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  1. snoop


    Thanks Al - will try and report back. Really appreciate your ongoing support for the RAC12.
  2. snoop


    @AlGrenadine: I pulled my trusty AxeFx II plus RAC12 out of the closet after a lengthy phase of enjoying my tube amps. Upgraded to ARES 2.0 firmware. Now I realise that the RAC doesn't seem to properly communicate with Axe II anymore: It fetches the correct patch name, but doesn't reflect any...
  3. snoop

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks Cliff and team - this is what makes Fractal so special! I can‘t think of any other company that would provide any updates on legacy product firmware. As others said before: They may not make any money out of these updates DIRECTLY - but it creates super customer retention. Should I ever...
  4. snoop

    How to make Dumble Steel String Singer Preset

    Wow, that's another interesting hint that I will investigate - never really payed attention to the MIX control on the stereo compressor. But your suggestions immediately makes sense to me. Will give it a try.
  5. snoop

    How to make Dumble Steel String Singer Preset

    Hi Austin, I spend some time to play your preset and tweaked it a bit. Learned a lot during the process: - for some reason I thought, I had already Q8.02 on my axe. When trying to load your preset, I discovered I was still on 7.02. The update alone brought quite a change to the positive (across...
  6. snoop

    How to make Dumble Steel String Singer Preset

    Thanks Buddy for getting back to me. Unfortunately it won't be until the weekend before I'll have a chance to spend some time experimenting with your suggestions. Will get back with feedback. Best - Snoop
  7. snoop

    How to make Dumble Steel String Singer Preset

    Thanks for sharing, and all your wonderful contributions to this forum, Buddy. Said that - Any suggestions for how to adopt this for a ES 335 type of guitar would be highly appreciated...
  8. snoop

    Ableton Live and Axefx 2 scenes

    Great - thanks! This helps a lot...
  9. snoop

    Wish Turn metronome on/off with footswitch and Axe-Edit

    +1 would love to see this implemented
  10. snoop

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Fox ODS (Fuchs Overdrive Supreme)

    The Last clip is done by German guitarist Gregor Hilden. Google him or search on YouTube- tons of nice tones to be discovered
  11. snoop

    Cab Pack 17 for Shiva, Bludotone - Amp Speaker Page tricks

    Great information. Thanks for sharing. Will def. give it a try when I'm back from business trip next weekend. Btw - I think this cab pack really doesn't get the level of attention it deserves.... I love it.
  12. snoop

    LOGO Contest (paid winner)

  13. snoop

    FRFR monitor QSC K12 vs Atomic CLR vs Matrix

    My vote goes for the Matrix Q12a. Very happy with it: Great sound, not too heavy and bulky to carry around. My only complaint is the fan that a bit too noise for playing quitly at home. But this can easily be fixed if it really hurts. I have to admit though that I got the Matrix because they...
  14. snoop


    At least I made it into the Top-10 once!
  15. snoop

    Wiki maintenance

    Can't thank you enough, Yek - what a great job you are doing maintaining the WIKI.
  16. snoop

    FW18.01,TX STAR CLEAN,2x12 TX STAR M160 (UR), Liquid Tension Experiment

    wow - like it a lot. Thanks for the patch.
  17. snoop

    Re=amped my Track with Lonestar Clean

    Hey Judd, thanks for this inspiring recording! Really, really nice playing and great tone. Would you mind to share your preset so that I can give it a spin?
  18. snoop

    Esoteric RCB

    I think you are wright: Updated to 15.02. and dailed in some patches during the weekend. The RC doesn't act and sound as it used to be. Loved it in older firmware - not so much now... What a pitty: It used to be my favorite Booster. Own the original as well and now I am considering pulling it...
  19. snoop

    looking for solo sound.

    Hey Perdikament, thanks for your valuable input and the effort you put into writing this down in great detail. I wil definately check out your settings this weekend.
  20. snoop

    AXE FX II in RnB/Funk context

    Wow - sounds great. Congrats! Hopefully, you guys will get a lot of requests for gigs after this impressive performance.
  21. snoop

    Lexicon R1 - Scenes - help

    Oh, I forgot to comment on potential "drop-outs" due to PC# based scene selection: I use it all the time and haven't experienced any drop-outs yet. (I don't see why you should not give it a try. Easy to be set up). But then, it's just me. Maybe there are drop-outs that disturb your...
  22. snoop

    Lexicon R1 - Scenes - help

    Mike, as I said earlier, my rig is in our rehearsal room atm. So I can't have a look at what I've done before the weekend. But reading your last post, to me it looks like you are making ends meet! I think you are right with all the above. Obviously I caused some confusion by talking about "CC"...
  23. snoop

    Lexicon R1 - Scenes - help

    Mike, to be honest, I don't understand your questions - and abviously you have a hard time trying to understand what I say. I do my best to be as precise as I can. Hopefully it works out this time ;-) I can confirm: - Initially I was looking for a way to send a specific cc value to the AXE...
  24. snoop

    Lexicon R1 - Scenes - help

    Folks, R1 User here as well. Here is some good news: Let me tell ya, that it is in fact possible to set up the R1 in a way so that you can directly access Scenes (e.g. press button 1 ==> Scene 1, press button 4 ==> Scene 4 etc.). This is how I use my R1 these days! And there is no need for...
  25. snoop

    Atmospheric Tutorials...

    Great! Thanx for sharing, Scott. Will give it a spin during the weekend.
  26. snoop

    Need help with cleans.

    Hey LVC, will you be sharing these Presets as you previously did? I downloaded your earlier versions of the twin and dumble patch and liked them a lot. In fact (after a few minor tweaks) they became my go-to presets for most everything. As my main axe is an ES 335 I would love to check out...
  27. snoop

    Looking for a rack bag in the EU? Your search could be over...

    I've got that Rack Bag - and I'm not too happy with it. Here's why: -Due to constuction you will brake the zipper sooner than later: Especially the zipper on the backside is prone to this because the whole weigth of the package sits in the zipper if put it down. Also, in all corners the...
  28. snoop

    Axe-Fx II Firmware V12.00 Up

    same with me!
  29. snoop

    Hope everyone will like this video...

    wow - loved that vid. Very tasty. Thanks for sharing.
  30. snoop

    Kurt Rosenwinkel - Incredible Guitar + Orchestration

    Just in case you missed it: Kurt picked up a II and is planning to use it live during his present tour! He' s also posting in this forum (by the nick kurtr2). Here's a link:
  31. snoop

    Kurt Rosenwinkel - Incredible Guitar + Orchestration

    That would have been my guess from looking at your avatar pic... ;-) (BTW: I like his stuff a lot)
  32. snoop

    Dumble ODS Patch

    yep, great patch. Tried it at home and during yesterday's rehearsal. Great results with the clean scenes. Especially liked scene 3. Scene 4 and 5 didn't do it for me. I will have to do reduce the drive with these. But as scene 3 was so sweet - I didn't start tweeking. Instead played some music...
  33. snoop

    Can't back up banks with Fractal-Bot 1.2.5

    Experienced that same problem yesterday. I'm on Mac OSX 10.8.3. Latest Driver installed. Tried several times to backup the Axe completely and got the "Message Timeout". When checking the directory, to which I tried to backup my data, it was empty. Then I tried to save only a single Preset. That...
  34. snoop

    ODS 100 Clean (Kinda)

    Oh, please do so. Really looking forward to give it a spin... Cheers Snoop
  35. snoop

    Can't decide which way to go for Sterero. Help!! (Q12 vs. Bogner and GT1000FX)

    Chris, I tried to send you a PM, but your Inbox seems to be full. You have to delete stuff in order to be able to receive new mail...
  36. snoop

    Just got an iPhone. Must have apps?

    Check out irealb. Great for learning new tunes and jamming...
  37. snoop

    Can't decide which way to go for Sterero. Help!! (Q12 vs. Bogner and GT1000FX)

    Hey Chris, how about checking out the Q12 for yourself instead of guessing from what others say? I got myself a q12a just a few days ago. I only had little time to dig in deeply but I did some experimenting at home and at rehearsals. For me it worked out perfectly! If you are interested: I...
  38. snoop

    Axe-FX II: Dumble Amp Patch

    Wow - sounds great (great playing too)! I will definately check out your patch - once I'm done testdriving the Vibroverb that kept me busy all over the weekend. Thanks for sharing the clip and your patch.
  39. snoop

    Upgraded from 6.02 to 10, Holy shit balls!!!!!

    Exact same thing here: Updated from 6.02 to 10.0 because I was happy with what I had and didn't want to loose AxeEdit. Now I'm floored by how good it sounds. Couldn't stop playin all weekend. And yes, my new favorite amp is the Vibroverb! Checked out Preset 317 (Modern Jazz), switched off the...
  40. snoop

    Matrix Q12 passive now available :)

    Hey Matt, great to see you guys extend your product range. Hope they will be a major commercial success. One thing I'm even more curious about: When will we see an active wedge? Cheers Snoop
  41. snoop

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9 Public Beta

    +1 Exactly my thoughts.
  42. snoop

    New OwnHammer IR’s are absolutely fantastic – Gig report

    Now, that is indeed a cool story! Thanks for sharing
  43. snoop

    My covers band patches

    Fair enough! Thanks for the effort you put into this. Looking forward to both - your patches and AE as well!
  44. snoop

    My covers band patches

    Simeon, if you ask like this - I would love to give your presets a spin in V8.01. I'm especially interested in the funk-stuff you've been showing around in the other thread. Those presets sounded stellar! Great playin as well. As I don't have a MFC-101 (yet), I think I would be better off with...
  45. snoop

    OwnHammer Speaker Cabinets Public Beta (free stuff inside)

    Kevin, you got my business. Just purchased your tier 3 package. Really looking forward to check out your bonus IRs during the weekend and even more great stuff of yours once it will become available. It feels great not only to to get my hands on your products but also to help you out to...
  46. snoop

    Fractal Audio T Shirt?

    well put
  47. snoop

    Fractal Audio T Shirt?

    what makes you think the official fractal shirt won't wash out? What makes you think you would not be able to get any quality you may like (and that you are willing to pay for) if you "produce" your own shirt? What makes you think that the original fractal shirt is NOT produced the same way I...
  48. snoop

    Fractal Audio T Shirt?

    Why not copy the logo from the website on a memory stick and take it to the next copy shop? At least here in Berlin there is loads of shops that will print it on any T-Shirt or cup or whatever for just a few bucks. And this way you will get size an colour of your choice. Just saying...
  49. snoop

    One of the Most Powerful Controls in the Amp Block

    Wow, thanks for reminding me of all the great work that you put into the wiki. Even though I know the wiki and have already found some fantastic stuff there, for some reason I tend to read more forum threads than wiki entries. Obviously a huge mistake. Again, thank you yek for the good work!
  50. snoop

    Saying good buy and good ridance

    it really doesn't matter whether the Axe is left or right: It needs a little tweaking anyway...
  51. snoop

    New MFC Gig Bag

    Now that is some great news! Thanks for sharing the pics. So, one hand grabs the guitar, bag with Axe + MFC on the shoulder, Matrix FRFR 1x12 Monitor grabed by other hand... Sounds like the ultimate mobile setup to me!
  52. snoop

    New MFC Gig Bag

    Wow - now that looks great! Thanks for the heads up. Would the Axe II fit in that bag too (if leaving the pedals at home)?? Edit: Just did a little search and found this video, that gives an in-depth run-down of all the features of this bag. Pretty cool stuff.
  53. snoop

    Matrix GM50

    From what I see in the video you posted herehttp://forum.fractalaudio.com/amps-cabs/46731-atomic-amps-coincident-linear-reference-designed-jay-mitchell-18.html#post611798 I would say that this is exactly what they are planning to do. Fast forward to 0:44 sec and decide yourself... :-) Would...
  54. snoop

    CLIFF How's about a progress report!!

    lol +1
  55. snoop

    Some Ultra Live Jazz (Live pre-view from upcoming cd..) :)

    Hey Jens, had a lot of work in the office an close to no time with my axe. So, I just realized that you uploaded your patch. Thanx for doing so. Will try it on the weekend. Though you may be right: I'm on the AXE II, so your Ultra Patch may not work. I'll find out and keep you posted. Take...
  56. snoop

    Some Ultra Live Jazz (Live pre-view from upcoming cd..) :)

    Hi Jens, great music: Good to see some jazz guys around. Would you mind sharing your great sounding patch? Would love to give it a spin..
  57. snoop

    Mike Stern jazz style video

    Like it a lot. Will give it a try in the next few days. Great to see, that there are some jazz fans around here. Keep jazzin'
  58. snoop

    Snoop's Journey into Axe-Land

    folks - still no first impression from actually playing my Axe: I had to stay in the hotel for another day of customer service! So, I'm looging forward to a first ride tonight. Hopefully I can make it back home with all that snow that we got last night. It's simply not fair: Waited so many...
  59. snoop

    Snoop's Journey into Axe-Land

    that is indeed a great tune. Thanks for posting the link.
  60. snoop

    Snoop's Journey into Axe-Land

    yep - that is close to what I felt ;-)
  61. snoop

    Snoop's Journey into Axe-Land

    and now for the bad news: Had a horrible day at the office - suddenly everything had to happen at once. Could not leave early or even in time to start my journey. Even worse: I had to drive back home to pack my bag and fly out for an "emergency visit" at one of our important customers. So, my...
  62. snoop

    Snoop's Journey into Axe-Land

    Well, let me put this straigth: No flower thingy in the box! It just happens to sit on that table and I didn't remove it before taking the picture. So please guys, no over-exaggerated expectations. :-)
  63. snoop

    Snoop's Journey into Axe-Land

    Here's a list of first impression (in no particular order) - wow, that box is bigger and heavier than expected - very well packaged - yes, G66 threw in the famous chocolate (helps me to get through the day before I can get home and fire it up for the first time) - G66 even wrote me a personal...
  64. snoop

    Snoop's Journey into Axe-Land

    Guitarbot, I realy look forward to use the Axe together with Ableton live. I am especially interested in jamming to my own tracks. We'll see how this turns out. I will be posting my findings in this thread.
  65. snoop

    Snoop's Journey into Axe-Land

    I've been playing guitar since 1975. It has always been a hobby to me (I feel previleged to make music to please myself, not to make money). I play in local bands, trying to do some nice jazz stuff. I have allways tried not to buy "latest-and-greatest" gear. But there were moments, when I felt...
  66. snoop

    Snoop's Journey into Axe-Land

    Dear all, inspired by Yek's "Incoming! Incoming! Incoming!" thread (and many similar postings), I decided to start my own log of my journey into Axe-Land. I have two reasons to do so: 1. For three years I've been following this great forum as a lurker, enjoying many of the threads that you...
  67. snoop

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    Ok folks, now that I know where (at least one of the) EU Axes is, it's about time to say goodbye to this thread and start my journey into Axe-Land... I will be posting about my impressions in a dedicated thread. For all those (esp. you, Japster) still waiting: Your day will come! Hopefully...
  68. snoop

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    It's there! OMG!!! It's there!
  69. snoop

    new quieter fan

    From what I understand, G66 found a satisfying solution to the noise problem just a few days ago. Here's my posting in the "EU Axe FX II - Thread": Sussy and Jacques give slightly different feedback regarding the fan replacement. Here is the original info I received from Jaques on January 30th...
  70. snoop

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    You are right - i'm located in Berlin / Germany. That may be the reason why... So far, I haven't done too much work - but kept an eye on the street looking for that white van to show up. I hope you guys in the UK won't have to wait until the weekend! I really feel your pain... Keeping my fingers...
  71. snoop

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    Got my "A G66 parcel has just been carefully prepared for you and is now ready for delivery" mail from Sussi yesterday, 15:45 hours. Tracked the delivery status as follows: 01/31/2012 16:42 Flensburg (DE) Pick-up 01/31/2012 22:20 Lehrte (DE) Consolidation...
  72. snoop

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    Funny: Sussy and Jacques give slightly different feedback regarding the fan replacement. Here is the original info I received from Jaques just the other day: "...Zum viel (und zu Recht) kritisierten lauten Lüfter: Nach einem langen Hin- und Her und Tests mit Lüfter-Prototypen extra für uns...
  73. snoop

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    I specifically asked to replace the fan of the unit I am about to get the week prior to sending out the box. Got a prompt answer from Jacques, telling me: - they will replace my fan prior to shipping - replacing the fan with a quiter version seams to be their new standard procedure - they have...
  74. snoop

    New kick tags for MFC came in today

    Just checked: seems to work fine at my end.. Snoop
  75. snoop

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    Same here: Got Jacques Mail a few minutes ago. Orderd May 13 th. I've been around here for years now (as a passive reader) Now Jacques says, within 2 weeks or so I should finally get my magic box! Can't wait! Feels like "the last mile" is gonna be the hardest... Oh well - guess Per is right...
  76. snoop

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    Ok folks - just received a mail from Jacques telling me that they expect to receive the next shipment of axes this coming Friday. I won't get one of those units, but mine will be in the next shipment that they are expecting to come in within the next two weeks or so. Just for the records: I got...
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