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  1. KenH

    Desk/workstation with rack mounting capability ideas?

    Looking to purchase some sort of desk workstation that has rack mount capabilities for the Axe III and other music equipment. Looking for ideas on what others here use. Thanks, Ken H
  2. KenH

    Would like some recommendations for powered studio monitors and headphones to use with the III

    With the current Fractal sale, I finally upgraded from an original II to the III. I am not currently gigging so I mostly play in my home office which is maybe 15'x15'. I am not needing anything as powerful as the QSC monitors I used when I was gigging. Mostly just playing along with music or...
  3. KenH

    Anybody have an updated "How Soon Is Now" patch

    This patched posted quit a few firmwares ago sounded really good. However now it is not sounding so hot with v19. I tried changing the amp but once I did that the panner effect seems to disappear in the sound. Wondering if anybody has an updated version of this patch? Thanks, Ken
  4. KenH

    Fractal Audio thanked in the liner notes of Satriani's latest cd

    I know it was already pointed out that the AxeFx II was in the studio with Joe. Thought that was kind of cool they get a shout out in his latest cd notes.
  5. KenH

    New Joe Satriani album listen to the whole album

    Big Satriani fan here but the last couple of albums haven't really done it for me. Liking what I am hearing so far. Reminds me of Crystal Planet stuff which was prob my all time fav. Listening Booth on MSN Music hopefully link works otherwise it is on MS listening booth
  6. KenH

    Kashmir in Space

    My first recording getting acquainted with Reaper/Superior Drummer and AxeFXII. Just a little idea of one of my favorite tunes. Maybe will do the whole tune when I get more time but so far I am enjoying the learning process! http://soundcloud.com/krhjr/kashmir-in-space FYI - presets used...
  7. KenH

    Midi Keyboard/Controller suggestions

    I am looking for a keyboard/midi controller that I can use to program drum patterns and use to play basic soft synth/keyboard parts (I am not a keyboard player). My DAW is Reaper and I am using Superior Drummer 2.0. Any suggestions on a decent keyboard/ controller I can buy that won't break...
  8. KenH

    Recording with Reaper and the AxeFx II thru USB help

    I am new to using computer software to record so I am trying to get familiar with Reaper to record from USB of the AxeFx II. So far I am able to record what I am playing from my AxeFx to Reaper thru USB but when I play back the track it is just a clean guitar sound. How do I get Reaper to...
  9. KenH

    Looking for some good headphones - suggestions?

    Now that I can monitor out from the AxeII headphone jack I am looking for a good pair of quality headphones. Any suggestions for me to check out? Would like to stay under $100 but might go a little higher? Thanks in advance. -Ken H
  10. KenH

    Boss GT-8 as midi controller for axe-fx question

    Anyone using this to control their axe-fx? If so any advice on how to assign the "CTL" pedal to turn on and off an effect? Right now I have it assigned to control delay1 which works but I have to continuously hold down the "CTL" button to have the delay effect engaged on the axe. I want to be...
  11. KenH

    Request:This Police shimmer sound

    This shimmer sound I assume is comming from a Eventide H3000: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTw7PdZ9 ... re=related but I was wondering if anyone could get a shimmer effect like what I am hearing here (so smooth and pronounced) with the axe?
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