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  1. bradlake

    Your favorite Daw

    Logic, and also Bitwig, which I am somewhat surprised has not been mentioned ..I like it for the deep integration with the modular/Eurorack world.
  2. bradlake

    Star Trek: Picard

    I ‘m not sure if any of the above saw all eps…perhaps, but most all pundits just got 1-6 …but my man Robert Meyer Burnett, whose truly deep and legit Trek connections (writer/director of comedy cult hit Free Enterprise starring the Shat, producer of hours of special features on the TNG Blu-ray...
  3. bradlake

    Star Trek: Picard

    What we are witnessing here is truly special…one can only hope that the corporate droids at the top of Paramount grok the potential of Terry Matalas’ vision and let him steer the Trekverse . Wil Wheatons Ready room is also pretty cool for those of us who geek out on this shit. (got to hang with...
  4. bradlake

    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    I may have tried with a third party cord..I just ordered the official Apple one …
  5. bradlake

    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    IME the Max Pro did not cut it for Axe use latency wise, when I tried using the only wired option, Lightning to 1/8” …..but if @Admin M@ is an advocate, might have to revisit…….
  6. bradlake

    Virtual Jeff

    No doubt there are harmonic nuances that the VJ cannot replicate, and I haven’t had th opportunity to use it at gig volume, but the tactile feel of the VJ trembar goes a long way to enhance the experience….and judicious use of real finger vibrato and bends can create very interesting results.
  7. bradlake

    Virtual Jeff

    If I was JB, yes.….but I have always felt, since Truth was released in 68, that no one in the world could ..or should .. replicate his incredible style… .there are moments ,however, when using the Virtual Jeff when I remotely may sound vaguely similar to something he might have done on an off day….
  8. bradlake

    Virtual Jeff

    it functions more or less as advertised, latency is to my ear not an issue, the physical implementation is a bit kludgey without professional installation, but it is nearly equal in polyphonic shifting power to the extinct Antares Guitar Autotune in a much more compact format…havent yet figured...
  9. bradlake

    Nearly 2 hours of awesome FM3 Kurt Rosenwinkel Jazz!

    https://www.youtube.com/live/Pe8VP054kKE?feature=share smokin hot yet melodic contemporary post bop Quartet …looks as if Kurt is running his FM3 into the Fender DR behind him…? Never heard of Emmet Cohen , the pianist/host of this online series , but really worth checking out.
  10. bradlake

    FM3 3 Years On

    the best part of the FM3 experience for me happened months before the actual physical release , when we convened outside of Boston right after the initial waitlist announcement for AxeFest, and the prototype FM3 was there for me and all the other far more skilled and celebrated axeslingers like...
  11. bradlake

    F#ck Roland

    also 409$ on Amazon.
  12. bradlake

    FS SOLD - FX8 MKII - Excellent Condition

    I would keep it…I’m still holding out for the day where Cliff surprises us with an update with all the awesome FX that have been added to the FAS ecosystem since FX8 was retired …
  13. bradlake

    Star Trek: Picard

    The scoring , from what I’ve heard, is very purposefully linked to the plot/character development, and the composer’s office was the closest to showrunner and potential Trek savior Terry Matalas’……
  14. bradlake

    Is that an..... ULTRA? (Adrian Belew)

    Is A is Adrian doing the Byrne vocal parts?
  15. bradlake

    Star Trek: Picard

    Thought I would revive this thread now that we’ve seen 2 eps……. I am with what seems to be the majority of oldskool Trek fans and pundits who have hated the iterations since 2009 believe…that this season’s show is Easily the greatest we have seen since DS9………
  16. bradlake

    Two new kitchen-sink presets for SC and HSS guitars. Free download

    @Burgs , are you touring with THIS guy?!?!?
  17. bradlake

    Piezo Amp Choice

    Tube pre….also..the brand new Petrucci 2023 stock preset mod posted by @Cooper Carter has a dedicated piezo in with no amp or cab in the chain and sounds incredible, if you haven’t yet seen it. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fractal-friday-w-cooper-carter-season-2.191908/#post-2387479
  18. bradlake

    Fractal Friday w/ Cooper Carter - SEASON 2!

    Holy Shiteballs! Petrucci 2023 preset is so good I sprouted a beard for the first time in my follicle-challenged life.
  19. bradlake

    Bryan Adams and Keith Scott!

    May need to check this tour out…never seen him live before, but never disliked anything I heard during his ubiquity on radio… And the Hard Rock gig is on my 69th Bday! …last time I was at the Big Ugly Guitar Hotel’s venue was the Hendrix tribute circus, with Dweezil and the predictably...
  20. bradlake

    Am I the only one that doesn't have any experience with "real amps?"

  21. bradlake

    What albums calm you?

  22. bradlake

    FM3 for REAL jazz

    This cab pack from @dr bonkers will almost certainly help you in your Jazz Odyssey……...
  23. bradlake

    NGD - Charvel Guthrie Govan MIJ San Dimas

    I was lucky and got one off the wall at https://www.makenmusic.com/ soon after its release
  24. bradlake

    Chicago Bulls Intro Song // Fractal Loop

    Annnd now…….. (Ah the good old days……..Michael, Scottie, and others lived in my neighborhood cuz it was close to the north suburban practice facilities at the time….partied and dined with BJ Armstrong’s family on numerous occasions…) Sounds great BTW
  25. bradlake


    I just spent a transcendent half hour feeding a USB block with slowly sequenced analog tones from my beautiful GS-e7 Poly synth into this preset and peed myself a little.
  26. bradlake

    NGD - Charvel Guthrie Govan MIJ San Dimas

    Nice.. welcome to the club…..I still believe that Guthrie’s first sig axe is criminally underrated and remains one of my most used players …..behold the beast called Rasmus
  27. bradlake

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.02 Public Beta #2 (Beta 3)

    Damn this one is good. Wahs are instantly so much more pleasant to use. Everything sounds better.
  28. bradlake

    R.I.P Burt Bacharach

  29. bradlake

    R.I.P Burt Bacharach

    Saw a 1994 performance of his at Ravinia Festival with Dionne. He had an amazing life and career, and so did she because of him…or is it the other way around..?
  30. bradlake

    Movie Review: Nobody

    Odenkirk has proven to be amongst the most versatile creatives in current show biz….from his 80s Chicago Second City roots which I got to enjoy up close, writer of a couple of iconic SNL Farley skits ,his Mr. Show masterwork, on to Slipping Jimmy……and this unlikely late entry into international...
  31. bradlake

    Axe fx edit

    The III is a fully functional USB audio and midi interface, so no other is needed .
  32. bradlake

    Movie Review: Jurassic World Dominion

    In this case, unfortunately for you and others, the admittedly plodding and convoluted pace of the initial few episodes pays off in ways I could not have imagined were possible in the latter eps…for me, this was the richest and deepest of the post Lucas era of mostly debacles.
  33. bradlake

    Movie Review: Jurassic World Dominion

    exactly this for me as well……whereas I could watch Spielberg’s OG masterpiece for the umpteenth time right now. huge steaming pile of Bantha pudu.
  34. bradlake

    GroundUp Fest LIVESTREAM this weekend..featuring FAS goodness..(?)

    My favorite live music weekend in Florida is live-streaming for the first time from Miami Beach, and besides the wonder that is Snarky Puppy performing nightly under the tropical stars on the ocean..at least two of the other headliners should be sporting Fractal gear…tonight, the amazing Kurt...
  35. bradlake

    FM3 for REAL Jazz

    you may want to try the Tube Pre model.
  36. bradlake

    Let's see your ride.....

    ICE Adventure recumbent trike..fully suspended and electric assist
  37. bradlake

    Cables recommendation

    The only company with “official”fractal cabling…they are the best… though I notice they havent updated their site with the current FAS lineup… https://btpa.com/Fractal-Audio/
  38. bradlake

    Jeff Beck Passed...

  39. bradlake

    Jeff Beck Passed...

    this one has really devastated me. As i am an old fucker, Jeff being exactly ten years older than me , he changed my life on the week he released Truth and has given me untold hours of joy and wonder …Didnt get to see him live in his first few decades of his career, but made up for it when he...
  40. bradlake

    Frank Zappa's lead tone in Watermelon In Easter Hay

    this is the very first time Dweezil performed it live (with Axefxof course) , at the Beacon in NYC Halloween 2013 a very emotional moment as it has a special place in the Zappa family..captured on my IPhone
  41. bradlake

    PRS shopping today - I picked one!

    My gateway drug to PRS addiction…..
  42. bradlake

    What Prompted You To Buy A Fractal?

    My much-ignored OG Helix Floor has a new life as an effects /routing unit for my various synths and Eurorack stuff i have accumulated , so as not to have to use any amp modeling (TBH the most recent FW has improved the cabs significantly though)
  43. bradlake

    Gift of Tone - 2022 FINAL - DWEEZIL ZAPPA!

    nothing less than what I expected …closing out this special FAS month with the Ur-endorser and original inspiration of so many of us Fractal Fanatics…..thanx to DZ and all FAS personnel…happy new year indeed.
  44. bradlake

    Erm, I treated myself !! Gratuitous PRS Porn

  45. bradlake

    Gift of Tone #9: AUSTINBUDDY

    Nice pic of Buddy with his Zappa Roxy SG!
  46. bradlake

    Mark Lewis is curious about Fractal

    i can off the top of my head think of numerous Fractal users who are based out of Nashville, where Lewis is now based…...prolly a higher per capita of magic boxes than most places in the world…he can likely just knock on someone’s door and find one.
  47. bradlake

    Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker

    Can’t go wrong, IMHO.
  48. bradlake

    Big Mandarins

    Awesome…..maybe my fave @Burgs preset yet…this new FW is the shit.
  49. bradlake

    What Prompted You To Buy A Fractal?

    When I attended the second Dweezilla music camp way back in the early 21st century, not only was Dweezil teaching and performing with AxeFX, but @Admin M@ and @FractalAudio were in attendance and running personal demos onsite….so sorta a no brainer for me to jump onboard….also got to hang with...
  50. bradlake

    Virtual Jeff

  51. bradlake

    FM9 Firmware Version 4.00 public beta 1

    Quite probly placebo effect, but this iteration sounds to me even better than on the III……… ..!?!
  52. bradlake

    My cover version of The Pretenders, "Tattooed Love Boys."

    nice! attended this live ……one of the great ones….not long before Honeyman-Scott’s untimely departure…..
  53. bradlake

    Good headphones for the FM9?

    https://www.focal.com/headphones/clear/ If price is not an issue, these are the best I’ve used with Fractal gear
  54. bradlake

    Wish Sunn Model T

    Whenever I see the SUNN)))))) logo I get a little excited …so yes , +1, though I think preset Bassman About To Explode may get sorta close.. and just downloaded and tried the latest iteration of Helix Native that I sorta forgot I had …and was very pleasantly surprised how good the MOO))))N...
  55. bradlake

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    They are on live right now on Hulu Austin City Limits fest
  56. bradlake

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    So when is this brother of yours and his adorably awesome cohort gonna drag you and your phlanx of Fractals out on the road for us to marvel upon…?:cool:
  57. bradlake

    King Crimson Discipline era clean tone

    I have been very fortunate to have been in attendance at all of the above Adrian Belew landmark albums’ initial tours (except Bowie)… in 77 when FZ and his young twang bar king (dressed in his yellow MuuMuu skirt Frank made him wear) came to my University to perform at our Homecoming (!!)...
  58. bradlake

    Mesa Thiele?

    I like the Thiele IRs made by https://www.cabir.eu/en/focus-ir-series/21-speaker-cabinet-impulse-response-cab-ir-library-cu-thiele-ev12l.html. Well worth the 10 bucks.
  59. bradlake

    Brett Garsed - random solo to an old demo

    Nice. Thanks to you and @Burgs , I’ve just now had a play on my Jeff Beck sig Strat that I put Virgil Arlos on couple years ago….the FM9 (and III) LOVES them.
  60. bradlake

    FM3 vs FM9

    the additional everything on the FM9 certainly would make your use case more expansive as far as options, but the FM3 will absolutely be able to cover your need as far as routing goes, if you make smart choices about block use to maximize effects you may need to share .
  61. bradlake

    What is your guitar whim right now?

  62. bradlake

    What is your guitar whim right now?

    I happened to walk into a boutique guitar show at ChicagoMusic Exchange on Saturday… gas was ignited
  63. bradlake

    Boss CE-1 serial #1… yours for only $1,000,000

    Apparently sold already as of this posting
  64. bradlake

    Star Trek: Picard

    I would not be so sure that Season 3 of Picard is the steaming pile of excrement that most of the current custodians of Trek Has pooped out……. For a deep dive , here is last night’s online dis ussion betwwenthe Picard showrunner and one of the worlds most vocal and scathing critics of modern Trek
  65. bradlake

    So I bought a Boss GT1000Core

    Like @JiveTurkey , @Bruce Sokolovic , and I’m sure many others here, I have slogged thru the minefields of MIDI/synth guitar for about as long as they have been extant…..Casio may actually have hit the sweet spot with my 1987 PG-380, a state of the art superstrat (made alongside and inspired...
  66. bradlake

    How Many Amps Have You Owned, & Can You Remember Them All?

    First one- 1968…Sears Silvertone with the clangiest real spring reverb ever and matching 2x12 cab pignose a little GK amp/speaker a cheap Peavey Guytron :p PRS Tremonti ILoud
  67. bradlake

    Too Obsessive About USB Choices?

    The antiquated USB-B port in general is a bane to the existence of many who have had to tolerate it’s inadequate adaptations to musical electronics., especially regarding durability …..just wish they would go away. …….guess I am a little sensitive at this point of time, as I just sent a...
  68. bradlake

    Triple Axe-Fx III rack o' splendor

    Would it be heresy to attempt this medusaish monstrosity with a III, an FM9, and a……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Kemper? I ve got a cycli in the shopping cart………………and a choice of GK guitars to mod…………
  69. bradlake

    Fripp interview

    very interesting article…and the one sentence where Axe is mentioned is certainly quote worthy to amend the Artist Page accordingly, eh?… ”With Crimson I use Axe-Fx, which is very good”
  70. bradlake

    Banned from TGP

  71. bradlake

    If Cliff were a super hero, what would be his name, power and origin story? Shoot!!!

    I envision @FractalAudio -man as a Galactus type of guy, who constantly consumes entire worlds of analog sounds and technologies and converts them into pure digital energy that can be used for good or evil……and eternally bound to his faithful servant/herald @Admin M@ the Silver Surfreter , who...
  72. bradlake

    OMG6 layout for the FC-6

    this is excellent, perfect for my use case. Cheers!
  73. bradlake

    Guthrie Govan FM9 Rig Rundown & Article

    Yes, but the dinosaurs got great exposure. ….. Reggie’s , where this took place , is one of the last remaining smallish rock venues left in Chicago, and while it is not the most comfortable of venues, they are definitely carrying the torch for progressive music in various endangered genres……...
  74. bradlake

    Guthrie Govan FM9 Rig Rundown & Article

    As it turned out, I stayed home for the livestream as I was under the weather a bit, but it was truly excellent, the great mix really allowed the incredible FM9 tones and FX that Guthrie and whoever else may have helped create to shine through. …easily the best I’ve heard anyone coax from this...
  75. bradlake

    Choosing between FM9 or FX III

    Do it…..although until the new FM9 Turbo gets properly tested IRL by those lucky and patient waitlisters, we dont really know how much more powerful it is in comparison, but my Mark One III is rock solid and almost impossible to run out of CPU….My FM9 (first batch ) sounds more amazing than...
  76. bradlake

    Guthrie Govan FM9 Rig Rundown & Article

    Did this get posted here yet? Aristocrats must see on Saturday night…..(I will be attending live but you can get it here https://www.zuma.live/event/53
  77. bradlake

    FM9 Firmware Version 3.00

    get this to Guthrie before I see him this weekend!…..and if you haven’t heard…………….Aristocrats …starring FM9….. LIVE STREAM …I will be the old guy in the back. https://www.zuma.live/event/53
  78. bradlake


    So I saw that this band, whose work I was only peripherally aware of, is playing tonight in Chicago at a very convenient venue for me )Lincoln Hall( and upon checking out a couple videos they appeared to me (a) pretty f’n tight and creative and (b) most likely FAS users, and of course I am...
  79. bradlake

    Can Axe III do a horn sound?

  80. bradlake

    Reverb issue UPDATE

    <meta content="0;url=https://comicbook.com/tv-shows/news/better-call-saul-final-season-6-final-episodes-teaser-happy-ending-howard-dies/" http-equiv="refresh"><span...
  81. bradlake

    Speaker Thump gives me anxiety

    Jay Ward was the Dave Chappelle of 60’s TV animation….genius.
  82. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.03 Release

    Yoicks! this is no small deal here. to my ear , the Klone behaves in the same magic manner as the better hardware clone pedals I have tried (Tumnus, Ryra ( just did a quick a/b with ryra)), IMO most effective at very low gain level as an always-on sweetener/boost/blanket remover. this is...
  83. bradlake

    Anyone own a Fender Bass VI or Squire Classic Vibe Bass VI

    https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/products/mbrace-guitar-support-system-59259 it appears to be out of stock everywhere I checked.
  84. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.02 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    E(Cliff)anies™ are fun.
  85. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.01 Public Beta 2 (Beta 5)

    agreed. this thing is a gem...and I am lucky to have a bunch of https://www.celestionplus.com/products/irs-by-speaker/g12h-150-redback/ these in my user bank, the perfect match for this amp and its original paired 1 x12 cab. No doubt about why this has been included. Thanks Cliff!
  86. bradlake

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    I saw one of The finest live pairings of recent days last week when Puppy opened for Steely Dan! Though not the strongest sets by either band I have witnessed ( M. Letteiri was not present), still a life-affirming experience, and the mutual appreciation between the two was an affirmation of...
  87. bradlake

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    Saw them on Sunday Night in Chicagoland and yup they still got it! …..(And a new Second Guitarist who’s a motherfu@ker)
  88. bradlake

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    Had to go listen to you did not look hard enough./
  89. bradlake

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    I know there were several faves my increasingly feeble mind could not conjure…all of these , especially the top 4 , are aces. ..all of them contain special transcendent moments that are so rarely captured on live recording attempts..this here might possibly be the height of Western Civilization…..
  90. bradlake

    Best Live Album Of All Time

    For my personal tastes(obsession), top three… Who Live at Leeds , Zappa.. Make a Jazz Noise Here(or The best BAnd You Never Heard)..same final tour).., Pat Metheny Group, The Road to You, honorable mention… Warren Zevon, Stand In the Fire Tom Waits , Nighthawks at the Diner Live at the...
  91. bradlake

    Guthrie Govan using an FM9

  92. bradlake

    USB Type A

  93. bradlake

    The Boys

    Gonna watch it….after I update the ol III to 20.OO!
  94. bradlake

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    I had the pleasure/privilege of hanging with Todd at AxeFest Boston, and it was clear he was a good soul And a great guy…….. Very sad and sobering news.…
  95. bradlake

    FX-iii and Mac OS Monterey 12.4?

    This latest iteration of Monterey may have affected USB- a connectivity on some recent M1 models, which I have experienced some issues using AxeEdit as well, so I dunno.
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