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  1. ChainOfThought

    Only post/respond if you have a FM3 purchase invitation!

    Haha I actually want to hear that now. so is this the preorder thread to have these guys come play a private party then? I’m down.
  2. ChainOfThought

    USB audio issue (Mac OSX)

    When it happens try going into system preferences and change the device back to default and then switch back to the axe. Might be an easier way to reset things than closing all your software.
  3. ChainOfThought

    Neutral FULL range IR's cabs? also What amp do you audition IR's with? (high gain)

    For that type of analogy I would say it’s more like the head is the pallet and the cab is the medium. It’s integral to the sound and choosing different mediums to paint your picture on will yield different results. your analogy would be more similar to remixing a track and heavily editing the...
  4. ChainOfThought

    Recommended places to post for help with Drum Programming ?

    Drummers still play drums. Guitarists who don’t have access to a drummer find digital workarounds. I find it easiest to use the midi that came with ezdrummer and associated Ezx kits to get close and then modify from there. That’s what I’m currently do as we record our first demo, but I also...
  5. ChainOfThought

    First tube amp in 8 years - Engl Savage 120 w/ custom vert 2x12

    Damn I totally would have kept that grill, that looked awesome haha. the savage was my first ‘high class’ tube amp and remains my favorite. Loved that head, traded it of course because I’m an idiot, but damn it was awesome
  6. ChainOfThought

    Running full band (2 Guitars + 1 Bass)

    I’m pretty sure you can change channels on a block via the fc switches, but I don’t own any of that so I’m not certain. Assuming you can do it that way, then you changing channels on your amp block wouldn’t affect his. He wouldn’t have a wayto control himself unless you share the fc, give him...
  7. ChainOfThought

    Running full band (2 Guitars + 1 Bass)

    I don’t have a 3 so I might get some of the wrong. usually when using a mono input to a stereo channel, Left is the default side to use. I would stick with that and pay attention to the routing in the preset. I’m guessing your input blocks let you select where the signal is coming from but I...
  8. ChainOfThought

    IR Length

    Gotcha, I only think of IR’s in terms of recording so I don’t really consider or care about what an ir sounds like in a room. I also fully realize I’m probably in a minority there, I play through an amp & cab for rehearsal and I don’t play live at all. eta: and I definitely do get that you...
  9. ChainOfThought

    IR Length

    So is there a difference in capturing room reflections on an ir VS traditionally recording a cab where reflections are happening in real time? Is there an audible benefit (subjectively) to recording a real cab and having those reflections on the recording? Does it basically just amount to a...
  10. ChainOfThought

    IR Length

    I think it’s not actually mimicking a studio because you get the one reflection snapshot and not an actual real time decay of reflections? I feel like that’s some of the basis of what shattered is trying to find a way around, but I’m not really sure.
  11. ChainOfThought

    7 string vs 6 string war!

    Both, depends on what I’m after. I guess I feel the most ‘free’ on a 7, but I also have more of a tendency to just play sludgy death metal stuff on the B rather than get creative and move around.
  12. ChainOfThought

    Changing from Ares 1.03 to Firmware Ares 2.00

    yea that’s the general consensus I’ve heard. I’ve been using engl/diezel/MkIV/some others. The Engl was basically 'oh cool thats a bit better.' I think I actually increased the lows a bit because they were tighter and I could get away with having more. The Diezel was like a whole new...
  13. ChainOfThought

    Changing from Ares 1.03 to Firmware Ares 2.00

    Personally didn’t have to adjust anything, just another noticeable improvement on my end. Not really drastic, but a bit more clarity in the low end and a more natural top end. I use high gain/death metal type sounds and run through a matrix and cab, so not really sure about frfr sounds or edge...
  14. ChainOfThought

    MacOS Catalina *WARNING* 64-bit Driver Coming Soon!

    Shared note folders, funnily enough, are actually a pretty sweet thing to me. Also the iPad sidecar is pretty awesome on paper although I shattered my iPad so I can’t test it. There were a couple other things I was looking forward to but I’ve already forgotten haha. I keep my MacBook up to...
  15. ChainOfThought

    NASA intruige and the mother of all Conspiracies?

    I’m not trying to get in the middle of you two here, but I think he’s just talking about the “Belluminati” ads that they ran for a while. Just implying that conspiracy theories have found a place in mainstream culture even if it’s just for the sake of poking fun. Your response there makes it...
  16. ChainOfThought

    Your favorite traditional 2x12 guitar cab

    My Vader 2x12 so far. I want to pair it with either a recto 2x12 or a port city... mostly just because I can.
  17. ChainOfThought

    FS Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Mk 1 + MFC Mk 1 **$1200!** SOLD

    Current axefx2 firmware is Ares 2.0 and Cliff recently posted that more updates are coming.
  18. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    I’m pretty certain I went with silver 4 but when I go to practice later this week I can let you know. I like to use it for more of a big impact type of high gain...the engl is my go to and works better for tighter riffs and more aggressive palm muting. The diezel is just a huge kick in the...
  19. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    I’ve only messed with the engl savage and diezel vh4 (the highest gain version I think) models enough to draw conclusions on. I also use one of the lower gain diezel models and then maybe the shiva or something, but I just don’t play a whole lot of stuff with those at the moment. The engl I...
  20. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Really thought we had seen the last of the updates for the II, this is awesome. I am absurdly excited to load this up and see what happens. I wonder what exactly the changes are related to.
  21. ChainOfThought

    Do I want a Surface Pro? What other options?

    So far as I understand edit3 is pretty much the same as edit2 just coded to interface with the axe3...PC requirements shouldn’t be any different than they were then
  22. ChainOfThought

    Double or quad tracking for 8-string guitar?

    This was double tracked I believe....might have even single tracked it TBH, I'll have to double check the project file next time I'm at the practice space. I remember using a pretty aggressive high-pass on the guitars, at least 120, but I think as high as 200hz. Definitely never quite got the...
  23. ChainOfThought

    Do I want a Surface Pro? What other options?

    I ran axe-edit 2 on the SurfaceGO, it worked just fine. Not sure if I specifically tried Fractal-Bot but it would definitely work. Only downside is you need an adapter from USB-C to USB-A, but those are cheap like 5-10$. You can get one for around 500$ I think, I paid about 750$ for the...
  24. ChainOfThought

    Do I want a Surface Pro? What other options?

    My company gave me a Surface Pro 6 and I was pretty impressed with it. I'm a mac guy, the wife and I both have nice macbook pro's, but I figured I would try and shelve the mac and use the Surface instead to see if I could come to terms with selling my computer and using the free one. I held on...
  25. ChainOfThought

    Who lifts weights here?

    Not anymore....sold all my tube amps a while ago. ba dum ching
  26. ChainOfThought

    Clean Amps & Cabs

    I like some of the Triptik amps, the Shiva, some of the Hook models. Not in front of the axe right now to actually give model names or anything.
  27. ChainOfThought

    Anyone else into VR stuff?

    I’ve had psvr for a few years now but it mostly stays boxed up...been meaning to sell it. Played a few intriguing games early on but they all felt like tech demos, nothing special. I haven’t tried any recent vr specific games but I did start up a new game on no mans sky when the update came...
  28. ChainOfThought

    OMG AX8 on my Fav Guitar Amp config

    You’ll be disappointed compared to your 1960’s because you’ll be hoping for similar sound and feel of the 1960’s. To me, frfr setups are very much function over form. They are amazing for consistent tone, for taking to gigs and knowing what you programmed will work with maybe minor eq tweaks...
  29. ChainOfThought

    Mesa Recto 2x12

    Or change anything else in the room? Even wall decorations and stuff like that? I had an os recto 4x12 years ago and I used to think some days it sounded like a wet sponge and other days it was amazing...I always attributed it to the amps or just my own condition though.
  30. ChainOfThought

    New Computer. Mac or PC?

    Yeah you maybe got me on that one, manual syncing anything to the iPhone is not nearly as intuitive. However, I use Apple Music and I never have to sign into my account in iTunes unless I’m actually going to the account/billing page. Not sure what would be causing that for you. The way I get...
  31. ChainOfThought

    New Computer. Mac or PC?

    I like some of ricks videos about what makes songs great and all that, but this one is just asinine. I get that iTunes is pretty universally disliked among power users, I don’t really understand why, but I also don’t consider myself a power user in terms of library upkeep. Every single thing...
  32. ChainOfThought

    New Computer. Mac or PC?

    My .02 was going to be buy the new interface now and update your current computer, see if everything still works great for you. If it does, then you're golden, if not then its time to upgrade. You need the new interface regardless of whether you get a new computer or not, so it makes sense to...
  33. ChainOfThought

    Which poweramp to get for my AX8: Seymour Duncan powerstage vs EHX Magnum 44?

    haha awesome, pretty sure I know who you are then. If I'm not wrong, I bought Rob's Engl and then traded the Marshall cab for your Vaders a while later right before I left the island...I let one of them go like a dumbass a few years back, but the one is still my primary cab 10 years later...
  34. ChainOfThought

    Which poweramp to get for my AX8: Seymour Duncan powerstage vs EHX Magnum 44?

    Ah that’s crazy. I haven’t been on the island since 08, but if you were gigging back then, chances are I probably watched a number of times... Fuji’s and G2G were basically my home on the weekends haha. Used to see fod and liberty risk all the time Small world.
  35. ChainOfThought

    Which poweramp to get for my AX8: Seymour Duncan powerstage vs EHX Magnum 44?

    That looks familiar....is that Fuji's???
  36. ChainOfThought

    Which poweramp to get for my AX8: Seymour Duncan powerstage vs EHX Magnum 44?

    I had a magnum44 for a while. It was alright, but I don't think I'd ever consider it a primary part of a gig rig. It seemed to get loud enough, assuming you're planning on mic'ing up and only using your own cab as stage fill. Biggest thing that always annoyed the hell out of me was not having...
  37. ChainOfThought

    Axe II / Poweramp / Cab question (amp and output settings)

    I've never been one to use a Marshall tone so I don't know much about tweaking those amp models, but for your signal path, use the FX-Loop block to route output2 through the power amp and cab. You can find plenty of threads/pictures on this around here, I just can't look them up right now. You...
  38. ChainOfThought

    Double Amp setup - please advice

    If you can get cleans that you’re ok with without using the amp block (eq, drive pedal, whatever) then just set all that up on a third row and mute both amps and unmute that chain to switch to clean.
  39. ChainOfThought

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Monster Medley

    Next time I come through Dubai I’ll have to teach you a thing or two :cool:o_O Keep em coming maestro.
  40. ChainOfThought

    Using a Matrix and a real cab Marshall 2x12

    I’d be happy to share mine next time I’m around my axe, won’t be until about a week from now. That said, the trouble with sharing presets for traditional cabs is how astoundingly different they sound through different cabs. My presets are set up for a Vader 2x12 with eminence legends. Your...
  41. ChainOfThought

    Live Nation Admits To Scalping Tickets For Bands Like Metallica

    Haha I had to look up the receipt. I only found gojira, turns out I paid 38 total. 26 for the ticket and 11 for service fees (change rounded/chopped off for ease). Soooo yea, still pretty outrageous by percentage. Max occupancy of the venue is between 1500-2000, but the stage floor area...
  42. ChainOfThought

    Live Nation Admits To Scalping Tickets For Bands Like Metallica

    Maybe I’m just lucky in only going to metal/death metal/etc shows, but the last few concerts I’ve been to were headlined by Messhugah, BTBAM, and Gojira (3 separate shows) and I didn’t pay more than 30 bucks a ticket to each one. Was going to try and catch slayer/lamb of god but the timing...
  43. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    You guys are not understanding each other. OP is talking about his company estimating life cycles behind the scenes so that they can plan appropriately for R&D and all that to get the next product out on time. Mayhem is taking his words to imply that OP’s company makes that info public. That...
  44. ChainOfThought

    Expert needed NOW

    It’s a video for the III in the II forum though ;)
  45. ChainOfThought

    Is this achievable within the XL+?

    Man now I want to try. Reverse delay, with the tails running through a pitch shifter and then a fuzz? It looks like that’s basically what’s happening?
  46. ChainOfThought

    How are they getting THAT sound ??

    Are you using hi and lo cuts in the cab block? Typical recommendations for starting points are around 80hz and 8500hz
  47. ChainOfThought

    How are they getting THAT sound ??

    Are you comparing the recorded axefx sound to a recording of your cab through a mic? You might just not be used to actually ‘playing a recorded tone’ if you’ve never isolated your cab in a different room and tracked while listening on headphones or monitors. Mic up your cab and record that...
  48. ChainOfThought

    How are they getting THAT sound ??

    That’s what I do. I can always get a good tone out of my xitone, but 100% of the time when I switch back over the 2x12 setup the xitone gets relegated back to music listening and backing tracks at the rehearsal space. Granted I’m also in 10x15 space with a guy running an engl/mkIV rig into a...
  49. ChainOfThought

    How are they getting THAT sound ??

    Recorded, yes, frfr in the room vs traditional cab in the room though, not so much. Dude is used to running a W/D/W setup, so he’s probably used to a pretty massive tone. The switch from that to direct out/frfr is going to be pretty drastic. Granted I’m getting ahead of myself too, need to...
  50. ChainOfThought

    How are they getting THAT sound ??

    Most of the YouTube demos are probably in a mix, post-processed and/or double tracked. Playing live with an IR, in my experience, never sounds as good as it does when you record it and listen back. I find this true on my 5” studio monitors and on my 12” xitone. If you’re bedroom jamming, play...
  51. ChainOfThought

    Attempting to create a global Reverb bypass switch

    Personally I would just go a little more low tech and copy two versions of all the presets, one with and one without reverb. A global switch would definitely be neat, but alternate presets would be easier for the use case you described imo. Only extra step in your tweaking workflow would be...
  52. ChainOfThought

    Tabletop controller with Axe-Fx II

    Not really sure. They’re usb/midi so you wouldn’t be able to control an axefx/etc. from the descriptions it looks like most of it goes through a software editor for setup so I’m not really sure. Edit: just reread the thread and realized I posted this as a suggestion for an axe controller when...
  53. ChainOfThought

    Forum is faster!

    Just wanted to update since I never did...It seems like there were some more changes to the theme since this little chat, and now I can't really find anything to complain about. Would be super cool to have the option to reduce the font size on the main page so there's less to scroll past...
  54. ChainOfThought

    Tabletop controller with Axe-Fx II

    https://www.musiciansfriend.com/keyboards-midi/behringer-x-touch-mini-ultra-compact-universal-usb-controller?rNtt=Behring%20we%20x%20touch&index=1 https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/behringer-x-touch-universal-control-surface?rNtt=Behring%20we%20x%20touch&index=2 Wonder if you could get...
  55. ChainOfThought

    Forum is faster!

    That’s just what they want you to think...mind games man.
  56. ChainOfThought

    Forum is faster!

    The separate box for every post is the main factor in that. It looks a lot better on mobile than it does on the computer though. I just find my eyes swimming trying to follow the actual thread text without it blending in to all the other things on the box. Keeping in mind, I’m historically...
  57. ChainOfThought

    Forum is faster!

    Not a big fan of the UI, but it does seem snappy. I've never liked it when message boards switch to this 'chat bubble' type interface. The whole thing is just a lot harder on the eyes for me than the way it was before. JMO
  58. ChainOfThought

    "Upgrade" from AX8 to Axe-Fx II mkII

    I 99% don’t regret upgrading from ax8 to a 2xl+. I use the extra horsepower to make more capable presets, and I’ve done things like run a second guitarist through the second amp block for recording at rehearsal and stuff like that. Sometimes I miss the ax8 footswitch functionality, sometimes I...
  59. ChainOfThought

    "A Really Good Price"

    It was posted on my local craigslist a while ago for a more reasonable price...think it was sub 2k, maybe close to 1000$ or something like that. I think these guys on reverb that post exorbitant prices are just looking for offers and letting the item/market show them what price they might get.
  60. ChainOfThought


    First time I heard of these guys was when they were one of the opening acts on a BtBAM tour that me and a buddy went and saw. I expected a flop based on their description of hip hop influence and all that, but I was really blown away. They definitely do have a pretty unique thing going amongst...
  61. ChainOfThought

    Check out this unbelievable jazz piano player!

    I had to google this to make sure it was actually a joke and not some sort of avant garde jazz or some other crap. Brilliant. "They were very nice to do it, and I'm not sure they realized what they were doing until we got there. And then they were mad. But not mad enough to stop altogether. So...
  62. ChainOfThought

    Your Favorite Rake. In A Guitar Solo - String Perpendicular Or String Parallel (aka Scrape)

    Stevie Ray and Clapton immediately cane to mind to me, but I might wrong about Clapton. I think Eric Johnson has a few choice takes in cliffs of Dover? I haven’t listened in a few years so not sure. They sound especially delicious in a nice high gain but slower and bluesy’ish solo, just can’t...
  63. ChainOfThought

    Real Diezel VH4 (pre-amp section) with Axe Setup

    Yeah a lot of times I feel like you don’t actually need the power amp modeling, especially for higher gain tones. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely makes a difference, but sometimes it’s just pretty negligible with the modern high gain amps. Glad it worked out for you. My other suggestion was...
  64. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II XL Plus cabs do not work after update to ARES

    Page 145 in the manual. Press the GLOBAL button on the front panel, CONFIG should be the first of four pages there, but if its not just use the page left/right buttons to find CONFIG and you'll see parameters called POWERAMP MODELING and CABINET MODELING. You want them both to be on assuming...
  65. ChainOfThought

    What are your opinions on running a sim cab into a real cab?

    It’s one of those things that I feel like can sound neat when you’re by yourself, but get into a full band mix and it becomes apparent it’s generally not good. Sure with enough tweaking and whatnot you could probably make it work, but I feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle for no reason...
  66. ChainOfThought

    Speaker Resonance page

    There’s not an easy way to do this globally. The closest you can get to that is using global blocks for your amp block, but that doesn’t apply to scrolling through amp models I have the same issue and all I do is ignore it while auditioning models. When I find one that hits me right and I play...
  67. ChainOfThought

    Am I missing some parameter in the Amp block?

    If you’re in axe edit select the amp block and look bottom right below the level controls.
  68. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Yeah that I believe. Couldn't remember...I swear when I bring it up a bit it adds a bit of gain though, like increasing the level on a clean boost. I haven't messed with it in months, definitely could be completely wrong haha.
  69. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    I didn't really notice a change in gain, but I also only tried the MkIV, Savage & Skull Crusher models. I might have brought the Engl model down a touch on the gain, but I'm constantly fidgeting with that anyways as I can never really decide if I like juuuust a little more or juuuust a little...
  70. ChainOfThought

    Mac Mini for music production. Thoughts?

    I use a 2012/2013 mini with reaper. Heaviest project load is probably Superior drummer split out to multi tracks (usually 8 total for drums) plus 8-16 tracks for guitars and bass. Never slows down a bit. I think it's only got 16gb of RAM, I know the processor is quad core but I don't remember...
  71. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Savage2 is my go-to for brutal/technical stuff. I love the 1 for a more spongey lead tone or something a tad bit softer on big open riffs. I'm curious how you would compare the skull crusher to the engl models, been trying to search the forum but having a hard time finding anything beyond short...
  72. ChainOfThought

    Axe 2 and 2x12 in mono

    I agree with Rick. And I would assume its not the power amp, or at least that it wouldn't be causing this problem. If its putting out a signal that will power one speaker, that same signal would power both speakers regardless of how the poweramp is set. The issue seems to be with your cab...
  73. ChainOfThought

    Axe Fx II Final Update - Breaking News!

    Fractal should sell their product at a loss to the European market just because of the taxes imposed on them by the governments there? Yea no that makes sense you're probably right and it's some sort of animosity on their part.
  74. ChainOfThought

    Do you use any of the xitone modes besides FRFR?

    I've only used my XiTone a little bit as my traditional 2x12 does better for my particular scenario. That said, I feel like the teeter defeat (pad? Whatever) switch on mine is particularly effective when playing with another guitarist who is using a traditional rig. You still get the bulk of...
  75. ChainOfThought

    Wish Masked scenes

    I think it's a good idea, or at least an interesting one to consider. I can see it getting a little complicated if you want a block to be affected by scene X-Z but not A-D etc. Would almost need checkboxes 1-8 for each block referring to the 8 scenes... If that scene isn't checked then the...
  76. ChainOfThought

    Tell me what amps you DON'T prefer!

    Anything other than high gain I pretty much just pick one in the ballpark and roll...usually the shiver clean and one of the oranges for crunchy stuff. High gain...like others have said it’s not so much about the models as it is the tone I’m after. I can tell the marshalls and Friedman’s are...
  77. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    incompatible due to axe2 is not axe3. The presets are completely different from the ground up. Maybe they’ll make ares presets for axe2, but i would be surprised if they sink even more time into this after the firmware is done. Likely you’ll just need to go tweak things you want to use. I...
  78. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    I typically don't respond to these threads unless I have a question about the firmware, I figure there's usually already enough posts with the 'wow thanks this is amazing' that I have to scroll past. That said, holy shit, incredible what you hand out to us when the AxeII is officially a...
  79. ChainOfThought

    Weird guitar picking techniques

    I used to pick like ola until he posted a video of it somewhere and I realized I was holding it backwards. Now I hold it what I think is the ‘normal’ way and I have a hard time going back. I will say that the backwards angle made triplets and tight palm mutes super easy, but now it tired my...
  80. ChainOfThought

    Angle Severe question

    I’m pretty sure the 1/2 is for the rough/smooth mode switch. Contour is just a mid-shaping push button on the amp. Edit: I stand corrected, you’re right, both models are in rough mode and then contour on/off for 1/2. Had it backwards. Edited again: got my hands on the engl manual and it...
  81. ChainOfThought

    Angle Severe question

    I've been using this one as my primary for a while now. Every now and then I like to set it up to match the last settings I took pictures of when I still owned the real thing. I'm pretty sure I've got all the different knobs and settings figured out as far as matching up the model to the real...
  82. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx 2 XL+ Compatibility with Amp Sim Software?

    No sweat. If you quote my post in your response I get a notification to look at the thread. So just do that when you get to the next hangup and I'll pop back in. I'm overseas right now but I might have a preset stored on my cloud that I can upload for you at some point too. None of mine are...
  83. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx 2 XL+ Compatibility with Amp Sim Software?

    I do a lot of reading around here when I'm looking for something specific, and couple that with just going through and spinning knobs one at a time from one extreme to the other and see what effect it has. Go over to the tech notes section and there are a ton of threads from Cliff himself going...
  84. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx 2 XL+ Compatibility with Amp Sim Software?

    I don't do a whole lot with ir's. I bought the Misha cab pack from ml sound labs and typically just pick one or two, set the low cut around maybe 80hz and the high cut anywhere from 6-8.5khz. I haven't messed with any of the other cab block settings. Basically just scroll through them until...
  85. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx 2 XL+ Compatibility with Amp Sim Software?

    My favorite is the angle severe, both 1 and 2 are absolutely awesome. I usually use a boost because I like the character of it but it's not necessary. I think right now I'm using ts808 mod, all default but drive zero or .1 and level maybe around 7. On the amp I drop the presence a few hairs...
  86. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx 2 XL+ Compatibility with Amp Sim Software?

    Dig a little more on the axe. I play pretty much only metal, mostly death/melo-death type stuff, and I find it pretty easy to get amazing metal tones out of the axe. Way easier than any plugin I've used, and I've used a lot of them. Why not post up a preset you've been having trouble with...
  87. ChainOfThought

    Apple you're losing me.....

    Fair points, iTunes on PC does blow and the current version of the Music app is also less than stellar. I've gotten to where I don't mind the app as much as when they first changed it, but that's just familiarity and not any indication of starting to like it. As far as file structure, you can...
  88. ChainOfThought

    Apple you're losing me.....

    I don't really understand the hate with iTunes. I've been using it since 05 when I got my first Mac and never really have much issue with it. It's gotten to the point now with iCloud that I never plug my phone into the computer, never need to manage anything through iTunes, etc etc. My music...
  89. ChainOfThought

    Marshall 1922 cab has Celestion G12T-75 speakers

    I'm a pretty big fan of Avatar legend series, specifically the V12. I don't think I've owned an "actual" V12, but I've had a few from Avatar which are "closely based on the V12" and also from Vader. They're generally regarded as similar to a v30 but smoother without that big mid spike. And...
  90. ChainOfThought

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I'm thrilled with this so far. I've only had about an hour to mess with it, but on my main angle severe patch it just seems overall better. In q10 I was getting kind of annoyed at not finding a balance between so little gain that it lost balls & bite and so much gain that it was out of control...
  91. ChainOfThought

    Line6 Powercab 112

    There have been some threads on it in the Amps & Cabs section I think...somewhere around there. Seemed like it was a mixed bag of reviews. Where are you located? If you can get your hands on XiTone they're a great piece at a good price. I have the passive 12 and its pretty awesome.
  92. ChainOfThought

    Changing the Tone...

    That makes sense. Yeah you're going to have a very different tone coming from the cab versus the FOH. Imagine putting a real guitar amp on stage, putting a mic in front of it and sending that microphone out to FOH--basically the standard gig setup since forever. That's what you're mimicking...
  93. ChainOfThought

    Changing the Tone...

    I'm having a really hard time understanding your setup. I thought you had FOH-FRFR coming out of out1 and then your stage monitor (matrix and 1922) coming from output 2. In that case, you definitely want the cab block at the end of the chain, right where it is in the picture you posted. This...
  94. ChainOfThought

    Changing the Tone...

    What kind of changes are you expecting from the fx loop block? There's really nothing there but a mixer and you shouldn't really need to mess with that anyways. What's wrong with your tone? Do you have good FOH sound but bad tone in your Marshall cab? We might be able to help you better if we...
  95. ChainOfThought

    Apple you're losing me.....

    iCloud is overpriced? I pay 3 bucks for 200gb, don't think it's a whole lot more to go up to a terabyte I just don't have need for that storage. And implementation? I take a photo on my phone or add something to my library oh the iPad or computer and typically within a minute or two that...
  96. ChainOfThought

    Are these Axe-Fx 2 hardware limitations?

    I see this logic thrown around a lot, here's the flaw. You paid 2500$ (Or whatever, number is irrelevant) and only got three firmware updates before the end, you're upset about that because you feel like firmware updates are part of the fractal experience. So you feel like you should have...
  97. ChainOfThought

    A question of sound Good...

    It just depends on your own priority. Some people don't care what the foh sounds like, they only worry about what "they" sound like however they hear themselves. In your case that would refer to your amp and cab. Generally speaking from a professional's standpoint (which I'm not, and never...
  98. ChainOfThought

    Just thinking....

    I can post one for you tomorrow but it might not help much. Should also mention my patches are pretty much exclusively high-gain death-metal type stuff right now. I don't have anything thats edge of breakup, clean or anything else like that... Another big thing to look into is low frequency...
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