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    AX8 block

    I don't want to over speculate over the ax8, I know we will " soon " Have all answer to all our question. but do we know what block will be available in the AX8? it will be a 1 amp 1 cab units for sure will block have X/Y ? will we have only 1 of each blocks?
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    Midi Notes in Synth bloc

    could be really cool to have a tone generator in the synth bloc. a couple people have midi guitars and other midi stuff that can be used. I would love to send a couple bass notes form my pedal board to play over or add stuff live. it can also do crazy stuff with the Vocoder
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    FW19 Good Sounding Metal Zone ?!

    here is a preset I just for fun with a Metal Zone strait into a Cab, funny setup, probably not my new favourite preset but definitely usable ! idk whats happen with G3 but its good! :encouragement:
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    My new go to when recording vocal

    I'm a professional live sound guy that also play guitar fun in a cover band and also do recording to play around with gear, I'm now a big fan of the Specter Sound Studio youtube channel and when it's time to record vocals, Glenn like to use his good old Distressor in the incoming signal chain...
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    Fender Runaway Feedback Pedal block

    just discover this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvhKqHJ1XkU nevermind Scott it self, just listen to that pedal, look decent enough to be something the axe can do.
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    adjustable db per octave high\low pass in cab block

    as an soundguy, I most of the time use different db\octave low pass and high pass. I guess its not a hard talk to add that to the cab block. of course i can always do that with an other eq but if i'm already use them in the cab, why not just add that lil plus! thx !
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    want to do feedback without speakers

    I play all the time with IEM and just can't figure out a way to make feedback happen inside the axe it self. it would be great for me to have a Exp. pedal that can send back a signal to do feed when i feel the need with out to have to bring any kind of speakers. if any body figur out how to...
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    FX8 and cab simulation DI

    I'm looking for a small rig to bring with me in small place, bar next door jam kind of rig. if i understand the beast correctly, i can have an FX8, couple Exp. pedal , send that into an emulated speaker cab DI and make that a small workable rig. using the drive blocks as a main distortion...
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    Time alignment Delay ???

    anybody notice a bit ph phasing when using a 2 head blend ? is there any way to set a time alignment delay block to get both amp back in phase ? i read somewhere to use different block like a comp or a drive to add latency to one of the amp, its get me close but not totally dead on.
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    Slipknot Mick Thomson - Surfacing \ Humaniser effect

    Anybody know what going on there ? i know its a double pitch shifter ( +13 and +23 ) original note out. distortion and bit of verb but what is the damn Humaniser effect form boss ?
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    weird bug happen with scene 15.07

    I run my setup for my band on 1 preset, 5 scene. everytime I use the tuner, press the scene 1 or recall or the tuner knobs, the axe come back to my P1 S1 but with a lot more volume, everything is clipping. I have to manually change scene and come back to get to my normal level. am I the...
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    Jc-120 chorus: how to simulate?

    I've try many avenue to try to recreate the deep chorus effect that I have in my jc-120 and I can't fight out what I'm missing to get the same space deepness that happen when I turn it On on the real amp. I need help for you fellow Axe amp geek
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    Standard and MFC ?

    Is it possible to plug a mfc in the internal jr-45 connector of the axe ? So it will work like on the axe II ?
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