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  1. FullReverse

    FS Bogner Ecstasy Blue - Overdrive - Free Shipping

    Mint condition Bogner Blue! This pedal is incredible, covering a wide tonal pallet. Includes all original paperwork and box. $180 Shipped. PayPal only. No trades. Price is Firm. Ships from Richardson, TX.
  2. FullReverse


    I have an excellent to mint condition FX8 MK II. It includes original box and power cable and functions 100%. I am an avid seller on reverb.com with the username TheFuzzyMenace and I have perfect feedback and am a reverb preferred seller. ***The little white specks are dust. The FX8 looks...
  3. FullReverse

    Fx8 with mission engineering sp25m

    I have figured out the hard way that the toe switch will not switch back and forth between out 1 and 2 like I thought it would. I was hoping to be able to switch back and forth between a volume control, and something else entirely. my question for those who have used this pedal, or one with a...
  4. FullReverse

    Any Mission Engineering User Here?

    If so, can you give me a little guidance? I didn't know where to post this question, so feel free to move it if this is not the appropriate board. Until the ev-2's come back into stock, I'm picking up a mission engineering expression pedal. Which one of these will do what I want it to? These...
  5. FullReverse


    Are these discontinued or just out of stock? Was hoping to pick a couple up.
  6. FullReverse

    FX8 Screw Size for Temple Audio Board

    I used the "Search" function, but the words "FX8 Temple Audio Screw Size" and many variations did not bring back any results. Does any one know what screws I will need in order to keep the feet on my FX8 and mount it to a Temple Aduio DUO 24 board? Do you recommend putting a washer between...
  7. FullReverse

    Recommend alternative IEC Cable

    So, I have an fx8 and I have a Temple Audio Duo 24 pedalboard. I would like to run the IEC power cable down through one of the bigger holes in the Temple board, but the end of it (the end that plugs into the FX8 is just a LITTLE bit too big to fit. I can always bend/cut the board a little bit...
  8. FullReverse

    Wireless Isolation Headphones

    Could anyone recommend a pair of isolation headphones (not noise cancelling) that are under $200, comfortable for long periods of time, and block out loud conversation? I'd like to use them in a loud office where people don't understand what inside voices are.
  9. FullReverse

    FX8 Mark II looks sweeeet!

    Excited all over again.
  10. FullReverse

    Cranking a low wattage tube amp?

    I'm forced to use my 20 watt Peavey Classic mini head for practice/shows while my evh 100 watt is being worked on. I have to turn the Volume of the peavey up to around 7 or 8 to be at practice/show volume. I'm a little embarrassed to not know this, but will this harm an amp? It's never really...
  11. FullReverse

    Need help to fill in the blanks

    I would like to run two guitar heads into the same cab. I would need a device that will duplicate my guitar signal and one that will combine the speaker cables. I have attached a schematic. Is this possible? What 2 devices would accomplish this with as little signal loss as possible?
  12. FullReverse

    Two Channel amp?

    Hello, With the AX8, will you have two channels of the same amp model available? For instance, if you have a 6505 model, can you press a footswitch and have it go to the overdrive channel of the 6505 model and then press again and have it change to the clean channel? Most people need a clean...
  13. FullReverse

    EV-1 in an Effects Loop?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but would an EV-1 work alright in an Effects Loop? Buffered or otherwise?
  14. FullReverse

    Switching from Effects loop amp to Non- E Loop amp

    Instead of setting up two different sets of presets, one set up for amps with an Effects loop vs amps without Effects loop, does anyone see any issue with just running a couple of patch cable directly from outs to in on the FX8? A cable from FX8 Out (Pre) > FX8 In (post) > FX8 Out (Post) >...
  15. FullReverse

    FX8 Volume (and tone?) loss

    Hello, I have noticed that when I A/B the true bypass signal vs the signal through the FX8 (all effects off) I get a bit of volume loss and the over driven amp tone does not sound as full when going trough the FX8. I have tried boosing signals in the "configure" tab, but it just start to...
  16. FullReverse

    Wish FADE OUT when you press stop on the looper.

    This would be an incredible feature to add to the unit to make the Looper very powerful. I don't know the first thing about coding, but I feel like it should be a pretty easy thing to program. OR even just have the option of assigning the reverse or half speed button to fade... and the stop...
  17. FullReverse

    Wish Set Default Effects Bypass mode

    I.e. have it automatically set to "Mute FX In" for all new blocks. Rather than having to change it every time you add a new effect block. I want all of my effects to trail off when I bypass them.
  18. FullReverse

    USA Distributors aside from Direct Fractal Website

    Does anyone else distribute Fractal Products in the USA? I ask because $23 to ship an EV-1 to me is absolute lunacy. $55 to ship an FX8 + EV-1 is even crazier. I just shipped a 50lb guitar head with insurance for less than that... Those prices quoted were the cheapest options available. If...
  19. FullReverse

    Spillover between X and Y?

    Hello, I have a medium hall on X and a Large Hall on Y with the decay set very long. As per the manual, I have each of these set to "mute fx in" so that when they are bypassed, the decay is not cut off. But when I X/Y between them, the decay tails are abruptly cut of. Am I missing a setting...
  20. FullReverse

    CPU VERY high with only 5 blocks...

    The reverb is on normal quality. Should the CPU be this high?? I wanted to add another reverb block, but it says i've hit my limit. As you can see from the screenshot, my cpu is currently at 71%. .. Nevermind. I keep trying to uplaod a png file and it just says "invalid file" My signal chain...
  21. FullReverse

    Delay Settings Question

    Hello, I have just received the FX8. I had a Carbon Copy delay that is set up so the feed back is high and mix low. The repeats just sort of smeared together into a wonderful swirling pad underneath what you were playing. Is there a way to do this with the FX8? I have been trying, but the...
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