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  1. Tonewicker

    ML zilla pack demo!

    after i played with the cab pack 19 for a while i decided to try the zilla pack and had some fun with it and still trying to get used to it, because in my opinion it has a different feel while playing it. it feels like you can go for a brutal sound or rock sound at the same time without changing...
  2. Tonewicker

    i dont like orange juice... (cab pack 19)

    but the amount of grind in the orange cab from cab pack 19 is mind blowing. the funny thing is when i picked the tiny terror model with the orange ir i played a random power chord slide (the very beginning of the demo) and cant tell how much i like that grindy sound! so after i played the same...
  3. Tonewicker

    another awww yis the cab pack 19 moment!

    im continuing my cab pack 19 advanture and making demos so here is another one of them. this time i realy like how it sits in the mix so hope you like it too :) the other demo that i posted is here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/awww-yis-the-cab-pack-19.137749/ hope you like it and...
  4. Tonewicker

    awww yis the cab pack 19

    after i get my hands on every cab pack from the competition that @ML SOUND LAB made im on a frenzy! im throwing all the ir's around and playing with them 7/24 and im not even close to finishing all the ir's im starting to make demos with all of them and i decided to start with cab pack 19...
  5. Tonewicker

    how resistant is axe fx2 to blackouts?/how to protect my unit from blackouts

    ok recently im in a little bit panic mode because there have been some quick blackouts (like 1-2minutes long) in my region for the last week it happens during night and i always get caught up by it while playing/recording with axe fx 2. so there goes my questions: how resistant is axe fx2 to...
  6. Tonewicker

    Most agressive song that i ever done (maybe the hardest one too)

    i just posted a new playthough video of one of my songs and im pretty sure its the most agressive one :) if anyone interested i can share my preset settings on this song hope you like it and tell me what you think! :)
  7. Tonewicker

    another playthrough video (modern metal with fas modern and 8string)

    hello again :) here is an another song that i composed, i used an 8 string this time (dont worry i used all the strings not just the bottom :) ) hope you like it and please tell me what you think! everything is recorded with axe fx 2 and i can talk/share preset settings if anyone interested
  8. Tonewicker

    have you EVER tried soldano100 model with cabpack 12???

    as a fanboy of cabpack12 i recently tried the soldano100 model (havent tried it before) and WOW they really work well together!!! there is a funny feeling when you play.. the grid, the crackle... well i cant describe it. in short please try cabpack12 and soldano100 ryhtym model if you havent...
  9. Tonewicker

    new playthrough video (fas modern bite)

    hello there i posted another new song on youtube its a little bit busy song with lots of different patches and effects hope you like it and please tell me what you thing :) if anyone got curious about presets i can talk/share settings enjoy!
  10. Tonewicker

    Fas modern prog metal playthrough

    hello there :) yet another short song/theme that i wrote with fas modern and some stock cab (i can look to preset for settings and exact cab number if anyone interested) enjoy!
  11. Tonewicker

    some new ideas vol:2

    there are many cool/epic sounds inside the axe fx both from the users and factory presets. and by cool/epic i mean the presets that gives you a chill when you only play a single note :) so because of these sonuds i got another sudden inspiration while i was bored and recorded a little theme hope...
  12. Tonewicker

    Any HED.PE lovers out there ?

    cover demo of my favorite hed pe song bartender :) i will finish the rest of it when i find someone who can sing the song for me :) tell me what you think hope you enjoy!
  13. Tonewicker

    some new ideas

    the idea that i recorded recently just because was bored if anyone interested i can talk about presets :)
  14. Tonewicker

    another agressive demo track with fas modern

    novadays i have a new habit of not finishing the tracks i working on instead i jump on a new one. here is a another one tell me what you think
  15. Tonewicker

    more instant ideas (metal)

    i got this instant idea yesterday im not sure if i like it or not but we will see... tell me what you think :)
  16. Tonewicker

    yet another agressive demo

    little while ago i came up with this little idea and im really enjoyed it so far. here is it tell me if you like it :)
  17. Tonewicker

    factory cab:44 is awesome! (prog metal with recto 2 red mrdn)

    that İR is a true gem imo. the feeling of its gnarl and sizzle is really sweet you should try it if you havent tried it before. here is a demo clip tell me what you think :)
  18. Tonewicker

    need some opinions about few schecter and ltd models

    first of all hello there! im planning to buy a new guitar (and i think im gonna buy used) and there are few models that im interested but havent get to chance to try it (because local store is out of stock of these models atm) so i wonder if you guys have any experience about these models...
  19. Tonewicker

    cab pack 13 with fas modern. feel the bite!

    i have to admit that i didnt enjoyed the cab pack 13 when i first bought it. and havent played with it for a really long time but i recently start digging it for no reason and here is the clip that i used that cab pack :) hope you enjoy and tell me what you think!
  20. Tonewicker

    can any jazz/fusion guy help me with this question (about scales)

    im not a jazz/fusion guy at all im mainly a metal/rock guy who sometimes also play blues. and because music is my full time job i also played a lot of bossa nova and jazz stuff but only as a rhythm guitar so i cant really play solos over a serious jazz piece. sometimes i throw around some jazzy...
  21. Tonewicker

    Fas modern bite!

    its funny but i have a love/hate relationship with fas modern model. i really like the feel and the bite but at the same time its too fizzy for my taste :) here is an another song with a playtrough video this time ah and by the way dont let the blackstar amp behind me fool you we just couldnt...
  22. Tonewicker

    dat ENGL

    i am still waiting for an invader without any hope i dont dig the energyball model but somethimes im messing around with it and i think i found something really sweet this time. check it out and tell me what you think :)
  23. Tonewicker

    anyone who owns(or tried at least) schecter c1 40th anniversary model ?

    i am really into this guitar for about a month there is only 1 left on my local shop (the model discontinued so there is my only chance if i want to buy it) i played about 20min total and it really feels and plays good at least for my taste. since i couldnt find any user reviews can i have some...
  24. Tonewicker

    another groove from me (with engl amps)

    i recorded this demo about 2 years ago (when i first bought my axe fx) but for some reason i didnt uploaded it to soundcloud and keeped it for myself but since i still havent countiuned around the idea i decided to finally upload it. i think its fw17 or near around that i dont correcly remember...
  25. Tonewicker

    ground loop and axe fx

    ok im sorry if this sounds stupid but im asking because i dont have much knowledge about electronics. the problem is i have a big hum problem while using axe fx in my home and i know its caused by the ground loop and i also have fairly knowledge about what causes the ground loop but i have no...
  26. Tonewicker

    check out this clip with cab pack 13!

    well it took some time but i finally and slowly started to like cab pack 13 (which i didnt liked it before) and to be honest i still cant find what im looking for while using a 6 string standart tuned guitar but when i switch to 7 ooowwwww have no fear gnarl is here! enjoy and please tell me...
  27. Tonewicker

    im back with cab pack13 (prog metal track this time)

    i made this song while messing around some simple ideas, it turned out a full song idea and my friend wrote the vocals and performed so it turned out a complete song when i least expected. im not satisfied %100 about musicality on this song actually but well i can do something better next time...
  28. Tonewicker

    Thanks for the inspiration YEK! (track with yek's presets)

    couple days ago i downloaded the yek's preset collection and started trying them one by one and yay there are really cool and inspirational presets there. and when i hit the preset number 61 i instantly fell in love with it and again instantly made this song in that night. im not a ballad kind...
  29. Tonewicker

    Marshall silver 3: return of the strat

    and again im here with yet another marshall silver test but this time with a fender strat and some rock/funk wibe i know i said that before but the gnarl of that amp is driving me crazy i really love it :) here is the clip please tell me what you think and i can share settings if you want
  30. Tonewicker

    Second clip for Marshall silver! with Gibson! Q6

    as i said in my last post i did a second test clip with marshall silver model which is now one of my favorite amps :) i tried it with gibson this time and noticed the sweet mid growl. i like it! here is the clip please tell me what you think ps: if anyone interested i can share the settings of...
  31. Tonewicker

    whats wrong with gibson and fender ?

    ok i dont want to bash any brand but im little bit angry about fender/gibson guitars here is my story: i bought a gibson 2012 model les paul traditional about 2-3 years ago its a really good guitar the feeling is great and its tone is really phenomenal so i started playing non stop with it and...
  32. Tonewicker

    can i have a quick advice for a tone

    i really like the tone in this video so i decided to dial it with the axe. firstly as i see that 5150 is a different model from whats inside the axe so i changed the power tubes to EL34 dialed the same settings in the video (you can see it its around 1:56) and im already %90 there i love it but...
  33. Tonewicker

    i really wonder if there is anyone using m-zone model as drive block ?

    im not even sure why we have a boss mt2 model in axe fx... i never saw anyone using or talking about the m-zone model and i wonder if anyone using it ? if so how and with what amp are you using it ?
  34. Tonewicker

    awww yes! the marshall silver! (Q6)

    i recently tried the marshall silver model while messing up with the jcm models and wow it feels GREAT! i think it will be one of my favorite amps :) here is a test clip please tell me what you think and i can share settings if anyone interested ;)
  35. Tonewicker

    anyone has a slayer preset ?

    is there anyone familiar with slayer tones ? if so i will be grateful for some hints/tips or preset there are few in axechange but they are outdated and didnt like them too much
  36. Tonewicker

    mesa triaxis (cliff's settings)

    anyone remember when cliff mentioned his own triaxis settings ? i dont remember the name of the thread now but it was about 2-3 months ago i think. anyway i tried the settings and it feels really great :) here is a test clip that i did tell me what you think :) its USA pre LD2 ylw model with...
  37. Tonewicker

    my entry to adam audio soundtrack competition

    here is my entry to adam audio soundtrack competition i used only axe fx for all the sounds so here is it hope you enjoy: i can talk about presets if anyone interested :)
  38. Tonewicker

    let me give you a quick and simple tip...

    if you are working in a studio and recording a lot of guitar tracks always and i mean ALWAYS change the track name as the preset number/name you used instead of using ''guitar left, solo guitar '' etc.. so when you need to go back something you record before and make some changes you will know...
  39. Tonewicker

    can someone help me for seeker/seek wah effect ?

    back in the day when i was using a pod hd pro for effects there was a seeker effect which i really love. in the pod manual it says seeker effect is based on ''z-vex seek wah'' i wonder if its possible to achieve it with axe fx ? im not good with dialing with synth blocks so i will be really...
  40. Tonewicker

    is anyone using speaker settings flat ?

    lately i found lowering the high resonance to about 2.8 is taking away the fizzzynes that i dont like without making the tone muddy and i wonder is there anyone here using the speaker tab completly flat ? and if yes why ?
  41. Tonewicker

    progressive/instrumental playthrough video (cab pack 7 / 13)

    i was never an instrumental/solo guy but this happened when i was bored and trying some ideas... i think its my first finished solo track :) here is a video of me playing: i used cab pack 13 (my favorite) and 7 for all sounds hope you guys like it and please tell me what you think :)
  42. Tonewicker

    metal soundtrack idea with mesa boogie model

    after watching the anime named ''kill la kill'' i suddenly start thinking about an idea for fighting scenes and did this one for fun :) i used the mesa boogie model i can look up for the patch and share the settings if anyone interested hope you like it and tell me what you think :)
  43. Tonewicker

    Metal cover with cab pack 12!

    i somehow challenged myself to make a metal cover of a song called ''bizarre love triangle'' after i recorded the song for my friends cover project (it was an acoustic cover) and i must say that i dont like metal covers alot, because its most of the time same song with same chord progression...
  44. Tonewicker

    Heavy song again with cab pack 12

    if you checked my old post you should have listened this song before. we added vocals and tweaked a little bit but the suprising thing for me is the how easy to fit vocals in with this cab pack. normally for all my songs i had to tweak the guitars heavly in order to fit vocals in but even with...
  45. Tonewicker

    Have you tried cab pack 12 with bogner amp? (original song)

    ok i know im posting a lot of stuff about cab pack 12 but since there is only me posting about this pack and really enjoying it i think im not gonna get bored and hope you guys wont too. yet another original song from me and i used the bogner ubershall model as an amp block and cab pack 12 (as...
  46. Tonewicker

    For the first time i had to retweak my presets after fw update

    i have a song that i recorded the first half of it (with quantum 2.0 update) and when i sit to record the other half of the song (after the 2.1 update) i noticed the preset that im using on that song is changed almost dramatically. so i tried to tweak and get close to the tone that i used...
  47. Tonewicker

    Cab pack 12 fanboy returns! rock/alternative

    i know im addicted about this pack but well.. i recorded a new song with cab pack 12 and used 5153 blue as an amp block tell me what you think!
  48. Tonewicker

    TM acoustic+slap bass WOW!

    song that i made using tonematched acoustic :) all the sounds are from axe fx only so no other effects etc.. applied and for me it sounds AMAZİNG! its a really relaxed/cool song so ill be happy if you guys tell me what you think after you hear it ah and for the presets.. many presets going on...
  49. Tonewicker

    can cab pack12 djent ?

    as title says i tried some djent sound with cab pack 12 please let me know what you think! sample is SM57-R121 01
  50. Tonewicker

    some flanger questions

    today im having a hard time dialing the flanger block.. when i first started i didnt have to tweak to much to find the flanger sound that i like the only thing is the need of more volume/mix/level to the effect itself. so my first react is to increase the mix level of the block but when i do...
  51. Tonewicker

    Funk/rock song with Cab pack12! Q1.06

    im continuing my cab pack12 fan boy journey and this time i used it for a rock/funk song that i made and turned out really cute! hope you enjoy it
  52. Tonewicker

    cab pack 12 again! with mesa boogieQ1.6

    im slowly getting out of control with cab pack 12. every time i play with it i write something new.. i was playing only with ace mix since i bought the pack but i finally moved on from the ace mix and tried other samples... ML-5153 E906 C1 sample with a recto 2 red modern block it sounds...
  53. Tonewicker

    cab pack 12! heavy groove

    i bought cab pack 12 and for days im playing with the ''ml 5153 ace mix'' still havent tried any other samples in the pack but im in love with it <3 here is a heavy groovy clip using 5150 red model
  54. Tonewicker

    is my axe fx slowly failing ?

    ok im experiencing little tiny problems and starting to be frightened. first: the muting thing when changing amp1 to amp2 (i already did post about it in bugs section) second: errors in last two updates (now i need to restart and update again everytime when a new fw released) and now today i...
  55. Tonewicker

    how about cab pack 12 ?

    ok since im a big fan of 5150 amps (im almost using it for everything) just started to think about cab pack 12 but couldnt see a lot of comments/post/clips about it. anyone using it ? what are your thoughts ?
  56. Tonewicker

    prs guitars. where to start ?

    i never interested in prs guitars before but now im starting to think about getting one but there are too many models with almost the same name so i got confused. what are the standard models of prs (i mean like ''fender american standard'' or ''gibson les paul standard'' ) plus any suggestions ?
  57. Tonewicker

    Bug? global mute after changing amp1 to 2

    today when working on a preset i get muted after i change the amp1 to amp2 i couldnt get sound even if i change presets etc.. everything went back to normal when i restart the axe fx this isnt some serious issue but just wanted to share :)
  58. Tonewicker

    yet another great rig with axe-fx

    got a call last week like ''pack your stuff we will be on road in 2 days'' after 2 days they send me a bus and after 14 hours on road i was nearly ready for the gig coz i will have to play with people that i just met on bus.. we went to concert hall and manager said ''for you to play we also...
  59. Tonewicker

    Ambient/soundtrack with axe fx 2xl

    hi there! this time i did some ambient/soundtrack stuff with axe fx hope you enjoy :) https://soundcloud.com/foghq/breathe-inside-imagination if you like here is my facebook page too: https://www.facebook.com/FOGbandhq
  60. Tonewicker

    Progressive metal/djent with cab pack 7 and ownhammer cabs (fw18.3)

    i recorded some random song idea with ownhammer engl cab and cab pack 7 blended together. tell me what you think :) ps: i think im getting obsessed with ownhammer ir's <3 https://soundcloud.com/foghq/escape-from-the-nightmare
  61. Tonewicker

    Not yet recorded with axe-fx but please check it out

    hi there! this is a song that i did about a year ago and i will re-record it with my axe-fx but this week we finished recording vocals on it and since this is our first song with vocals im exited to show you guys so please tell me your opinions
  62. Tonewicker

    amp disable itself (fw18b7)

    today when im playing amp disabled itself 2 times when amps dyn tab is open on screen. i enabled again and everything works fine so its not a big problem i think but its odd that amp disable itself all the sudden. did anybody experienced the same problem ?
  63. Tonewicker

    Mesa boogie dual rectifier (fw17)

    with the help of vondano and rockeralex i dialed some heavy tones with mesa boogie block :) (thanks guys) i was never been a solo guy but this time i did some solo stuff too hope you like it and please tell me what you think :) https://soundcloud.com/foghq/mesa-boogie-test
  64. Tonewicker

    Speaker and geq tab in amp block

    im still trying to find my heavy rhytym tone and i have some problems first of all here is the tone that im looking for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvFVEGY1NQk and i find their gear video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDetlbB0DNg they are using a evh 5150 iii head with its cab with no...
  65. Tonewicker

    The gazette - Red (Cover)

    hello again! for practising and discovering more things in axe fx (still learning...) i decided to make a cover and see how close i can get to the original song :) here is the original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz5QGtns6_Q and here is my cover...
  66. Tonewicker

    First song with Axe fx 2 xl

    hey there its my first recording with axe fx 2 i did this song for sleeping actually (i like to listen stuff while sleeping) hope you like it! https://soundcloud.com/foghq/fog-endless-sleep
  67. Tonewicker

    Some questions about axe fx 2 XL

    Hi there! i got an axe fx 2 xl 3 days ago im using it via usb and i think something is wrong with me.. many presets sounds different than it should be. example: i downloaded the bulb lead patch and it has really low drive and i almost cant even get sound if i play softer. same goes for many...
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