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  1. J

    Two Tickets preset

    Does anyone have a preset for Two Tickets to Paradise Intro Thanks
  2. J

    Right Click function in Ax Edit

    Hey guys I’m unable to right click a shunt to change it’s Parameter like a delay to a reverb and so on
  3. J

    Right click function

    Hey guys I’ve notice I can no longer Use the right click function to change the block info inside a shunt for instance change a delay to a enhancer or whatever I have to use the quick build at the top anyone else getting this , then once i have added a shunt I can’t delete it What am I doing...
  4. J

    Scene parameters?

    Hey guys this has probably been Discussed before When changing a parameter in one scene does it change the same parameter on the other scenes Like changing the delay time or feedback Is the changes done with modifiers ? Thanks I can’t stop playing this Ax Fx3
  5. J

    Quad Detune Feedback summed mode ?

    Hey guys I watched Leon Todd’s Pitch Block Quad Detune mode I set everything that he did in his tutorial but when I select Feedback mode to Summed It didn’t gradually fade in like it does on his tutorial Appreciate it Jack
  6. J

    Lag between scenes, anyone?

    Hey guys Running Ax Fx 3 with the FC 6 Im getting some lag in between the scene changes just wonder if there is a solution for it and this is without Ax Edit open I never had it with Ax Fx xl+ and the MFC 101 Thanks
  7. J

    firmware 9.03

    Hey guys does anyone have quantum 9.03 firmware they could send me or direct me to a XL + download 9.03 firmware on the forum Iam doing a Austin Buddy 700 naked amps update from 8.02 to 9.02 for Ax Fx Xl + 9.03 firmware Thanks jack
  8. J

    When Ax Edit is open ?

    ok here is what I've got going on in Pro Tools Hd. When recording my Axiom Pro 61 , records great. When I open up Ax Edit the play back from the Axiom doesn't play back correctly it's whacked out until I unplug the midi from The Ax Fx then recorded keys plays back fine Anyone had this to happen...
  9. J

    FRFR Cabinet suggestions

    Hey guys Just a quick ? for you I would like to sometime in the future go to FRFR cabinets . I'am currently playing through Matrix 2X12 Stereo Cabinet and the matrix 800 power amp . What are some of the FRFR Cabs you guys are using Thanks Jack
  10. J

    Reamping the Ax Fx using pro tools HD

    Have any of you guys have been reamping this way using Pro Tools HD Iam using Pro Tools HD 10.3 need some help setting it up thanks guys the Ax Fx is the best ever thanks Cliff and all the Ax Fx team awesome job
  11. J

    Cab Packs suggestions

    Hello everyone is anyone using these ( Cab Pack 10: U.N.S. Volume 2 UltraRes )and also the ( Cab Pack - OwnHammer 412 MAR Green Vintage ) . Also any of your guys suggestions and input would be great The Ax Fx is by far one of my best investments Keep up the awesome work fellows thanks Jack
  12. J

    Mfc 101 Road case

    Hey everyone how goes it Hope you guys can give me some ideals on what kind of a road case i can get to put my MFC and a couple fractal pedals in where all i have to do is take the top off , is any of you using the pedaltrain boards some pics would be nice and once again Thanks Jack
  13. J

    Using different amps in Scenes ?

    Hey guys I don't no if you can or not . Say your set up to do scenes 1 thru 5 Ok when I select Scene 3 for instance can I use a different amp in that Scene. I've tried to use a different amp but when I change scenes , the new amp is in every scene . I don't know if this something Cliff could...
  14. J

    Cab pack 14

    Hey guys just wondering if any of you had Cab pack 14 , I was thinking about getting it Iam open to any suggestion . I have cab pack 10 now. I play a lot of Classic Rock stuff Thanks Jack
  15. J

    How do I assign a new effect to Mfc 101

    Hello guys Say I just created a new preset In the AxFx XL + with Amp , cab , delay , reverb blocks My mfc 101 doesn't turn the delay off and on how do I assign the delay on the ax fx so the mfc recognizes it. The IA Switches are assigned correctly on mfc 101. I've watched Chris setting up...
  16. J

    Ax fx stuck when I power up with blank screen all LEDs on Help!!!

    Hey guys my Ax Fx comes on but gets stuck with blank screen with all the LEDs are all on , this has happen several times in the past MFC reads X024
  17. J

    Ax fx stuck when I power up with blank screen all LEDs on Help!!!

    Hey guys my Ax Fx comes on but gets stuck with blank screen with all the LEDs are all on , this has happen several times in the past
  18. J

    Latency ? in pro tools HD

    Hey guy Iam running the AX FX XL+ thru the line input of a focusrite 828 mic pre into pro tools Hd Channels 1 and 2 for instance and Iam getting a little Latency Thanks Jack
  19. J

    Ax Fx Xl + locking up ?

    Hey guys Have any of you had this happen ,lately when i turn the value knob on My Ax Fx Xl + to change a preset it Locks up and I cant doing anything . I then have to turn it off and back on to fix it Thanks
  20. J

    adding more preset slots too the MFC 101 ?

    Hey Guy MFC 101 preset go from 000 too 383 how doI increase that # say like from 000 too 423 thanks Love my Ax FX XL +
  21. J

    Square emblems lit up on the different parameters ?

    hey guys here is a screen shot notice one in the level control , input trim control and input drive control then one in the bright switch , how do you turns these off i cant control the parameter when they are lit
  22. J

    Is anyone Reamping with pro tools Hd ?

    Hey Guys just wondering who is reamping with pro tools , and how you are doing it I have a Hd 5 system . is there any videos showing how to do it . Not pro Tools Le Thanks
  23. J

    Ax Edit not controlling MFC 101 ?

    When Iam in Ax Edit and Bypass an Effect , should it bypass it on my MFC 101 also Ive notice its not controlling the MFC 101 Thanks Jack
  24. J

    Connecting the Ax Ax XL + via USB in pro tools

    Connecting the Ax Fx XL + via USB in pro tools Hey guys , is their anyone connecting their Ax fx via USB I have downloaded the drivers . I selected the ax fx on a instrument track midi channel 1 Is there something I have to change inside the I/O on the ax fx Or could someone explain how to...
  25. J

    Axe edit 3.3.0 ?

    Can I install 3.3.0 over top of of my current version Thanks can't wait to get my hands on the new Firmware release
  26. J

    MFC 101 ?

    Hey guys I've watched Cooper's tutorial on scenes , my be a totally stupid ? My ? Is how do you go to your next preset , if switches 1 thru 5 are your scene switches Iam gonna do the scene setup thing , because when I hit IA switch sometimes I hit one of the preset switches And it goes...
  27. J

    Cab Pack ?

    How many Cab packs can you load into the Ax Fx XL + I just installed the cab pack 10 and they sound awesome I love my Ax Fx XL + Thanks Jack
  28. J

    Is there any Promo codes

    Hey cliff Is there any promo codes for the cab pack 10 And if so what are they and the code # Thanks to everyone love my XL+
  29. J

    How guys newbie ? Bypass button flashing fately , how come

    I was Changeing the layout on scene 2 , now no matter what preset Iam in that change is there on scene 2 And Why is the bypass blinking fately Thanks guys just bare with on this thing
  30. J

    Help with getting my axe fx connected in pro tools please help

    Here is what I've tried 1Connected unbalanced out 1 left &Right to to line in of Focusrite 828 line in no sound 2 connected unbalanced out 1 left & Right to instrument in Focusrite 828 sounds destorted when bringing up trim on Focusrite I don't understand why there isn't any sound to the line...
  31. J

    Tuner all over the place after using AES as my input source . help please ?

    Hey guys I was using the AES As my input source in pro tools , now when trying to use the tuner it's all over the place Show G flat when tuning E string Any suggestion Thanks
  32. J

    Reamping in Pro tools HD?

    Hey guys Got my new Axe Fx XL + in Thursday I'll be using it a lot in the studio . Is there a tutorial on reamping in Pro Tools HD not LE Ive never done any reamping , so Iam green when it come to this. So if someone could chime in , and give me a quick Tutorial on this would be awesome By...
  33. J

    Recording into Pro tools 10.3.8 HD with Axe Fx XL + ?

    Hey guys First off it's honor to be on this forum with so many great players My ? Is can I record with the AES out of the Axe Fx into a 192 I /O AES then connect the Usb to my Mac Pro to use the Axe Edit software inside of Pro Tools .This is how I ran my Eleven Rack . It's looks like using...
  34. J

    Just ordered the XL + today

    Been watching a lot videos on The Ax Fx 2 . Awesome gear
  35. J

    My new AX FX 2 just shipped

    Hey guys can't wait to get it in , probably be on here asking ? I know Iam a newbie lol. I've had several different processors but none of them like this beast So thank you Fractal Audio
  36. J

    Rolling your volume knob off

    Hey guys Thinking about getting the Ax Fx 2 my ? Is when you have a patch let's say a good crunch When you roll the volume back does it clean it up some what like a real amp does . This may be a stupied question Thanks jack
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