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  1. bluesk165

    IN [POST] = Balanced Cable.............

    Hi, Users The cable used for the IN [POST] of the FX8 is labeled balanced, does this mean TRS on both the FX8 and the amplifier side? Thanks a lot !!!!
  2. bluesk165

    About "block library" on FX8-Edit

    HI, FX8 friends, If I use EDIT to save a drive block named "My drive", then the "My drive" block automatically load when I load a preset that contains this block? However, the name does not appear in the block library at the bottom left of FX-8 Edit. Thanks
  3. bluesk165

    I have started WET/DRY and have many question

    Hi, F friends, Just tried a Wet/Dry setup with 2 amps and the Black Star Studio 40 with 4CM and Fender Deluxe with a humbuster cable from the Right pre out FX8 for Dry. Now, it works very well but still there are so many question as following, 1. For post effects, setting parallel? or serial...
  4. bluesk165

    TRS Cable for IN [POST] L/R

    Hi, Friends? I hope to make wet / dry rig recently. And have a question for I/O on FX8 manual as following, ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ  IN [POST] L/R – (Balanced 1/4” Tip-Ring-Sleeve Jacks) Connect the FX LOOP SEND of your amplifier (or the output of your separate preamp) here...
  5. bluesk165

    4CM and the cables

    fx8 Friends How are you? I want to do 4CM using my own multi-cable. Is it correct to connect like the attached picture? Of course, TRS-TS cable is a Humbuster.
  6. bluesk165

    Preset master Volume

    Howare you, users? I've been using FX8 for quite a while, but I think I know only about 20%. I made a preset yesterday and suddenly got a question. When I creating a preset, make sure that the volume difference between the preset and bypass does not become too large. By doing so, I cannot raise...
  7. bluesk165

    How to change MIDI program in this case

    I recently purchased an amplifier head called BluGuitar Amp1 100W. However, a part of the its manual for setting the preset is as follows. -------------------------------------- Every available switching possibility on AMP1™ can be recalled via MIDI programm change commands, when the...
  8. bluesk165

    I want to hear your opinion

    I have owned FX8 and hope to buy Matrix VB800 or Fryette PS II. But I don't have any exprience for them and I heard some problem with Fryette PS II + FX8. What should I do? I'm usually use FX8 4CM.
  9. bluesk165

    Stievie ray Vaughan sound....

    Hi, Fractalers Somebody has Stievie ray Vaughan preset? I use 4cm with Pevey classic 30 and fender standard 83. Thanks foword.
  10. bluesk165

    I got a "Message time out" from FX8

    Hi, Fractallers I just got a message "Message time out" from FX8 for several times when I was trying to receive all bank and all preset. How can I solve this problem? Fractal-Bot : very recently ver. FX8 FW : 5.04
  11. bluesk165

    About Scene ...

    Hi, fractalers, If I open one of preset in a bank, it comes S2. But I want to open it with S1. If I move it to another empty bank, it has same action open S2. What should I do? Thanks.
  12. bluesk165

    Question about momentum switch

    Hi, fractalors, for example, one of my preset <p1> has <p8> switch to go <preset 8> as a momentum function. Of course, <p1> and <p8> in a same bank. then I foot this p8 switch during playing, it works well but it can’t go back to <p1>. How do I set this <p8> switch?
  13. bluesk165

    Fractal bot doesn't work....

    with receive all presets to save on my computer after upgrade latest ver. What should I do ?
  14. bluesk165

    Whay wah block always turn on?

    Hi, Fx friends? I have FX8 MARK I for 3 years. I set a wah block in a preset and after play it then turn off FX8. Then I turn on after 1minute, 1hour or 1day .... what ever the wah block "turn on" already. So I press the wah block button 1 time, it nor order but I press 2~4 times then...
  15. bluesk165

    Using Pitch block...

    Can I use only 1 pitch block with X/Y in a preset? I hope to use custom scale 1-6 to 3 of scene in a preset. But if I assign scale X=1, Y=2 in a scene and then go next scene, I can't assign 3....... Is it impossible? Thanks
  16. bluesk165

    How can I set the fuzz face for best clean up

    I'm using 4CM with Peavey classic 30 amp. I hope to set up a lig for fuzz face from clean to dirty with guitar Volume. Pls let me know how. Thanks
  17. bluesk165

    Where do I put wah block in my preset?

    Hi, musicians I hope to know where do I put wah block in a preset. I usually use signal chain as following, 4CM/ pre 4/ post 4 Comp - Drive 1 - Drive 2 - PHR - CHO - DLY - REV Also, at real pedal board, I knew that Fuzz should go first of chain. What should I do in FX8 with wah and...
  18. bluesk165

    How do I get this tone?

    I hope somebody help me to make this tone. I use fender stat and Pevey Classic 30 old with 4CM. I have try out to make this tone but too much crunch? rustle? crinkle? even near the sound. This tone has very clean over high note not like mine. * Pls understand me It's very hard to express...
  19. bluesk165

    Think about grade up to MARK I, MARK II, MARK III.........

    I have owned FX8 around 6 months from this year and it is awesome same as the FX-II XL. Then I have use my FX8 only 6 months after FX8 Mark II released so I have to think about the grade up method. Of course FAS is not a philanthropic organization but following a profit. But I think its too...
  20. bluesk165

    About drive block EQ

    I know this is stupid question but I hope to know it. Drive block has many virtual knob but I use them even don't know detail what is what. Tone : ? Hz control Bass : ? Hz control Treble : ? Hz control Low Cut : Cut below setting Hz? High Cut : Cut over setting Hz? Thanks
  21. bluesk165

    What does parallel drives mean?

    I set up 2 drives with parallel in 4CM, and I like its powerful sound. But I feel hard to set the parameter specially "Drive" and " Level". Pls explain signal flow of parallel drives. Thanks.
  22. bluesk165

    Which drive block has the best reaction to picking strength?

    Hi, Musicians At, first, It's very sorry for my English. I'm looking for best drive block which has best reaction to picking strength and its parameters setting. I just hope drive quantity to follow my picking strength such as the stronger picking strength, the more drive quantity. I use...
  23. bluesk165

    Input Levels for humbucker and single coil

    Hi, friends I have 2 kinds of guitars such as ES-335 and Fender strat. I have set up all preset with strat and then I use 335, it's too much the INPUT Levels. How can I control the Input Levels of all preset at once for both of 2 guitars? ** Hope, this question is clear.....
  24. bluesk165

    Can I copy X to Y with Front pannel?

    I hope to copy X to Y without Axe Edit.
  25. bluesk165

    Scene Revert doesn't work on FX8 EDIT

    Hi, friends I have up grade with 3.01 and "Refresh after new FW" on FX8 EDIT. And I setup scene revert "on" at GLOBAL >> I/O >> MIDI. Then, the Scene Revert doesn't work on FX8 EDIT but works well with FX8 UNIT. (of course I use Communication Pause button ) What am I supposed to do?
  26. bluesk165

    Can I reduce volume pedal range ?

    Hi, friends I use EV-1 expression pedal now and it works very well anytime. At my gigs, sometime the volume range is too wide to control on stage. I set it up at SETUP >> I/O >> PEDAL but the MIN to MAX range is too wide with o.99 to 1.00. So I want to make volume range (ex) 0.50 to 0.99...
  27. bluesk165

    How to set engage only 1 block with tap TEMPO?

    Hi ? Teachers, If I have blocks like FLA / PHA / DELAY in the rig. In this case, how can I set up to engage only one of 3 blocks with tap TEMPO switch ? Thanks.
  28. bluesk165

    Help me with Metronome.....

    It's very sorry I have made many idiot question here. I have one more question about Metronome. I use a preset as following for example, And TEMP page is as following, Here my question. Pls express to me the function of ver nob on TEMP page unlike Manual. * If I press tab for...
  29. bluesk165

    It's very sorry question again FX Loop

    It's very sorry this question repeat. I have tried connect my AER60 amp and FX8 but it's failed with AER60s FXLoop. Volume pedal works as following picture. This is my pedal set up. Volume pedal works only IN 1 and OUT 1. IN 2/ OUT 2 are not work. Then if I change IN 2 or OUT 2, volume...
  30. bluesk165

    Can I erase recorded by Looper

    Hi, Friends ! I have recorded with Looper but I can't not erase or delete perfectly. How do I delete recorded sound by Looper? Thanks !!!!
  31. bluesk165

    FX8 with JCM 2000 TSL COMBO

    Hi, everybody. I have a gig next weekend and I heard that there is the JCM 2000 TSL COMBO. So I check user's manual for it but couldn't find manual except handbook. Somebody said about FX Loop as following, "............. send and return jacks, and loop level switches for each of the two...
  32. bluesk165

    How do I increase attack to envelope...?

    Hi, everybody? I actually hope to use auto- wah with controller of WAH Block. All connection and sound out well, but the moving black square on Modifier Screen can't go over about 60% even it was set MIN 0 to MAX 10. So the wah sound is too week. How can I make black square point go to...
  33. bluesk165

    How to set expression pedal for Wah or Volume?

    Hi, I hope to use a EV-1 pedal for wah or Volume in a preset. If a preset has a wah block, I hope to use EV-1 for wah and preset has no wah block, hope to set EV-1 for Volume. Pls let me know how do I set for this? EV-1 pedal has too big it's swing for wah, so I hope to set it small swing...
  34. bluesk165

    How to delete a PRESET?

    There is no answer user's manual the way to erase "a PRESET". How I do that? Thanks.
  35. bluesk165

    Deleted Block appears on CFG

    Hello! I have red Manual 10 times more but I don't know what happen with this. I have deleted one block of a preset as following, then I hit PAGE to go CFG, the DRV remain as following, What is wrong with me? Thanks.
  36. bluesk165

    Can't find out GLOBAL MIX parameter ....

    SETUP MENUS 》EFFECTS MIX OWNER'S MANUAL sad It works with GLOBAL MIX parameter settig "ON". Where can I set this "ON" ?
  37. bluesk165

    Help me with AER Compact 60 amp

    Hello!! I hope to use my AER Compact 60 Amp. I have set my EV-1 pedal to IN 2 (POST) - Pedal 2 but it's not work. And when I set it to OUT 1(PRE) - Pedal 2, it's work. What happen to my amp or FX8? ** At day time, IN 2 (POST) - Pedal 2 setting works well with PEVEY Classic 30 amp. Thanks a...
  38. bluesk165

    I can hear when I put in my headphone ..........

    "To Amp input R" What is this?
  39. bluesk165

    can I use Headphone?

    I really need a headphone out at home. I there any way to hear my FX8 sound with headphone? Thanks.
  40. bluesk165

    Is there any news like a start shipping?

    I can not wait anymore cause I sold out my board to buy Fx8. And I have to gig almost everday.
  41. bluesk165

    Hi all Friends?

    Is there any news from Fx8? I have sold my Fx II already but I have to do my gig everyday. Do I need to buy POD500x before out Fx8? I hope to get best answer not only Fx users also Fractal managers. Thanks for reply.
  42. bluesk165

    There is no sound Bit Crusher Drive block....

    I have FxII and 15.02 FW. I can't make sound with Drive block "Bit Crusher", What's wrong with me?
  43. bluesk165

    How to turn off or On all at a time Global Block?

    I mean I want to turn Off or On all at a time a Global Block which used every scenes in a preset and used all presets. For example, I used a filter block (Off, default) as a Global Block and used it 1~5 scenes with a preset for my STRAT and 335. Then if I play with 335, I have to turn the...
  44. bluesk165

    What is the difference between two presets?

    [SIZE=4]Hi, Friends, I've made many presets with AXE FXII and use Hybrid earphone(good!!!). I found some presets make clip or not, of course it comes from INPUT LEVEL and(OR) OUTPUT LEVEL. Here, I have a question, some preset don't make red CLIP even it is more louder then another one...
  45. bluesk165

    What is that On Axe-Edit screen "GLOBAL" button?

    Hi, friends, I have a question about Axe-Edit. What is that on Axe-Edit screen with Reverb Block at bottom right side "GLOBAL" button? It turns yellow light on when I press it.
  46. bluesk165

    I can’t stay Global Block Edit screen

    Hi, Everybody? When I edit Global Block and open it to edit, select a block - press EDIT button – Double Click (or press and hold) FX BYP button- and then the screen "SAVE/LOAD BLOBAL BLOCK" appear but it disappeared after only 2 seconds. What’s wrong with me?
  47. bluesk165

    Help me with Trumpet tone matching

    Hi, FX friends, I hope to make Trumpet tone match with my Fx2. Of course I knew it is easy way to go with MIDI. Pls help me friends.
  48. bluesk165

    How can I make XLRF to RJ45+EtherCon cable?

    Hi, everybody I hope to make XLRF to RJ45+EtherCon cable by myself. How can I get the diagram(wiring arrangement) XLRF to RJ45+EtherCon cable?
  49. bluesk165

    If they are different ver. between Firmware and preset.........

    Can I use this preset? If a user upload a preset <Rock exe Axe-Fx II/ 9.xx> then I have Axe Fx II / 12.xx.
  50. bluesk165

    Axe Fx 한국어

    안녕하세요? 혹시 한국어 사용하시는 분 계시는가요?
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