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  1. AlGrenadine

    Gyrock : The Axe-Fx of guitars

    Stumbled on this French innovation : The price seems (just a bit) high ^^ Otherwise i'd definitely have pulled the trigger!
  2. AlGrenadine

    More Negative Feedback?

    @FractalAudio, i love the way negative feedback sculpts the sound but i often feel i'd like to go past 10. Would it have any sense? And is there already a way to achieve this? If not would it be possible to introduce a sort of mv trim-like for negative feedback? Thanks :)
  3. AlGrenadine

    Useful forum shortcuts for you

    If you wanna follow Cliff : forum.fractalaudio.com/search/search/?c[users]=FractalAudio for Matt : forum.fractalaudio.com/search/search/?c[users]=Admin M@ for latest posts : forum.fractalaudio.com/whats-new/posts/?skip=1
  4. AlGrenadine

    [Wish] Scroll long preset names

    Please allow all the preset name's characters to be viewed on the FC's, but either right-scrolling the name once when preset is selected or infintely scrolling it. Of course, it could only scroll when needed (when the preset's last characters are used only) On the mini-LCDs, an option should be...
  5. AlGrenadine

    Cubase 50% discount!

    For 30th Cubase anniversary, steinberg offers a 50% discount! https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/celebrate/?_sp=a91bcbdb-f372-452c-98de-2f9377f178b0.1557309816765&et_cid=15&et_lid=22&et_sub=Cubase%2030th%20Anniversary
  6. AlGrenadine

    Fixed IR Player Library saves "unnamed" folder and other things

    When creating an entry in IRPlayer's Library, it's saved under "unnnamed" folder and the naming dialog doesn't show "IR Player" in the name field like it does on other block types. Same problem for Controllers library When saving library from Multiplexer block, the pre-entered name is...
  7. AlGrenadine

    FM3 needs another thread

    YAFT : Yet Another Fm3 Thread . Just for the beauty of it I know nothing more than what's been announced and have no supposition ... So let's say it's a thread for people just waiting new reveals but no supposition or question is allowed here ^^
  8. AlGrenadine

    Meet in NYC !

    Hey guys, I'll be in NYC from Friday to Tuesday, it would be cool if we could meet and have a beer ;) Just PM me ;) Cheers
  9. AlGrenadine

    Wish Axe-Edit III configurable hotkeys

    Title says it all :) I hate the Ctrl+Shift+F12 for reverting changes, i'd like to set my own hotkeys ;)
  10. AlGrenadine

    Journey in NY

    Hey, I'll be in NY in few weeks for the first time in my life, and i wonder if you may want to share good locations : - Best guitar shop - Also looking for a venue, playing good live music at night Thanks :)
  11. AlGrenadine

    Weird guitar picking techniques

    I've stumbled upon this video and thought it was fun... My wrong picking technic is close to James Hetfiled's, what's yours ?
  12. AlGrenadine

    Any interest for a free Bluetooth MIDI adapter for gen2 and 3?

    I'm about to get a little project working : plug it in the usb of your ax8/fx8/axefx2/axefx3 and get access to wireless editing from iOS or Android Some of you may think it already exists. Well, it does but doesn't work universally on every fasDevice : UD-BT01 only works on ax8 /fx8 and md-bt01...
  13. AlGrenadine

    No post-processing Fender Jazzbass, Gibson SG and Strat

    Recording a local band is so simple with AxeFx III, you get a studio-ready sound in minuts...
  14. AlGrenadine

    I need to buy a new Mac

    Hi mates, My mac-mini is dying and produces bad apps crashing even if the code has no bug... I guess it has defective ram or hdd... And takes 30 minutes to build fracpad ... So i'm done with it. I'd need a mac without screen nor keyboard nor mouse, as i use my pc keyboard /mouse/ screen with...
  15. AlGrenadine

    Good ideas to take from concurrence

    Helix added a marketplace, for preset/cab sellers to sell in a unique place. I think it's a good idea A new strobe tuner could also be good for us What do you think?
  16. AlGrenadine

    Long road music

    Hey guys, I'll have a long road to holidays in few days, What bands do you recommend for road trips ? :) Last time i asked for a similar advise here i got very good results :) To limit the style-range a little, i'd like things going from quiet and mind-traveling music like Mark Knopfler...
  17. AlGrenadine

    Please help, I need a specific preset

    Hi guys, i'd need a specific II/XL/XL+ preset using scene controllers 1 & 2 in modifiers in order to fix a supposed bug in II=>III conversion Thanks :)
  18. AlGrenadine

    Possible bug in Setup menu

    Setup => MIDI/Remote => Mapping page : The right scrollbar blinks indefinitely
  19. AlGrenadine

    FracTool: Convert Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+ or AX8 or FX8 to Axe-Fx III

  20. AlGrenadine

    Wish Brickwall limiter block

    It would be great to have this, please :)
  21. AlGrenadine

    Skeuomorphic or not?

    Is a skeuomorphic UI still perceived as modern or great UI in the music software? I mean, in an ideal AxeEdit or AxeFx III, would you prefer real-looking knobs, switches and sliders or do you think idealized ones (like in actual AxeEdit or AxeFx frontpanel UIs) are easier to read or nicer or any...
  22. AlGrenadine

    Recover licenses after reformat ?

    Hi, I reformated my computer and forgot to deactivate the ilok license... When logging in again in License Manager, i can see the licenses from the "old computer" (which is the same but probably a different hardware id because of the reformat) but can't deactivate them in order to activate them...
  23. AlGrenadine

    III presets list

    I think i saw some of you asking for the factory presets list, so here it is... (generated with upcoming FracTool 2.66)
  24. AlGrenadine

    Will global settings be available in AxeIIIEdit ?

    This is a very needed feature missing in the AxeFx II product line, will it be available in the Axe-Fx III editor ?
  25. AlGrenadine

    Be careful, anyone can enter your Mac this way !

    User : root Password : hit 5 times return On High Sierra So, it looks like Apple is now Crapple and the dark side is not MS anymore ;)
  26. AlGrenadine

    Main stream music in your country

    Hi all, I'm so sad and irritated when i ear the main-stream "music" that is given to our youth... I guess it's very variable in each country, and i guess i'm talkin like an old guy (which i am) but sh**, who can say this is music ? What i hate is that they call this rap music... There's...
  27. AlGrenadine

    FracPad special sale !

    FracPad special sale, only today ! Get FracPad for iOS for only $26.99 (€29.99) ! (Regular price is $44.99) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fracpad/id1154402237?mt=8 Share with your friends and be quick ;)
  28. AlGrenadine

    I guess GAS never stops

    These last months i thought my gas had ben healed by fractal audio... Unfortunately, this illness can mute from guitar gas to something completely different : pinballs! Oh my god, these beauties cost more than guitars :( I'm sure there's some pinball fans here, please don't share pictures of...
  29. AlGrenadine

    19 IRs compared, choose your prefered one ! :)

    Hey guys, Here is a reamping test with 19 IRs (or IRs combinaisons). Please choose your prefered one(s) :)
  30. AlGrenadine

    Wonderful Q8.01 clean

    Hi, Just wanted to share this clean sound. It has amp in the room feeling and also a lush sound. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5473 Tell me what you think of it ? You can see it before downloading it at : http://axefx.fr/FracToolServer/?id=5473
  31. AlGrenadine

    FracTool Online : See AxeFx/AX8 axechange presets online

    http://axefx.fr/FracToolServer/ EDIT : As of February 2018 this no longer shows the presets as it requires a Windows server and the axefx.fr has been moved to a linux one...
  32. AlGrenadine

    America's first but could we say France is second ? :)

    No politics there, just humour ;)
  33. AlGrenadine

    FREE FracPad demo !

    Fracpad is now available as a FREE demo ! Check it out : https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fracpad-ios-android-editor-for-the-axefx-ii-xl-xl-and-ax8.120946/page-36#post-1473744
  34. AlGrenadine

    FREE FracPad demo

    Fracpad is now available as a FREE demo ! Check it out : https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fracpad-ios-android-editor-for-the-axefx-ii-xl-xl-and-ax8.120946/page-36#post-1473744
  35. AlGrenadine

    FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8 and Axe-Fx III

    Hi all, It seems some of you felt there was a need for a mobile.desktop AxeEdit-like... The good news : It's Android/iOS/Mac/Win compatible (iOS 8+ / Android 4.4+ / MacOS 10.10+ / Win7+) It's compatible with AxeFx III/AxeFx II/XL/XL+, AX8 and FX8 (see connecting options depending on your...
  36. AlGrenadine

    RAC12 special offer ! -25% !

    Hi all, We're happy to announce this huge offer : Don't miss this huge offer, -25% on your RAC12 ! Get your RAC12 for only €271.50 (VAT excluded) ! Offer is valid until 2016/11/10, within the limit of available stock only. Don't wait for placing your order, we have a very limited stock...
  37. AlGrenadine

    AxeFx handling subtile volume rolloffs [irony]

    Ahah no, i doubt there's any volume rolloff in the band i've just finished recording ^^ Of course, creative criticism is welcome ! (sound only, i'm not responsible of the music itself)
  38. AlGrenadine

    For those about to headbang

    Hi guys, Here is a wonderful resource for every metalhead out there : http://metalplay.io/ Play unlimited metal video all day long !
  39. AlGrenadine

    FracTool : formerly known as AxeFxSend - The ultimate fractalDevice multitool

    See the centralized discussion here : http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fractool-formerly-known-as-axefxsend-the-ultimate-fractaldevice-multitool.112538/
  40. AlGrenadine

    Get your presets on the AxeFX side ;)

  41. AlGrenadine

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Hi all, Here is something a lot of users have asked for : A tool to open XL presets on an AxeFx II mk1/mk2 and vice-versa. And open AX8/FX8 presets on AxeFx II/XL. And... OPEN AxeFx presets on AX8/FX8 ! :D It shifts usercab slots pointed by your CAB blocks so if an XL preset points to user...
  42. AlGrenadine

    RAC12 - New limited series batch launched

    Hello, Faced with all your messages and requests, the fxunits.com team decided to launch a RAC12 limited series. It should be available before June 2016. We encourage you to place your orders right now on our online shop at : http://shop.fxunits.com We have decided to offer Paypal fees on 50...
  43. AlGrenadine

    FASFX Reverb vs HOFA

    Hi all, I've just made a small comparison of FractalAudio's newly released reverb plugin versus a reverb i used before using Fractal's : HOFA IQ-Reverb (IR-based reverb). I've included 2 tracks for both reverbs, one with instruments, one with voice only. Note that FAS Reverb is used on voice...
  44. AlGrenadine

    RAC12 - Every AxeFx parameter at your hand

    Hi all, Here is a new video reviewing RAC12 main functionalities ! :) We'd like this topic to become the new RAC12 main topic, as it can be hard for one to find useful informations in the old topic. (photo, courtesy of Fred from KarburoJack band) The RAC12 manual and software can be...
  45. AlGrenadine

    What to do when fingers hurt ?

    Hi guys, I guess i did bend too much : Hopefully, that did not happen to my middle finger, otherwise it would have made a really bad picture :) Btw, what do you recommend in order to be able to play again shortly ?
  46. AlGrenadine

    Just a very fun clip (explicit content)

    Liked this video a lot ^^
  47. AlGrenadine

    Metal clean sounds, but not only ;)

    Hi all, Here is a nice clean sound (FW19, 1987X Treble) : https://soundcloud.com/gencives/syrinx-2015#t=24:0 Bass and higain guitars were also AxeFx'ed ;) I can easily share presets if some interest...
  48. AlGrenadine

    Not AxeFx related, but huge drum solo

    Hi all, Here is a local band drum solo : https://www.facebook.com/aroutioun.karapetian/videos/1222869377739176/ I think it's really really good, check it out if you like drums ;)
  49. AlGrenadine

    AxeFxCabList : A new tool listing Cabs used in your presets

    Hi all, Fremen had this need, and i had a little time and tougth it could be useful to some of you, so here it is! It basically lists every cab used in each preset, or if needed each preset that uses a specific cab. Then you can export the data to CSV file. Now included in AxeFxSend ...
  50. AlGrenadine

    An excellent free Drums plugin

    Hi all, Here is a free drumkit. It's only one kit but sounds very good and its interface is very simple and convenient. Pick it up at MT Power Drum Kit AU VST Drums Sampler Plugin Instrument
  51. AlGrenadine

    Fractal logo Deep Dreamed

    Hi all, I've submitted the FAS logo to Google Deep Dream algorithm. The algorithm is still dreaming of it and should give results very soon. You can check the results at Deep Dreamed pic
  52. AlGrenadine

    Share bundles ! :)

    Don't Share bundles Please remove
  53. AlGrenadine

    Music recommandations for a long run

    Hey guys, Holidays are getting close and i'll have to do a 2000 kms car-travel, so i'm going to prepare some good music for the road. It would be cool if you'd propose me some good music. I'm more into heavy/rock/metal but i like most guitar-based music and i'd like to open myself more to jazz...
  54. AlGrenadine

    Fait No More - Hellfest 2015 : OMG

    Hi, I couldn't assist to the real fest but here is a pro footage from this incredible performance : Faith No More au Hellfest The sound is incredible. And i love the guitar sound. Do you know what amps are used ?
  55. AlGrenadine

    Fat Lazy Cabs

    Hi all, I've just bought the Fat & Lazy Cabs pack, and thought i had to share my opinion. First, here is the link : Fat Lazy Cabs - Click HERE then scroll down to buy ! / Fat Lazy Cabs The pack consists of only 8 IRs, but it can be a good point not having to cycle thru thousands of IRs trying...
  56. AlGrenadine

    A hardcore song made with a RAC12 ^^

    Yes, every song on this set has been recorded (guitar/bass/vocals) with an AxeFX and a... RAC12 ! :) (Ok, the ad is too visible, but maybe you will like the sound) and the complete set : https://soundcloud.com/gencives/sets/uws
  57. AlGrenadine

    Torpedo vs AxeFX II

    Hi all, This morning i had a chat on a social network someone about TwoNotes. He said the Torpedo has different technologies, not just IRs : non-linear convolution, physic modelisation and feedback synthesis. So i had to compare with our CAB block, as the mentionned technologies looked very...
  58. AlGrenadine

    Corellation between musical genre and death age, interesting

    Corellation between musical style and death age, interesting Here is a French topic : Les musiciens meurent à 56 ans, pas 27 - Les Inrocks But the graphics are in English, so the main information is readable ;) It tends to prove Metal and Punk musicians have a more risky way of life ^^
  59. AlGrenadine

    In case you miss the factory #19 2x12 Black

    Hi all, In case you miss the factory cab #019 (2x12 black), here is its tonematch (UR) : Axe-Change - Download 2x12 - 2X12 Black - by AlGrenadine
  60. AlGrenadine

    Faith again in FNM :)

    Hi, The forthcoming Faith NoMore album looks very good, i'm really digging for it ! It has this typical sound signature of the 90s with a bit of modern sound of course, and just enough craziness, not too much as M. Patton can be on some recordings...
  61. AlGrenadine

    When a famous band's first shows are freaking awesome

    I've often asked myself if famous players/bands were good on their first shows... Obviously, the answer is yes. And this RATM show is freaking awesome. So much energy, thus precision, personality and sound ! Definitely check it out, it's another video making me wanna go back in the 90s...
  62. AlGrenadine

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Forum user sebastos08 and I are working on a 1U rack controller dedicated to the Axe-Fx II and XL. It's been designed and successfully tested for months now and is reaching the industrialization/production stage. It should be available for a worldwide release during the first quarter of 2015...
  63. AlGrenadine

    RIP Wayne Static :(

  64. AlGrenadine

    Asio4all 2.12 is there !

    If you need to use your AxeFX (2+) in conjunction with a soundcard then asio4all is the best choice on Windows OS. A new release is out : 2.12 ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver PS : most recent asio4all versions are archived in the AxeFXArchive : http://archive.axefx.fr
  65. AlGrenadine

    Radium Valley : First clip with a famous French actor

    Hi all, Here is the first clip of a friends band, where i made the recording/mixing with our beloved AxeFX : You may recognize a famous French actor : Jean-Claude Dreyfus
  66. AlGrenadine

    Can the AxeFX be used for something else than \m/ ?

    The answer is YES, but every band i'm recording is again and always metal :) And the AxeFX is so good at metal :) Here the Bass and Guitars (triple-tracked) are, of course, AxeFX. Firmware 14.02 indeed. Drums are a mix of StevenSlate 4 and SD2... What do you think ? I mean constructive (or...
  67. AlGrenadine

    FAS/admins : What about a 3rd party softwares forum section ?

    It would be a lot easier for users to find those little tools ;)
  68. AlGrenadine

    Metal for dummies playlist

    Hey guys, As the biggest French metal festival starts in 2 days, a French generalist paper created a playlist for those (about to rock) that would like to discover metal ;) It can be pleasant for those that already rock ;) https://play.spotify.com/user/anaelleg/playlist/6ptRFLhFfawFHN0PKSXlhY...
  69. AlGrenadine

    NGD for father's day ^^

    Received this wonderful guitar for father's day :) For non-French speaking guys, the panels my daughter shows say "Happy Father's Day"... http://axefx.fr/IMG_1580.JPG
  70. AlGrenadine

    Help ! I need a simple information on the XL

    Hi all, Can a XL owner tell me how many factory cabs are present in the XL ? (needed for a little 3rd party software) Thanks a lot ! :)
  71. AlGrenadine

    Maybe a useful tip for a growly sound - MachineHead inside

    Hey guys, I love the Recto 2 Red Modern, and use it with damping set to 0 but i thought something of the real Recto was missing. Then i tried to mix 2 identical Amp blocks, one with damping set to 0, the other with damping set to 7, both in the same cab and with a level decrease of 6db in order...
  72. AlGrenadine

    FractalUpdate : Never miss an update ! :)

    Hey Fractalites ! Here is the ultimate Fractalite tool, it allows you to be notified when a new firmware(AxeFX II, XL & MFC)/AxeEdit/FBot/Driver is put online ! :) More thant that, it can download the updates for you and launch the setups if you wish ! :) Next version will maybe flash the...
  73. AlGrenadine

    H@ppy birthd@y M@tt ! :)

    Cheers ! Have a nice day ! Take care Alex
  74. AlGrenadine

    Need some XL owners to betatest software

    Hi all, I'm trying to get AxeFXSend tool (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/84196-axefxsend-tiny-tool-auditioning-irs-presets.html) compatible with AxeFX II XLs, so i'd need some betatesters as i don't have one ;) Just PM me if interested ! Thanks :) Alex
  75. AlGrenadine

    The Metal Factory IRs ?

    Hi all, Did some of you try those IRs ? TMF Cabinets Bundle [7 top Cabinets, 136 different impulses Axe I&II ready] / The Metal Factory Drums If yes, what did you think, can you post some samples ? Thanks :)
  76. AlGrenadine

    AxeFXBankCreator : Transform a preset folder into a bank !

    AxeFXBankMgr : Transform a preset folder into a bank, or a bank in to presets ! Hi all, Here is a tiny tool to convert an entire presets folder into an AxeFX II Bank. Just drag & drop a folder on the window and it will create the bank file, which you'll be able to parse directly with AxeFXSend...
  77. AlGrenadine

    Poll : Are you on Win or Mac ?

    I've just proposed a little tool for Windows but it appears a lot of you are on Mac (it seems the proportion is greater than in the average population), so i'd like to check it ;)
  78. AlGrenadine

    AxeFXSend : A tiny tool for auditioning IRs or presets

    AxeFXSend : A tiny Windows tool for auditioning IRs or presets or BANKS Hi all, I've made this little tool in order to make auditioning of IRs process easier :) It's a beta version. That means : - Bugs are expected (in fact i will be surprised if no bugs are found) - It has no setup. First...
  79. AlGrenadine

    ColdWave / Metal - Full album - reviews needed ! :)

    Hi all, Here is the last band i recorded, with AxeFX II fw 13.07, an UltraRes tonematch and FAS Modern Amp. Opinions and constructive critics are welcome :) https://soundcloud.com/radium-valley/sets/masterises I like their music a lot, it's something betweend Rammstein and Depeche Mode, at...
  80. AlGrenadine

    Tuning... Can you enlight me ?

    I also tend to tune my string a little flat, to compensate the fact the string sounds sharper when hit hard, but could someone explain me why this tuning works better ? Or maybe, share better tuning methods ?
  81. AlGrenadine

    French Beatdown HxC fully produced with AxeFX II

    Hey guys, Here is the last mix i've been doing for a local band. The snare is "subtle" ;) Let me know what you think :) Humanity
  82. AlGrenadine

    M@tt's v13 avatar suggestions ^^

  83. AlGrenadine

    Gave Messiah IR pack another shot, and it's a win !

    Hey guys, Here is my latest brootal preset, using FAS Modern and Messiah-2 IR. I tried the Sturgis but they didn't sound very brutal to me, but might sound very good for more vintage stuff... The key is the AIR mix in CAB block !
  84. AlGrenadine

    Wish Engl Savage 120

    Cliff, I'd really love to have an ENGL head in our beloved black box ;) Why not the ENGL Savage 120 ? Here are its schematics : http://linxlabs.narod.ru/engl/engl_savage.gif Considering the schematics, maybe something very close is already simulated by the axefx ?
  85. AlGrenadine

    AxeChange Bulk archive - 2013/11/29

    Hey guys, Here is a backup of the whole AxeChange presets and cabs bunch : http://axefx.fr/AxeFXArchive/Presets/axechange%202013%2011%2029.rar More than a backup, it can help you browse presets faster.
  86. AlGrenadine

    [Death Metal] Syrinx

    Hey there ! Syrinx is a friend's death metal band from France, i recorded their new album (guitars & bass) with our beloved AxeFX II. Here is the result : syrinx Let me know what you think !
  87. AlGrenadine

    BEWARE v5.07 or older firmwares users !

    Don't upgrade directly to FW11 ! You might lose your presets. See FW11 release notes : "support for presets created with firmware versions prior to 6.00 is no longer supported. If updating from 5.xx firmware or earlier please update to 10.12 first, update all presets and then install 11.00"
  88. AlGrenadine

    archive.axefx.fr : the BIG Axe-Fx II/III/AX8/FX8 archive

    Hey guys, The axefx.fr site has been redesigned and includes all recently released files as well as nearly every old fractal files ;) Bookmark ! http://archive.axefx.fr
  89. AlGrenadine

    Factory Cab 62 - 4x12 V30 LOVE, need infos ! :D

    Hi guys, I really love the factory cab 62 ("4x12 V30") and can't find another IR that could compete with it... :( Can someone (from FAS or not ;)) give me some informations on this factory cab ? Which cab is it based on ? Is there a way to visualize IRs ? I ask this because i'd love to see what...
  90. AlGrenadine

    10.06 HiGain Comparison : 11 different amps

    10.06 HiGain Comparison : 11 different amps - including presets Hi guys, I'm currently recording a great metal local band named Syrinx and was doing some reamping. I thought the comparison of different hi-gain amps could interest some of you ! Here it is : Amps used : RectoRed Vintage...
  91. AlGrenadine

    NGD : '2000 Ibanez UV777PBK :)

    Here is the new baby that came this morning ! :D It has the lowest action and the fastest neck i never tried (my TomAnderson that i thought very comfortable is far away) ! I plugged it in the Axe, and waaaaawwwww ! Immediatly blown away ! :D It sounds huge, even with crunch presets i use on...
  92. AlGrenadine

    [Prog Metal] Album preview / Full AxeFX2 guitars and bass / SD2

    Hi all, I'm about to finish the recording of a French metal band called Oestre. Their metal is "progressive", no djent but not far from djent, can't find a definition (make some proposals ^^). I recorded everything with my beloved AxeFX II only and SD2. I may share presets if wanted. Productive...
  93. AlGrenadine

    DevilDriver - Clouds over California - FW10 TM

    With all the complaints on the FW10 tonematch problems, i decided to try my first tonematch. It's a one shot, i mean i played it once for reference aquisition, hit X, played once on my guitar, hit Y and hit enter. So it might not be a perfect tonematch but the goal was to see if an issue was...
  94. AlGrenadine

    Absolute must-see video for MetalHeads

    Really made me laugh a lot, a very cool vid !
  95. AlGrenadine

    Get FW9 sound in FW10, tips from AxeFX masters

    Tried those tips, and combined they do what you need if you miss some of the FW9 tones. Finally best of both worlds can be reached easily :
  96. AlGrenadine

    SRV improvisation - FW10 - Fox ODS II

    Just did this quick improvisation (very bad playing etc...) just to share with you the new preset i'm in love with :D I will upload the preset on AxeChange very soon ! This is only one guitar with Enhancer block, no double tracking, the guitar is a Fender USA Std with DG20 kit.
  97. AlGrenadine

    New Wes Hauch presets on AxeChange

    Maybe some of you didn't notice Wes uploaded 2 presets :Axe Change -The Official Site for Fractal Audio Presets, Cabs and More
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