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  1. Jiffzillla

    Just in case you needed a reason to pull your hair out...

    Eddie Trunk/Fractal Audio content. Watch at your own peril.
  2. Jiffzillla

    NBD Steve Harris Signature Fender P-Bass

    The classic low end generator of Iron Maiden. Sparkly blue and I love the way this thing looks! It comes strung with flat wound strings as these are what Harris uses as well. A different playing experience for sure. The neck on this thing is MASSIVE. Played it for a couple hours the other night...
  3. Jiffzillla

    Iron Maiden vocalist in a dogfight @ Sonisphere

    Ok, I'm a huge Iron Maiden fan, so I may be a bit biased. But this is just plain cool! Bruce Dickinson flew a WWI replica tri-plane in a mock dogfight high above the Sonisphere crowd on Saturday afternoon prior to Maiden hitting the stage. Not your average metal gig to say the least! LOL Any of...
  4. Jiffzillla

    NGD Taylor T5z Pro in a beautiful blue. :)

    Had a red Taylor T5 Custom since 2009. Found this on Sweetwater.com and I had to have it. (I'm a sucker for blue guitars.) So I sold the older T5 Custom and threw the money at this T5z Pro. Very similar to the old one, but it's a 12" neck radius rather than 15" on my previous T5. And it's got...
  5. Jiffzillla

    Cliff!!...Bogner Triple Giant Preamp #11 of only 25 made

    Didn't know if you'd ever tried to get your hands on one. But I figured it couldn't hurt to pass along this info. :) Bogner Triple Giant Preamp #11
  6. Jiffzillla

    For any curious George Lynch fans

    This is from a thread on Gearslutz.com. This is a quote from that thread from Michael Wagener, who produced "Under Lock and Key" for Dokken. The following is his description of how they got George's guitar sound for that album. If you can keep your head from spinning, you're one step ahead of...
  7. Jiffzillla

    Fractal-Bot Version Quandry

    Looking on my computer today just verifying that I have the latest version of Fractal-Bot. Saw that I had version 1.2.0 and the latest version is 1.2.5. Uninstalled 1.2.0 and downloaded/installed 1.2.5 from the Fractal website. Funny thing is that after doing this, version still shows 1.2.0...
  8. Jiffzillla

    For my people in the Valley of the Sun

    Guitar show in Tempe, AZ Saturday, March 23, 2013 6221 S. Maple Ave. Tempe, AZ 85283 Open to the public 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM I'll be there wearing my Fractal shirt just to piss off the tube snobs. :)
  9. Jiffzillla

    Goofy Nonsense Question

    I usually don't chase these kinds of things down, but I can't help it this time. Just a damn cool noise. Anybody know what the effect is that Yngwie's using here? Yngwie Malmsteen Guitar Solo and "Bouree" - YouTube You can just watch the last 40 seconds of the video to hear the effect I'm...
  10. Jiffzillla

    September issue of Guitar world is chock full o' Fractal

    Starting with Steve Vai and Tosin Abasi on the cover and moving on to Rush, Meshuggah, and Periphery as the featured articles that are advertised on the cover, Fractal Audio Systems is well represented in this issue. The Axe-Fx is no longer on the fringes of the guitar community. It's...
  11. Jiffzillla

    Whoops...bad day.

    This is awesome unless you're this guy. Air Guitar. - YouTube
  12. Jiffzillla

    Preview of the new Steve Vai record. Available 8/14/2012

    Pretty cool. I'm digging it quite a bit. A lot more visceral than he's been in recent years. Loving that Daphne Blue Jem in a few of the still shots too! Check it out! Steve Vai - "Gravity Storm" Preview from his upcoming solo album "The Story of Light" - YouTube
  13. Jiffzillla

    Question about upgrading firmware the old school way

    I've had an Ultra since March of 2008 and just received my Axe II last week. Through all the time with my Ultra, I never had any issues upgrading the firmware. Many others did. After reading many posts concerning the upgrading of firmware for all Fractal Audio units, most of the issues seem to...
  14. Jiffzillla

    Volume for SPDIF Out

    So after owning the Ultra for three years, I finally got around to connecting it to my Digi 003 Factory via the RCA SPDIF connection. Everything is working fine and sounds great, but I'm wondering if there's a dedicated output volume control for the SPDIF out, as the Out 1 and 2 on the face of...
  15. Jiffzillla

    Anyone in Phoenix with Atomic powered wedges?

    I've had my Ultra for almost three years now and have been using a Carvin TS100 power amp with two 4x12 cabs. I'm thinking about going FRFR, and just wanted to see if there's anyone in the Phoenix area who has one (or a pair) of the Atomic powered wedges that I might be able to check out. Thanks!
  16. Jiffzillla

    MFC-101 finally about ready to drop!

    Posted by Fractal Audio on Facebook about 28 minutes ago. "MFC-101 Update! The pilot run is here - looking fantastic and now in final quality testing. The main production run is arriving and will start shipping later this month. We can't wait to unleash this thing!" ...and smiles were had by...
  17. Jiffzillla

    Cleartone strings customer service = great!

    I know we all appreciate the level of customer service that we receive from Fractal Audio Systems, so I thought I'd give some love to another company who went above and beyond with me recently. At the suggestion of a friend of mine who is a salesperson at Guitar Center, I started using...
  18. Jiffzillla

    Sappy post/song alert. You've been warned.

    Ok, so the woman I wanted to grow old with decided to throw in the towel about a month ago and I'm trying to win her back. No drama. Nobody cheated, lied, stole. Nothing like that. Not sure what happened. Just know I have to have her back and I'm posting this here just to send it out to the...
  19. Jiffzillla

    ZZ Top "Fool For Your Stockings" clean tone

    This one of my favorite clean tones ever. If glass were a sound, this is what it would sound like. Just beautiful. Pretty sure the guitar used is of huge importance here. Don't know what was used on the recording though. My guess would be a Strat or a Tele. Not sure which. Any ideas for a...
  20. Jiffzillla

    Queensryche "Operation: Mindcrime" era clean

    Looking for those cleaner than clean tones that are found all over the Operation: Mindcrime album. Examples would be the second half of the intro to "Revolution Calling" and the verses of "I Don't Believe In Love". Would love to nail these tones. Thanks! :)
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