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    Best setup ever! AX8 + SD powerstage + Matrix cab

    Saturday night I've had a gig and this was my setup. Let me say I've had the best tone ever and it was so convenient!! The FOH always had the same signal and I could tune my stage volume on the fly without affecting it! Then the Matrix (guitar) cab it's just few kg to carry, it was a dream and...
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    FS Voes MC-10 midi controller

    For sale a Voes MC-10 mk1 in excellent condition. Can ship everywhere (Europe preferred). I will add more pictures. Asking for 150€ + shipping.
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    What kind of effect is this? Tremolo and?

    And how can we replicate it? It's at the beginning of this video Thanks!
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    Problem with other guitarist and combo amp : (

    Hi, firs of all I love the axe, I've wait like 10 years before buying one and know I'm a happy owner for 6 months. Now I'm in a blues/rock band and these are the problem I'm having: - We practice in a room with combo amps only (vox ac-30/fender blues etc.) so no amp return nor separated cabinet...
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    Not a Bug PC reset bug on bypass state

    Hi, it seems I've stumbled upon a bug. I read a very old thread for the ultra with the same bug. If I save a block with a bypassed state and pc reset on, when I select the preset via PC everything is fine (the state is restored). However if I had changed preset WHILE the block was in on state, I...
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    Guys this is insane (18 watt tone match)

    I mean maybe you already have the Axe so it's nothing new... I just bought an Axe-Fx 2, I could say a million things but I wanted to recreate the tone of my hand wired (by me : ) ) 18watt amp with NOS tubes... I was almost sad thinking that I would not use it anymore because I love that amp. I...
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