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  1. paranoid

    I have no idea how to record decent sounding metal tones. Everything sounds a little muffled?

    I think You need to give a clip of what your recording sounds like to compare to what you would like it to sound like. Other wise It will be imposable to help you fix this.
  2. paranoid

    Third Party IRs sound better than IR of my own physical cab. How best to build presets?

    No reason to not please you ears when you own an axe fx!
  3. paranoid

    DOKKEN - "Dream Warriors" cover video

    nailed it! Love the model 2 Charvel! My #1 is A white model 2.
  4. paranoid

    Third Party IRs sound better than IR of my own physical cab. How best to build presets?

    I like the IR through monitor set up better then real cab myself, you are getting a finished product, were with the cab you are not getting the whole signal chain like you hear on an album. I myself would go frfr with ir's for live, before having presets that are totally diffrent for studio and...
  5. paranoid

    Where to download MFC-Edit

    I am not up set that you are letting it be down loaded free now. I got my monies worth the first couple of times I used it for changing setlists five years or so ago. Thank you for all your past hard work and involvement in the edit( and help with users troubles).
  6. paranoid

    Guitar & Vocal training

    Lots of playing while singing. Start with songs with simple chording. practice, practice, practice. you can sing the scale notes while playing scales on guitar should help you get in range, if you can hear if you are in pitch or not.
  7. paranoid

    Where to download MFC-Edit

    I believe it has been discontinued.
  8. paranoid

    How do you live loop like this?

    Must be magic. A lot going on there. hard to believe it to be her only, and live.
  9. paranoid

    Link together two separate parameters to master volume

    closest I can think off would be to link them to a expression pedal, or maybe scene controller.
  10. paranoid

    These Charvels need more attention

    @Piing that lava crackle model 4 is pretty rare. I to would miss that.
  11. paranoid

    Was headed towards Strymon but the $$ are adding up

    Fx-8 is now Vintage, you amp guys should be all over it! A friend of mine has an FX-8 with a friedman(I forget which model) and it works really well.
  12. paranoid

    These Charvels need more attention

    For me Charvel is were it's at! I've been playing, buying, and collecting for 30 years. got close to 100 in the house now.
  13. paranoid

    Bug? Axe XLII+ completely freaked out

    Unplug the mfc and see if the xl stops changing presets. see if you have a stuck switch on the mfc. check cables.
  14. paranoid

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    Take it slow and easy, make notes(take photos) of how things are wired before you start so you can back up if it does not work as expected. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor when finished.
  15. paranoid

    Confused about ohms...

    Depends how loud you want it.
  16. paranoid

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    All this talk about I do not have the tools or tools are expensive. I did my first fret level with a sharpie, steel wool, carpenters level with 320 grit sand paper rapped around it(still do this today) and masking tape. My first refret job, the only tools I used was a pair of end nips, claw...
  17. paranoid

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    Been setting mine up since early 90's. every guitar player should learn how, it is not very hard and you feel good about it when its done.
  18. paranoid

    Tone Vise locking nut - Amazing, Simple and Cheap

    If only the khaler pro string lock had a nut built in.
  19. paranoid

    Cheap wireless systems

    Ok you got me!:)
  20. paranoid

    Recommended places to post for help with Drum Programming ?

    Times sure have changed. Drummers used to play drums.
  21. paranoid

    Cheap wireless systems

    I would not want any wireless unit(cheap or expensive) altering my sound and latency while recording but, Maybe a cheap wireless will give you the sound you have been searching for. like Angus Young.
  22. paranoid

    Oh what a wonderful hobby!

    At 11 you could not afford all that hobby!
  23. paranoid

    Tremsetter or Tremol-No?

    I have guitars with both, also some blocked down only. I myself think they should float or be hard tail. The tem setter has the least ill effect but will not hold tune to go from e to drop d. the guitar also must be modified in a way that will not be repaired. the tremol no works if you lock it...
  24. paranoid

    Why was the AX8 not upgraded to Ares?

    If you where the owner of Fractal Audio, what would your top priorities be?????? Would you spend lots of man hours on updates for old units that are no longer sold in your store ??????? would you make improvements on the newest units that you still sell new??? Would you try to please people that...
  25. paranoid

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Thank you Fractal!!!!!!!!!
  26. paranoid

    My wife is amazing

    Now that's a good woman right there!!!!!!!!! congrats on the new Fractal. I do not yet have a III, but I think to use the mfc101 as a controller you will have to program every thing as a basic midi controller not plug n play.
  27. paranoid

    Backing Track Block?

    If you have a computer, a usb cable, connect and enjoy.
  28. paranoid

    Van Halen content

    What The F#@$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. paranoid

    Opinions on this piece of gear

  30. paranoid

    Forum Shutdown ... oh, the Horror!

    Is there a classic setting for this new forum format? I like old school and new changes are tuff to get used to.
  31. paranoid

    IRs...what are they and how can they help?

    When I had the ultra I dabbled with different IR's bought. I am not sure the tonal difference was worth the connecting of the midi interface and the converting of files.
  32. paranoid

    What are your guitar "must have" features?

    must be Charvel for me or it will not get along with the other 100 Charvels in the house.:cool:
  33. paranoid

    Best speaker for AX8?

    My AX-8 sounds great through any speaker it is plugged into, even cheap ones!
  34. paranoid

    Help on Wah/Volume Pedal

    if you use a volume block you will have to bypass it to make the wah work, and bypass the wah for the volume to work from scene to scene. if you are using input or output volume this will not work with on pedal.
  35. paranoid

    Real Wha-Wha?

    can be in front, or in the loop.
  36. paranoid

    Help Recreating A Delay Effect

    for those that do not have guitar rig, a sound clip or video would be a big help.
  37. paranoid

    Top Wrapping??

    use the strings as a straight edge when adjusting the truss. You should be able to set sting hight to taste with out any measuring tools. if they buzz on the frets they are to low, if the tuning goes a step sharp while fretting a note, they might be to high.
  38. paranoid

    Top Wrapping??

    What is top wrapping? I thought you were wondering if pro wrap singers were on the forum.
  39. paranoid

    Greatest band of all time?

    pretty sure Country music listeners and pop music listeners would say no! greatest band of all time would be tuff to judge. For rock though they are high on the list, not greatest though in my eyes either.
  40. paranoid

    Guitar Opinions $400 to $600 Range

    Take the family to the music store and let her decide with no pressure. Let her play multiple guitars. Do not let your likes get in the way. Just give good advise.
  41. paranoid

    Fractal-Bot window isn't opening properly

    no troubles here with the fractal bot on windows. used it to update to the ares on my xl last night.
  42. paranoid

    Using the Mission SP2 as wah and volume

    You will still have to go toe down to hit the switch. if your wah is off heel down, it will come on when going toe down to make the switch, and vise versa with the other effect you connect it to. If you really want to use a spring loaded expression pedal for more then one function, I would...
  43. paranoid

    Using the Mission SP2 as wah and volume

    If you are dead set on using a spring return, you may have problems with the sp-1 also.
  44. paranoid

    Expression Pedals for MFC101

    fractal for volume. mission for wahwa and such
  45. paranoid

    Using the Mission SP2 as wah and volume

    I use an sp-2 myself(and love it, but as an old school wah pedal that turns off toe down), but have no idea how volume and wah will work with the spring. As @Bakerman suggested may make the wah work, you will have trouble with the volume when the spring pulls it to 0, unless you want to keep...
  46. paranoid

    Favorite foot switch setup

    I like it simple. scenes on bottom row, song specific stuff on top. all presets set up scene 1 rhythm, scene 2 clean, scene 3 lead, scene 4 special effect if needed.
  47. paranoid

    Axe-Fx 2 XL USB computer communication problem

    I have had a little trouble since the ares beta. restarting my computer solves it for me, but I assumed it was my out dated windows pc.
  48. paranoid

    Ancient Aliens - History channel

    mermaids are real, we have them in our state parks here in Florida.https://www.floridastateparks.org/parks-and-trails/weeki-wachee-springs-state-park
  49. paranoid

    Newbie help

    what firm ware is it on now? most have already been updated to the 11.0 firmware by now. when I had the ultra I always had trouble connecting the midi interface connections in and out correctly. have you tried inverting these?
  50. paranoid

    Thinking of getting an AX8

    The AX-8 will take line level, but pretty sure it will not take amp output straight in. also pretty sure you will find the Helix will not either. you would need a load box for this, and then a external power amp.
  51. paranoid

    Wish External Latching footswitches

    How will the AX-8 unlatch the foot switch?
  52. paranoid

    FRFR hiss

    Is there a possibility of something in the room causing this hiss, If you still hear it with the input turned down? Maybe try them in another room?
  53. paranoid

    Dunlop X mini expression pedal only goes to 92% when calibrating?

    It does not matter that your pedals only bring it to 92%, that is the whole reason to do the calibration. when you finish the calibration sequence, that 92% your pedal shows will equal 100% to the AX-8.
  54. paranoid

    Stereo delay ?

    Glad It was that easy!! you are very welcomed.
  55. paranoid

    Stereo delay ?

    Why out 1 and 2 to the board? You should use left and right of the same output. Faders on separate channels should be panned hard left and right. In the AX-8 settings make sure the output is not summed to mono.
  56. paranoid

    How are some of you recording direct from Axe-Fx II XL into an interface?

    I record the axe fx with usb straight to the daw.
  57. paranoid

    Can't get mission SP-1 toe switch to turn wah on/off! HELP

    2 trs cables from mission to fx8. the mission switch external controller set to bypass modifier of wah block. mission expression external set to control modifier of wah block. should work as long as switch ports are set up for external controllers correctly, and correct external controllers...
  58. paranoid

    Axe-Fx Ultra not connecting to Axe-Edit

    been a long time but I am pretty sure you need midi in and out for the edit to receive the info from the ultra.
  59. paranoid

    Best Pedal Board for MFC + 2 exp pedals?

    plywood with a handle cut in it. screw the pedals and mfc directly to it. use the mfc feet on the bottom of the board.
  60. paranoid

    Making custom MIDI cable for phantom power

    AC power will loose voltage over distance. DC I think is less likely to have as large a drop over distance. I ran into this with the fcb 1010 building long phantom midi cables. 20' just never seemed to be long enough.
  61. paranoid

    Axe Fx III and the MFC101 - easy to program?

    Midi in's and out's also have to be correct, this is the only part that gave me any trouble sending and receiving files to and from the edit.
  62. paranoid

    Help with SP-2 exp pedal

    are you using a TRS cable? is the switch on the sp-2 on the output 1 port.
  63. paranoid

    WTB FCB1010 With MIDI/Power (one-cable) Mod

    I'm not real bright but I was able to convert the fcb to midi power(some years ago) from watching youtube vids. then I made a midi cable that the power adapter plugs into so there was no chance of the axe fx getting messed up. if I can do it I am sure you can. If not I do have an fcb that I do...
  64. paranoid

    Floyd Rose, fret buzz

    sounds like you have an issue with the string saddle. if you only hear the buzz after the fine tuner has been screwed in some. The saddle does roll back and forth as the fine tuner is adjusted, there maybe a place in the saddle that the string is not tight on the saddle, or the string may not be...
  65. paranoid

    Recording Backing Track Audio from YouTube

    I never have used a mac, but you should be able to record the you tube audio into your DAW and then record your self, or what ever on other tracks.
  66. paranoid

    Questions from New User

    AX-8 is great (I have 2) but for studio work the axe fx rocks all your worlds!
  67. paranoid

    Simple foot switch?

    MKII only has 1 switch port I believe. so a simple foot switch(such as a keyboard sustain...
  68. paranoid

    FCB1010 HELP

    The fcb will do many things in stock form, but it will involve some midi programing. I do not have a III, but before I got an mfc I used a fcb to change scenes, stomp box, tuner on of, and preset change with my axe fx II. There are many youtube vids and posts on this forum that discuss fcb...
  69. paranoid

    Nintendo Switch blows....

    I am with @spagthorpe thorpe, Go to a local flea market and buy the originals for pennies.
  70. paranoid

    Decisions, Decisions

    I would buy a used ax fx II since you do not play live. the interface would be worth the difference. actually there aint any difference in price buying a used axe fx II, compared to a new AX-8.
  71. paranoid

    'The Edge' Rig Rundown - Premier Guitar

    but mentioned the line 6. What the Heck.
  72. paranoid

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    I'm so JELLY!
  73. paranoid

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    So were are you going???????????????? I gots to know!
  74. paranoid

    On the wall, or in the case?

    When you run out of room on the wall, hang them from the ceiling. That's what I do.
  75. paranoid

    Cons to running Axe-Fx through traditional cab?

    Playing with a power amp and cab blowing at your back is great. going to a gig with only your axe fx and guitar(no cabs to carry) is also great. If you have an axe fx you have the best for all means!
  76. paranoid

    How Do I Record a Real Amp?

    I guess this would depend on the interface you have now(the need for the focusrite). Or are you starting with nothing?
  77. paranoid

    Any bands tried this?

    I would not want to hear the delay effects of my band mates signal in the monitor behind me along with my signal, I would want to hear his dry signal. if you really want stereo, run it out front were the sound person can adjust it.
  78. paranoid

    Expression Pedal global volume-wah question

    SP-2, or another expression pedal. those are the short cuts.
  79. paranoid

    Pedal Jack stopped working?...

    If you have the expression pedals connected trough a midi controller, this should have nothing to do with the pedal jack in the axe fx.
  80. paranoid

    Help needed - serious issues!

    Have you tried a different mfc to see if it is the controller or the axe FX unit? this would possibly help narrow it down.
  81. paranoid

    This gig's gone south, deal with it.

    Whom ever wired a 110 outlet 220 should be sentenced to death. that is a really bone head move there. this world is so full of stupidness. That guy(or gal) is up there with the inventers of cheater plugs(cords with the ground cut of).
  82. paranoid

    Incoming: Charvel So-Cal MIJ

    Thank you for your concern. We were all in the living room when the tree came down through the bed room, so we were all fine just a little scared after the big bang and the shaking of the house, then it was a long night trying to get every thing we could save out of the room while the rain...
  83. paranoid

    Incoming: Charvel So-Cal MIJ

    At the moment the house is still a wreck from the hurricane last year when the tree went through the roof over my oldest sons room. All his things are piled and stacked in the room were the guitars are. I hope to have all this finished this summer and be able to get some updated pictures.
  84. paranoid

    Happy Memorial Day and Thank You Vets!!

    I also had a Grand father in WWII he worked the China Berma road transporting supplies. He died a few years ago. Had uncles in Vietnam, had several friend in dessert storm. had some kids from a boy scout troop I helped led over in Iraq. God bless the troops, and the USA!
  85. paranoid

    Incoming: Charvel So-Cal MIJ

    Real simple guitar. locking trem, single hum, pure rock and roll.
  86. paranoid

    Incoming: Charvel So-Cal MIJ

    If it has a JT-6 trem still there is a Ibanez bar that fits...
  87. paranoid

    Incoming: Charvel So-Cal MIJ

    nice pair! I love the wild cards(got all 8) but my real love is a modified model 2. Charvels make me crazy. I have like 75 + in one room.
  88. paranoid

    What's all the Hoopla about Scenes?

    scenes work like a pedal switcher in a amp pedal board rig.
  89. paranoid

    Is it Possible to Create a Preset That is Tuned Down by 1/2 Step?

    You need to try it at volume before you give up, if you have the settings correct. it is not dead on but I have used it to drop a whole step from drop D to drop C playing live, and nobody complained or said any thing sounded off. not even the band members. the bass player could not figure out...
  90. paranoid

    New to forum not an axe owner yet, but maybe soon

    @Clayton Keibler Yea dude I am pretty close hear in central Florida, just a short drive. The axe fx can do shimmer, no worries there. The fractal products in my opinion are light years ahead of the elven rack. Computers with a lot of processor I don't know jack about(much of any thing...
  91. paranoid

    New to forum not an axe owner yet, but maybe soon

    come on over I will let you test drive mine. got 2 axe 8's, axe fx II, and axe fx II xl, mfc mk III, 2 fractal exp pedals.
  92. paranoid

    Help with external footswitch

    I never could find a solution with the AX-8 that always worked, so I now only use external switches for momentary stuff with the AX-8. Which is funny, I use 2 switches with the mfc and AxeFx II XL and they work good.
  93. paranoid

    Favorite Guitar Control Layout

    1 hum, 1 volume. What more would you need?
  94. paranoid

    Wah / volume pedal

    you can use auto engage on the wah block, but you will still have to also bypass the wah. Put the wah in a second row with a volume block or some thing to bypass controlled by the switch the so it does not come on with the volume pedal.
  95. paranoid

    Instructions for using MFC-101 as MIDI controller for Axe-Fx III

    Maybe not. the fc pedal will be a plug and play, why spend time and resources on an old midi controller.
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