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  1. maxolla

    LOOPER block dream

    Last night I had a dream only to awake from it in a cold sweat. In my dream my Axe looper block had 4 different lines that synced to each other and all lines could be different lengths. I had a similar dream where there were two looper blocks that could be placed anywhere in the chain. Any...
  2. maxolla

    How are you using Scene Controllers?

    Just got a patch set up today using Scene Modifiers and I’m really liking the ability to change block parameters using them. I used a modifier to change change gain on the Euro Red. There are actually three stages of sub-sequential gain boost. Never new that amp would do low gain sounds as...
  3. maxolla

    Midi Switching Gap?

    On the list for a Axe 3. I have already owned the unit with a GT16 switcher. Love the AXE for everything but I’m not completely happy with the speed at which my drive pedal would switch on and off. There seemed to be a slight lag when turning it on and off. Not sure if its been sped up at...
  4. maxolla

    Help!!!MFC IA Switch 1 acting up.

    I assigned IA1 to record on the looper as the only control for that button. For some reason when I’m on any other preset but preset 1, that foot switch returns me back to preset 1 and engages record simultaneously. I’ve checked button AI 1 for any additional CC# assignment and there are none...
  5. maxolla

    trying to update to 7.2 from 5.3 crashes MacBook 10.12.6

    Finally found the time to start using MFC-Edit. I went to load it and the update won’t install. It goes like this. open MFC-Edit hit yes when prompted to update It gets to the end of the download and asks for my admin password. I provide it and hit enter. MFC-Edit crashes I reopen and do it...
  6. maxolla

    Can MFC control Ableton through the Axe FX

    Does anyone know if it's possible to control Ableton with the MFC through the Axe? Maybe using the usb connection from the Axe to your laptop? I've been playing my DAW through the Axe monitoring through my frfr setup. It's cool to write music that way. You can hear what you've done with...
  7. maxolla

    Are the stock cab IRs enough.

    hi all I keep reading about cab packs as well as the cab tools. Is everyone in agreement that buying new ones is a must or are the stock IRs In the ax good enough? Also is blending IRs with the cab software a must? Thanks for your opinions. :D
  8. maxolla


    Hi, I’m back from about a year of Axelessness. I had an Axe FX 2 during the version 10-12 days but wasn’t grooving on it as much so I sold it and went tube again. Just bought another II and am blown away by the sound both FRFR and with a cab. I sold off some gear and one of the pieces was a...
  9. maxolla

    MFC isn’t playing nicely with my AXE FX 2

    So I’m thinking about going back to firmware 18. Is there an easy place to download it to install with the bot? Seems that when switching presets I have to push the preset button twice to get the correct name to show up on my MFC screen. Another guy posted on the same issue. I’m guessing...
  10. maxolla

    Preset switching on its own

    Plugged in tonight for some noodle time and whilst grooving on some smoke on the water meets Larry Carlton meets Rick James etc... The patch changed. I unplugged everything that might have caused the offense and started in again and wham the patch changed again. It seems to go down every time...
  11. maxolla

    Time for show and tell. Only Clean to Mid gain tones. No GUG GUCK please

    So I've been messing around with this thing for about a month. Haven't found the right monitoring system but I'm hopeful. I've got the Matrix gt1000fx and the Q12 is on its way. If those two pieces don't do the trick then the AXE FX will change categories from live sound piece to recording...
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