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  1. dieter

    AustinBuddy's new 1000+ Naked Amps TonePack for the Axe-Fx III is now available

    If you are in Axe edit go to dynamics, there you have the output compressor/ out comp type , choose gain enhancer Cheers
  2. dieter

    I'm in X Factor Lithuania

    Great performance:cool: Cheers
  3. dieter

    Axe-Fx 3 overdriven blues tones (Carol-Ann OD2)

    Sweet as 😎😎😎 Any chance you can upload that preset?
  4. dieter

    Some Les Paul JB style blues with the Axe 3 & Austin Buddy pack #2

    Hi David, Which patch of the AB pack was it? Cheers
  5. dieter

    Some Les Paul JB style blues with the Axe 3 & Austin Buddy pack #2

    Love that tone and playing:cool:👍👏
  6. dieter

    Testing violin-like overdrive Les Paul tones

    That was beautiful 😎 Cheers
  7. dieter

    Travelling to The USA /Florida?

    Thx Paulinfl Looks like I got a few things/venues to check out Cheers
  8. dieter

    Travelling to The USA /Florida?

    Thanks so much GtrLover for that Really appreciated We’ll certainly going to spend some time at the beaches and going to check out some of the venues you mentioned Cheers
  9. dieter

    Travelling to The USA /Florida?

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone here is from the St Petersburg area and knows some good live music venues to go to. Or a good music store where I can rent a guitar for a couple of weeks? First time to the US and quite exited Cheers Dieter
  10. dieter

    Axe-Fx III - Steve Ray Vaughan - Pride and Joy

    Awesome :sunglasses: Playing and tone👍
  11. dieter

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    Thanks FAS team That’s awesome
  12. dieter

    My Dad Tries the III

    Fun to watch Very cool dad, put a smile on my face:)
  13. dieter

    Jp's for JM's. JP2C Green (and Red!). Jazzmaster Preset. Always Free.

    That was very nice and tasty :sunglasses: Cheers
  14. dieter

    Keep it Clean! Fenders II preset, video.

    Thanks for putting this up Loved it, will give it a spin Cheers
  15. dieter

    Touring preset breakdown

    Yep, like it and thanks for sharing Great stuff Cheers
  16. dieter

    Some fusion playing with my AX8

    Very nice and tasty Cheers
  17. dieter

    Vox In Blocks! 5.02 free preset and video demo.

    That’s awesome :sunglasses:
  18. dieter

    FC-6 - Setup, Tips & Tricks

    My head is spinning :smiley: Haven’t got my fc6 yet. Need to watch this a couple more times to get my head around Great work Leon Cheers
  19. dieter

    Sensitive Sundays

    Thanks very much Leon I will give this a go Cheers
  20. dieter

    Sensitive Sundays

    Hi Leon I was just wondering, as I’m always impressed with your videos, in particular the sound of the videos ( and of course your playing) How’s your actual signal flow/ setup (video and sound) Cheers Dieter
  21. dieter

    Sensitive Sundays

    That sounds awesome Cheers
  22. dieter

    FC-6 First Impressions

    Awesome! Waiting for your in-depth video Cheers
  23. dieter

    Recommend A Tiny Full-Range powered speaker for Axe-Fx 3

    Well at least mine didn’t have any latency, hence why I’m getting a second one Cheers Ps I have 2 jbl flip4 and they both have latency if you plug in a lead in the aux in
  24. dieter

    Some Tuesday Night AX8 Tones

    Hi Larry Sounds great and playing is awesome as usual. Just wondering, when you say you go direct into you phone from the roland mixer, does that mean you record video and sound direct? Cheers
  25. dieter

    Recommend A Tiny Full-Range powered speaker for Axe-Fx 3

    Hi Dpoirier The jbl flip4 definitely have that latency even if you connect it with a lead I wrote that in an earlier post That’s why I try to get another jbl flip3 on eBay or so Cheers
  26. dieter

    Recommend A Tiny Full-Range powered speaker for Axe-Fx 3

    Just a little update on the jbl flip4 Even with a lead plugged into aux there is a tiny bit of latency happening which the flip3 doesn’t have.It feels a little disconnected when playing. So I stick with the flip3 and try to get another one used @Larry Mitchell, does the jbl clip you have...
  27. dieter

    Recommend A Tiny Full-Range powered speaker for Axe-Fx 3

    Hi Larry I tried to go stereo with pairing the two, but this only works when you play music from your mobile, when you play guitar it introduces latency. Need to have a srleprate lead going into the aux of the second jbl Will try this afternoon, see how it works Cheers
  28. dieter

    A variety of tones (plus free presets)

    Great song indeed. Really tempted to add this one to my bluesrock bands Repertoire Cheers
  29. dieter

    A variety of tones (plus free presets)

    Thx Leon Will definitely check those out Need to listen to some robin trower It’s ages ago that I did:grinning: Cheers
  30. dieter

    Recommend A Tiny Full-Range powered speaker for Axe-Fx 3

    Ahh good to know, thx. I did ask the clerk at jb hifi but he didn’t know that and I couldn’t find any detailed specs on the internet . Anyway, I went with two jbl flip4. I’d say there are still very small and got a pretty decent sound when I checked them at the store Will connect them later to...
  31. dieter

    Recommend A Tiny Full-Range powered speaker for Axe-Fx 3

    Just tried the jbl flip3 with my axe8 And it sounds pretty good. The new jbl clip hasn’t got any aux in only Bluetooth so you can’t connect the axe8 or axefx3 direct and Bluetooth will introduce some latency. I’ll probably get me a new jbl 4 which should sound a bit better than the 3 and still...
  32. dieter


    Awesome man
  33. dieter

    Rockman Tone Match

    Hi Axedude The difference is in the file size 10.1 is cab And the 48.2 kb is the preset Hope that helps Cheers
  34. dieter

    Eric Johnson Sound

    That was awesome Camilo :sunglasses:
  35. dieter

    Some slide guitar

    Thx Camilo I’ll give it a try Cheers
  36. dieter

    Some slide guitar

    Thx Camilo Are you saying there is no amp when you play the Tele? Just wondering as it sounds really nice and warm with a bit of distortion going on Cheers
  37. dieter

    Some slide guitar

    Very nice Camilo What was the amp and the reverb you were using? Cheers
  38. dieter

    ML SoundLab LEGENDS - Mixtest

    Very nice. Song, sound and playing :)
  39. dieter

    Issues with MOFI headphones and blue microphone support

    Just wondering, has someone recently been in contact with the company blue microphone? Cheers
  40. dieter

    Issues with MOFI headphones and blue microphone support

    Hi all Has anybody run into problems with blue microphone support for their headphones range? I got one of the blue mofi headphones about 2 years ago. The ear cushions and the headband were falling apart and I emailed support which was at the beginning very helpful even offering free...
  41. dieter

    Toto "Hold the Line" Solo

    Very nice Mark:sunglasses::sunglasses:
  42. dieter

    send/return fail. what am i doing wrong?

    Hi fw Go into your return block and make sure the return level is set to 100% For some reason it defaults to 0% hence no sound And of course if you use send 1 you have to use return 1 If you use send 2 you have to use return 2 Cheers
  43. dieter

    Axe Fx 3 Synth Block | Jazz Fusion

    That was awesome Your playing looks so effortless Really enjoyed it:sunglasses: Cheers
  44. dieter

    Friedman 2018

    Hi Leon I downloaded the preset and loaded it into the axe8 but the cab block doesn’t show any cab, it refers to user ir 124 which is empty Is that the same or mix from your other thread? Cheers Dieter
  45. dieter

    Friedman 2018

    Hi Leon Really awesome tone and playing Love it:sunglasses: Will give the preset a go Cheers
  46. dieter

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    @Nemydom Just checked IM website and it’s still 3905. Cheers
  47. dieter

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    I could have bought it through friends in the US but I decided not to do so. I’ve done business a couple of times with Andrew from IM and I can say they look after you and there service and customer care is second to none. For me that’s worth the price. Cheers
  48. dieter

    Blackface Amps with some TS808, Klon and Fuzzface

    Sounds awesome And yes please share Cheers
  49. dieter

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

  50. dieter

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.13 Beta

    I would liketo have the midi specs as well Thank you sir
  51. dieter

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    Haven’t had a chance to play it loud but at bedroom levels it sounded great but so does my axe fx 2 and the axe 8 Going to check today at a proper level:):D
  52. dieter

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    Picked mine up today at Independent Music Brisbane. Thx Andrew! Now it’s time to play:):p
  53. dieter

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    You are awesome !!!
  54. dieter

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    Ordered and paid:) I‘m excited Cheers
  55. dieter

    AX8 Basics

    Very well done, Leon If you ever play in Brisbane or just be there for a visit, let me know so I can support you and your band or at least can buy you a beer :) Cheers Dieter
  56. dieter

    AXE-FX III Rush Cover YYZ

  57. dieter

    Dialling in the MK IV

  58. dieter

    Dialling in the MK IV

    Thx Leon Great video, very well explained Cheers
  59. dieter

    Goodbye Old Friend

    Sorry to hear
  60. dieter

    some self promotion

    very nice Simeon
  61. dieter

    WGS Retro 30 Free IR

    Hi Chronos Tried it yesterday and as mentioned before by others, it's a really well balanced IR which works with any amp you throw at it, for me anyway, well done and thx for sharing Cheers
  62. dieter

    Levinson Blade R4 pickup advice needed

    Hi I've got mine in the early 80s and it's my main guitar for mor than forty years now( it's the one in my profile pic) it goes from traditional to modern with a flick of a switch, it is a very versatile guitar which covers a lot of ground I did change the pickups to a set of joe hardens, pretty...
  63. dieter

    Legacy Firmware Solution

    Thank you very much You are the man Awesome Cheers
  64. dieter

    Fryette Power Station II on the way!

    Thx Yek, very much appreciated
  65. dieter

    Fryette Power Station II on the way!

    Hi Yek I was just wondering how the ps2 compares to the matrix gtx1000 in regards of loudness/power/headroom And do you switch of power amp sim in the axefx Thanks Dieter
  66. dieter

    Fractal Audio AMP Models: Yeks PDF Guide

    Donated, thanks Yek. Great workGreat cause
  67. dieter

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    This might help, from the release notes 2.01 use Q2.01 and for 2.00 use Q2.00. Notethat changing the Default Modeling Version in the Global menu does NOT change the modeling version the amp block is using. It only selects which version the ampblock will use when selecting a new amp model or...
  68. dieter

    Anyone Using Factory Cabs 54-57?

    Go for it
  69. dieter

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    What can I say..... you are the man :)
  70. dieter

    40 Synth presets available to download!

    downloaded all 3, donation is on it's way, Thanks
  71. dieter

    Clark Kent Job - First Time (Official Music Video) [CHECK OUT MY BAND]

    Cool song very well mixed and presented, Love it Mikko
  72. dieter

    Power amp Help

    Hi Matt just wondering, with the Quilter did you switch off the power amp sim in the AXE FX? And does the quilter has enough headroom for punchy cleans? thx
  73. dieter

    Hissing noise and blank screen??

    Hi Joe Thanks for your help The hissing noise was not the fan as it came out from the speaker and it was so loud I had to switch off the Atomic CLR because I thought it'll blow the speaker. Anyone else have got some ideas what could have caused that behaviour. I'm not gigging at the moment so...
  74. dieter

    Hissing noise and blank screen??

    Hi guys Switched on my AXE-Fx 2 mk1 today and played the guitar for a while and all of a sudden without touching anything on the unit or on the floor board I had a loud hissing noise and a blank screen. I rebooted the axe and when I flicked through the presets it didn't sound right. It was...
  75. dieter

    Triptik - Clean and Classic. Youtube vid with Strat

    Very nice, indeed :)
  76. dieter

    Blue Mo-Fi headphones in Australia?

    Thanks Johan I'll give it a go
  77. dieter

    Blue Mo-Fi headphones in Australia?

    Hi The titles says it all. Tried to find a store where I could order a pair of those cans, Tried to order it from sweetwater in the us but they cant deliver the cans outside of the us. Any ideas ? Thanks
  78. dieter

    New Reverb Demo

    that sounds superb, love it :)
  79. dieter


    Glad you got things sorted:)
  80. dieter

    A Question about 'Reaper '

    Hi I haven't used reaper for a while but if I recall it correctly there should be something in the settings of reaper which says preferences or so in there you can choose how many bars you get with or without click before the track actually starts. Make sure it's set to none or 0 Hope that...
  81. dieter

    where did that ir go

    Hi In Axe Edit go to settings > preferences> refresh > refresh cab names than it should show up in the cab list Hope that helps
  82. dieter

    Wanted to share a FW 14.04 Beta improvement (Audio Clip)

    hi Tyler sounds awesome!! Cheers
  83. dieter

    Headphones usage

    Has anybody compared the grado's ( sr 125i,sr225i or sr325i) with the dt880. I'm in the market for some headphones,too. I've tried the dt 770 pro but didn't like the closed back feeling. They sounded pretty good though.
  84. dieter

    Welcome to Australia, Sad tale of buying musical equipment online

    Moved to Australia ( rural Victoria) from Germany about 5 years ago . I'm really liking it but when it comes to buy some music gear it sucks big time. I'm glad that we now moved to Brisbane some year ago and that I have Independent Music with Andrew nearby. Great guy and reasonable priced there...
  85. dieter

    Nothing beats the "TV mix" Cabs, not even UltraRes (Opinion)

    I would say Engl A is the TV cab and Marshall B is the TV cab Engl B And Marshall A got much more clarity so i guess these are the one with your personal pairing. cheers
  86. dieter

    Reset system parameters

    Thx Sebastian I must have mixed something up
  87. dieter

    Reset system parameters

    Hi guys I was just wondering as I just did the "reset system parameters" on the utility page, wasn't it supposed to be that way that if you press enter it clears all your presets and set them to default values and names Has this changed in the last firmware? I did this with almost every...
  88. dieter

    Guthrie Govan is the best guitar player alive today

    Thanks Bojangles cheers
  89. dieter

    Guthrie Govan is the best guitar player alive today

    Is he coming to Brisbane? Would love to see him ,too :) Cheers
  90. dieter

    Is it possible to use FRFR AND Guitar Speaker with one power amp without FX loop?

    Hi I think you don't need an fx loop in the power amp . You should place the AXE FX internal fx loop before the cab in the grid and now you can use output 2 at the back to go into the one side of the matrix power amp and from there into the NL 12 Loudspeaker. In regards to the XLR outs at the...
  91. dieter

    just got a brand new axe 2 and have some questions

    Ahh, my bad should have read it a bit more thoroughly Cheers
  92. dieter

    just got a brand new axe 2 and have some questions

    Hi Before complaining you should read the manual at the frontpanel press global and switch off power amp modeling. Cant comment on the glitches you have , cause I don't know if you have the axe- fx hooked up to axe edit. if so don't use the front panel to switch presets Cheers
  93. dieter

    New video for the ATC-2 Active Tone Circuit using the Axe Fx II

    Hi harmeas great sound and great playing:) I was just wondering, how does the bridge pick up sound when you split it? Does it come close to single coil sound too, or does it get too trebly and unbalanced ( low in volume)?
  94. dieter

    MOAEE - UD Stomp (Holdsworth settings)

    that sounds awesome, thx for sharing you knowledge:)
  95. dieter

    Guthrie and not touring his AxeFX2

    Arrgh, how come that I missed that, would have loved to be there.
  96. dieter


    54, count me in went from standard to ultra then 2, never regretted, never felt better, just loving it every time I fire it up. :) Cheers
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