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  1. J

    Axe-Fx III vs Zoom 505 !!!

    Now just let me show ya'll my zoom 707 II ... ( can't believe I used to play through it out in public some 15 odd years ago- sounds like shit nowadays)
  2. J

    Midlife Crisis Car

    FWIW: I just bought my neighbor's old Prius which he was looking to unload when he recently got a new one. I've owned BMW's & Mercedes cars in the past and was a car snob for many, many years... Not any more . It's a nice ride with plenty of room for carrying stuff and also cool to see how...
  3. J

    Larry Carlton-Just an Amazing player

    Easily one of the top 5 greatest (and most versatile guitarists) in my book... sometimes I even consider him to be number 1.
  4. J

    Texas Lead and Clean - Mesa Lone Star

    Unreal... freaky good!
  5. J

    Congress passes Music Modernization Act

    Divisive or not - As is usually the case with new legislation... who sponsored the bill and who paid them off ( ahem, contributed to their campaign). Following the money trail most always leads to the intent / agenda - especially with this congress..
  6. J

    Dover and Dover again ... I'm a late starter. Vid and preset

    I love it ... and so does she.
  7. J

    Problem with other guitarist and combo amp : (

    Sometimes depending on circumstances I play with AxeFX plugged directly into the input of my Fender blues jr ( no fx loop return) and it cuts into the band mix quite well. My Apologies to the purists...
  8. J

    Cons to running Axe-Fx through traditional cab?

    Try a regular cab / amp or combo you may have on hand with cab sims (and even amp sims on) - it may be sacrilege ... but if you like the way it sounds so be it.. Caveat: If you are going to use an AxeFX then you gotta have an amp of some kind
  9. J

    Deluxe Tweed, 4 x OD's, EBMM Albert Lee - video

    Nicely done - a lot of good licks you have in there - as usual!.... Coincidentally I came really really close to buying a previously owned EBMM albert lee model guitar with two humbuckers about a month ago for a bit over $1100 after spotting it at my local Music Go Round. Ultimately came...
  10. J

    A little something different from XiTone Cabs...

    OK it is indeed a beautiful piece .... what is it again - please define an MBritt in this configuration with price ( I may have to get one ) ?
  11. J

    The amazing Fryette amp and 59bassguy

    exactly yes - @ 2:45 the show begins.... I will have to give this beautiful fugue a try with my les paul!
  12. J

    ‘80s-‘90s sound

    Great - My kind of playing & tones for sure !!! ( if I can ever quite get there)
  13. J

    Is it just something different or do cobalt strings sound GREAT?

    FWIW I tried out the cobalts last year on my strat.... not my cup of tea. I sensed a weird tonality that wasn't to my liking. Soon thereafter put on a set of DR Blues strings and everything AOK. YMMV
  14. J

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Just loaded 10.01 to my AXE FXII Mark 1....couldn't help but play for a few hours afterwords (in the midst of my workday) - WOW!! Add me to the list of extremely satisfied and grateful Fractal Customers - for over 6 years running!
  15. J

    2 x videos, preset, Q10.01 BE C45 with SG and Tele in bluesy dynamic.

    NIce! ....my vote goes to the Tele playing / tone.
  16. J

    Glenn de Laune album - Rivers

    Very Good playing / production from the short samples on that link... would be cool to have the patches used ( or at least a description thereof).
  17. J

    Splawn Nitrous - A flower in the sky (by M. Fanton)

    Very Very Nice ... as usual your playing and creative artistry are quite moving!
  18. J

    A Ballad with the JS100

    I like it....quite a lot going on there in various portions of the entire recording. Some Poltergeist Pig sounds inserted in the background?
  19. J

    ALTO TS212 vs FRFR wedges AXE FX III

    FWIW... I've been using a pair of the the Alto TS 12 inch powered speakers with my Axe FXII for several years running. They have done the job at home and out at gigs as monitors, back line, and side fill applications... I've not been disappointed except for its hard to get over the fact that...
  20. J

    So far I'm not entirely sold on the Axe Fx 3....

    FWIW... Bought my Axe FX II nearly six years ago - its even more awesome than it was back then ( thanks to the over the top efforts by the fractal team to continually improve and push the envelope) ...I stand pat with what I have for now and am grateful. This has been an awesome company and...
  21. J

    To All The Pundits

    They all sound alike to my tinnitus ridden ears....How many here remember: "Is it real or is it Memorex ?".... Hint - a commercial where the taped recording is able to shatter glass just like the singer does in a live performance when a certain high note is reached. .
  22. J

    Vibro-King | Zendrive | MJT Robben Ford '60 Tele replica (video and preset)

    Phenomenal playing there - nice tone(s), and overall quite inspiring as well! Thanks for sharing ... I'm going to have to (at least try to ) cop some of those licks from the video. Nice choice of backing track by the way... I went on a youtube search and found it: Guthrie Govan " East City...
  23. J

    Dumble ODS jam with Axe Fx III.

    Reminds me of the great Larry Carlton!
  24. J

    AX8- Bogner Blu Modern - playing with advanced amp parameters

    Very Good Marco.... Once again your demonstrated skills and artistry are captivating! I really like the transitions in sound / tone from the AX8 as well as the guitar pickups throughout the video. I;m going to have to ask you to start naming some of those cool chords though!
  25. J

    Soundguys eqing your signal

    For live shows, I have concluded that FOH is out of my hands (and control) ... I pay attention to my backline / monitor setup sound to keep me in proper focus... if it sounds good than I tend to play better and hopefully reach "the zone";.... if not, I am frustrated and playing in a "try to...
  26. J

    Is 9.04 The Last Firmware For The Axe-Fx II?

    Cool.... I still am in the process of paying off the credit card $$ that I used to buy my Axe FX II Mk I six years ago
  27. J

    Purchased a Axe Fx ii just befoer the iii came out.

    Advice: Love your Axe FX II... I have loved mine for 6 years running; Furthermore I don't feel compelled to upgrade ( still only scratching the surface of the capabilities of the unit after all this time).....Gigged with it again two nights ago and people still come up and say they love my...
  28. J

    Walter Trout Maries mood Cover part 1

    Great tone / sound (and very nice playing there). Please share the nature of what steps you took to create the preset.
  29. J

    Get The Funk Out Solo Cover

    Life's not fair....Been playing at it 40+ years - your level of proficiency is well out of my league. Unreal!
  30. J

    The Hipower and WEM cab... I'm tellin' ya! Vid and preset.

    Wow... I started listening/watching your video and was enjoying it mildly - I almost moved on (before you really started to cook). Very glad I stayed for the whole show!
  31. J

    Clarky plays da blues

    Yes, Yes,....that's it! Shuffle along now.
  32. J

    Eric Clapton documentary - good film

    My introduction to EC was about 50 years ago...listening to my older brother's Cream LP's regularly. Went on to develop an inexplicable, (somewhat mystical) connection / kinship to his music and his life.... probably the single biggest influence on me to pick up, and strive to learn the guitar...
  33. J

    Eric Clapton documentary - good film

    Clapton was God
  34. J

    Famous Fractal users AND FOR WHAT

    Well, from what I hear, the Kemper can also be used to warm up leftovers.
  35. J

    Why 512 Presets?

    Come on now ... it reads 512 "whopping presets" - the difference is to be found in the " whopping"
  36. J

    Just got my Axe FX II XL+ and it ain't good

    - Hearing noise from my rear output...but understand its fairly common.
  37. J

    AX8 Live - Little Wing cover

    Awesome performance ! - I'm reminded of the very nice version of this song on a Sting album many years ago with Dominic Miller playing guitar. Your embellishments also hint of touches of Jeff Beck here and there. FWIW, I've watched many of your posted videos and am always glad I took the time...
  38. J

    Jimmy Herring- Scapegoat Blues Play-Along

    Hmmm: Sounds like ( Is there such thing as an inverse pentatonic scale?) ... hints of Frank Zappa's playing come to mind as well.
  39. J

    [Solved] Fractal-Bot won't open in Windows 10

    Damn it ... I hate it when that happens!
  40. J

    Fuck you Gibson

    For what its worth - This exact same break happened with my Les Paul a few months ago when it fell forward out of the guitar stand - I was heartbroken for a bit until my local guitar tech saw it and told me it "happens all the time with these guitars" He fixed / glued it and said it will be...
  41. J

    5F1 Tweed EC + Celestion IR

    I want that sound!! ( from my guitar - with me playing it). Fantastico!
  42. J

    Are there any FRFR solutions out there that can compete with a 2x12 + power amp?

    Portability perhaps...I'm not on the road every week. But I do so love the sound of adding my Fender blues jr.and external mesa 1X12 cab (also fitted with a G12H30). I'll pay the price of an one extra walk from car to stage at a local gig once / twice a month or so - for the tone(s) I get to...
  43. J

    Are there any FRFR solutions out there that can compete with a 2x12 + power amp?

    In my opinion / experience there is no compelling reason to not have both FR/FR cabs and an amp + guitar cab simultaneously connected to the Axe FX.... cover all the bases and have the ability to respectively blend to taste depending on the venue and surrounding instruments in the band..
  44. J

    Green Grass & High Tides solo.

    Outlaws - One of my first albums purchased in 1976 or thereabouts....classic! . We used to jam on that song with our acoustic guitars in my college days for hours on end!
  45. J

    Europa - Santana

    I've been playing at that particular song for many years now... but never have I played it anywhere near as well as you - great job!
  46. J

    MFC-101 rocks...for somebody...just not me

    Oh well ... I love mine - never have had a single problem with it.
  47. J

    Fractal Unit and EV ZLX12p

    Perhaps they are "burning" in ?
  48. J

    Factory preset "Gilmour Lead" sounds amazing

    Your 2nd sound cloud track here is totally different ( and captivating).... what is that?
  49. J

    Dr Z cleans a la Eric Gales

    Cool ... for a moment I thought you were referencing Eric Gale ( only after digging into info on the web did I realize Eric Gales is a younger guitarist in a different genre - who I probably should investigate). Thanks for the pointer!
  50. J

    Highway Star - Deep Purple

    Bravo! (Yet Once Again)... keep it going!!
  51. J

    Volume pedals, how you use them?

    I have been using a volume pedal ( plugged into input 1 of my MFC) for a couple of years now... wouldn't ever want to have to play without it. Invaluable - especially when switching presets or adjusting output during a song without experiencing tonal change ( as is the case with guitar volume...
  52. J

    R.I.P. Gregg Allman

    Truly one of the greats - ... Started listening to ABB music back in 1970 and never stopped since, As a guitar player I would be OK if I had nothing to play but ABB songs the remainder of my life.
  53. J

    What is the effect in this song? Hush remake

    IMHO... The major effect for me in this song is actually the video - nice!
  54. J

    Are All XL+ Units Equal?

    The early ones were really special... it seems after the initial run, quality control went downhill. Nowadays I wouldn't bother unless you are able to get on from the Custom Shop - the relic ones are especially cool..
  55. J

    Dr. Z MAZ 38 patch demo

    Nice Glenn! FWIW I got the feeling that if you take away some of the delay / echo it hints of Mark Knopfler as well., Not too shabby!
  56. J

    RIP Don Rickles

    The Humor - meh..I wouldn't want to watch it more than once.. The best part of the Letterman clip is the guitar playing duo in Paul Shafer's band at the end of the show. Check it out ( who are those two guitarists - they are jammin away!)
  57. J

    Acoustic Simulator - Why None?

    Yes, being that we already have the Poltergeist Pig preset, why is there the need for an Acoustic Simulator preset?
  58. J

    Acoustic Simulator - Why None?

    OP makes a good point....add at least one factory preset to work from - Simple enough! I don't spend time messing around with IR's or eq.
  59. J

    Emotional Jam by Stel Andre

    Damn Fine sound and playing!
  60. J

    ODS-100 Clean with the 6.02 Muff. Yeah!

    Wow - great tone, playing technique, and down right enjoyable!....Inspiring musical display (to say the least). Thank you for the recording and video - I hope to try playing some of those nice licks (or perhaps even just cop the vibe).
  61. J

    When do I lose the "apprentice" status?

    Apprentice means you are still trying to get it right....never stop trying
  62. J

    Rude Les Paul

    Enjoyed it!.... I have watched quite a few of your playing posts here on the forum over time - always good stuff! Like you, I rotate between a Strat and Les Paul as well ( the Strat being my native tongue). Looks like you have the selector switch set to bridge pickup there ? Do you favor the...
  63. J

    Don't skip essential steps.

    Can appreciate where the OP is coming from... (it's somewhat cliche) but I started out with a borrowed Stella guitar (over 40 years ago). Another friend lent me a Les Paul jr about a year later. Another friend found some sort of old tube amp (not even a proper guitar amp) I could plug into to...
  64. J

    Help me deal with this GAS problem: MK V:25

    You must realize.... GAS is an illness - one day you will overcome it ( hopefully before you spend all your hard earned dough)
  65. J


    Thanks for the pointer to this movie - watched it on Netflix instant view immediately and couldn't pull away until it was over. Learned a lot about Jaco - his story, as well as the musicians he interfaced with ... he was an enigma for sure. Sad story in the end - another frustrated artist...
  66. J

    Hard Rock w/ the Brit 800!

    More Cow Bell !!!
  67. J

    With the news of TigerSharcs stopping production, what does that mean for the Axe Fx?

    I expect that I'll be playing my current guitars through my current Axe FXII well past the time they are all considered vintage and/or obsolete... ( that is - provided my fingers, hearing, and the gear all hold together).
  68. J

    Can the Axe Fx emulate the in the room "thump"?

    Two weeks ago I took my my Axe FX ( in a 4u rack) to a jam session held in a relatively small room... the only place I could set it so it was off the floor was in a nearby chair. Soon after starting to play, the rack unit somehow fell to the floor from the chair. Yes there was a thump in the...
  69. J

    Axe 3, you say? TigerSHARCs are phased out without replacement, it seems

    One day all Axe FXII holders will have a priceless gem on their hands- which must be tightly guarded. Wars could well result from the chaos when the last Tigersharc is consumed!
  70. J

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Matchbox D-30 (Matchless DC-30)

    Very interesting description / story on this particular amp....the note re: Channel 2 with it's 6 position rotary dial up "texture" is quite intriguing. Thanks Yek !
  71. J

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta 2

    all ears here!
  72. J

    found new (older) toy - Roland JD 990 Synthesizer Module

    I came upon this box today (free of charge) that a friend found - knew nothing of it though... I did some research online and located a user manual. Plugged it in, powered it up with headphones and was surprised at the sounds out of this box ( 1993 era). Unit is a rack device with a size, shape...
  73. J

    Friedman HBE V2 Quantum 2.04

    I turned my chair around for this one.
  74. J

    Inspired a bit by Satch on this one.

    Slow clap cascading to thunderous applause... Nice sound & skillful playing!
  75. J

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Bludojai (Bludotone Ojai)

    Coincidentally I happened to visit Ojai ( in California) last week while vacationing along the central coast...was not aware Robben Ford lived there. Nice little town tucked away in a valley ( Tuscany - like mountain setting) - about a 20 minute drive from the coast.
  76. J

    Nylon String Guitar (Godin) and Axe-Fx II (Part 3) - Update!

    This is enticing... I've never attempted a tone match - however have often thought of somehow achieving a nylon string sound for jazz / classical flavor. Your chords sound quite nice as well - post a video of your hands while playing! In any case I look forward to a chance to try and load your...
  77. J

    No Two Amps Sound the Same - Fact or Fallacy

    OK got it - sounds reasonable when considering component tolerance variation....now the next question is : Do any two Axe FX units sound exactly the same?
  78. J

    Shiver clean/crunch breakup Ballad w/ preset

    Lovely clean sparkly tone, chords, and playing! .... Reminds me that the quality & quantity of talent within the Fractal forum is wondrous..
  79. J

    Volume pedal

    One question on pedals - expression vs. volume. I have been using a volume pedal and it has only a cord which I use for plugging into the MFC input 1. Whereas expression pedals I have seen have both input and output jacks. Does it function in the same manner whereby you would only use the output...
  80. J

    Never felt need to adjust presets on firmware updates prior to Quantum

    Thanks for the heads up on what to start looking ....I just now went to the Global settings and Amp modeling indicator was "On" .... so that item doesn't appear to be the issue. I'll keep playing nonetheless.
  81. J

    Never felt need to adjust presets on firmware updates prior to Quantum

    Been installing firmware updates for several years running and don't recall ever needing to adjust seetings for factory presets until now. ..Majority of factory presets were "hot" right of the gate this time around - with overwhelming output ( even with guitar volume knob at 1)... this along...
  82. J

    To IR or not to IR - Cab Pack purchase worth the money?

    Please elaborate on which ones you consider to be better than anything you can buy.
  83. J

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Quantum .... an unraveling of the time - space continuum
  84. J

    The Best of Times with my Axe-Fx II

    A plectrum
  85. J

    Why is De-Phase necessary?

    Perhaps it could be best described as somewhat analogous to i .... the square root of -1 ( as used in other areas of electrical theory). Simple enough!
  86. J

    Low watt tube power amp for breakup/warmth?

    In answer to one of your questions...yes on a couple of occasions I have plugged my Axe FX directly into my Fender Blues Jr ( 15 watt tube) and it sounded fine - In fact I enjoyed it more than just playing through the tube amp on its own. Though in general I usually use a pair of modestly priced...
  87. J

    Is PMS just snake oil nonsense hype? Anyone here ever had PMS?

    PMS by FU ? ... this is too much!
  88. J

    Pluto Flyby

    As a result of this mission, Pluto diameter recalculated to be 1470 miles and it has a few moons as well... hardly an asteroid! Opinionated + Ingnorant = Troublesome
  89. J

    help with high gain tones

    This may be a gross over simplification and/or common knowledge but I recently found that when playing high gain it really helps to go the trebly route - bridge pickup, etc,... it also cuts into the mix much better in a jam situation.
  90. J

    Music recommandations for a long run

    A long time favorite for mellow instrumental guitar music - Russ Freeman & Craig Chaquico's album "From the Redwoods to the Rockies"
  91. J

    I don't know why this pisses me off so much..

    Leads me to wonder....How do they celebrate the 4th of July in the UK?
  92. J

    MFC-101... is it worth the money?

    "Does anyone think it's worth the money? Or do you think it's maybe better off getting a different controller?" No its probably not worth it (unless you have an Axe FX)
  93. J

    Confessions of a sound man

    A prime example of the most authentic / sincere form of advertising...
  94. J

    What IR has the tightest response?

    Hmmm... the best input response! - come to think of it, I may actually experience one of those later tonight ( she seems to be in a good mood today)
  95. J


    Look for the culprit to most likely be a rival guitarist - (possibly even in one's own band)... envious of the great tones and sound that eminate from the magic box.
  96. J


    Yeah that's probably what we all thought at one time...(before actually getting married). Things change - after awhile it becomes feigned interest, then apathy, and then ultimately - resentment.
  97. J

    NGD ... Anyone have experience with playing a Les Paul Deluxe?

    I've been playing a strat for 15 years or so and never really had the opportunity to bond with a Les Paul after various tries. Today I got a hold of one through a friend. It has the mini humbuckers... a 2001 model guitar. Man I plugged it into the Axe FX II this afternoon and found some heaven...
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