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  1. dpeterson

    6.01 vs 5.09b

    "improvements" at this point are bordering on inaudible, at least to me. I wonder what is left to squeeze out of it?
  2. dpeterson

    Today I Am Still A Senior Citizen.

    old as balls.... here's to many more years.
  3. dpeterson

    [closed] Have there been any more 6.x beta sightings ?

    Anyone who had the issue have a full backup they could send in?
  4. dpeterson

    Insight into the Mesa amps...

    Playing with tonestack location also can change amps into something totally different. More stuff you cant do in the real world.... easily.
  5. dpeterson

    Back from Afghanistan!

    Nice! Welcome home.
  6. dpeterson

    Wireless unit w/ volume pedal & FC

    Run from wireless into axe input. Run the cable out to the fc, hook pedal to the fc?
  7. dpeterson

    Is that an..... ULTRA? (Adrian Belew)

    that people are selling for under $400 ;)
  8. dpeterson

    Any new FM3 videos coming?

    they will eventually change it to the animated one on the III and someone will complain they dont have the text scrolling, and want that added as a user option ;)
  9. dpeterson

    Friedman HBE 2018!

    One of them is owned by Mark Day I believe.
  10. dpeterson

    How do I build a nice, clear proggy rhythm tone

    Sounds like they have some more gain, maybe hit the input boost, and turn your volume down on the guitar a bit, and then pull up when the band comes in.
  11. dpeterson

    How do I build a nice, clear proggy rhythm tone

    Start with one of the mesas mark's series, and add a couple ML stock cabs, 57 and 421 or 121 mic. That's a great album too :)
  12. dpeterson

    Help deciding Suhr vs JP6

    I’m personally not a fan of satin finishes. You end up polishing sections up from playing and you have shiny spots.
  13. dpeterson

    Truck Bed Liner Spray?

    I bought a road case.
  14. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Won't Power Up

    no, one way.
  15. dpeterson

    Fractal Sounds Different in FOH?

    It's nearly impossible to get the same thing going. It's why people stress the importance of a good FRFR speaker. All pa's will sound different.
  16. dpeterson

    My Dad Tries the III

    Awesome video. Looks like he's having a blast. You also look just like him.
  17. dpeterson

    Looking for a little help/guidance with my Ibanez guitar

    Cut a piece of wood to fit exactly in the spot between the body and the trem block in the back section, and glue it in. This will be visible to nobody. You will have a lot more trouble getting the neck route just right and all that lined up and fitting. IMHO.
  18. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Won't Power Up

    be thankful it happened where / when it did :)
  19. dpeterson

    Best custom in ears - advice needed?

    All of the custom brands are all on par with each other, personal choice seldom is made from experience with different brands, so someone will say X is the best, without any comparison. Find what has the specs you need, and the price point you require. Custom molds are always better than...
  20. dpeterson

    Anyone using an RJM Mastermind?

    Gt16 here, was with me before the III and will be after. I'm not interested in controllers that only work with one brand. Big led screens are great as well.
  21. dpeterson

    Nice words from Devin Townsend about the Axe-Fx III

    He is at making hit songs and money :)
  22. dpeterson

    Guitar and tennis elbow?

    Worse comes to worse, a cortisone shot does wonders... cant do a lot of them. I had one in each elbow over the years and it's a miracle. Oh, it hurts like hell too.
  23. dpeterson

    Paul Gilbert new album

    It’s like he’s regressing. :/
  24. dpeterson

    White Screen of Death

    Thanks bud. Just hate shipping when not needed like anyone lol.
  25. dpeterson

    White Screen of Death

    They made me send mine in. $45 shipping yippee. I have 2 years in electronics school. That would have been helpful information.
  26. dpeterson

    White Screen of Death

    Contact support, nothing you can do. Mine happened at a gig :/
  27. dpeterson

    Wait on FM3 or get something else?

    Axe8’s will drop like a rock once the new one is out. But then again maybe not.
  28. dpeterson

    Bacon Bacon Bacon

    And you don’t say what it is? Come on lol.
  29. dpeterson

    Wish FREQOUT pedal

    What about mark days feedback trick from a few years ago?
  30. dpeterson

    iPad with Peterson tuner set up

    +1 on the Peterson cable.
  31. dpeterson

    Pete Thorn's video about the length of an IR?

    So much for his unbiased reviews. He’s selling an amp. The same argument could probably be brought up against tubes vs modeling. There is still something some people hear with tubes that they won’t even try modeling.
  32. dpeterson

    RJM Mastermind GT vs. the competition?

    Love the liquid foot stuff, had a jr, to a pro to a 12+. Screens are a godsend; however the size was too small for me. I went to the gt16 and it's perfect for me, can see a mile away, in the sun, does anything i need, and support is second to none. It's also not proprietary like the FC's...
  33. dpeterson

    Who listens to music with their Axe-Fx?

    Sounds like a possible idea for a product :)
  34. dpeterson

    Matte Jazz III picks

    I thought it was a good idea with the grip on the pick's, i got some 2mm dunlops with grip since I've used the purple ones for so many years. Well upon using, I realized how much I move the pick around in my fingers, and is part of my technique. With the grip it was much more difficult to...
  35. dpeterson

    Wireless issues. Any suggestions ?

    I wonder if you turned more than one transmitter on what would happen? first one grabs it?
  36. dpeterson

    Wireless issues. Any suggestions ?

    why would you have more than one on at a time? i'd like to get an extra pack so i dont have to change straps. but you still have to fumble turning one on and the other off.
  37. dpeterson

    Couldn’t wait - bought Axe-Fx III

    The III stomps the FM3, as much as i hate this term it apply's ... horses for courses.
  38. dpeterson

    Best $20....

    you have your backup guitar and it's out of tune from sitting under hot lights from the first band.....
  39. dpeterson

    Best $20....

    what about in a loud environment on a dark stage?
  40. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    Select a different amp and then back to the same one.
  41. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    I always reset the amps, even though they says it’s not necessary. Combinations of stuff can make it sound off.
  42. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    Man trolls are out in full force as of late.
  43. dpeterson

    Need help with wireless selection

    Shure glx here. Love it, no batteries ever again.
  44. dpeterson

    Best $20....

    I have a black and decker cordless screwdriver with a stringwinder head on it, it's a godsend especially with 3x3 tuning pegs.
  45. dpeterson

    Problem Updating to 5.07

    Try downloading the firmware and unzipping it and selecting it vs downloading via fractal bot if that's how you are doing it.
  46. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    Generic, as I do not not have an FC, and it was a lot better to me. Surprised actually it's not more of a bigger deal.
  47. dpeterson

    Place to buy strings at discount?

    Strings and Beyond has deals from time to time. I get their 3 pack of elixirs when they come up.
  48. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    Ok preset switching is a lot faster. Whatever you did, thank you, it's very very good now.
  49. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    I'm guessing the firmwares for a while will be FC slanted... to be expected. Cant wait to try the switching time improvements!
  50. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.07

    5.07 Improved Preset/Scene/Channel switching time. Fixed wrong default Cathode Follower Compression values for Brit JVM and JS410 amp models. Fixed AES/SPDIF input shifted by one bit causing clipping at -6 dBFS. FC: Added support for stand-in switches (assign external switches to perform a...
  51. dpeterson

    Greatest band of all time?

    Price is going to spike on v-amps.
  52. dpeterson

    Gibson Turning Around?

    Americans want American made guitars at made overseas prices, yet want paid an American wage.... go figure. That aside, I think it's a step in the right direction, just if you are charging a premium price there better be something obvious for said price.
  53. dpeterson

    Pedal Board Case Planning

    Velcro comes off. My rjm gt16 is Velcro’d down as was my liquidfoots and axes fx1 before it.
  54. dpeterson

    Greatest band of all time?

    What version of vamp am I using?
  55. dpeterson

    Greatest band of all time?

    V-Amp it is :(
  56. dpeterson

    Malmsteen chord progression

    Yep it usually only takes 2 or 3 posts before the fat / donut jokes come rolling in. :/
  57. dpeterson

    Splitting a signal after a wireless unit

    +1 need a buffer / splitter. I have a tried and true Axess BF2, no longer made but I think there are a few other brands out there... Mario went to work for Mesa and they have some, here is another...
  58. dpeterson

    RIP “Chewie”

  59. dpeterson

    Rack panel with Axe-Fx 3?

    The input from the panel and the output from the wireless go to the switch. Out of the switch goes to the rear input on the axe. So i can just flip the switch and use the wireless or plug in the back.
  60. dpeterson

    Rack panel with Axe-Fx 3?

    Thanks.... No it's a mixer stand I believe, i'll have to find the model number Quik Lok WS-540 . It's adjustable in a few directions. Now that I have my case for my CLR it doesn't sit underneath it at gigs usually, as the case makes it a bit too wide for that stand.
  61. dpeterson

    Rack panel with Axe-Fx 3?

    There is a power strip in there to power everything, so I just pull out the one power plug up to the monitor and go. I wired in the switch to switch between my wireless and my regular input, so it's really easy to switch to gig mode. The front I wired a switch for the wireless power, as I...
  62. dpeterson

    Rack panel with Axe-Fx 3?

    This is how I ended up doing mine.
  63. dpeterson

    Why would anyone sell their Axe-Fx 3 if it's so great?

    I personally would never sell my axeIII for an FM3. Small size blah blah.. who cares. I can do boatloads of stuff with the III that the FM3 cant dream of. Makes no sense to me. I'd like to have an FM3 as a grab and go but that's it, it's not replacing anything.
  64. dpeterson

    FM3 hot questions (and, hopefully, answers)

    Some people use two amps at once as well to blend sounds, mimic gear guys used in the studio, as stacking amps is common.
  65. dpeterson

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Capacitor shortage.
  66. dpeterson

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Change is hard. Was so used to the older windows it was a brutal switch. We did at work then I did at home, now when I use the older one it feels like a dinosaur. As for the start menu, it needs a re-do, i just end up pinning stuff to the taskbar or searching for everything.
  67. dpeterson

    FM3: When?

    Well the whole FC shortage is due to capacitor shortage, and that is still going on, so personally I wouldn't think before christmas at this point.
  68. dpeterson

    Might finally jump into the Fractal world due to the FM3

    Welcome aboard... lots of options, lots of opinions... Do a few searches, lots of conversations about this. Short answer is, It's going to have to be something you try and see what works for you.
  69. dpeterson

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    The whole "end of life" term just induces panic IMHO. The boxes aren't going to explode at midnight. Lots of bands still touring on them. Some other products ship and never get updates, nobody cares.
  70. dpeterson

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    they make converters though, spdif to xlr.
  71. dpeterson

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    It's not for everyone. Clearly just another option in the ever expanding product line. Personally I'd love one as a backup, or quick pickup and go.
  72. dpeterson

    Xitone - Michael Britt ((Matrix or Dayton) or both?)

    I live in Dayton. :)
  73. dpeterson

    King's X

    It’s an elite strat into a lab series l5 with a midi verb 2 when he had chorus on. His clean was just the volume knob turned down. The L5 has been ask for since the first axe fx.
  74. dpeterson

    Looking for a new mixer for live sound. Advice please

    I used an X32. 16 for foh, routed to16 for monitors. All in the routing, you can do whatever you want.
  75. dpeterson

    Recto2 Red... Modern vs Vintage

    On modern setting the depth control does nothing, on vintage it works. is this by design? i did a search and didn't turn up anything. Latest firmware, edit...
  76. dpeterson

    Dark stage solutions

    Some guys use those little led goose neck book reading thingys.
  77. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.06

    Wow that green channel really stays clean :)
  78. dpeterson

    Wish Tuner: Add drop tuning functionality similar to Peterson tuners

    The way it does it on the peterson tuner is, it shows the transposition number ie "-1, -2" or positive down in the left hand area. So you can see something is changed. It really is just a nice to have, but I use it all the time on my peterson tuner.. easier for me. Would naturally be an...
  79. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.06

    Nice...:) , loading up now.
  80. dpeterson

    New GOT Fenders!

    Books schmooks, everyone says that (book vs movie) so it should just be assumed at this point... the series is great. sad it's ending.
  81. dpeterson

    What aftermarket MIDI controller are you using?

    More than happy. I only run one midi cable out to my board. Over the years I’ve stayed away from controllers that only work with one product.
  82. dpeterson

    Is 10" depth case good enough?

    none ;) i converted all my connections to right angle as I cant stand stuff sticking out of the back of my rack. so now they are not protruding out.
  83. dpeterson

    DIY for Axe-Fx III Foot Controller

    Looks killer, are you going to be selling kits or what is the deal?
  84. dpeterson

    Devin Townsend

    IMHO more unlistenable every album. Like he’s loosing his mind.
  85. dpeterson

    Blocked videos on YouTube lately?

    who doesn't?
  86. dpeterson

    Blocked videos on YouTube lately?

    Yeah but they are not free lessons are they? they are getting money off the monetization. It makes sense, it's just that it's been overlooked for so long that it's become the norm, now it's getting yanked, and the gravy train is ending for some making a living off it, the butthurt ensues.
  87. dpeterson

    Are third party IRs necessary?

    I'd exhaust what is available in the unit first, unless there is an ir not in there that is specific to your tone or some kind of nostalgic purpose.
  88. dpeterson

    My new song "Dust in the wind" (based on Bogner Ubershall)

    Nice playing and tone... side note everyone should do this, and flood youtube, popular song titles and a completely different song... would drive those clowns mad.
  89. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    For what it’s worth I didn’t download from fractal bot and my axe is fine.
  90. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Digging it so far, the presence shift seems to not do what he says in the videos.. he describes it as a way to be less harsh, effecting the top end, what i'm hearing is almost like a deep boost, low end comes in with the presence shift, is this what it's supposed to be doing?
  91. dpeterson

    In Stock today?

    that will be quite the upgrade.
  92. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    So red = channel 3? stoked to get home and try.
  93. dpeterson

    Touring preset breakdown

    Awesome.. thanks... nice gig btw :)
  94. dpeterson

    Why did you sell your CLR?

    Custom, from a local case company.
  95. dpeterson

    Why did you sell your CLR?

    hence the roadcase.. man it's nice, zero worries on it now, and i can use to push other gear around.
  96. dpeterson

    Why did you sell your CLR?

    Still have my neo, just had an ata case made for it so you could say i'm in for the long haul :) Not sure about the sterile comments, i think it all comes down to how you dial it in. Anything can be made to sound crappy.
  97. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III power conditioner or voltage regulator?

    I use a Rockn Stompn RS-4, with a footswitch to turn off and on. it's a sequential power supply, so never again a loud pop out of my monitors. Also has surge protection for what it's worth.
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