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  1. Lkdog

    New Noise Reducer settings?

    I just picked up a couple used Strats with vintage level pickups to try out (Eric Johnson Strat and a Kenny Wayne Shepherd Strat). and am interested in suggested settings with this new Noise Reducer gate. Are there suggested sweet spot ranges as starting points for single coils for...
  2. Lkdog

    SOLD Mesa Mark V 90 Watt head $1525

    Mesa Mark V head for sale Excellent condition. No issues. Comes with head cover, footswitch, cable. $1525 shipped and insured using PP Gift. Will split fees if you want to use regular PayPal.
  3. Lkdog

    WTB FC-6

    Shoot me a pm if you have one you wish to sell.
  4. Lkdog

    RESOLVED Axe-Fx III SPDIF output is really quiet into Scarlett 6i6 gen 2 (and DAWs)

    I am longtime AXE FX Ultra, and the AXe II, and AXE II XL user and recently got at an AXE FX III. In my setup I like to use a separate Audio Interface and have been using a Scarlett 6i6 gen2 for a couple years. I went into the AXE FX III I/O setting and set it to SPDIF and the source for it...
  5. Lkdog

    FS PSA on AXE8/Fractal pedal - Nice deal

    https://www.rig-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=200780 $800 shipped. No affiliation.
  6. Lkdog

    So Cliff..... what is your favorite Marshall type amp these days?

    I seem to recall you had a favorite awhile ago. So many great choices. You liked the 50W 6550 in this thread. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/what-is-your-favorite-amp-block-for-classic-marshall-plexi.123567/
  7. Lkdog

    What does "FC" stand for in the FC6 and FC12 controller name?

    Just curious. Foot Controller? Fractal Controller?
  8. Lkdog

    What does acronym "DSP" firmware stand for.

    i see the new firmware updates called DSP firmware updates. What does DSP mean?? Just curious. Edit: figured it out..... digital signal processor. LOL
  9. Lkdog

    Yamaha HS8 and HS8S sub impressions

    Just some feedback on this setup that I just picked up to use in my small studio setup for use with the AXE FX II XL, and for general DAW mixing and listening. Room size is 15' X 23' with 8' ceilings and these are setup on one end of room facing the shorter width. Overall very impressed for...
  10. Lkdog

    Factory Presets Banks for XL??

    I decided to reset my unit tonight when loading in the new FW 9.04 and went to reload the Presets for the XL from the website, but they are just for XL+ it seems.I downloaded the Zip file and the banks are all labeled XL+ (Jul 13, 2017). I then recalled there was a BANK A this summer and did...
  11. Lkdog

    AXE FX II XL into Return of MESA Mark V and 1X12 CAB thoughts

    Just trying this as compared to my FRFR monitors (KRK Rokit 6). The CAB I have is a semi open back 1X12 with a Celestion V30. I have the MESA Mark V set at 45 watts with tube rectifier. I did a few searches and added an FX Loop onto the preset and run a cable from the OUTPUT 2 to the MESA...
  12. Lkdog

    New (to me) FX8 owner

    Just picked up a nice used MKII from a member here. Been trying it out tonight with a MARK V Mesa in 4CM mode. Still learning the basics. Very impressed. Not going to bore you with a lot of detail, but this thing just really does what it is supposed to do. Quiet, pretty straightforward, the...
  13. Lkdog

    MFC 101 Mk II and Axe Edit communication?

    Using preset mode and basic stomp box switching for buttons 6-15. Buttons 1- 5 are for switching presets. When I load a preset the effects buttons all work fine. Is there a way for the engaged/bypass state to show up in AXE Edit when I engage or bypass an effect? A change on the MFC 101...
  14. Lkdog

    4CM Preset created in AX8 Edit but not showing effects blocks in AX8

    I created and saved a simple 4CM preset in AX8 Edit: Input>Comp>Wah>Drive>FX LOOP>Volume/Pan>Gate> Delay>Chorus>Reverb> Output Works fine with my CA Triptik with some minor noise gate applied. On the AX8 unit itself the blocks show up in the layout tab, but do not show up in the FS tab. The...
  15. Lkdog

    How to create routing for 4CM preset which also allows also using a Cab from AXE FX II?

    I know I have been bugging people with questions here lately, but I am now finally using the capability of the AXE FX II more than ever. Amazing unit. Here is the situation. I think it is pretty straightforward and hopefully can be done, but I have no idea how to proceed. I will try and be...
  16. Lkdog

    4CM Hum issue with CA Triptik and AXE FX II XL- have I missed anything?

    Getting close to it all working great, but still have some hum when using the EFX loop active on the CA Triptik. Have done quite a few searches, but maybe I have missed something or am doing something wrong. 1) Using two humbuster cables I made for the AXE FX outs to CA Triptik.. 2) Running...
  17. Lkdog

    Making Humbuster cables from TRS to TRS cables- question

    Am trying out my AXE FX II XL as an effects unit for my CA Triptik head. Want to use the 4CM discussed here. Created a preset and it works fine, but is noisy. I grabbed a couple TRS to TRS cables and need to turn one end of each of them to a TS connection to make humbuster cables so it si a TRS...
  18. Lkdog

    Difference between Version I and Version II??

    Looking at used Version I. Is there big difference? Anything I should be aware of?
  19. Lkdog

    How to get this D-style tone out of any of the Dumble models in AXE?

    I know this thread could be a rabbit hole, and I have no intention of starting an adversarial debate here. Just looking for a tone I hear that I like. :D I simply just want to know if anyone is getting the signature "nasally", "strained", or "pinched" Dumble tone that seems to be a primary...
  20. Lkdog

    Probably stupid question on connecting Line out from real amp (Mark V) into AXE FX 2 XL

    I will try and be clear, but this is kind of new to me. 1) I am running a Line Out level signal from my Mesa Mark V head into the INPUT 1 (L/Mono) on back of AXE. 2) The Line Out signal from the Mesa needs to have a CAB or IR applied to it. 3) I set up a simple preset in AXE EDIT with a CAB...
  21. Lkdog

    Which Dumble style amp models do you like best?

    Full disclosure- never played any of them. Just been trying the modeled ones in the AXE 2 XL. Which do people like best for the mythical D tone and feel for low gain and the thicker gain sounds? I kind of prefer the BLUDOJAI and TWO STONE J35 out of the box for the chewy gain, but have been...
  22. Lkdog

    Okko Diablo Pedal?

    Curious if there is one that is similar to this. I have started to try some of the drive pedals in the AXE and this is one I do like from the work of Greg Hilden. Plenty of others for me to play with so no worries either way. Love the BB Pre.
  23. Lkdog

    Help with getting Jeff Golub basic sound

    Have been a fan of the late great urban jazz/blues guitarist (former rock icon also) Jeff Golub for years. I am struggling to get his basic studio tone in which he generally uses a Vibrolux and various guitars- mostly semi hollows and some hollow and solid bodies. It always sounds clean, warm...
  24. Lkdog

    Guitar Volume rolled off and the AXE FX II

    This is an area where I still struggle to get decent tone and feel. On my real tube amp (Mesa Mk V 25 head), I get a lot of usable tones rolling off the guitar volume to different levels. Any tips on this? Maybe some amps that do better than others?
  25. Lkdog

    Which Vox or other amp can get close to this 1965 Vox AC10 SRT head tone?

    As a diversion from debating fizz, and audio plots of cabs of the possibly fatally flawed and broken AXE FX II- I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to a starting point to get this tone in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axUNdK8O45Y Guitar starts at...
  26. Lkdog

    Question on guitar used to create the Factory Presets

    Were they created using a single coil guitar, or humbucker guitar? Sorry if this has been covered before. Thx.
  27. Lkdog

    18.07 seems to have quite a bit more bass and gain?

    I have been loading new FW as they are updated with the bug fixes, etc. Use the stock patches since FW 18 presets came out. Mostly use PAF level humbuckers, but one of them splits. Seems that the voicing of amps overall is moving toward more bass, gain, and muddier. The unit had been...
  28. Lkdog

    Shout out to YEK for the AXE FX II WIKI site and work on upgrades

    This is an amazing body of work and support and effort for the community!! Great job and much appreciated. I visit it nearly every time I fire up the machine! Axe-Fx II Wiki Home - Axe-Fx II Wiki
  29. Lkdog

    How to get to this Larry Carlton tone?

    Was wondering what amp in AXE FX II should I use to get this tone? The nasally dry woody tone is pretty cool. I have an ES 335 with SD Antiquities pickups. Any help to point me in right direction is appreciated. I have played around with the ODS with some drive. Maybe a Fender type will...
  30. Lkdog

    Any tips on using Pickup the World #27 Acoustic soundboard pickup (passive)?

    Just got a Martin HD28 in a trade and it has a PUTW #27 passive pickup installed. The Mfr says it needs a preamp- which should not be a problem using the AXE II right?? :) Or do I need a dedicated preamp box like a LR BAggs PADI and then into the AXE II? Not quite sure how to approach this...
  31. Lkdog

    Quick question on Fender Princeton amp tone controls

    Since the Treble on AXE FX serves as the TONE control on original amp- where do you put the Mid and Bass settings on AXE FX to make them neutral? Thx.
  32. Lkdog

    Need reality check on stock presets- HB neck pickup Bass flabbiness for clean Fenders

    Maybe I am just ignorant as most of these amps I have never used in real life, but it seems like an inordinate of the stock presets with basic amp settings have absurd amounts of bass in the stock presets. When on neck pickup on typical low wind humbucker guitar they are really flabby and dark...
  33. Lkdog

    Your favorite amps with Es 335?

    With over 180 amps now I get sidetracked a lot.... What seem to be the amps that are great natural matches with the Gibson ES 335?
  34. Lkdog

    Peter Green sound

    Any suggestions on an amp/cab settings to try to get in the ballpark for his late 60's tone? I realize he had the '59 holy grail LP that had unique neck pickup thing going. I do have a decent '60 LP historic that should get me most of way there. Thx in advance.
  35. Lkdog

    MFC controller and Boss FV500H WAH autoengage acting wacky- need basic tutorial again

    I must have done something wrong is setting this up. :( Autoengage works on some presets and not on others. Have my Boss plugged into EXP2 on the MFC. Can someone walk me through the basics again. I always struggle for some reason to get this setup right. Using nothing but stock...
  36. Lkdog

    Early ZZ Top tone?

    where to start? plexi? which one? settings suggestions? thanks!
  37. Lkdog

    Sound via headphone jack on AXE FX versus through jack on Mackie 1202 VLZ mixer

    The sound on the AXE FX headphone jack is clearer than out of the headphone jack of the Mackie 1202 vlz (about a 12 year old unit) I have the analog outs of OUT 2 from AXE FX going into the Line 3/4 of a Mackie mixer. Everything is on Unity gain on mixer. When I listen through the...
  38. Lkdog

    MFC Labels from basic P-Touch label maker

    Probably old news to the veterans here, but I made some labels here for the MFC using a basic Brother P-Touch label maker and the TZ e335 1/2" tape (Black tape with white letters). They came out pretty good and was able to put little rounded borders on the labels also. I borrowed the label...
  39. Lkdog

    Pretty cool backing tracks

    Tried the Funk Album 1 Set from Coffee Break Grooves. Pretty good. High quality 320 kbs. No affiliation. https://www.coffeebreakgrooves.com/
  40. Lkdog

    Website is flying today

    Just some positive feedback for FAS as it has been an issue for awhile.
  41. Lkdog

    Letters on LED screen take a few minutes to fully show up

    Noticed an odd thing where when I first turn on the MFC-101, a letter on the name of an amp will not be fully formed. An example would be on "Deluxe Verb", the V on Verb will be kind of half formed. After a couple minutes it is fine. What is up here?
  42. Lkdog

    MFC 101, or Liquid Foot+ Jr+, or LF+12+

    Am interested in possibly getting one of these three MIDI controllers above. Any thoughts on these for the AXE FX II with the new features in FW 9.0? I am sure the MFC 101 will handle it all, but the separate LED displays per switch on the LF models is attractive. I presently have a...
  43. Lkdog

    Is FW 9.0 hotter?

    Quick question that has been commented upon somewhat in various threads, but I am still a little unclear. Sorry if redundant. Many Stock presets seem to be a little hotter or more gainy (has been a subtle trend for a few FW versions IMO). Do I need to do anything special with the stock...
  44. Lkdog

    Probably stupid question- but How does the Tone Matching work?

    Have browsed through some of the threads about Tone and AMP matching......could be an incredible feature on an already world class piece of gear. I probably missed it, but how does the clip of the amp or tone you want matched get into the AX FX II for processing and ultimate matching? Via...
  45. Lkdog

    Ringing Overtone issue with humbucker guitars on AXE FX II

    Have noticed an issue with the AXE II recently with there being a slight higher pitched ringing overtone on humbucker guitars at the time of pick attack. It is on both clean and higher gain stock presets. Is more noticeable on clean presets as there is less other noise to mask it. (I may not be...
  46. Lkdog

    V5 FW and new presets Banks installed-- Wow

    Just wished to say Thanks and that this is by far the most enjoyable upgrade for me so far without a doubt. I played around with FW5 a few minutes the last two nites-but no real magic to be honest. With the new presets optimized for the FW now however by FAS, I can feel a real difference...
  47. Lkdog

    New FBT Verve 12Ma owner- Basic Tips?

    Picked up a used FBT Verve 12Ma this week and it came last night. I have done a lot of reading from searches here, and as with a lot of products, it has many fans and some detractors. That said- I was just wondering if there is any basic consensus on setup on the FBT itself with regard to...
  48. Lkdog

    FCB1010 and preprogrammed Eurekaprom chip

    Quick comments here for those that might be interested. EurekaSound! Overall this is a nice product if you are not one to want (or lack ability like me) to delve into a lot of programming of your UNO chip FCB1010 with Ripwerx. Install and setup is easy. The modes work as advertised. I can now...
  49. Lkdog

    FAS Modern

    Am digging this a lot lately. What is this based upon? Has its own thing for sure.
  50. Lkdog

    A CPU FAN QUESTION and request for help

    I swapped out the stock fan a few days ago for a SILENX IXP-34-12. It is rated at 1700 rpm/CFM 14/12db/12v which is within the specs stated by Cliff. BUT....there is some concern that the SILENX fans (while they worked well for the Ultra) may not really be enough actual CFM air pushing power...
  51. Lkdog

    Are units shipping?

    Not being a smarta$$- I check in here a few times a day, but it seems like a few people are indicating they were able to order? Just wondering where this is at.
  52. Lkdog

    Best way to hookup AXE FX/FCB UNO/AXE Edit w/ Midisport 2X2

    As stated I have the above setup. I have the FCB1010 UNO board and MIDISPORT 2X2 Ann USB unit. AXE FX ultra. AXE EDIT most recent version. WIN XP SP3. I have read through the stickied FCB thread and am still a little unclear. Presently I have: FCB OUT/Thru to> AXE FX IN AXE FX OUT to>...
  53. Lkdog

    Looking for older Soul Jazz and newer Smooth Jazz patches

    What do you guys like for these two genres?? 1) Kenny Burrell/George Benson/Wes Montgomery traditional soul jazz earthy sound; and 2) Modern smooth sweeter urban jazz (Norman Brown/Larry Carlton with Fourplay/Lee Ritenour on Wes Bound) Which stock patches do you like to work with? East Wes...
  54. Lkdog

    Any downside to using GLOBAL EQ for higher GAIN setting?

    Am experimenting using a line out from OUTPUT 2 into the RETURN input on the effects loop on my Mesa F-50 combo which bypasses the Mesa preamp. Overall volume maxes out at pretty low sound levels (maybe 80-90 db). I am guessing the Mesa preamp gain structure is pretty hot compared to the AXE-FX...
  55. Lkdog

    Axe-FX is noisy going through Mesa F-50 effects loop

    Have a used Ultra Axe-Fx I picked up a few weeks ago. Very very impressed. Am going through a Mackie mixer and studio monitors with good results at moderate volumes and for recording direct to PC. Tried using with my Mesa F-50 combo a little bit last night which has a parallel effects loop...
  56. Lkdog

    Digital out of Ultra Axe-FX not working with Echo Layla 3G

    Might be something obvious I am doing wrong, but I cannot seem to get the S/PDIF digital out from my Ultra to work with my Echo Layla 3G. Here is link to the Layla 3G http://www.echoaudio.com/Products/PCI/Layla3G/specs.php Says it accepts 24 bit and 32-96khz signals. Should be no problem with...
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