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  1. FlyingV

    AxeFX II and Line6 L3t ??

    Has somebody tested the Axe with the new Line6 speakers ? Looks like it could be a perfect match ? Regards Peter
  2. FlyingV

    Guyatone Wah Rocker3 patch ??

    Saw just an Interview with Guthrie Goven... Guthrie Govan Full Licklibrary Interview Part 3 - YouTube and @4:40 he explains his Guyatone WR3 pedal !!! Is there an effect ( auto-Wah) or preset with the settings in the Axe II ?? Or can somebody help me ? Regards FlyingV
  3. FlyingV

    saving user IRs

    How can I save IRs the Axe ? If I open a preset with loaded IRs in AxeEdit... is it copied in the Axe ? I mean if I save the preset ( Store on the Axe ) is the IR than saved in the Axe like the preset ? Regards Peter
  4. FlyingV

    Global Amp Question

    How can I save an Amp as a Global Amp ? And how can I edit a Global Amp ? Regards Peter
  5. FlyingV

    Real name of Amps and Effects

    Hi all, is there a list with the real names of the amps, effects and cabs in the axe ? Regards Peter
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