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  1. Brownmatthall

    Looking for some help routing the Axe into a Focusrite 6i6

    I picked up the Cablab 3 bundle for black friday this week (6 years into ownership, figured it was time lol) and I'm having a hard time figuring out a new routing setup. Up until now I've been plugged into the front of the axe and using SPDIF into my Focusrite 6i6 to record and playback. It's...
  2. Brownmatthall

    Interface help

    I've been thinking of pulling the trigger on a focusrite 6i6 and I just want to make sure itll allow me to do what I think it will: first and foremost i want to be able to control my monitors independently of the axe fx II, secondly I still want to be able to record DI tracks in tandem with...
  3. Brownmatthall

    Cool tones with my Artcore Ibby

    I got this guitar (the artcore vibrante series) back in April fully intent on at least swapping the pickups out and modding it, but having spent a couple months with it at this point I really don't see the point when it sounds this good and vibrant right out the box. Super chewy feel and...
  4. Brownmatthall

    Musical instruments now exempt from CITES!

    https://www.npr.org/2019/08/27/754509680/musical-instruments-to-be-exempt-from-restrictions-on-heavily-trafficked-rosewoo Looking forward to availability of rosewood (hopefully) picking back up, I've been jonesing for a dark example on a guitar for a while now 😈
  5. Brownmatthall

    Help me choose a midi controller

    So, lately I've been messing around with synth vst's more and more and think I'm at the point where I can justify shelling out for a controller to myself (and like, I've always wanted to learn piano as well so what better gateway?). I'm thinking of getting a 61 key but I'm totally at a loss...
  6. Brownmatthall

    YA Orange 4x12 and tele tones

    Decided to put together a little demo using the new Orange 4x12 IR's from @York Audio but showcasing them in a not so typical context. I used the SM57 and 58 Off axis captures exclusively because they sound really good with my tele's neck pup!
  7. Brownmatthall

    5/4 jam

    Cool little thing I've been toying with, really let my gut take the wheel in terms of the feel shifts and whatnot and I think it has a nice flow (hopefully anyway!). Guits are my usual 1987x patch through @York Audio 's Checkmate cab (Cap Edge position A if I'm not mistaken), both the AC20 and...
  8. Brownmatthall

    York Audio checkmate/2x10 demo

    I posted this in the thread for the cab pack but I figured I'd put it up here too. I used the titular cab packs for all the tones in this demo with my JStrat with SSL 1's and my J bass. Enjoy!
  9. Brownmatthall

    Looking for opinions on Strat pups

    Hey all, I recently bought a new traditional 50s MIJ strat and I'm absolutely in love with it. Chunky neck, super resonant, very well built, all that good stuff. The pickups are ceramic and while they don't even sound bad, its just not what I'm looking for in a strat y'know? (I try to avoid...
  10. Brownmatthall

    Messing around with some new plugins and darker tonality

    I lack self control and ended up buying some new plugins during a couple sales recently, threw together this song from some ideas I've been floating around in my head to use them! I used the 1987x jumped model and remembered why its my absolute favorite plexi model, especially on my tele's...
  11. Brownmatthall

    Fender goodness on a sunday

    Had this riff idea kicking around for a long while now and decided to lay it down, tele bridge into a superverb vibrato into the ml brown super sm57 a IR (the fuzz was just a stock hard fuzz block up front), bass was the ad200 into one of the 3 sigma 8x10 bass IR's I can't remember which
  12. Brownmatthall

    WIP ft. GGD M&M + ML Fender and Citrus IR's

    Sometimes I go through videos I've posted on instagram and realize that there are actually really cool ideas I've never fleshed out, this is me fleshing one of them out :) I did a lot of tweaking between takes so I'm not entirely sure whats what here but i used mostly the 2x12 brown super and...
  13. Brownmatthall

    First recording on the new lapop (GGD M&M, ML Citrus)

    After a grueling 2 or 3 weeks without a recording platform I'm BACK and I come bearing this song I demoed out using the new GGD library and some of the Orange 4x12 IR's @ML SOUND LAB blessed me with. It's part me working out some kinks as I set the computer up and part exploring the new drum...
  14. Brownmatthall

    New computer suggestions?

    So a couple of weeks ago my trusty laptop gave out on me and I've been shopping around since, but I'm not really seeing anything too enticing to be honest. I'd rather not spend too much seeing as how my computer use has been reduced to pretty much just DAW related tasks, so the specs should be...
  15. Brownmatthall

    Stratty AC20 fun

    Thoughts and critique welcome as always!
  16. Brownmatthall

    First metal song in some time

    Been in this kind of mood lately, hope you enjoy ;)
  17. Brownmatthall

    More rhythm tone testing

    So, since the Axe III is right around the corner I've started the process of solidifying my go to sounds knowing that the final FW update for the II's may very well be coming up soon (which is nice, Ive been tweaking here and there on these patches but its nice to just turn the axe on and have...
  18. Brownmatthall

    Steven Slate Drums 5 announced

    While I'm a little disappointed at the amount of new things this brings to the table (especially with the amount of time it's taken), that introductory upgrade price at 80 bucks is way too nice to pass up. The new kits sound really good too
  19. Brownmatthall

    Testing some rhythm tones, feedback welcome!

    Excuse the sloppy playing, threw this together really quickly to iron out some new DAW templates and rhythm tones. lemme know what you think of the guits :)
  20. Brownmatthall

    New year, new band

    I posted up an instrumental a couple weeks ago for a band I'm playing with and the release just dropped, guitars and bass were all axe fx using @York Audio 's freebie blackback IR and the darkglass alpha/omega tonematch. This was my first time working with this many vocal tracks and the first...
  21. Brownmatthall

    Fuzzy Tele Mess

    Haven't posted anything in quite some time and I just redid an older song for the practice so I figured I'd post it up. Was going for a very raw, raucous, and aggressive sound with this track. The guits were a Marshall 1959 SLP and one of mikko's stock Marshall IR's, bender fuzz up front on left...
  22. Brownmatthall

    Some Pop Punk content

    Started playing with some friends of mine in a band, in the process of finishing up a 5 song release and figured I'd show off one of the songs :). All the guits are a pretty stripped down Marshall 1987x jumpered patch (just amp and cab), the IR is @York Audio 's Blackback TR speaker capture, on...
  23. Brownmatthall

    Potential issue with some stock cabs (Q9b)

    I was getting ready to clean my presets up and consolidate again, cycling through some stock cabs and came across this issue. It happens on the Y instance of my cab block and it almost sounds like the cabs have a high pass filter set aggressively, but not every cab does it. in the sound clip...
  24. Brownmatthall

    Having some fun with 3/4

    Was noodling around and stumbled on the opening progression which turned into this playful little diddle, guitars are misha's crunch preset from the @ML SOUND LAB zilla cab pack with the reverb and delay turned off and nothing else, bass is the AD200 model into @dr bonkers Acoustic captures with...
  25. Brownmatthall

    Early morning brain vomit

    Had this progression bouncing around my head for a couple of days, decided to use the opportunity to mess with GGD and figure it out as well.
  26. Brownmatthall

    SSD 4 platinum vs GGD

    I already own ssd 4, but ggd is on sale for 70 bucks right now and it's tempting...should I?
  27. Brownmatthall

    Dialing and processing a 5 string tuned to F

    I have a project coming up where the guitars are tuned down to F, the lowest I've seriously dealt with prior to this point is G# and I figured I'd check in with the resident experts around here proactively to get ahead of the ordeal I'm going to have on my hands with the bass being this low. The...
  28. Brownmatthall

    Fuzz fun

    Still a little unsure of the structure, might move some things around or make sections longer, but wrote something trying to have fun with groove and timing. Fuzz Face > 1987x Jump > ML Zilla greenback SM57 1 with the ambient verb set fast and tape distortion on the back end, the Bass is My J...
  29. Brownmatthall

    Some dropped F pre-pro ffo the acacia strain

    I'm helping a couple buddies with some recording, this is the the prepro for one of the songs that is done. Quad tracked (the first time I've done so) using the axe, heavy af, enjoy!
  30. Brownmatthall

    Couple pickup wiring questions for those in the know

    I have an older prototype Ltd (the h 251fm I believe) that I've used as a very reliable beater since my earliest days playing, it's got the stock esp neck pup and a crunch lab in the bridge and when set to the middle position the phase cancellation is pretty severe. I was wondering if there was...
  31. Brownmatthall

    Getting Out of my comfort zone

    Ive been working to push what I can do and sound like recently, exploring different places rhythmically and melodically, and really just working to broaden my musical horizons and the end result is the track here. Its still pretty rough and I'm definitely gonna keep tweaking but at 4:30 am on...
  32. Brownmatthall

    First new idea in a while (intervals/polyphia)

    Been in a huge rut lately and I'm happy to say I think its passed with this one!
  33. Brownmatthall

    Getgood drums and kontakt in reaper?

    SO, let me preface this by saying GGD put out a demo version of their matt halpern sig pack for free where you only get a handful of the drum shells available. Naturally I scoop this up to see what all the fuss is about but I've never gelled with kontakt and the fact that these run on it...
  34. Brownmatthall

    Q7b2 Hot Kitty and Princeton

    Having spent some time with the new update, the hot cat model is definitely my new favorite of the lot. It has a very raw tonality and aggressive midrange that i usually have to get out of a boost or overdrive of some sort, In the clip the rhythms were the amp all by itself into the ML Zilla...
  35. Brownmatthall

    A cool little progression I've been bouncing around my head for a couple days

    Ive had this C major to E major movement stuck in my head for a little bit now and I really wanted to emphasize the feelings I think of when I hear it and the result is this cool little swing that practically wrote itself once I got started. Another fun fact is all the guitars and bass on this...
  36. Brownmatthall

    Slow-ish jam

    Been trying to work on my dynamics within a song, in a way where it isnt just full on the whole time but it ebbs and flows and adds depth to the piece as a whole. Im also trying to work on my lead playing which has never really been a strong point for me but I think Im starting to find out what...
  37. Brownmatthall

    The /13 FT37 is SICK

    Not sure why but I ended up running the Divided by 13 FT37 Lo Input with the timmy up front and was instantly inspired. the rhythm guitars are the raw amp tone with gain dimed and the EQ set to shave the flub off and add some grit, the lead is that same tone with the timmy in front. even with...
  38. Brownmatthall

    Neo Soul Beat

    A lil snippet of something I came up with while practicing hybrid picking, Really really basic but I think Im gonna elaborate on this. Really love the vibe I was able to get and best of all the instrumentals aside from the drums (SSD 4 Electonic samples btw, didnt know what a gold mine I was...
  39. Brownmatthall

    Cracking the fuzz factory

    G.A.S. has come for me yet again, this time for the fuzz factory pedal that litters most muse records. After doing some homework on the pedal I read that the heart of it is 2 Ge diodes feeding into each other to create the chaos that its most known for, so i loaded up the bender fuzz with a...
  40. Brownmatthall

    Congrats to metallica and periphery

    On the Grammy nominations, big news for both the bands and fractal alike! http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/korn-megadeth-gojira-baroness-periphery-among-grammy-awards-nominees/
  41. Brownmatthall

    Inspiration in 5/4

    Somehow ended up jamming an older patch as I was flipping through my preset bank and whipped up a little something in 5/4 to keep it interesting for me. The lead line was very spur of the moment and was pretty much me accidentally landing on a cool feel and trying desperately not to forget it...
  42. Brownmatthall

    Q4.01 ML Zilla Tones

    Revisted an older composition and finished it up while jamming the new Hook amp in the beta. Left Rhythm is the Hook, right side is a modified orange AD30 set up to be closer to the 140 watt AD head, Both are using the ML Zilla creamback M Single mics from the zilla pack.
  43. Brownmatthall

    A little late night expirimentation

    Ive been sitting on a couple song idea's that I figured was overdue for some fleshing out, so I took the opportunity to try working out some new tones as well. the guitars are the same on both sides, bridge pup on my tele, ML zilla pack single mic IR (the md421 on the cream M iirc), I also fell...
  44. Brownmatthall

    Four Year Strong Self Titled Tones

    trying to cop the rhythm tones off of this album, something very close to this song I know they recorded this one with Kurt Ballou so I did some looking for the gear he's got and came up with http://www.godcitystudio.com/gearlist/ (select amps from the dropdown). My Issue is that we only have...
  45. Brownmatthall

    Something Raunchy

    Guess who just discovered the octave distortion? (its me)
  46. Brownmatthall

    Today marks...

    1 year with the axe fx 2 for me :) from skeptic to loyal user I'm glad I made the decision to buy this unit, here's to many more months of great tone and ease of use
  47. Brownmatthall

    Tele tones through the Orange model and ML IR's

    Trying to make a patch that models my Orange AD140 vs the 30 watt model we already have, the 140 has a more open punchy feel ime compared to the smaller head which feels overly squishy to me. I switched the power tubes to EL34's and did some fiddling with the power transformer options til it...
  48. Brownmatthall

    Tele > /13 FTR (Idea Demo)

    Earlier today one of @yek 's amp threads surfaced on the divided by 13 ftr and I guess I must've missed the day this one went up because I got into the demo vids and really liked what I was hearing so I made a patch for myself. I made it a point to keep it really simple on this one so i could...
  49. Brownmatthall

    Some more ML Zilla goodness

    Once more I was struck by inspiration as I was building patches for all my guitars, this time it was on the blackmachine (can you tell Ive been listening to Periphery 3as well? haha). I believe the IR I chose was the Misha balanced mix on the rhythms and the SM57-SM57 V30 mic for the lead, bass...
  50. Brownmatthall

    ML Zilla Strat Tones

    Playing through these IR's and saying its inspiring would be an understatement. Been building patches using the new cab pack and while I was working through the set for my strat I ended up working a weird chord idea into something useable and figured I'd use it to show case some cleans and...
  51. Brownmatthall

    Melodic hardcore idea

    I've been neglecting my super strat as of late so I figured I'd whip up some chugga chugga to mix things up a bit. The rhythms were the Das Metal amp into the 3 Sigma zilla 5a IR and the bass was an amalgamation of a bunch of different things I wanted to test out into the 3 Sigma Aguilar and...
  52. Brownmatthall

    Short Rock Idea

    Been in a rut as of late and this is the first real song idea thats come to me in a couple weeks so of course Im excited to show it off! Tried to give the mix a roomier vibe, wanted the drums to sound a little larger than I would normally like, not quite where I'd have wanted them but its pretty...
  53. Brownmatthall

    stratty nonsense

    So, recently i pieced together a strat from parts i had laying around and a GFS loaded pickguard not expecting a whole lot. After lots of tinkering and fine tuning I think Ive finally got it to a point where I'm actually pretty damn happy with the way it sounds. Most definitely scratched my itch...
  54. Brownmatthall

    Show me your project guitars

    I was gonna post up a thread showing my first strat build that i finished today, but it felt a little vain and I'd much rather see what everyone else is up to anyway. SO if you've got a partscaster/custom build/ etc, lets see em :) (The tele I was inquiring about necks for with the neck pup...
  55. Brownmatthall

    Tele into Plexi tones (3 Sigma IR's)

    So the dudes at 3 Sigma put out a batch of new IR's of some really unique stuff and I couldn't help myself. Bass tone is the Orange AD200B into an Acoustic 8x10 blended with the AD30 going into an Orange 8x10, Guitars are my tele on the bridge pup through the 1970 plexi model into a Port City...
  56. Brownmatthall

    another indie/jazzy-ish jam

    inspiration smacked me in the face tonight, using a Dr Z rt 66 with a zen drive up front on the left guitar, the hot cat model turned all the way up on the right, 3 sigma aguilar bass IR's down the middle. enjoy!
  57. Brownmatthall

    Indie rock-ish

    Courtesy @yek 's amp write ups I fell in love with the Dr Z Rt 66 model and the way it gels not only in the mix but with different drives up front, this is a quick little song but was born of me messing with a new patch using it and the Zendrive set fairly stock except for the clipping knob. enjoy!
  58. Brownmatthall

    Something a little outside my comfort zone

    Was messing with tones today and came up with the main riff of this song, the rest flowed pretty naturally. still rough but its definitely an idea i wanna flesh out even if it isnt my usual fair, enjoy!
  59. Brownmatthall

    Tele necks

    I've been wanting to swap the neck out on my Tele to a lefty headstock/soft v (preferably both) and have had a watchful eye on reverb and ebay. First question is regarding the Chinese necks littering ebay for +-50 bucks, I know you get what you pay for but has anyone taken on chance on one? The...
  60. Brownmatthall

    Q3 Tones

    Just updated, messed around with, and found some nice sounding rhythm tones to my ears. the result is this :) Left side is my thinline tele on the neck pickup through the badcat model, the right side is my crunch lab equipped LTD through the orange ad30 dirty channel
  61. Brownmatthall

    Question about the dynamics comp

    Recently I made a patch using the Dallas arbiter trick instead of a drive and ib the past it's always worked really well for me in part because of the emphasis knob. Lo and behold I busted the blocks out and there's a filter knob in their place! Is this normal behavior or was there an update...
  62. Brownmatthall

    Testing some melodic hardcore tones ala Misery signals/Counterparts

    Title says it all, im trying to develop a driven rhythm tone thats capable of conveying complex and extended chords while still having some bite to it. the cleans I'm pretty happy with but anything constructive is welcome.
  63. Brownmatthall

    Fractal sighting: saosin

    Saosin dropped a new song today and off in the background you can see an axe chillin out :) loving the new material as well!
  64. Brownmatthall

    Aguilar TLC into a Tonehammer 350 (tone match patches)

    I've been doing a lot more tone matching as of late and decided to get a little adventurous. These patches (inspired by SeeD's most recent work) were meant to emulate my TLC comp pedal driving the front end of my TH350 the way I used it live. Cranking the volume on the comp acted like a clean...
  65. Brownmatthall

    Routing an amp into the Axe's FX loop?

    A quick couple of questions: 1) If I run a line from the FX send to the input of my bass head and then send the DI line into the FX return, can I effectively treat the FXL block as an amp block? 2) Suppose it does work, and i wanted to split that signal; would splitting after the FXL block and...
  66. Brownmatthall

    Q2 heavies idea jam

    So ive been on Q2 for a couple days now and im loving the depth and clarity everything has now, for the first time in a little bit just playing through this inspired some ideas :) Definitely need to sort out what i wanna do with this song but i think this version is a good representation of the...
  67. Brownmatthall

    How did you learn to improv?

    I've been trying to push myself more and more as of late and i feel like the next logical transition is smoothing out my rough edges and improv is probably the roughest. I see vids of guys posting them doing it here on the forum all the time and it always blows my mind, I wanna be up on that...
  68. Brownmatthall

    Rate My Mix?

    Recently dug up a bunch of freeware stuff modeling some staple compressors in audio recording and Im loving the way they sound. really brought my snare to life imo! Any thoughts and critique are welcome as Im in the finial stretch of solidifying this mix and i really wanna nail this
  69. Brownmatthall

    A little idea i threw together using Javier's free Mestis patches

    I don't have an 8 string, but I'm loving the way these patches translate over to the 6. the cleans are his paloma patch (using the coil tap on my LTD got me reaaaaaally close to the spanky AaL clean tone, I love it), rhythms are the mestis rhythm with the drive engaged and a user cab instead of...
  70. Brownmatthall

    Probably the djenti-est the thing I've ever written

    Bud of mine let me borrow his 5 string to set up and I couldn't not jam on something groovy with it, y'know? Definitely a weird one programming for me, a lot of the accents fell on 32nd notes and what not so it was a bit of a pain but i love the feel of it!
  71. Brownmatthall

    Aguilar Tonehammer 350 Tone matches

    Redid the Tone Matches I originally had up, I think these sound much better. The bass I used was a P Bass with SD Quarter Pounds so keep that in mind. I also set up the tones using an Aguilar DB410 capture I found on AxeChange (Its not included in the patch since i have no idea who did them to...
  72. Brownmatthall

    Live tone matching question

    In the next couple of days I plan on tone matching a bunch of different sounds and settings on my aguilar tonehammer 350 head for a recording session (trying to keep things as minimalist as possible and having to disconnect the axe and plug the head in is undesirable). My question is, can I do a...
  73. Brownmatthall

    Searching for a specific sound

    I'm in the process of writing a bunch of songs and one of them calls for a very sludgy, droney tone ala doom and/or stoner metal because of the subject matter. Now I know enough about those genres to know that that's the tone I want for this song...and that's about it haha. I want this song to...
  74. Brownmatthall

    running the same amp in parallel

    Recently Ive taken to messing with the tone stack location and had a thought: I like certain qualities of both pre and post but cant quite get where I want with either, why not blend a singular amp running the tone stack in both? Not sure if this has been done or discussed in the past but so far...
  75. Brownmatthall

    Song idea im trying to develop

    Working on a song where the focus is transitioning between 2 states (dirty>clean>dirty>clean, 2 time sigs to create a sort of dancing around each other feel, etc). Gonna add in more lead work eventually but as is this is the first time Ive ever really delved into writing leads for a song like...
  76. Brownmatthall

    Taming my '69 tele thinline

    So, I own a squier CV thinline and for the most part love the tonality of it (especially for clean and jangly stuff) but Ive always been unable to really use it for driven stuff due to the overbearing top end on it. Granted i own 2 humbucker guitars but Ive always enjoyed the sound of a driven...
  77. Brownmatthall

    Coaxing some mid range out of the axe's bass tones?

    I know this section doesn't see a terribly large amount of activity but I was wondering what some of you guys do to bring out some of the low mids in your bass tone? I've been messing around more with the axe for bass and while the tones I've been getting aren't necessarily "bad", they just...
  78. Brownmatthall

    Axe 2 guitar and bass full instrumental mix

    So, I'd just like to start off saying this is my first real post and introduction here on the forums. I picked up an axe 2 mk 1 about a week or 2 ago (my perception of time seems to have dwindled since receiving it...) and immediately the tones and sounds i was pulling out of this machine were...
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