, cheap used ($175 ebay) light weight @ 15.8 lbs Cons- noisey fans, bannana outputs VERY loud, nice full bass...
  48. joeltc1

    Texas Flood! my lifetime-wanted tone! [EDITED:new demo up]

    Re: Texas Flood!!! my lifetime-wanted tone!! 1+ the 1+ , great tone and feel- patch please :D Cheers, Joel
  49. joeltc1

    I'm challenged, a kindergarden tutorial PLEASE?

    "Shure"---Now is that Canadian for "sure"???? Or are we talking about that mic maker.... ;) Wise me up, Bro. :D Cheers, Joel
  50. joeltc1

    My Ultra arrived today - Thoughts and thanks...

    Yes indeed, first things first! Welcome to the tribe and JAM ON! :D :twisted: Cheers, Joel
  51. joeltc1


    to the OP- Betcha can't stay on the PC too long with the AXE with all her mysterious sounds tempting you to grab your guitar, plug in and wallow in more mind bending revelations.... and those are only the stock presets, wait till you download some of the patches.... it just keeps getting better...
  52. joeltc1

    Too much power

    Hi Pulverizer, Discretion tells me that to use massive power to run 30 watt speakers would be inviting potential speaker destruction (pulverized.....). Do you have access only to this amp? Do you have access to something with lower power ratings? Maybe you'd want to try it instead for...
  53. joeltc1

    Setting up patches for live use

    Hi Sidivan, Some questions for starters to help zero in on responses- 1. What type of music do you play? -Gives us a general idea of what to recommend. 2. What type of amp DID you use? _Gives us an idea of what you are accustomed to. 3. How many in the group? -Helps determine what...
  54. joeltc1

    Uber Eruption .....Preset added

    Re: Uber Eruption You say it's your Birthday- it's my birthday too, yeah-Happy Birthday to You ! The clip sounds good, I could care less if it's "perfect", I liked the feel, it seemed like to me that you were having fun playing it and made me happy to listen to you. Happy Birthday again...
  55. joeltc1

    Anyone interested in hearing some new audio clips?

    Hi DZ, Yes indeed, I listened to the clips that Tom King posted and am looking forward to whatever you want to post. Cool sounds and super playing-I appreciate your posting to this great forum. Cheers, Joel
  56. joeltc1

    Resolved - which is amp, which Axe&2502 and which Axe direct

    The answers were on the page when I listened but I didn't see them, I just clicked on the clips in order and listened with my eyes shut- my first gut feelings: Clip A- "Wow, I like the way the guitar bites-digs in, probably the Marshall" Clip B- "Hmmm, maybe the Axe, not as much bite, lead is...
  57. joeltc1

    ART SLA-2 vs. Carvin DCM 150

    Pass on the DCM-150, probably not enough power to satisfy you ( I have one driving 8 ohm EV12ls like it ok but my 1976 50watt Marshall JCM stomps it volume wise) :evil: . I am using IEMs/PA now in my non-live setting but would probably want the ART to drive two 412s if the gig required using...
  58. joeltc1

    Question before purchase of the Ultra

    Cliff, is my "Purple Haze" Ultra the new official color? Maybe Cliff will chime in on the new tint?
  59. joeltc1

    Question before purchase of the Ultra

    Yup, a shade of purple for sure, don't know why-I didn't see "check box for color choice". I noticed it right out of the box but really saw the difference when I dropped it in the rack. I think I'll keep it anyway ;) I did my usual "cheap Charlie" buying strategy with the Standard-bought...
  60. joeltc1

    Question before purchase of the Ultra

    [attachment=0:1nd5pl05]ultrastandard.jpg[/attachment:1nd5pl05] The Ultra just came last week, so many good sounds- love running BOTH together-I'm sure you can imagine some of the combinations that can be conjured up.... :evil: :twisted: :o 8-) :lol: Yeah, "get two". Done, my friend-gotta...
  61. joeltc1

    I am officially an Ultra man now....

    Congrats Scott :D , Monday I also become an UltraUser . My hearing is challenged but not so much that the stock fan is silent-I think I will change mine out also. Which model fan did you use? I need to order one. I've read that it's not terrifically hard thing to change out, hope I have good...
  62. joeltc1

    Thank You Lars!!!!

    Hats off to you, Lars ! :D As you can see, you have touched many here and are deeply appreciated. Cheers, Joel
  63. joeltc1

    Running stereo?

    1. Ran to amp/speakers mono. Liked it. :) 2. Ran stereo to amp/speakers. Loved it. :D 3. Ran mono to mono ( one amp/two speakers+sub) pa (have mine set up in my practice area- one 12"/horn per side + aux sent sub. Very good but no cigar. 4. Ran stereo to same pa but now in stereo (one amp...
  64. joeltc1

    Dweezil Zappa presets posted on Axechange!

    :?: A Question to any and all: I have a Standard- is there any way I can modify the Zappa and other Ultra uploads so that they will be heard in my (our) Standard rig(s) ? My thanks for all or your time and attention- fab bunch of contributors on this forum ! :D Cheers, Joel in Sarasota...
  65. joeltc1

    Sugar Bear>New "Old" R9 Gets Funky and Nasty

    Dear John ;) Thank you ! I can do my funky dance out on the way to work with your melody and great sounds bouncing around in my head- very cool- thanks again! Cheers, Joel in Sarasota, Florida
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