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  1. CrunchyBob

    Marking cables!

    Similar note: In my Data Center we use Brady ID label makers with wire-wrap labels. Not any cheaper, but our cables have neat labels wrapped around the various cables. They're fairly gummy and take a little effort to remove. This thread reminded me of a friend who ended each of his cables with...
  2. CrunchyBob

    Using preamp from fractal and power amp from tube head

    Here's how I run my Boogie MK4 with 4CM. I use the AFX's USA Clean so I can optimize the amp's R2 settings and switch out the model with the FX loop for the MK4's preamp based upon scenes. Output goes into the MK4's FX return. I've been experimenting with the PA modelling on the Clean Model both...
  3. CrunchyBob

    Any Mike Judge Fans?

    I grew up in suburban Houston so I can really relate :-) I believe that KoH is supposed to be suburban Dallas.
  4. CrunchyBob

    Any Mike Judge Fans?

    I have to admit, I'm looking a little like Beavis in my mid-50s, But with more head and facial hair.
  5. CrunchyBob

    NGD: 2009 PRS SC245

    My 2008 SC245 weighs less than my Cu24... pretty sure it's weight relieved. There were some pics floating around TGP I believe that had some x-rays with the Swiss-cheese looking relief holes in the mahogany. I replaced the volume pots as the originals were reading about 425K. It came with 50's...
  6. CrunchyBob

    A 120,000W amplifier for $2,200,000

    Paging Manowar.... "Death to false metal"
  7. CrunchyBob

    Suggestions for instrumental classic rock?

    Check out The Meters.... a proto-funk quartet from New Orleans. 'Cissy Strut' may be their best known. A lot of room for stretching out, especially if people are dancing.
  8. CrunchyBob


    PSA - This is currently available on Hulu, to my surprise. :D
  9. CrunchyBob

    Julia or Terdragon curve?

    Looks like a Julia to me.... then again its been at least 25 years since I took acid and watched fractal videos. :cool: The FAS logo I recognized as a Julia variant right off the bat.... very interesting mathematics in this realm.
  10. CrunchyBob

    Using a NAS system for multitrack recording

    Keep working files local.... look at an utility called ROBOCOPY for uploading to a backup medium, if on Windows. There's a command line switch to mirror (/MIR) your working directories to the NAS.
  11. CrunchyBob

    School me on Strats

    Late to the thread, but the best thing I ever did to my Strat (Late 70's, 3 screw bolt-on, pencil thin neck, tiny frets, nice low end though) was do the Blender Mod - Volume, Tone and Blend pots.
  12. CrunchyBob

    Where can I get these Floyd Rose "speedy loaders"?

    Exactly... I used to have a pretty heavy right hand and 9/10 times the break was right at the bridge. Plus, I have always blocked my Floyd for down-only action and never went out of tune when the string broke.
  13. CrunchyBob

    Where can I get these Floyd Rose "speedy loaders"?

    +1 - I've been doing that w/ my Floyd since the 80's.... Gawd, I'm old.
  14. CrunchyBob

    Powering MFC-101 into Axe II

    Plain old RJ-45 Ethernet cable.... keeps it simple. Just make sure you don't accidentally plug a USB cable into the RJ-45 port on the back of the Axe2
  15. CrunchyBob

    What is your favorite beer?

    SE Pennsylvania here.... Yuengling is OK when family/friends are over. Actually gives me an upset stomach after 4-5 bottles (don't know why). Keeps me from buying Bud/Coors/Miller. Not bad for an adjunct brewer though. Victory Golden Monkey is my usual and is cheaper than actual Belgian Tripel...
  16. CrunchyBob

    Guitar Fall - Emotional?

    I have a PRS Custom 24 10 Top that was in near mint shape (2000-ish). A buddy came over to record and after he checked out my new axe, took it off and banged the tip of the headstock on the ceiling of my basement, taking a chunk of paint off the tip. Ugghh! Anyhow, its got several nicks and...
  17. CrunchyBob

    Linseed Oil

    I've been using this for 30+ years. I figured that if it was good enough for my wooden clarinet from Junior High, it's OK for my rosewood fretboards.
  18. CrunchyBob

    Great Music Movies To Stream?

    Amazon Prime: Hired Hands, and the Zappa live @ the Roxy show is amazing (just to watch Ruth Underwood's mastery of mallet percussion if nothing else). Hulu: Jaco, The Wrecking Crew
  19. CrunchyBob

    Rotovibe/ Univibe sounds

    For more 'Throb', try setting Bulb Bias to something like 2.50. YMMV
  20. CrunchyBob

    NGD: PRS Paul's "Dirty" top Artist in Jade.

    Beautiful... How are those (I guess) Narrowfield pickups? P90-ish without the hum? I'd be all over that. Once again, gorgeous.
  21. CrunchyBob

    How to make 1 guitar sound like 2?

    Couldn't help it.... Danny Danzi posted about this a while ago... in a nutshell use Double Delay, set Delay 1 as 1 Msec panned L and Delay 2 as @ 30 Msec panned R. Set to 100% wet. Maybe modulate Delay 2 with LFO.
  22. CrunchyBob

    Sustain without compression?

    Aww, man, cannot do on an a FX II :(. Was looking forward to checking this out. Oooh, gonna tray Output Comp in the Amp Block(?) 🤔
  23. CrunchyBob

    Help Me Buy a Bass?

    I have a Squier Precision Bass (Actually a P/J) that I picked up for @ $200 a few years back... Sounds pretty good and plays well.
  24. CrunchyBob

    Hmmmm, bias point...

    As a (still) AFX II user who doesn't check this sub-forum too much for FOMO, I've been playing with this, especially for low amd mid gain drive tones. Moving many amps to 0.7 like plexis and tweeds has added some punch for lack of a better term. Modern Amps and High Gainers still seem best at...
  25. CrunchyBob

    Prog - like you have no idea!

    They're Fantastic! I've been aware of them for a couple of years now. Prog with horns is something I never knew I'd need. :cool:
  26. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Thank you!!! I knew it was a good idea to work from home today. ;)
  27. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Thank you Cliff (and Co.) for this update and upcoming closure. This purchase one of two of the best pieces of musical gear I have ever purchased (my PRS is the other) and still to this day I say "I F'in love this thing" when I switch it off.
  28. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.00 Firmware Release

    Wow, did not expect this so quickly - Many thanks!
  29. CrunchyBob

    Late 70's Marshall JMP Master Model 50w Mk2. Lead

    Not a schematic, but a nice little write up... https://www.guitarplayer.com/gear/classic-gear-the-1979-marshall-jmp502204-master-model
  30. CrunchyBob

    My setup needs validation please !!!!

    This way works for me, provides some flexibility and may give you some ideas. My older 1602 (does not have the stereo channels) would be like this: Setup: 1602 -> M-Audio Delta 1010 (8 Analog In & OUt) -> 1602 -> Monitors 1602 Channel Assignments: Chan 1-2: Mic/XLR ins Chan 3-4: Guitar/Line...
  31. CrunchyBob

    How exactly do I assign quick controlls?

    The levels are not available to any modifiers. You can put Volume/Pan blocks last in the chain, though. Then you can do it.
  32. CrunchyBob

    Love the new profile pic... I get it on many levels :-)

    Love the new profile pic... I get it on many levels :-)
  33. CrunchyBob

    SPDIF coaxial cable?

    I have a pair of the 15 footers.... they work just fine.
  34. CrunchyBob

    Dialing in a Les Paul

    Do you have 500K Volume/Tone Potentiometers? I believe there are many LPs in the wild with 300K Pots out there.
  35. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    I personally believe we are witnessing evolution in action...
  36. CrunchyBob

    Too much gain

    Maybe you should look at your pickup adjustments... raise the pole piece(s) for the lower string and maybe back off the pickup(s) in general for the higher strings.
  37. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    A Big Smooch to Cliff and FAS from this Mk II owner!
  38. CrunchyBob

    So, about those factory presets...

    Loaded them up tonight for grins (1st time since V9???)... Kudos to all that worked on them! Bank A is soooo much better! (Based upon sampling 40-50% of them). Levels are better, Bass is under control, and (to me) less over the top gain. I can see many of these would be usable right out of the...
  39. CrunchyBob

    VIDEO: HAAS Delay and how to use it

    Thanks for the tips Danny. I tried to do ADT before, but ended up with a little mess of splits/pans/mixers (Dry L and Delayed R). I would've never thought to just do 1ms (not even a noticeable delay) on one side of the Dual DDL and set to 100% wet. Need to check out M@tt's chorus method as well.
  40. CrunchyBob

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Dirty Shirley (Friedman Dirty Shirley)

    I just spent over an hour and a half revisiting my DS patch for the 1st time since Q2... that mic combo was already selected (ML PR75) and found no need to change it. After Quantum, the patch name 'Choco Shake' fits the sound... Thick and Rich!
  41. CrunchyBob

    Less treble on full vol

    Another idea is to tie that a scene controller (or modifier of your choice) to the Input Trim. Roll it back, or push it, for an idealized volume control.
  42. CrunchyBob

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit 800 and Brit 800 Mod (Marshall JCM 800)

    Does anybody know what the differences were between the JCM 800 MV models and the Late 70's versions? As far as I remember, the 70's versions seemed warmer, albeit with less gain, perhaps.
  43. CrunchyBob

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit JM45 (Marshall JTM 45)

    Love this model... however not sure where to set the LF parameter to emulate the 2x12 combo. I use the OH 2x12 Alnico SIlver IR with some Speaker Drive, Dephase and Motor Drive turned up a little. Any ideas? Use the 10% rule (in this case 82.5Hz)? Thanks in advance... Could've had a mid-70's...
  44. CrunchyBob

    Apparent UI Complaints

    Or an old Roland JV-2080 synth in Performance mode or a Yamaha A3000 sampler... the Fractal UI is logical and not very difficult to manage. Utilizing the PgUp/PgDn shortcuts in the 'Advanced' pages speeds thing up.
  45. CrunchyBob

    Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudzinski RIP...

    Passed away about a week ago after seeing the Winery Dogs in Warsaw. Very tasty player in a Polish Prog-metal outfit. Iff you are unfamiliar with them... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKoPX4WugZyfKty8NE7kqiQ
  46. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    FWIW: I had to to "Refresh after new Firmware" to see the new JS amps in AE. While I'm here: Great Update FAS!
  47. CrunchyBob

    Anyone uses the boost function?

    I use the Input Trim as the kinder, gentler substitute. It's modifier is attached to an IA switch (labelled 'Talent') and jumps between 1.0 and 1.5-1.75 for the upper end, depending on the amp. YMMV. Conversely, I've used it as a 'Input Cut' on some presets to clean it up a bit.
  48. CrunchyBob

    How to change strings to keep the guitar in tune

    A little trick I do with the Floyds is string them backwards... ball end at the tuner, cut to length at the bridge end, approx 1" past the saddle (2.54 cm for you metric folk :)), clamp down at the bridge, stretch and tune up. It's a pretty quick way to swap them out.
  49. CrunchyBob

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    Just picked this one up tonight... my tired ears tell me it's probably the best set of Vintage Celestion-based 4x12 IR's I have. Great work! Question: Are the Alloy mixes in any particular order? Maybe in the future do them as a set going from 99% Mic A and 1% Mic B through to 1% Mic A and 99%...
  50. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    OMG... Mikko's new cabs sound F-ing Great!.... Right up my alley! Gotta go pry the credit cards from the spouse's cold dead fingers...
  51. CrunchyBob

    Recommendations to achieve a good Univibe sound?

    Try around 2.5 for the bulb bias...
  52. CrunchyBob

    MFC-101 unresponsive after Quantum update

    Haven't been able to play much lately, but tonight I can confirm that I am experiencing this issue. Latest FW's all around. Change patch and back to resolve. AFX2 MkII and MFC MkII. Still the best damn music purchase I've ever made...
  53. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    2 words: F. Me The decay of the Swirl/Grit/Whatever seems more linear, whilst the grit itself seems more non-linear. I only played the 100W Plexi Jump and the 1959SLP High models... not exactly a high-gain player here. Can't wait for the final release.... Thanks guys.
  54. CrunchyBob

    Sonar .ins?

    Its been a while for me as well, but a quick look at the Master.ins shows the followng excerpt as a start/hint... [General MIDI] 0=Acoustic Grand Piano 1=Bright Acoustic Piano 2=Electric Grand Piano 3=Honky-tonk Piano 4=Rhodes Piano 5=Chorused Piano 6=Harpsichord 7=Clavinet 8=Celesta...
  55. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Edit 3.1.9 released

    Yup - Never been on it... minimal services for highest performance... Sux to use a thumb drive to get the FW/AE over.
  56. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Edit 3.1.9 released

    Thanks for the timely updates to AE... And +1000 for continuing to support us morons who still have WinXP! (I promise to get a new music PC one of these days!)
  57. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.03 and Presets

    Thank you sir! This worked: www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/firmware-presets/axe-fx-2/18.0/AxeFX_II_All_Banks_V18p03.zip
  58. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.03 and Presets

    I dunno about others, but I 'm getting a 404 on the 'Original/Mark II' presets. Refresh and Ctrl-Refresh didn't help... Otherwise V18 sounds great! Cheers to the Fractal Crew!
  59. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    I only got a few minutes with my go-to low/mid-gainPlexi Jump patch tonight and I found that the high registers now have this nice bite/clarity with body now - without any trace of fuzziness. FWIW, I had to barely nudge the basic tone controls from the previous settings and was basically 'dialed...
  60. CrunchyBob

    Some advice for Allman Brothers patch

    Isn't a JBL loaded 4x12 cab part of the equation? There's a new one in 16.03!
  61. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.01 Released

    Jeez - I just got the Beta installed and jammed to Love at Leeds for 45 minutes... Oh well, 615am comes too early. See y'all tomorrow night!
  62. CrunchyBob

    tube rectifier emulation

    Increase SAG in the amp block.
  63. CrunchyBob

    Mesa 4x12 Low Res Frequency?

    +1000 Plus the res values with different coned speakers would be a great help ... i.e. 75Hz and 55Hz Celestions. Good idea!
  64. CrunchyBob

    Mesa Boogie in DUST

    My Mark 4 has not been turned on in 9+ months... The last time I fired up my Tremoverb, the smell of buring dust on the tubes made me think it was going to catch fire!
  65. CrunchyBob

    When does Beta end

    At the risk of carrying this thread too far, I beta not go there.
  66. CrunchyBob

    New Axe-Fx II Driver for Windows (Public Beta)

    Does it support us lowly XP users? I'd buy a new PC, but need to save my pennies for a CLR! (and have a family to feed).
  67. CrunchyBob

    New Weber UR IR's uploaded

    Eeep! URL fixed. Thanks for the heads up.
  68. CrunchyBob

    New Weber UR IR's uploaded

    Howdy All, When you're tired of playing with v15b (I'm not :) ), I just uploaded a set of IRs of a 50 watt P1230 (AKA an Alnico G12H-30) in my Mesa Thiele. 3 mics, 4 positions plus a quick demo mix built against a med gain USA Lead patch. This is a fave speaker of mine as the Alnico mag seems...
  69. CrunchyBob

    Firmware 14.03

    Will that be a boostable function? I could use it at times... :(
  70. CrunchyBob

    Importance of guitar volume and tone controls

    Not a high-gainer (anymore), but I highly recommend RS Guitarworks SuperPots in the vintage/50's wiring configuration, which incurs some interaction b/w the Vol and Tone pots. Not the cheapest option but they have a nice taper and are on the high side of the tolerance spectrum (500+ KOhms). Easy...
  71. CrunchyBob

    Weber Legacy M75 UR IRs

    Today's Dropbox file is a 100W Weber M75 with a large dome in my Mesa Theile cab. There are captures with a SM57, e609 and a C1000S at various locales and 1 quick mix, built against USA Lead. Always open to Criticism/Suggestions or a free pint...
  72. CrunchyBob

    Mesa/Celestion MC90 UR IRs...

    Here are my captures with a Mesa/Celestion 90 Watt in my gorgeous, mint condition wine colored vinyl Theile cab. This is the factory speaker for the Mk4. There are captures with a SM57, e609 and a C1000S at various locales and 1 quick mix, built against USA Lead. I think the IRs sound better...
  73. CrunchyBob

    Marshall bluesbreaker

    I've been using the JM45 Jump Model with a 2x12 Alnico Silver IR... May be good to try a 2X12 Greenback as well... A Breaker is a JTM45 chassis in a 2X12 combo.
  74. CrunchyBob

    Andertons 50th Marshall Cab (T652 Alnico) UltraRes Ir`s [SeeD]

    For argument's sake, 15 ohms generally equals 16 ohms. My older Celestions all read 15 ohms on the label. (Don't measure with a multimeter as they'll read approx 13 ohms :lol )
  75. CrunchyBob

    Weber H75 UR IRs...

    Hi Y'all, For your perusal, a set of IRs from my Boogie Thiele. Currently loaded with a 100W, Large Domed Legacy H75 (aka G12H clone). Like all H-magnet speakers I have used (save the V30), they can have a 'Crispity, Crunchity' high end. Set your LF Resonance to about 82.5 for best results...
  76. CrunchyBob

    Mesa Boogie 4x12 OS UR Mixes

    Thanks for the compliment. I have started redoing UR's of my speakers but have not gotten very far, yet. Trying some new things this time, like doing them a bit louder than before to get the cone moving. Using Cab-Lab makes the process much faster... (For those of you thinking about trying the...
  77. CrunchyBob

    Coming Soon

    Heh -I just bought 3!
  78. CrunchyBob

    Anyone Using the Kalthallen IRs?

    I don't like T75s in general - Buh-bye! I'm picky about V30s - and these I never picked.... The rest is left as an exercise to the reader...
  79. CrunchyBob

    1981 JCM800 Lead Series G1265 UR .IR & .SYX

    Thanks! A favorite speaker of mine. I have a G12-80 loaded checkerboard, '80 or so, that I need to shoot but cannot find the time lately. That thing is a beast.
  80. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II fw14 Released!

    Great - Now I have to send the wife out shopping to get some quality time with the Mistress! Thanks again FAS! :encouragement:
  81. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 13.02 Released

    Wow - just got my power back after a chilly couple of days on generator (can't get that motor sound out of my head).... So, twice the good news! Been itching to play and it was driving me a bit crazy. Thanks FAS!
  82. CrunchyBob

    Working Man

    FWIW, here's my take on it... I've been wanting to redo my 50W patch anyways and this is a good one to cop. I'm always open to comments/contrictive criticism... PRS Cu24 w/A2 PAF clones -> Axe II -> Mackie HRM824 Monitors. Lerxt's tone is a bit fuzzier, but the basic tone is there to my ears...
  83. CrunchyBob

    1/4" vs 1/8" trs cable mission pedals?

    Heh - I need to order one more from them so right now I have 2 TRS Send/Receive cables alligator-clipped together to get the last pedal working. :ugeek You're fine. ;)
  84. CrunchyBob

    Understanding Power Tube Bias

    You read my mind Cliff - I was thinking about asking about this parameter. Does the parameter relate one-to-one to bias current (i.e. .350 = 35ma)? Thanks for the explaination.
  85. CrunchyBob

    Anyone know what model is closest to Peavey Classic 30?

    I still have one... it was the heart of my mid-volume setup utilizing a Weber MASS set to just shave off a little volume and an Alnico Silver Bell speaker. Nice crunch with the 'clean' channel set to around 4 (I never used the drive channel). With a Barber Direct Drive pushing it when needed, a...
  86. CrunchyBob

    Internal Controllers Overview - Video

    Excellente! Very informative!
  87. CrunchyBob

    EQ Question...

    Thanks for the explaination. I remember something about the Beatles wanting 'More Treble' and the engineer would stack channels on the board, amongst other infractions against the rules of the studio. 8) Or, the 'branes' of the Multiverse crashing into each other creating futher...
  88. CrunchyBob

    EQ Question...

    Stack 2 EQs... boost +/-9 in each... -or- Boost/Cut Freq all the way (let's say +/- 15) and add subtract +/- 3 the remainder of the freqs and use level control to compensate.
  89. CrunchyBob

    Share your Cab Lab Recipes!

    Here's a quick, easy one: I was working on a 'Fat 50 Drive' (Plexi 50 Normal - T/M/B/P @ 10/10/0/10 to minimize flub, with LED Drive to smooth out) and wanted a somewhat brighter cab. Used the RW 'Big Box' Freebie G12M captures: 1) SM57 @ Cap Edge 0" @ 0.00 dB 2) R121 @ Cone 3" @ -2.75 dB -...
  90. CrunchyBob

    Cab-Lab 1.0 Released!

    Great job! Easy to use and quick (on my old Pentium4 music PC). May be the final nail in the coffin for ever leaving the basement again. :) Any plans for phase management?
  91. CrunchyBob

    Question - How do I rename saved IRs?

    I think it can be done with AxeCabManage
  92. CrunchyBob

    Mesa black shadow?

    I have uploaded several MC90 IRs to AxeChange - Search for CrunchyBob or C90.
  93. CrunchyBob

    Axe-Edit 3.0 Released!

    Uber-Thanks to FAS for this!!! I can finally rack mount my unit away from the DAW desk (Discourages constant tweaking when DAW PC is off). But, I may miss the front panel and she'll end up back by the desk (Encourages constant tweaking whether PC is on or off). Too bad I'm a thousand miles...
  94. CrunchyBob

    Tube Drive?

    I have the rack mounted unit from about '86 or so - and won't part with it. Sounded fantastic with a Boss OD-2 in front of it (Drive down, Out up) in front of a cleanish amp driving my G12H loaded cab back in my 80's metal days. Good tones without the OD also...
  95. CrunchyBob

    Firmware Version 10.10 Now Available

    Wow... Looking forward to checking out the revs to the Mark-series amps. Thanks!
  96. CrunchyBob

    Are Guitar Players Craft Beer Drinkers by Default?

    SE PA is Beer Drinker's Heaven... Victory (8 mi from my home), Stoudts, Yards, Flying Fish, Dogfish Head, Troegs, Weyerbacher, I could go on.... Enjoying my 3rd Golden Monkey (Liquid Prozac) of the evening as I type this.
  97. CrunchyBob

    Emulating Mark 4 'Pull Fat' switch on Gain knob.

    Thank you sir... That presence anomaly is interesting, as I found on both the Sim and the Amp sounds best to me b/w 0-1. I think its time to hook the ole' gal back up and do some critical A/B comparisons b/w it and the AF2. Maybe time to learn to do a tonematch. BTW - I sampled your one album...
  98. CrunchyBob

    Emulating Mark 4 'Pull Fat' switch on Gain knob.

    That's (to my ears) a lower mid boost. I hear more of an upper-mid sound when I engage it on the amp. Thanks for the suggestion.
  99. CrunchyBob

    Emulating Mark 4 'Pull Fat' switch on Gain knob.

    Not sure if this is the correct sub-forum, but... I use this function religiously on my Mk4... A) It makes R2 almost bearable/usable and B) It makes the lead mode 'Rawk'. If I am not mistaken it was called the 'Pull Shift' feature in the old Mk2C's back in the day, tied to the Treble knob...
  100. CrunchyBob

    Mesa/Celestion MC90 IRs uploaded to AxeChange

    Mark 4 Mavens... the factory speaker for this amp in a Mesa Thiele cab... IMO many of these IRs sound better with the Mk4 models than the original amp/speaker combo (Sterile). Usual 3 Mics: SM57, e609 and C1000 Condenser, my usual suspects (all I have), @ Center, Mid, Edge, 3/4 and 45 degrees...
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