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  1. rodzimguitar68

    How to assign modifier to different channels?

    I do this with my Liquid Foot, using CC numbers. I made a spreadsheet that converts the parameter range to CC 1 through 127 so I can change the modifiers to any value, regardless of scenes.
  2. rodzimguitar68

    Bryan Adams and Keith Scott!

    Way to go, M@! Ps - I hate you
  3. rodzimguitar68

    Tuner Per Preset

    I wish we had this!
  4. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.01

    Hopefully Cliff is extending his holiday break.
  5. rodzimguitar68

    Stereo Path

    Do you put a little vegamite on each slice of bread, and put them together, or do you just put it on one slice?
  6. rodzimguitar68

    Clapton using Dumble ODS

    I'm wondering if you use them together, or you use only the one that makes the most sense for the gig at the time?
  7. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.01

    Ah yes, the infamous, "BLOCK LETTER FRACTAL".....
  8. rodzimguitar68

    FET Boost real pedal equivalent?

    At the top of this forum window, click on "Wiki" and read up on the models.
  9. rodzimguitar68

    Snake from pedalboard to Axe-FX?

    Best-tronics made several for me. Their work is impeccable and I feel the quality will last me forever, as I baby my gear. The only enemy of such cables in the environments I find myself using them are High Heels from the screaming groupies that rush the stages, or rolling gear carts. Some of...
  10. rodzimguitar68

    Bug? Modifiers disappear on channel A when choosing a single channel library file on other channels

    Alls you gotta do, is say, "Wonder-Twins Powers Activate" and poof, they appear.
  11. rodzimguitar68

    Should I be worried...

    Last time I looked, I had 9,000 cab IR's. I end up using factory, York, ML, and OH. I did sort my user cabs at one time, by vendor, and then speaker size, and quantity in cabinet
  12. rodzimguitar68

    Just picked up a Slash Gibson Les Paul Standard in November Burst

    The tone is in the Top Hat
  13. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    It’s a shame there’s not a utility that can run on an M1 Mac, to revert the USB back to High Sierra.
  14. rodzimguitar68

    Current Splash Page for FAMC / LIQUID FOOT

    And now it's back. Forum page looks different, but rogue entries are still being made every few minutes.
  15. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    I meant, I hope the mbp I ordered lasts a long time and doesn’t give me problems the way my old mbp 2011 has.
  16. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    I broke down and ordered a refurbed old MBP with High Sierra on it for $200 on Amazon. I hope it works.
  17. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    Merry Christmas. Is there any conceivable way to make the editor work on an M1 MacBook Pro without running windows in parallels?
  18. rodzimguitar68

    Current Splash Page for FAMC / LIQUID FOOT

    Site is offline 404 now.
  19. rodzimguitar68

    IV anywhere on the horizon?

    Please take my money
  20. rodzimguitar68

    Tackling the White Lion "Wait" solo

    Wow! I want to be you when I grow up!
  21. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00

    It usually rains, right after I wax my car.
  22. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00

    That's nothing. The Edge has had Cliff's Beta FW 27, since July.
  23. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00

    Cool - just in time for rehearsal tonight!
  24. rodzimguitar68

    Upgrading. Finally!! From FW 11 when I bought it!

    You’re a major disappointment to procrastinators everywhere. Nice going, loser.
  25. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta #4 (Beta 4)

    At one time in my young life, I worked on a building maintenance job. There was one teacher who complained all the time about the temperature. We didn’t have individual thermostats in the classrooms, but we installed one for her. It was not wired to anything. After we installed it, she never...
  26. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta #2 (Beta 2)

    I’m double vacced but not boosted. I feel like crap. Not going back to override the spell check. That’s how miserable I feel.
  27. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta #2 (Beta 2)

    Same. I’ve been in bed 3 days with Covid
  28. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta #2 (Beta 2)

    Cliff chapter 1, verse 9. And Cliff said, “Time to make the donuts” and there was firmware. Wait….
  29. rodzimguitar68

    AXE FX III - Digital/Volume/Delay glitch every time I play live

    The file is not there. But anyhoo, there is probably an effect output level that is boosted when engaged, or boosted when bypassed, and when you switch scenes, you'll get the volume burst. One example would be if you put a delay in front of an overdrive/amp, and set the bypass mode to "thru"...
  30. rodzimguitar68

    AXE FX III - Digital/Volume/Delay glitch every time I play live

    Upload your audio to soundcloud. Then post a link to that clip Your preset is the best remedy. Sometimes the way you set the delay's bypass method "mute in/ mute out/ etc....there are several options, and these can contribute to the volume pulses you have described. Post your preset. This...
  31. rodzimguitar68

    Backing tracks

    Seems cool, but after reading all the boards and following the links, I would have no earthly idea how to run the app on an MP3 or Wav and separate it by instrument, on a Mac. Waaaayyyy over my head.
  32. rodzimguitar68

    Synth block sounds better in Axe fx2

    maybe the improved in/out frequency response, yields a comparatively brighter/crisper sound, than what you'd typically get from the II?
  33. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 20.05 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    This is human nature, I guess. Over on the McDonald's Restaurant forum, there are dudes complaining that there's no Tacos.
  34. rodzimguitar68

    The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power

    I'm so glad I can't read. I am enjoying the series, and unable to distinguish it from the books I've never read.
  35. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 20.05 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    Another Friday night, ruined.
  36. rodzimguitar68

    Sweetwater's best selling effects pedals

    Following that link, then lead me to clicking on a new, live version of Cult of Personality with Steve Vai trading licks with Vernon Reid. So amazing.
  37. rodzimguitar68

    Current Splash Page for FAMC / LIQUID FOOT

    I have a forum friend who owned an LF+ and then, out of frustration, bought an RJM22, and said, honestly, the RJM is a toy, compared to the LF. But, where they sharply differ is, mfg support and actually being available. I have had 2 messages from Jeff privately, during his 2 year hiatus...
  38. rodzimguitar68

    It's Friday...again

    Don't tempt Cliff to release a new version....number (with no actual changes).
  39. rodzimguitar68

    Current Splash Page for FAMC / LIQUID FOOT

    ....And still no change.....Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!
  40. rodzimguitar68

    Current Splash Page for FAMC / LIQUID FOOT

    Good idea. Even though 24 hrs has passed since I first saw this, and have no way of knowing how long it was there before I saw it, the comments urge us to be patient because it will only take a few hours.
  41. rodzimguitar68

    So I forgot to bring the cable to my floorboard

    Dude, this made my day!! Rock On!
  42. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    Amazing. You kids are awesome. If you get this working it’ll be a Christmas Miracle.
  43. rodzimguitar68

    Are artist presets proprietary?

    So, you want the Colonel’s Secret Recipe?
  44. rodzimguitar68

    You Better Wait Steve Perry Solo Cover

    Next up…..”Somewhere, there’s hope” Keep in mind, Lincoln was 19 when he recorded that album, at best. Maybe 18. I saw that tour in Sunrise Florida in 1993. Front row seats. They sang Happy Birthday to Lincoln because it was his 20th Birthday. Imagine auditioning for Steve Perry and getting...
  45. rodzimguitar68

    Rewired the 245 like a Gretsch today....

    I have the rings on several guitars. When I do a Swiss Army knife wiring project, I always include a blow switch to bypass it all and go straight to bridge humbucker. My guitars with the pickup rings even bypass the ring so I get series humbucker mode. I prefer even my blow switch to pass...
  46. rodzimguitar68

    Did I miss something in recent updates?

    You haven’t missed anything. Been quiet here for over a year 😂 Ducks, and uses Boss GT-6 to block tomatoes…….😝
  47. rodzimguitar68

    IRs are 90% of the sound

    How will I know, Matt?
  48. rodzimguitar68

    Who Is On Your Mt. Rushmore Of Guitar Players?

    Frehley EVH Lifeson Schon
  49. rodzimguitar68

    Perspective - Fractal Audio user since 2008

    To summarize, “Me like Fractal lots”
  50. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Edit III 1.12.05

    Magic Mike is the best.
  51. rodzimguitar68

    Can't nail AC/DC tone - help is appreciate

    I have found that I have romanticized their sound. I think of it as a huge rock guitar sound. But when I really listen to it, it is surprisingly clean with barely a hint of break up. They don’t try to use such a tone live. I don’t think it would translate as well live. I wouldn’t fret over...
  52. rodzimguitar68

    Grounding issue with G90 wireless

    I can attest to this phenomenon. I went with black electrical tape on the rails so the rails couldn't create continuity between the rack units. Then used tape around the rack ears and in the ear holes to keep the screws themselves from circumventing my tape on the rails.
  53. rodzimguitar68

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    So sad. I often traveled to Houston on business, and he gave me his cell phone number to text and try to coordinate a visit to meet the band and hang out. Sadly, we never successfully worked out our schedules. Great, humble, extremely talented person. No ego, or "airs" about him, despite...
  54. rodzimguitar68

    Def Leppard On Jimmy Kimmel - Off Air Peformance

    I think the solo from Stagefright is pretty sweet.
  55. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.00 Public Beta (Beta 4)

    A little dab of Vegamite behind each ear and you know she’s a keeper.
  56. rodzimguitar68

    Stryper - All For One

    Very nice! I wish you’d play the solo to Freely Surrender. Is that a Floyd Rose flutter in the middle? It’s so aggressive and accentuated, it sounds like an effect.
  57. rodzimguitar68

    My humble first track with my new multi-stringed acoustic guitar (31 strings)

    Yeah, I’m going to need a list of the string tunings this monster has.
  58. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.08

    Godspeed ‘.07 head to the Light……..
  59. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.07

    Me: I taste SPAM Cliff: it’s not got a lot of SPAM in it.
  60. rodzimguitar68

    Playback Lag When Recording Due to USB Latency Compensation

    Ozone 8 causes this for me. It's not enough to disable it. I have to delete the plugin from the master bus, save, close and reopen the session.
  61. rodzimguitar68

    65 bassguy Firmware 19.05 - Low harmonics overtones problem

    You’ve made a device capable of ideal vs authentic
  62. rodzimguitar68

    My Personal trick to get 70s Sound

    Sorry, I misspelled it. Alive! Nanner…..nanner….
  63. rodzimguitar68

    My Personal trick to get 70s Sound

    I think I remember reading somewhere, Ace Frehley used a Princeton in front of a Marshall on "Alive". It probably wasn't a loaded down speaker out, but who knows?
  64. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.05

    What if you turn on the block and save the preset with it on and on the channel you want for scene 1
  65. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.05

    I liked Fractal a lot more when Cliff would include photos of his lab assistance Cat laying there, as a trusted advisor and confidant.
  66. rodzimguitar68

    The Deadly Dual Amp Thread

    The part where you go into the half time before the chorus, is Alex Lifesonesque…..Magical Vegamite Down Under Vodoo.
  67. rodzimguitar68

    AXE FX III USB Firmware Release v1.11 PRAISE

    It’s for inside the axe fx, not for a computer.
  68. rodzimguitar68

    AXE FX III USB Firmware Release v1.11 PRAISE

    Good to know. I’m not tracking today. But I need the axe on so my input mapping is in order for another purpose. And usually I have to have it on first and then reboot. But not today, my friends, not today!
  69. rodzimguitar68

    AXE FX III USB Firmware Release v1.11 PRAISE

    Installed the USB 1.11. Now my iMac recognizes my Axe III when I turn it on, without having to reboot my computer! 4 years of suffering, vanished in an instant. Thank you to the people who put this together! You ROCK!!!
  70. rodzimguitar68

    The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power

    I’m really excited about it. I’ve never read the books. I know the movies took many liberties in order to fit things into 3 hours. But ignorance is bliss in this case.
  71. rodzimguitar68

    A send off for my Dog using full Joe Satch Axe 3 Rig.

    Sorry you lost your boy. It sucks.
  72. rodzimguitar68

    They All Sound the Same Part Deux

    Agree to disagree.
  73. rodzimguitar68

    The Party's Over Journey

    Steve Perry though
  74. rodzimguitar68

    Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover FM9

    I hate you.o_O Well done!
  75. rodzimguitar68

    The CNFB Method

    Twin Turbo
  76. rodzimguitar68

    The CNFB Method

    I have 8 more pages of posts to read them all, and maybe there will be more explanation that Cliff posts, but this was also my takeaway - it must be pretty awesome if he took the time to excitedly inform us.
  77. rodzimguitar68

    Health Update

    Todd, so glad to hear this positive report. Prayers, brother!
  78. rodzimguitar68

    Help MY WIFE! (pick out a Christmas present for me!)

    I got a Boss Gt-6 I'd sell ya.
  79. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.02

    I installed 18 last night. Left early this morning on a business trip. My axe is just at home feeling so left out.
  80. rodzimguitar68

    Health Update

    Hey man, I had no idea you were going through this and I posted a funny video of a guy playing crazy train with some rolled up paper tubes. Joking that it was a home video of you. You are awesome and I love what you do. I pray for a clear bill of health and restoring to 100% soon. Rod
  81. rodzimguitar68

    Todd looks different at home

    https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https://www.instagram.com/reel/CUqVe6Ap7s0/&h=AT0k_R6oGDY9n8atxpuH_6tudeI9noT3_d_AR69FynK_q1IQGIu9VCjzYxGUfQ5cqz6ThCVMcFczYY5z6h2EQ2pihnvkdmfflFN_7CE_7d9WuPTRtI9_4dnvAAXZjelVHVkFXnWilY7E-IU&s=1 @bishop5150
  82. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.00 Public Beta

    Wow, Cliff, alot of useful stuff here. Thank you for your tireless quest for improvement.
  83. rodzimguitar68

    Bug? Multiple cascading windows open when using Fractal Bot inside Axe Edit to send a System File to Axe III (see screen recording)

    Behold: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8ossp5s4grcchb/Screen%20Recording%202021-11-02.mov?dl=0
  84. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    Sounds like a big one - shimmerverb and some full res for the little people.
  85. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta 3

    Would I be able to use CABLAB in my DAW to make use of the new cab feature, if I own CABLAB and a III mk1 unit, and buy some new FullRes cab IR's? Thanks
  86. rodzimguitar68

    Mammoth WVH

    The whole album is good. Every song is good. There's no junk in the bunch. He composes better finished songs in my opinion than anything VH did. We'll see what is in store for the 2nd album. I hope he makes it the same way - by himself with no outsiders to compromise with. Definitely the...
  87. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    But let me ask you this: IF the technology is going to be available inside Cab-Lab, can't I just rip a custom cab that has this sound baked into it, and import and use it inside my Mk 1? Thanks
  88. rodzimguitar68


    Holmes Res (tm)
  89. rodzimguitar68

    Trillion-frames-per-second camera takes photos of light moving

    And, all of this took place in 2013?
  90. rodzimguitar68

    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    Good Lord Almighty. Now I can't focus on life until "right after, soon enough".
  91. rodzimguitar68

    Legacy Liquid Foot Pro: Cant get the editor to work :( Help?

    Have any Liquid Foot customers heard from Jeff? Thanks
  92. rodzimguitar68

    Transformer isolated Line Splitter

    I want to create an audio matrix so I can have 8 stereo effect devices in parallel. It’s simple enough to find rack mixers to take the 8 stereo outputs and mix them back down to a left and right output. My challenge is with replicating a stereo input to each effect. I need something that takes...
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