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  1. Vinny Boombatz

    Wish Guitar Synth from Axe-FX II?

    Hey, not sure if this is a wishlist item or a tech Q for the developers. But, I was wondering over the weekend - once the guitar signal is transformed into a digital impulse why cannot the signal be transformed exactly as say a Roland GR-55 or such (so Axe-FX becomes a guitar synth as well)...
  2. Vinny Boombatz

    I Need Help From You All Axe Gurus - Using Axe-Fx II with EDP

    Hi All, I'm usually a lurker, and don't post too much, but I've come across an issue with my set up that I hope that the knowledgeable can help with. I am trying to get a good set up for using the Axe with 2x Echoplex Digital Pros for stereo looping. The idea is to lay down multiple...
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