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  1. Vinny Boombatz

    FM3 Now Shipping

    I'm exactly 30 min behind you!
  2. Vinny Boombatz

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Will the troubles regarding China supply chain impact the headphone jack-enabled units originally scheduled for April availability? (affiliated question, are we still working through the headphone jack-less units?)
  3. Vinny Boombatz

    Am i still on the list

    Try getting swung around by female little person
  4. Vinny Boombatz

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    With this post I hope that I can be considered for those wait lists as well! :sunglasses:
  5. Vinny Boombatz

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Chill, brah. I didn't ask to see your confirmation, you posted that all on your own. I just pointed out that the date/time they will use is the date/time they acknowledged the request, not when you sent it. For me it was almost instantaneous with respect to my request, but that may not always...
  6. Vinny Boombatz

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    That's not the wait list confirmation. That one would have come from Fractal and would have the "Do Not Respond To This Email" disclaimer. Did you request to be on the FM3 wait list or the AX8? If you were previously on the AX8 list that would explain why someone requesting to be put on the...
  7. Vinny Boombatz

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    I received my FM3 Waitlist confirmation email on 23 April at 1:42 PM (EDT) and I have not yet received a purchase invitation. I thought it was FIFO?!??
  8. Vinny Boombatz

    Mesa OS 4x12 IR's (Free)

    Dude, you rock!
  9. Vinny Boombatz

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Will you let us know when we cross the Rubicon separating the AX8 and FM3-specific wait lists?
  10. Vinny Boombatz

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Thanks for the report, TD!
  11. Vinny Boombatz

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Were you on the AX8 waitlist, or the one specifically for the FM3?
  12. Vinny Boombatz


    Congrats, man. Let us know how much you love it.
  13. Vinny Boombatz


    Thanks for posting, but we can see your address and phone number - you may want to crop or delete this image
  14. Vinny Boombatz

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Operative words: "... waitlist for an AX8"
  15. Vinny Boombatz

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Christmas Sale 2020
  16. Vinny Boombatz

    FM3 Now Shipping

    A fine day for a parade
  17. Vinny Boombatz

    I want my FM3!

    Mrs. Boombatz and I were talking about the v1 MTV experience yesterday. Came to realize the striking similarities to Gilligan's Island ... Martha Quinn = Mary Ann Nina Blackwood = Ginger Alan Hunter = Professor J J Jackson = Skipper Mark Goodman = Gilligan (I suppose that you could make an...
  18. Vinny Boombatz

    FM3 General Discussion Thread

    Thanks folks!
  19. Vinny Boombatz

    FM3 General Discussion Thread

    Thanks. So I understand correctly as well, the only way to get a stereo out is to have either right or left as XLR, and the other as Humbuster TRS?
  20. Vinny Boombatz

    Malmsteen's "Far beyond the sun" with new DOD250 on FW12b!

    Great playing, and just as important I can hear the fun you are having throughout it! All this is supposed to be fun, and you hit the sweet spot on that. Nice job!
  21. Vinny Boombatz

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    Set up guitar for 9s, EQ amp for 9s, compare different gauge strings and ... 9s win. Imagine that. That's why they make blank nuts, and dials on the guitars and amps.
  22. Vinny Boombatz

    New Jamstik MIDI Guitar

    Is it connected via 13-pin plug/cable? It looks like a standard 1/4", but hard to tell.
  23. Vinny Boombatz

    New BluGuitar Amp X - Holy $#!%

    The Amp1 sounded pretty dang good. This one, with non-M style amps available, well that could be a real viable option for smaller stage live settings (and fly gigs) in particular.
  24. Vinny Boombatz

    Good TV shows “worth watching”

    Mr. Robot The Expanse Lost In Space The first two are exceptional (as in "Best Shows, period" list exceptional), and the last one is just fun.
  25. Vinny Boombatz

    Vendor Poll - What cabs do you want?

    My answer was going to be Hiwatt, but this would work too
  26. Vinny Boombatz


    Leggo my Eggo
  27. Vinny Boombatz

    What hypothetical/non-existent FAS product would you actually buy?

    I am always on the lookout for an excellent guitar / bass modeler. I am not averse to the 13-pin connection, but am not tied to it either. I just want to convincingly create tracks and performances for various models of (electric and acoustic) guitars and basses using one physical instrument...
  28. Vinny Boombatz

    Has FX8 Been Discontinued?

    I read the headline too fast (insert confirmation bias) and immediately reacted "BUT THE FM3 HASN'T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET, HOW CAN IT BE DISCONTINUED ALREADY?!??!!"
  29. Vinny Boombatz

    Baritone guitars... And, go!

    This fellow plays a baritone, and while his use may not be to everyone's taste it is certainly a musical one https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx0irbDsRLjMvEXaW56cqlQ
  30. Vinny Boombatz


    There are people in this world right now living under actual, real injustice, oppression, persecution and torture. Their torment is rarely met with this degree of protest. Then, there are people who have been taught and/or manipulated into thinking that that their own sense of inconvenience...
  31. Vinny Boombatz

    Baritone guitars... And, go!

    I have a Trussart baritone on the way. There is nothing not to love about that sonic range. Surf, Spaghetti Western, Desert Rock, Ambient ... nothing not to love. Do it. Danelectro makes a cheap one if you are on the fence.
  32. Vinny Boombatz

    Harley Benton - have I been living under a rock?

    I'm glad that there is a reasonably priced instrument line available for people that want to play and not spend a lot of money. Making anyone interested in learning spend thousands of dollars is no doubt limiting the potential market. Once upon a time there were Sears and the like catalog...
  33. Vinny Boombatz

    Your favorite traditional 2x12 guitar cab

    I've got a Bruno open back 2x12 cab that is the best sounding cab I have ever played. It's made of solid wood (pine I believe) and is standard sized (for a 2x12) but the baffle has a slight upward angle. It's loaded with 2x Tone Tubby AlNiCos, and it makes sweet sounds. Love it.
  34. Vinny Boombatz

    Resist the GAS, or succumb to it? To upgrade or not to upgrade? Help a guy out!

    It was a joke. But yes, also having owned a II+ I can concur that the Fractal "old tech" is still quite functional and glorious (even as it may eventually drift into the land of "unsupported" toys)
  35. Vinny Boombatz

    Glad I didn’t wait!

    The range of tones that you can get from pushing air using an Axe-FX III is a truly wondrous thing
  36. Vinny Boombatz

    Metallica 'Master of Puppets' on Howard Stern

    They sound just as good with Jon Fishman as they did with Lars
  37. Vinny Boombatz

    Who likes FREE stuff?

    Yeah man, this is awesome (and just right in my tonal neighborhood). Thanks!
  38. Vinny Boombatz

    Atomic CLR MK1 for $650

    You got a really good deal
  39. Vinny Boombatz


    Pete, this is so kind and you really are a stand up guy for sharing these with us.
  40. Vinny Boombatz

    when will axe edit be up again ?

    "When will then be now?" "Soon" :?
  41. Vinny Boombatz

    AXE Edit Ver 2.0 in 2013

    Wait, you mean there's a software thingy that you can build your presets with? How cool is that!
  42. Vinny Boombatz


    OK, I will update to 9.0 once the new AE becomes available. Until then, I'll be rolling OG (i.e. 8.x)
  43. Vinny Boombatz

    Fimrware version 9.0 Problems.

    No like "front panel". Me like AE. Me like bananas 2. Oooo ooo oooooo
  44. Vinny Boombatz

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 7.00 Available

    Thanks guys. Guess my weekend plans just got settled.
  45. Vinny Boombatz

    Wish Guitar Synth from Axe-FX II?

    Thanks guys for the good responses so far I would be interested to hear from Cliff / Co. if this is true - Does the unit generate MIDI-notes to affect pitch shift?
  46. Vinny Boombatz

    Wish Guitar Synth from Axe-FX II?

    Hey, not sure if this is a wishlist item or a tech Q for the developers. But, I was wondering over the weekend - once the guitar signal is transformed into a digital impulse why cannot the signal be transformed exactly as say a Roland GR-55 or such (so Axe-FX becomes a guitar synth as well)...
  47. Vinny Boombatz

    Violin patch (+ Ensemble feature!)

    Very nice! Can't wait to play around with this one
  48. Vinny Boombatz

    I Need Help From You All Axe Gurus - Using Axe-Fx II with EDP

    Brilliant - thanks all! Love these interweb forum thingies. What did we do before them?!?!
  49. Vinny Boombatz

    I Need Help From You All Axe Gurus - Using Axe-Fx II with EDP

    Thanks Simeon. From the EDP manual:
  50. Vinny Boombatz

    I Need Help From You All Axe Gurus - Using Axe-Fx II with EDP

    Thanks Anakron - so you are saying run OUT2 into the EDP, but wouldn't I still need to mixer to re-combine the signals [OUT1 (native) and OUT2 (EDP)]? I wondered if the mixer loop was adding something to the path, and I like your suggestion. I need to read about the COPY bit (that's new to...
  51. Vinny Boombatz

    I Need Help From You All Axe Gurus - Using Axe-Fx II with EDP

    Hi All, I'm usually a lurker, and don't post too much, but I've come across an issue with my set up that I hope that the knowledgeable can help with. I am trying to get a good set up for using the Axe with 2x Echoplex Digital Pros for stereo looping. The idea is to lay down multiple...
  52. Vinny Boombatz

    My 4x12 NF IR's for AXF-II and Std/Ultra

    Thanks man. I am still on the low end of the learning curve with all this stuff, and I appreciate your help here in my growing understanding. Feels kind of like putting my mouth up to the fire-hose now.
  53. Vinny Boombatz

    The Pop Tart thread

    Maybe it's the scientist in me, but every time I read "kpa" I start feeling all this pressure. ..... somebody got that .....
  54. Vinny Boombatz

    Part II: Smilefan's Axe II Patch Thread

    Hey there - new around here, and to Axe world. This looks like a good place to start. Gonna be checking back, frequently. Thanks for all the hard work, man!
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