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    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v2.0 UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE

    Same here, i purchased and loved the Axe-Fx II class many years ago, purchased this one because I assumed (based on other comments in the thread) I would also be able to download and watch offline. Definitely looking forward to being able to watch this once downloaded.
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    Mastermind LT

    How are things working for everyone else since updating the LT to firmware 4.1.1, I have some odd behavior. One consistent thing for example i have buttons (1-4) assigned to different scenes. If i press button 3 the scene will immediately change to the correctly assigned one. If i they press...
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    Anyone using a piezo-equipped guitar? What amp model?

    Similar to what Chris said no amp. I do occasionally use an IR, I have some old acoustic ones from axe change and created a bunch from my Fishman Aura pedal so I would not need to carry it around.
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    RJM Mastermind GT/22 Compatibility?

    Like Yek mentioned above single cable for me on the 2 only works with the phantom power box. In that case it is still two 5 pin midi cables between the box and the axe and one 7 pin to the GT.
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    Recording two digital tracks at once for reamping later?

    Not sure what you mean exactly by "digital outs", however, you can record two separate DI tracks at once for each. This means you can plug one guitar into input one and one guitar into input two and using USB (or other method) record the DI track from both. I personally do this with a guitar...
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    Wish Midi clock master / sync functionality

    I think the bigger issue is it does not do midi clock sync, which is something i want. Currently while the tempo will match the beats will fall out of sync with my various outboard devices. If this request gets things to sync up I am for it.
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    What’s your favorite new feature of the III?

    It's between three things for me. 1. CPU - my previous presets on 2 XL were all hovering around 90% and that is without high quality reverb and amps. Now functionally similar presets with everything at it's highest is around 60. USB reamping is so much more convenient than spdif which I did...
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    [Linux folk] Disappearing mouse cursor

    I have same issues in edit with my fx III, no workaround yet. However I never had this issue with my xl+ when using axe edit in Linux.
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    Rear input combo stereo jacks

    In the global I/O menu for each input you can set which is used it can be Left / Right or Both (Stereo). So you should be able to plug both into a patchbay and choose the usage in I/O menu.
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    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    You don't get sent one, log into your account and view your order. The tracking number will be visible above the details.
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    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I got my confirmation Jan 30th and have not received an invite so I am assuming this was just a typo on hist part.
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    "Skipp the wait-list price"?

    Speaking as someone way down on the wait list, i think it is great, anything that discourages people from buying with some intent of reselling.
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    My Main Gig Preset - Axe-Fx III [Video]

    Great video but why use input #3? Instead of input 2?
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    FC12 will be compatible with Axe Fx II mk I?

    I would recommend http://www.rjmmusic.com/products/mastermind-lt/ as far as small pedals to control Axe-Fx, I have heard bad things about FAMC from owners of it on this and other forums. Can't remember if it was was just general support issues or hardware related, but it steered me away from it...
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    Axe FX III as a Platform

    As a player who is also a developer accustom to consuming datasheets and writing code against various hardware, it would definitely be interesting. Not so much amps though, that I personally would not spend any time on as I feel pretty much everything I would want is already covered or...
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    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Looks great, and will probably purchase one though with it going to 3U I do not actually have rackspace left in my 8U (or anything i can really dump). With that said the most important question for me is, will this device be class compliant and able to function fully in Linux? My entire...
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    It's that time of the week. The new Axe Fx T&T video is out

    Honestly, I read the description and thought nothing in this video would be useful, I watched it anyway. Having seen it I must admit I will probably start using that damping option, had not thought to do something like that.
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    SPDIF re-amp funny business

    Thanks for the feedback. Went back checked various setting and finally in the DAW panned the DI track hard left (since even with a mono track it outputs stereo internally) when playing it back to the Axe FX and was able to reproduce a fairly perfect recreation of the original track.
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    SPDIF re-amp funny business

    I have run into the following and was wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue or if not are they doing something differently. I have been recording both the analog sound from output 1 and the direct input over spdif into my interface. I have the interface setup for 48000 etc...
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    Any upcoming feat. for MFC 101 pedalboard with 2 lightbulb per switch (instead of 1)

    I can't really imagine much demand for the two light setup given you can use scenes to change sounds in a present and other switches are minor variations to the scene. I would be nice if the feature set of the MFC was expanded so it could more easily control other midi devices. Or have pages...
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    Since no one will directly ask Cliff about potential new FW...

    Just saw the comments on this thread, thrilled to finally be getting the B7K, look forward to doing an A/B comparison with my B7K Ultra pedal and potentially replacing it on the rack shelf with a new pedal. Can't wait to find out what else this next firmware contains.
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    Can The MFC-101 pass midi cc commands through the AxeFX to a pc?

    Yes, any button in the mfc menu can be changed from Axe FX function to general purpose. Through the MFC menu for buttons you cycle to the IA you want to change, you must choose a midi channel, the cc # to send for on and the cc # to send for off, then momentary or toggle. You may need to set...
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    Fractal Newbie learning to use the Axe FX II needs some direction

    Yes, there are 384 factory presets and in the XL double that amount of slots, I just duplicated the 384 factory slots in the next 384 open spots. The first 384 that the MFC can access is then a combination of my own presets, modified factory presets and factory presets that I like. This also...
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    Routing/MIDI Question

    Yes, you can use the MFC port on the AXE-FX to control the MFC. In the menu choose option to echo to midi out and the midi commands from the MFC get echoed to other downstream devices connected to the Midi out of the Axe FX. I previously used the MFC to control the Axe-Fx, RJM Mini Effect...
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    Two Guitars with Axe, Electric and Acoustic

    You do not connect an acoustic to input 2 you connect it to input 1 right, with input 1 set to stereo. There are a few threads on this forum and some YouTube videos by Chris with details on how to connect 2 guitars, acoustic or otherwise.
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    EV-1 Mounting with Dual-Lock (Removing feet)

    Dual-Lock lock is the much better option, as long as you don't use too much of it.
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    Step by step how hook and set this Unit up Properly

    Order does not matter (I assume you are talking about USB Drivers, Axe-Edit, Fractal Bot) just install, maybe reboot and you are good to go.
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    Wish Looper threshold starts and STOPS recording

    The issue I would see with that, would be that your loop could not sound continuous, there would be X milliseconds of silence in between each loop (since it would do the same thing at the end) creating an audible separation in each cycle.
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    Wish Update to benefit Looper usability

    The looper in the Axe-Fx has very limited usage for me because the Axe-Fx while it does match tempo/BPM it does not sync the beat to an external beat / midi clock. With the looper I use threshold to start recording which is great and I need to use quantize to cut off at appropriate times...
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    Would this setup be possible/great idea? (Amp/Reactive Load/FRFR)

    As is always the case with such things, it is subjective and a matter of if you like it, but with that said not sure what the goal is here. I assume you are plugging the guitar into the combo amp of some sort and sending the signal to the load box and then to the axe-fx to add effects and cab...
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    Wish Send Midi Clock

    I agree, this would be huge for me and remove a significant amount of midi merging/splitting and routing I currently have to go through to get a somewhat similar effect. From other post I vaguely remember hearing there were issues with this in the past but getting them sorted would be a massive...
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    MFC midi in port usage options

    I have various midi controlled devices in a rack connected to the axe-fx II XL midi out, I have an MFC-101 connected via faslink with 4 external switches connected to mfc. Currently I have MFC configured to control some of those devices sending midi messages and passing through the axe-fx and...
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    MFC midi in port usage options

    Is anyone using the FASLink cable to connect the MFC to the Axe Fx while also using the midi in port of the MFC to connect other devices. I have a bunch of midi controller items and am looking for a way to kind of extend the MFC. I was mainly wondering if setting the MFC to echo to midi out...
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    Also the left and right signal from the input are there for guitars that have piezo/stereo output it makes recording both signals possible (for when you do not want a mic'd acoustic sound or cannot record via real acoustic at the moment).
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    External Effects

    Yep, in the FX Loop send/return I use Darkglass B7K, EHX POG2 and a beatbuddy (though this is not really an effect and only used during practice sessions) everything can be included/excluded or controlled via MIDI (MFC-101 and 4 external switches). Essentially I have stuff that I cannot...
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    MFC Edit Questions

    Thanks, now with that cleared up I will be purchasing.
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    MFC Edit Questions

    I suppose I will ask my question here, it is not really clear from the purchase page but: 1. When i purchase MFC-Edit am I purchasing just the current version or do I also get updates? 2. I use multiple operating systems specifically, both Linux and OSX, though it says its a Java application...
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    Recording with the Axe

    Not sure what operating system you are using but re-amping while auditioning is pretty trivial to do in Linux with an audio interface especially if you have one with spdif. You can route the audio to axe FX via spdif using jackd while listening or recording analog outs from axe. The other...
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    Piezo into the Axe

    Seems since nobody directly chimed in, in regards to the fishman. I have PRS p22 that I run the piezo into the axe (thanks to info/videos from Chris). I have a fishman spectrum that I occasionally use but ended up just creating IRs (so I would not need to carry around the pedal) from it. It...
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    Best modeler for bass

    I am curious as to the pedal compressor part of the recommendation, I am a guitar player with an Axe XL who is also converting to bass (on the side) so have been browsing these threads. Is there something that makes an external compressor preferable in this situation?
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    Two guitars, one Axe-Fx II users, What are the restrictions?

    You are correct, you will not be able to both run 2 amp blocks, you would be able to both run one amp block each with X/Y switching. Single amps sound great but of course that depends on what sound you are going for. Your primary limitation will be with CPU usage if you both want to have long...
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    Re-amping and tone creating techniques

    Thanks, response is helpful though its an old thread from many years ago and pretty much all but one link is dead.
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    Re-amping and tone creating techniques

    One of the things I always thought would be useful was having access to a bunch of 48khz (axe-fx compatible) DI tracks of various musical genres to practice re-amping/dialing in specific tones. I generally just use one of the existing presets and make minor tweaks if any, but would like to...
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    Recommended Cabs For Each Amp

    Thanks, much easier to read and more consise than the Wiki (specifically specifically where default cab numbers are listed).
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    Anyone wish for a better looper?

    I do not feel the functionality of the looper is limited, it does everything I need it to but as stated above the loop time limit is pretty short. The only change I would look for in regards to the looper is just to extend that time so I can loop up to a full minute with mono undo.
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    Bug? Quantum and Looper causing Freezing Bug

    I have an Axe FX XL with Quantum on it ( also using MFC Mark III with firmware 3.08 ), when I record a loop it functions fine, I then dub over that loop which also works as expected. The problem appears when I then select "undo". Once "Undo" has been pressed post recording over the original...
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