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  1. plyall

    Mac USB recording issue

    Jumping in late, and I'm not sure if you have wrangled with this yet... Garage (Garbage) Band has a fixed recording sample rate of 44.1Khz. The AxeIII has a fixed sample rate of 48Khz. If you're recording digitally, this will matter, unless you have something (like a DAW) converting the rates...
  2. plyall

    Headphones ohms

    I have been using these for years... I highly recommend them. Be careful though - I believe there was a period when counterfeit phones made it onto the market.
  3. plyall

    No sound from Mac by USB

    I'm hopping in late on this thread. Here's what works for me: 1. Turn the AF3 off (leave the USB connected) 2. Boot your computer 3. Once the computer is up, now turn on the AF3. By the way - the output selection will send all output to the AF3... so unless your monitors are connected to the...
  4. plyall

    Deep Tweaks for the Axe-Fx III

    While I certainly understand the desire for a centralized resource (mebbe Hot Tips for your AF3), I would offer that the Wiki has a massive amount of assembled knowledge for free. If money is no issue, tale Cooper Carter's online class (I believe $120). I haven't taken it yet, but plan to...
  5. plyall

    Axe-Fx lll & Apollo Twin hookup

    Brad - I also have an Apollo and it does have an optical in (only). You can set it to use either SPDIF or ADAT formatted content. I happen to use it presently to make the Apollo is clocking the same as my other audio interfaces.
  6. plyall

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Al - when I fired up the latest FracTool, I attempted to do a backup of the Axe-FX3. I got timeouts on every bank (and so on). Admittedly it's been a while since I used this utility, but I'm betting something's wrong.
  7. plyall

    Is my I/O plan sound? Will this work??

    Actually (as a previous resister of this approach), I recommend using the USB DI's and processed channels as your source. This will free up additional analog inputs. For years I have recorded the analog 1 outputs to my DAW via an RME interface. This allowed you sample rate flexibility. If your...
  8. plyall

    You gotta fight.......

    Sorry dude - I was reading the forums a different way. Please do carry on!
  9. plyall

    You gotta fight.......

    I'm betting that this is not a sports forum. Wasted bandwidth/time.
  10. plyall

    Wireless guitar system suggestions

    For a datapoint, I use the Shure. Lovely little unit, sounds great (i.e. not at all), and has a really slick battery recharger built into it. Buy an extra battery ($30 or so) and you're ready for anything.
  11. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    While that may e the case, I think we're looking at a much larger problem here.
  12. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    The microphone isn't being used.
  13. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Matt/Cliff - is this something we should open a ticket with support to get help?
  14. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    I see. I have no visibility into the Windows world, but I feel badly that they are experiencing the same pain.
  15. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Again - it may be an Apple issue, BUT since many of us are locked into that world, we really need the help of Fractal to help us analyze the issue. We need to be able to use our Fractal gear in a relatively seamless manner.
  16. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Given that many of us appear to be affected by this problem, I wonder if we could talk Fractal into using some of their troubleshooting skills to determine the problem? If it turns out to be Apple's issue, this would at least give us some ammunition to carry to them.
  17. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Hear, hear! I would love Fractal to look into this to see what's going on...
  18. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Please explain - I don't understand how they would impact/affect I/O between the Axe and the Mac.
  19. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Axe III can't receive a word clock signal, unless it get's synced via the SPDIF port. When using all 3, I typically use the Axe III as the clock master.
  20. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Yes - the audio comes thorough one of my RME Fireface 800's. All good until Axe III boots up.
  21. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Not likely, although that was my first thought. I do use an external clock unit, and I check in the Midi/Audio preferences to make sure who is the master clock.
  22. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    To answer Chris's question, yes you can change the audio device, but it still passes no audio. A reboot of the Mac is required (while the Axe FX III is already on). To answer vaultnaemsae, pretty much what I said - audio stops coming out of the system. If a song is playing in iTunes or...
  23. plyall

    Axe-Fx III USB I/O seems to disable Core Audio (Mac - more below)

    Hi folks - I have been fighting this off and on for a while. Here are the problem and the symptoms (and potential workaround)... Problem: If the Mac is up and running already, and playing audio, powering on the Axe FX III disables audio (specifically around the time initializing effects...
  24. plyall


    Regardless of which phones you have, you'll need an actual wire to connect to the Axe-FX III. I also have Bose phones, but prefer them for iPhone listening (or other). The phones I use in my studio are the stead worthy Sony MDR-7506 (wired).
  25. plyall

    Delay and reverb sounds "disconnected" from the dry tone

    It might also help to see your patches' routing. Parallel and serial effects are quite different.
  26. plyall

    Lag when recording in Logic Pro X

    To 'mwd's point - what versions of Logic and the OS are you using? Catalina has been catastrophic for audio, so stay on Mojave (or earlier). Also - Logic's latest release is a bit of a train wreck... The last really stable version was 10.4.4. The current version is 10.4.7 (don't do it).
  27. plyall

    Headphones, USB recording and the all that...

    Right. What you hear 'out' should not depend on the level coming in. In other words your recording path and playback path are totally different.
  28. plyall

    FW 11b - Overview of New Speaker Impedance Modelling

    IR/CAB are synonymous as far as I'm concerned, with one small distinction: CAB is a block. IR (any of them) is what you load into a CAB block. An IR is a file that defines a speaker to the AXE II/III in terms of frequency response. There appears to be an option to load and mix/match up to 4 IR's...
  29. plyall

    Factory presets backups and firmware

    While Chris is correct, that's not to say that changes in the modeling (typically improvements) couldn't affect your presets a bit. They may require a bit of tweaking after an upgrade.
  30. plyall

    USB recording, handling latency

    Yes - you can use USB outs to record the direct signal (DI) as well as the effected signal. This makes things very simple for re-amping. You simply apply the outputs of your DI track to the USB inputs and setup the AXE to use USB in vice Front in.
  31. plyall

    USB recording, handling latency

    I also have Logic and an Axe III. Reamping is pretty straightforward if you use the USB outputs/inputs. I am also setup for analog (full tilt boogie: a Radial direct box, and a Radial preamp box), but I rarely use it. Setting up the Axe-FX III as an I/O plugin sounds like a weird application of...
  32. plyall

    Question Regarding Cable Length & Buffers

    Does your Temple Audio unit already have a built in buffer? I know, for instance, that my GCX switcher did.
  33. plyall

    Axe-Fx lll & Apollo Twin hookup

    Beg to differ on that, but I have a UA Apollo Twin and its OPTICAL input does support S/PDIF. Just needs to be configured in the Console app. I ended up using mine for an ADAT interface.
  34. plyall

    Pros using DBX rack compressors but we don't use them in our patches?

    As an aside, back in the olden days (80/90's) I used to use 3 preamps (clean, dirty, dirtier), the last one actually being a Marshall JCM-800 (2210). I had a Quadraverb and a DBX-166 in my rack, and I used them to EQ and 'goose' the Marshall (hit its input hard on the power stage) and it was...
  35. plyall

    Cathode Follower Amps

    I guess it would be good to assess what you're hearing through your monitors - what's different/less aggravating/EQ change/etc. ?Also, what are you using for monitors? Also, since you are using a real power amp and cabinet, have you defeated power amp emulation and the speaker IR's?
  36. plyall

    Noise from Bass :(

    I don't know if you characterized the noise, but if it's more like hiss it's very likely the active preamp in your bass, specifically the treble control. I have a bass that's like this, and I need to either run it passive, or really watch the treble control. Your problem may be helped my some...
  37. plyall

    AxeFx III vocal chain

    Not to pick, but typically printing delay or reverb during tracking is a 'no no', unless it's part of 'the sound'. Most folks prefer to add those during the mixing stage. You could always arrange the effects such that the guitar player hears one path with delay and reverb, and the recorder/DAW...
  38. plyall

    Vendor AustinBuddy's New "Brit Rock Royalty" TonePack Series!!!

    Thanks Fleece - I appreciate the heads up!
  39. plyall

    Vendor AustinBuddy's New "Brit Rock Royalty" TonePack Series!!!

    For those of us considering purchase, it would be useful to know the band you modeled. It could just as easily be the Beatles or Queen as described, and perhaps others. Games aren't as fun when there's money involved, especially to prospective customers.
  40. plyall

    Pops even when using SPDIF as clock source

    Clocked yes, but that doesn't prevent buffer underflow/overflow.
  41. plyall

    So is it gonna be called Logic Pro X forever now?

    For what Logic X Pro is, $300 is a pittance. All the built in plugins/effects, synths, and other factors make it a steal.
  42. plyall

    Pops even when using SPDIF as clock source

    What's your buffer size for I/O?
  43. plyall

    Vendor AustinBuddy's new Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack available now for firmware 12.x

    First of all, thanks for telling me about Cooper's video - I wasn't aware that he was using your tone pack. But now I have a dilemma - buy the tone pack, or wait to see what you're producing for the III shortly! Thanks again.
  44. plyall

    Vendor AustinBuddy's new Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack available now for firmware 12.x

    Out of context, but why is it there aren't audio track examples of your preset on the (your) website? Thanks!
  45. plyall

    Kiesel Solo Contest 2019

    Amazing. No contest!
  46. plyall

    Aerosmith Preset?

    Have you checked the AxeChange? https://axechange.fractalaudio.com Also, this box begs to be tweaked. Grab a preset that's close to what you're looking for, and go to town on it.
  47. plyall

    FS Axe-Fx II, MFC-101 Mk I, Humbuster cables

    Thanks to all for looking. The units have been sold.
  48. plyall

    Axe-Fx III on stage

    Very nice (and clean!) presentation. Looks great, and FWIW your playing is out of this world as well.
  49. plyall

    The perfect pedalboard/ hard case

    Acknowledged, but are you willing to shell out a large percentage of the unit's original cost? I'd be hoping to find something around the $300 range (if I were shopping). I no longer gig, so it's a moot point for me.
  50. plyall

    Axe-Edit wont work with power plugged in??

    Does the Axe III USB connect show up in the Mac's Audio Midi Utility?
  51. plyall

    The perfect pedalboard/ hard case

    ... and at $500 for an FC-12 case, I'd likely keep looking...
  52. plyall

    Anyone Know What The Best Software Would Be For Isolating Instruments?

    There is a utility out there (but it was purchased by Fender) called Riffstation. Very good for slowing down and isolating guitar parts. Bad news - it's out of production. Good news - it's available in an activation-free version. Windows...
  53. plyall

    Focal shape 65?

    Not a direct comparison, but I have/use the Focal Solo 6BE monitors, and have for probably 5 years. Nothing but good things to say. My old subwoofer just gave up the ghost, so I ordered the matching subwoofer from Sweetwater (Focal Sub 6). None of these are cheap, but they are definitely worth it.
  54. plyall

    Mac only: aggregate device mutes when the Axe-FX III is turned on

    Folks, I know a lot of you don't have Macs, and for that I beg your indulgence... Scenario: I have created an AGGREGATE device that includes an Apollo Twin (Thunderbolt), the Axe-FX III USB, and two RME firefaces (FW-800). I'm particularly careful about digital sync. I have a master...
  55. plyall

    Layout Question

    I have used the HOLD function on one of my buttons to send me into the LOOPER layout. I also modified the looper layout such that a HOLD on one of the buttons sends me back to the PER-PRESET layout that I started on.
  56. plyall

    FS Axe-Fx II, MFC-101 Mk I, Humbuster cables

    Hi folks - I have listed the Axe-FX II and MFC-101 on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/173997467558. It is $1550 there, but would be $1400 for a forum member.
  57. plyall

    Testing violin-like overdrive Les Paul tones

    Completely on target for Knopfler! Very nice.
  58. plyall

    Logic X and USB 1.08 issue?

    As stated earlier, version 10.4.6 is considered somewhat 'iffy' by the Logic community. If you can, roll back to version 10.4.4. I used Time Machine to go back and search for the older version of Logic. Just as a caution, the recommended practice is to ZIP/Compress a copy of your existing Logic...
  59. plyall

    Input block Impedance question.

    Right, so if you use a wireless you effectively lose this capability, as the wireless unit is the first thing your Axe will 'see'. Typically wireless rigs provide very high impedance to the guitar.
  60. plyall

    All shared patches I load are too bright

    I used to have an X32 until last year... I believe each channel is universal and can accept either mic or line inputs (all ports are XLR). It sounds like through the deductive work you folks have already done, that the problem is somewhere in the mixer's rendering of the sound. If both the...
  61. plyall

    5 minute tones - Pitch Follower

    As usual, brilliant!
  62. plyall

    [fixed] Lost all audio after trying to change audio interface settings

    Just out of curiosity, did you change the sample rate? I have seen a number of DAWs that differ in how well they handle that, and loss of proper clocking can result in a loss of audio.
  63. plyall

    In Ears for Input / Output 2

    I'm not sure you got the answer about the output levels on outs 3 and 4. I went to the manual, and all I can find is this: This doesn't directly state that these are -10 or +4 specifically. It would be great to have a clarification. I know about the unity gain, but at what level?
  64. plyall

    FS Axe-Fx II, MFC-101 Mk I, Humbuster cables

    Last bump on the board - I'll take it to eBay after this. Thanks!
  65. plyall

    It sounds like my looper is ducking the recorded loop for the live playing

    Sorry - must have double clicked something when posting. I will try moving the looper downstream.
  66. plyall

    It sounds like my looper is ducking the recorded loop for the live playing

    Weird. I was just messing with adding some looping to a preset, and found that after I had recorded some clean chord riffs into the looper, the live guitar coming through (with a drive engaged) sounded waaaay louder than the background, and I could barely hear the background riff. I don't think...
  67. plyall

    About to take the plunge... again?

    Do I? Empirically not - I have two, and the majority of my focus is self annoyance ;) As mentioned, I rarely gig these days (band drama really is a deal breaker), so these are largely for my own self torture! Regarding the PowerCab, if I recall it's a Line6 product. I have no background with it...
  68. plyall

    About to take the plunge... again?

    I hear what your saying regarding the CLR's. I do have two here, and I consider them a very sound investment. There are certainly other FRFR solutions out there, and you'll get a wealth of info if you search the forum, or specifically ask about the FRFR solutions available.
  69. plyall

    Is FractalBot 'friendly to others processes?

    Nope - I run my main Audio through a UA Apollo, and sometimes add my Fireface 800n and the AXE to the aggregate device. I almost never output anything to the Axe (unless I'm reamping). The scenario was that I did have Logic running, and then I fired up Axe-Edit to do a backup. It took so long...
  70. plyall

    About to take the plunge... again?

    Well - I don't know if I'm typical - but I haven't used a pedal (or a real amp) since I got my first Axe (II) in 2012. I have a III now, and I am very happy with it. I still have two amps (3 including the Ampeg bass amp) - a Fender 2x12 Deville, and a Tech 21 Trademark 60 - but I simply just...
  71. plyall

    Is FractalBot 'friendly to others processes?

    Well, it is a 2017 3GHz I7 Mac mini with 16G RAM, and a 1TB SSD (Apple). That really should be a fairly menial task for this rig. My only concern is that FractalBot may be 'camping' on a resource that makes the system slow down - possibly an exclusive lock somewhere?? Whatever the case, it...
  72. plyall

    Song Writing with Axe-Fx

    My approach is somewhat similar to what Unix-Guy offered: I'll usually start with a riff or chord progression that I like, then try to drag in some drums that sound decent (or write the part from scratch using Logic's MIDI editor). I may need to tweak the drums for emphasis, etc. Then I'll lay...
  73. plyall

    FS Axe-Fx II, MFC-101 Mk I, Humbuster cables

    Yes - you'll need an Ethernet cable for the MFC-101 (or I could throw you in a short one) - I used to use a 25 foot cable. The Axe-FX II has been racked at home its whole life - very little if any wear. Let's take this to private messaging if you'd like to go further.
  74. plyall

    Is FractalBot 'friendly to others processes?

    I was recently doing a backup of my Axe III and using FractalBot. Since the process can take a few minutes, I toggled over to Logic to hear some test tracks I laid down yesterday. Logic wouldn't play without complaining of engine overload... After the backup completed, I was able to get Logic...
  75. plyall

    Brian May - Morgan AC20

    Very nice. Especially emulating some of Brian's 'delay' solos.
  76. plyall

    FC Wishlist : Automated Switch Effect Selection Chains

    Sounds like a great idea! I wonder how much work that would be on the developer's side though...
  77. plyall

    Why Hiwatts cannot easily do the Gilmour thing? ("Shine on" preset included)

    Apologies - you're right. I just confirmed with Al that this is not possible. Sorry!
  78. plyall

    Backing Tracks

    Try these guys: https://www.karaoke-version.com You'll pay for them (2.99) but they are generally worth it. I used to solo all the tracks (one at a time) on their website so I could get each of the tracks on their own, and then I could mix them any way I wanted.
  79. plyall

    Adding Axe-FX III to composite device (Mac) kills output

    To add to this, AXE III is getting WC sync from the Fireface. Apollo is getting WC sync from the ADAT out of the Fireface. All at 48 Khz.
  80. plyall

    Adding Axe-FX III to composite device (Mac) kills output

    Folks - I have been chasing clocking problems around my newly rebuilt studio for the past few days. I have two separate word clock masters (only one in use at a time). What I find is that if I add the Axe FX III to the aggregate device, I typically lose all audio. Here's a picture of my...
  81. plyall

    Why Hiwatts cannot easily do the Gilmour thing? ("Shine on" preset included)

    Try this preset. It was written for Axe FX III, but can be easily converted to Axe FX II using Al Grenadine's great utility 'Fractool'. Note: I put this together in about 3 mins after seeing your request. I think it still needs some better EQ, and a fuller IR.
  82. plyall

    New Rig Build

    How does your roadie feel about that rack? :) Kidding aside, I used to run a GSP-2101 into a Boogie 50/50 - some of the tones I got were magnificent!
  83. plyall

    Double amp, Double cab - Fender Twin and Carol Ann

    Fantastic - where can we buy your album?
  84. plyall

    Is there any easy way to move through the presets without using Axe-Edit?

    I am making my way through the manuals, but haven't come across some of the answers yet. That's why I have been posting questions. Remember, this is a friendly forum, and we are here to help one another.
  85. plyall

    External dual compressor and gate

    I have an original DBX-166, but the idea should be the same: Connect your AXE outputs (that go to your speakers/amp) to your DBX-266XS, keeping careful about left and right. Then connect your DBX outputs to your powered speakers/amp.
  86. plyall

    What were your first amp modelers?

    My legacy of modelers... Rockman (original) Digitech 2101 (before its time) Axe FX II Axe FX III I'm not counting all of the actual preamps etc., but I have had a number, including the Triaxis.
  87. plyall

    Reamping during playback

    You must be talking SPDIF. I am actually using the digital in (ADAT) on my Apollo Twin, partially as a clocking/sync source, and partially as a signal source. For the latter, I use it to monitor keyboards, etc. Don't remember much about Cubase (I am a Logic user). Also, I'm pretty new to the...
  88. plyall

    Is there any easy way to move through the presets without using Axe-Edit?

    Thanks folks - I hadn't stumbled into that yet!
  89. plyall

    FC-12 (and FC-6) - Philosophy of use

    ...in fact that raises another question - why only 8 Layouts (well, 9 with the MLM). It would be cool to have a separate layout for each patch in a perfect world.
  90. plyall

    FC-12 (and FC-6) - Philosophy of use

    Well, prior to the MFC-101, I used to use an old Lake Butler midi foot controller, and in that I had unique setups for each patch. Is that still possible here?
  91. plyall

    Is there any easy way to move through the presets without using Axe-Edit?

    I find myself doing a lot of value knob spinning every time I want to jump from preset 49 to preset 425. And it seems the faster I scroll, the less process I make, seeing only a change of about 3-4 presets when I give the knob a whirl. I remember on the Axe II there was a way to move in groups...
  92. plyall

    FC-12 (and FC-6) - Philosophy of use

    How are most of you folks setting up your FC controllers? Do you take a performance layout and then edit it for your needs, and use this for all the presets? I used the MFC-101 with a bank size of either 0 or 1, so that anytime I send a bank up, it changes to the next patch. I typically use...
  93. plyall

    Is there a confirmation of Pedal Calibration?

    I followed the manual for the FC-12 and did the four calibrations for my pedals (controller). There doesn't seem to be any way to view what the calibration process has done, or how it has compensated for a non-full-range pedal. How are you folks doing this?
  94. plyall

    Now I'm heaven

    I'm not a massive metal fan, but that was very nicely done! Great sweeps too...
  95. plyall

    Bass amps, cabs - what are you using?

    That sounds a bit like the King's X approach - I believe it's 'Dug'.
  96. plyall

    Djentleman , I gotta problem

    Like others have said, you've stumbled into tonal nirvana. How long (how many amps/guitars/effects) have you been trying to get that tone? Right, so just enjoy it. I too have sounds that I cannot stop playing, and it feels really good to walk into the studio, fire up the III, and start jamming...
  97. plyall

    Tom Quayle (Guitar Interactive Magazine) - Axe FX III Review

    ...I don't want his guitar... I want his chops! o_O
  98. plyall

    Here's another reason to read the manual... (or I learned something cool today)

    Thanks Yek! I never used in int that configuration on the II, so I had no idea. For those folks reading this thread, here's a picture of what sent me troubleshooting for a bit:
  99. plyall

    Here's another reason to read the manual... (or I learned something cool today)

    I downloaded Leon Todd's 'LT Underdogs' patch from AxeChange. All I could get out of the patch was a DI-like sound. Hmmm. Meters look good - all blocks getting signal - but I'm getting a clean, very uninteresting sound out. I looked at his layout again, and noted that his patch uses a DI...
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