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  1. Sean Ashe

    FW18 Dirty Shirley + Cab pack 8 noodling

    Just a bit of sloppy noodling on Preset 60, but with the Cab Pack 8 TV SM57-R121 B01 IR. All changes in gain or tone are just volume knob or pickup selector on one of my Tom Anderson Angels (this has a Koa top, basswood body, maple neck). Tried to keep it short and sweet. Really impressed...
  2. Sean Ashe

    Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel 'Gingerburst' - Demo

    Hey all! Thought I'd share this here, a recently uploaded demo I did of my newest Anderson. Some of you may have seen me post stuff using my other Anderson that had a koa top. It is a lovely instrument but I decided to go ahead and try the classic Basswood+maple top combo and.. I love...
  3. Sean Ashe

    I have an Axe FX again!

    Hey guys! hope you're all doing well :) Some of you may know I have been Axe-less for a few months. I didn't really quite have the budget to have both an Analog & Digital rig around... But now I'm back in the world of the Axe FX :D I just got an XL, and I'm realizing how much I missed...
  4. Sean Ashe

    Equator D8s?

    I've been researching some studio monitors as I'm looking to invest in a new pair soon, and they caught my attention. Has anyone used them and what are your thoughts? I'm trying to get a new main pair of speakers for mixing etc.
  5. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Tom Anderson Guitarworks 'Angel' Model - Demo - Sean Ashe (patches inside!)

    Hey everyone, here is my new video demonstrating my new Tom Anderson Guitarworks ‘Angel’ model (24 frets). If any of you will be at NAMM, I will have this beautiful instrument with me, and if you want to check it out let me know! There should also be several other Angels at the Anderson...
  6. Sean Ashe

    NGD: Tom Anderson Guitarworks - Angel Koa (24 Fret Content!)

    Hey everyone, sooo excited to share this with you all :) I have just today received my new Tom Anderson Angel (24 fret) model and it is THE best guitar I've ever played. Sounds incredible through my Axe FX ;) Also super proud to announce I'm now an artist with Anderson Guitarworks! What a...
  7. Sean Ashe

    Big sale at MonoCases

    Just saw this posted at the Tom Anderson forum, I'll just copy what the OP said "Mono is running a secret sale on the M80. ONLY in steel grey. https://www.monocreators.com/store/pc/M80-Electric-Guitar-Case-3p3.htm You put it in your cart and go to checkout and it's half off. Also...
  8. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Fantasy Shields ft Sean Ashe - Guest Solo Playthrough

    Hey everyone, thought I'd share this play through video of a guest solo I did for my friend Matt Harnett's EP. I was asked to contribute a guest solo to Matt's debut EP 'Enigma' alongside other guest players Ryan Siew and Jakub Zytecki (both are incredible talents, look them up!). I...
  9. Sean Ashe

    Anyone have experience with the Axe FX II Tuner + Buzz Feiten

    Anyone use a buzz feiten tuning system equipped guitar with the axe fx? I'm curious, because I just ordered my Tom Anderson Guitarworks (w/ buzz feiten) and Tom offers tuning offsets. I know you can program offsets per string in the axe but if anyone would like to offer their experience it's...
  10. Sean Ashe

    Mesa Mini Rectifier?

    So, I used one of these for a session I did last week and I reaaaaally liked it. Thought it'd be a sweet addition to the Axe FX. :)
  11. Sean Ashe

    My debut single 'Luminescence' is now available! Video playthrough too + Patches!

    Hey everyone! I'm proud to present my debut single 'Luminescence', now available for 'Pay What You Want' at Sean Ashe.Bandcamp.com & a 'playthrough' uploaded to my youtube channel as well (link below). I'm really happy with how this song turned out and I hope you all dig it! Of course, all...
  12. Sean Ashe

    MFC Name Timeout Fw11.03 + MFC 2.18

    Went to use my MFC for the first time in forever, and made sure to update it as well. Now I'm just getting Name Timeout :/ I made sure to set realtime sysex to all as well as checking the MFC to be set for Expansion. I've never had this issue previously so I'm assuming some setting...
  13. Sean Ashe

    Template for FOH & Cab :)

    I see alot of people ask about how to setup a patch for both FOH and Poweramp/Cab so...here it is! Axe-Change - Download Preset - Sean Ashe Badger FOH/Cab - by Sean Ashe I didn't really make this a great tone as it's much more of a template than anything, but if you dig the sound, then...
  14. Sean Ashe

    FW11 IIC+ vs Mark V-IIC+ - Not getting good results (Solved)

    So, for the first time since Firmware 8, I decided to see if I could match my (well, now my Dad's) Mark V. I decided to try the IIC+ mode as it's definitely a more usable sound for my purposes, and after setting up a sound I really enjoyed with the Amp (Slave out, into axe FX, for IR...
  15. Sean Ashe

    Amp Reset in Axe Edit?

    Sorry if this is a noobish question, I've been a front panel guy for a loong time. Is there an equivalent to the amp reset (double clicking bypass on the front panel) in axe edit? i was auditioning different amps, and I tried 'reinitialize' and for some reason it just sounded god awful, like...
  16. Sean Ashe

    Bogner 9V Batteries

    Yes, Bogner 9Volt Batteries lol! From the site: Bogner 9 Volt Alkaline Battery | Sweetwater.com "The Bogner "Sonic Fuel" 9v alkaline battery delivers wide tonal range and fast dynamic attack to your pedal. When every component in your signal chain affects your tone, you need a Bogner...
  17. Sean Ashe

    FW11b: BKP Blackdog + SLO100 Rhythm Test - Cover of Jon Cody Davis Riff

    I had a few requests on my facebook to upload a clip of my Bareknuckle Blackdog doing a higher gain tone, so I figured I'd record something! :D I decided to cover a riff from my buddy Cody Davis, who is a killer guitarist. Look him up, he owns and is also a fractal user. I used the...
  18. Sean Ashe

    Crazy Awesome Picking Dynamics - FW 11 - Friedman BE

    FW 11 has really put a smile on my face. From this clip, you can see why. I used ONLY my pick, no volume knob trickery or gain set to an expression pedal etc. Using the 2nd position of my Ibanez RT650 (inside bridge coil and middle coil) using Bareknuckle pickups black dog bridge and...
  19. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Shattering Into Darkness ft. Sean Ashe [Solo Playthrough] - Zachary Huff

    Hey everyone, thought I'd share with you my most recent video which is a play through of the guest solo I did for the insanely talented composer and my good friend Zachary Huff. I am really proud with the way this turned out, and I also recommend picking up his full album for 'Pay What You...
  20. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Matrix GT1000FX & Port City OS2x12 V30 Demo - Sean Ashe

    Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've made a post here but thought I'd share my new video :) It's a demo of my Matrix GT1000FX Power Amp and Port City OS2x12 cab (loaded with v30s). As always, the Axe FX was providing all of the amp tones. I used a Suhr Badger 30 for the clean rhythm and...
  21. Sean Ashe

    Cornford Roadhouse?

    So, my friend Lyle put up this sweet video of him jamming and the tone is just unreal. I think this amp would be awesome to have in the Axe.
  22. Sean Ashe

    Changing Power Section?

    So, I'm unsure if this has been asked before, if so I'm sorry :P With the Triaxis, I know that Cliff modeled it off of a different power section than a Mesa, and i was wondering if theres a way to configure it to say a... Triaxis and 2:90 style poweramp? My friend markus just got this rig...
  23. Sean Ashe

    Controlling Axe FX with Midi from DAW- Tempo changing?

    Hey everyone, asking for a little insight about controlling the Axe FX with midi from a DAW. I'm filling in on a tour in mid june, and we're going to be using the Axe FX for BOTH Guitars ( yep ;) ) and controlling it via a DAW which is already running to control samples and various other...
  24. Sean Ashe

    65 Amps Producer 6L 28W 2 channel

    Just stumbled across this demo on youtube and this amp sounds amazing!!! I hope it's in a future FW edition.
  25. Sean Ashe

    Marshall JCM800 4x12Slant G65 IRs - SM57 - Sean Ashe (40 FREE IRs!)

    Hey everyone, I'm back with another IR pack!!! I decided to capture impulse responses of one of my Dad's 4x12 Marshall JCM800 Cabs. He has two, a slant and a straight. As I like the sound of the slant more, I decided to capture this first. All IRs were captured with a Shure SM57...
  26. Sean Ashe

    Probably a bad sign..

    As an american that when I see IRS I just think about impulse responses. This could present a problem in the future. Fractal, what have you done to me :'(
  27. Sean Ashe

    Global 'Low Freq Response'

    It would be nice to have a global Low Freq Response parameter, so that for those of us who use poweramp+cab, we dont have to go to the speaker tab and change it to our desired number every time we want to switch to an amp or other user preset.
  28. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Sterling By Musicman JP100 Demo/Review - Sean Ashe

    Hey everyone! Sterling By Musicman sent me another guitar to demo and of course I used my Axe FX II For all the tones :D Rhythm tones are my Thick Boogie preset (you can find on axe change) and the lead tone is just a standard jcm800 through the marshall ax/tv cabs and tweaked by ear. For...
  29. Sean Ashe

    Port City OS2x12 V30 IRs - SM57 - Sean Ashe (37 FREE IRs!)

    Hey everyone, So, I promised everyone I'd take a bunch of IRs of my OS2x12 Port City Cab that is loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s, so...here ya go :) All IRs were shot using a Shure SM57 going into an Echo AudioFire4 (comparable to the Apogee Duet). I took IRs at varying distances from...
  30. Sean Ashe

    Port City OS2x12 + Matrix GT1000FX - My Thoughts

    I recently acquired a Port City OS2x12 (loaded with V30s) and all week I've been running my Axe through the Matrix and then the Port City. Here are my thoughts: There's not much else to say except that I am absolutely blown away and can't fathom 'upgrading' to anything haha. I've been...
  31. Sean Ashe

    Suhr Koko Boost

    I think it would be cool to have a Suhr Koko Boost in the Axe, as I know players such as pete thorn who treat it as almost a second channel to their suhr amps.
  32. Sean Ashe

    Finding a cabs 'Low Freq' response by ear?

    I saw several days ago Cliff mentioned you could find your cabs "Low Freq Resonance" by ear, because the cab would 'sympathize'. And by this I'm referring to the "Low Freq" parameter in the amp block (speaker tab). Was wondering if anyone has done this and could confirm of a good way to tell...
  33. Sean Ashe

    Badger 30 Power Scaling/Knobs?

    I'm unsure if this has been asked before, so apologies if it already has, but with the Suhr Badger 30 model what knobs are which? And by that I mean, on the Suhr Badger 30, there is "Power" "Gain" and "Drive" and I'm wondering which are the corresponding parameters in the Axe FX. Thanks!
  34. Sean Ashe

    "KickAshe Licks" - Sean Ashe

    Hey everyone, I've started a new series on youtube called "KickAshe Licks" where I'll be showing a lick each week, breaking it down, and providing a tab and other information. I hope you enjoy them and find a way to use the licks or their concepts in your playing. Episode 1: Tapped Arpeggio...
  35. Sean Ashe

    Running with a Stereo 2x12 ?

    Hey everyone, I've been using my Matrix GT1000FX going into an early 80s 4x12 Marshall cab for a bit of time now, and am starting to look into some other cabs as well. I definitely want to run in stereo because...well, I'm needy I guess haha. I am going to be downsizing to a 2x12...
  36. Sean Ashe

    V10 Motor Drive question - on vs off.

    Because v10 gives the cab 'weight' and also provides for a more accurate simulation of the interaction between amp/cab, is motor drive still something that you would generally want on to simulate a driven cab? Obviously it all comes to taste, but for the sake of accuracy to the 'real thing'...
  37. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: SBMM AX40D Demo - Sean Ashe

    Hey everyone, I just released another demo for Sterling By Musicman and of course I used my trusty Axe FX II for all of my tones :D I'll make the tones available on Axechange after I can access them, but it was basically just the Brit Brown model for rhythms, Plexi Treble for leads...
  38. Sean Ashe

    Matrix GT1000FX - My thoughts

    Hey everyone :) Last week I received my Matrix GT1000FX and have waited to put a review/my thoughts so that I could spend time with it and use it thouroughly. This past year at NAMM, I was approached by the cool people at Matrix and asked to join their artist roster. I finally placed my...
  39. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Sterling By Musicman JP70 Demo

    Hey everyone, Sterling By Musicman was kind enough to lend me their JP70 to demo/review on my Youtube Channel. Check it out! As far as I know I'm the first person to get my hands on this guitar, and this guitar rules! Such a solid instrument, and it sounds fantastic. There isn't much to...
  40. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: 'February Rock Jam' - Sean Ashe ft. Lyle Watt

    Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've posted a video so here ya go :) I decided that I wanted to put together a cool rock-ish backing track and just have a jam over it, and I also had my friend Lyle Watt (youtube.com/lylewattguitar) do a solo on it as well! I used a 'Euro Red' amp for the...
  41. Sean Ashe

    My NAMM 2013 Experience - Sean Ashe (TAG, Fractal, Kemper, & more)

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a bit and figured since I just got home from NAMM, I should post a thread for some of those who weren't able to make it out or are interested to hear about my experiences :) So first, I should mention that this was my first NAMM. The good people at Sterling...
  42. Sean Ashe

    Mega Rig - Axe FX + Mesa + Bogner + 2 Late 70s Marshall Cabs :D

    Hey guys, I was a tad bored today and figured itd be fun to just make a massive rig and rock!!! Using my Axe FX going into the poweramp sections of a Mark V and a Bogner Alchemist, then those going into two late 70s Marshall cabs. In stereo... AWWW YEA excuse sloppy playing i was just...
  43. Sean Ashe

    Rockin' Rhythm 800 - Patch on Axe Change!!!

    Following Scott Petersons awesome method of building a patch from his presentation at Axe FX West (look in the AxeFXII Discussion subforum, fantastic presentation), I bring you my most realistic sounding patch yet (in my opinion :D )!!! I used a slight reverb to give the cab a room, instead of...
  44. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Mile Zero (Cover) - Periphery - Sean Ashe

    Hey everyone, after loving this solo and hearing it a ton of times, I finally decided to learn it. It's a quick solo but I really love the phrasing on it, and just think it fits really well in context of the song. I used the Axe FX II as ALWAYS and used the PVH 6160 preset for the first time...
  45. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Mesa Mark V (IIC+) Tone - Patch INCLUDED! - Sean Ashe (instrumental jam)

    Hey everyone! Here I am again with another Mesa patch/tone demonstration! About a week and a half ago I tonematched my Mark V on the Mark IV mode, and put out a video, and I really love that tone, but sometimes for lead I like having a similar, but different texture. So I tonematched the...
  46. Sean Ashe

    Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic

    While I don't own one of these, I really have dug all the sounds I've ever heard from them, and they just seem really sweet. Would be cool too have it in the Axe one day :D
  47. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Mesa Mark V (IV) Tone - Patch INCLUDED! - Sean Ashe (original demos)

    Hey everyone, I decided to tone match my Mesa Mark V as it's one of my favorite guitar tones ever, so dynamic and full, especially at mid gain tones where I like to play. I went slave out of my Mark V, and tonematched the amp block out of the Axe FX's USA LEAD 2. Went into the stock Mesa Cabs...
  48. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Forrest Gump Theme (Cover) - Guitar & Piano - Sean Ashe & Mike Ashe

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd leave a fun vid with you all :) My cousin and I love the movie Forrest Gump and decided it'd be fun to jam the theme song, so we recorded it after hearing it a few times and then mixed it. After the audio was done we said 'hey it'd be really cool do do a music...
  49. Sean Ashe

    Mesa Mark Series Graphic EQ

    I have done some reading online regarding the graphic EQs found on the Mesa Mark series, and from what I've learned, I've gathered that the 'q' of each slider changes in regards to what location it is at. And the Graphic EQ on these amps, are to me the most important aspect of shaping the final...
  50. Sean Ashe

    Audio + Patch 'Dirty Shirley's Plexi' - Rock Tone - Sean Ashe

    Today I wanted to make a solid Rock N' Roll tone I could use here in my studio or if I wanted to just jam on so I made this rockin' patch :) I was jammin' on the patch and made this cheesy classic rock-esque riff and then decided I would just make into a mini tone demonstration song...
  51. Sean Ashe

    Foo Fighters 'My Hero' (Cover) MUSIC VIDEO - Sean & Mike Ashe

    Hey everyone, a few weeks ago I had posted the audio to a Foo Fighters cover I released so I'm sorry if this seems like a double post as it's the same audio just with an accompanying music video. My cousin Mike and I enjoyed the cover we had made so much we decided to make a full production...
  52. Sean Ashe

    AUDIO: My Hero (Cover) - Foo Fighters - Sean & Mike Ashe

    Hey everyone, while usually I just post my youtube videos, this is actually something I recorded last night/today. One of my favorite bands is the Foo Fighters, just love their stuff, and I thought it'd be fun to cover 'My Hero' from their album Colour And The Shape. All guitars/bass are the...
  53. Sean Ashe

    Wah Block Activates By Itself

    Earlier today I was practicing w/ my Axe FX II, loaded up a patch that had a wah block in it (But not activated or set to use with my expression pedal) and suddenly I noticed my sound got really weird. I look at the Axe FX and a wah block activated itself. None of the pedals were active and I...
  54. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: YYZ (Cover) - Rush - Sean Ashe Axe FX II Firmware 7.0 (Patch inside too :) )

    Hey everyone, Sean Ashe here with a new upload, and this time I decided to cover 'YYZ' by the almighty progressive rock band RUSH! This one was a blast, and I always have fun playing Rush. I first attempted their music when I had just started out and I've been jamming them ever since...
  55. Sean Ashe

    Mark V (Ch3 Mk IV) vs Axe FX II (USA Lead 1)

    Decided to do a fun test, of Mesa Boogie Mark V versus the Fractal Audio Axe FX II. I dual tracked each clip and panned hard right and hard left, and I faded the two separate takes together. Pardon the sloppiness as it's a tone test, not a performance clip ;) The first time through the riff is...
  56. Sean Ashe

    Using XLRs into the Axe FX II?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how I would go about changing an XLR signal to the Axe FXs 1/4" inputs, as I have been using an Mbox for all XLR related tasks (vocals etc) and loathe it. A friend told me that the impedance differs as far as 1/4" goes, from that of standard interfaces, so I...
  57. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Sails Of Charon Intro (Cover) - Scorpions - Sean Ashe Axe FX II JCM800

    Hey everyone, Sean Ashe here with a new youtube upload! For this video, I decided to do a cover of Sails Of Charon, by the Scorpions! My dad showed me this song awhile back and I knew I'd have to eventually learn it and put a video up of it, because it's such a cool song with an awesome guitar...
  58. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Justin Bieber cover w/ Axe FX II...yes you read that right J. Biebs!

    Hey everyone, my cool cousin Mike is starting to do 'the youtube thing' and he saw that this song came out a few days ago, so he thought this one would be a good cover to kickstart his channel (with a high volume of searches for this song on youtube, it'll help him get views and subs!). He...
  59. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Two guitars, one Axe FX II - Improv Fusion Jam - Sean Ashe & Cat Clemons

    Hey everyone! I got together today with my good buddy Cat Clemons, and he was checking out my Axe FX II! So we figured out how to run two guitars into it (via the FX loop) and made a progression and just had a blast jammin over it! We hope you enjoy it :) I am using a Sterling By Musicman...
  60. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Sean Ashe Live Solos 5/15/2012 w/ Axe FX II into Mesa MkV Power Section!

    Hey everyone, Sean Ashe here with another Axe related youtube upload! This week I've decided to upload video of some solos I played at my most recent gig this past tuesday, May 15th, 2012. ALL Solos are improvisation, and they were played over Last Dance With Mary Jane, Baby What You Want Me To...
  61. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Seven (Symphony X) Intro Cover - Sean Ashe - CAMERA AUDIO

    Hey everyone, I don't know if I should be posting this in the 'recordings' section as this is camera audio and not direct, but I thought I'd share my latest youtube upload with the Axe FX. Today was a technique day for me as far as my practice schedule goes, and on my list of things to work on...
  62. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: v.6 Buttery Amp Sim - Sean Ashe - 46 second legato jam!

    Hey guys, about 3-4 hours ago I was going through my Axe FX presets, and started jamming on the Buttery patch...and maybe I just haven't touched this one before (the axe is extensive, can ya blame me? haha) or its just really caught my attention because of the new update, but i've been jammin on...
  63. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Tone-Matched Electric (NO PIEZO) To Acoustic - Demonstration

    Hey everyone, i just started fooling with tone matching today and thought "hmm itd be funny to see if it even resembles an acoustic" and i tried it and it worked VERY well. Exceeded my expectations! I took a recording of an acoustic that i REALLLY liked the sound of, and then put that through...
  64. Sean Ashe

    VIDEO: Jump Solo (Cover) - Van Halen - Sean Ashe AXE FX II

    Hey everyone, Sean Ashe here again with another youtube cover! This time I chose to do my rendition of the solo from Van Halen's "Jump". My old band used to play this song and we would always like to put our own flavor on our covers, so this is NOT a note for note cover. My signal chain...
  65. Sean Ashe

    Output 1 Cab Sims. Output 2 No Cab Sims. How?

    Hey guys, I know alot of people run their axe like this live, and this is something I had in mind when I ordered the Axe. Well, I saw a thread about putting the FX loop before the cab sim, but I would still like my effects that are after the cab such as delays and reverbs, to still be in the...
  66. Sean Ashe

    Video: Under A Glass Moon (Solo Cover) - Dream Theater - Sean Ashe

    Hey everyone, Sean Ashe here again with another cover video featuring the almighty Axe FX II!!! This time it is a solo cover of the guitar solo from Dream Theater's "Under A Glass Moon". I know it's not perfect but I had a blast recording/performing it and I'm pretty pleased with how it...
  67. Sean Ashe

    Video : Don't Stop Believin' (Solo Cover) - Journey - Sean Ashe

    Hey guys, I'm SUPER excited to announce that I got my Axe FX II today and I am BLOWN away. I went from a Mesa Mark V to this and honestly it FEELS the same (to me ) I'm still learning how to make patches, and I was fooling around with a rectifier patch and I thought to myself "hmmm this sounds...
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