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    Best alternative to an EV-2?

    I've been on the EV-2 wait list for a couple of months and was told by FA CS the other day that it will be another 1.5-2 months before they hopefully have them in stock again. I want to finish my FM3 board and I have a limited about of space. The EV-2 was about the ideal size, I might be able to...
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    FS FC-6 For Sale - Minty Condition

    Up for sale is an FC-6 in minty condition. Lightly used at home. but actually spent the last 6 or so months in the box so it's time to sell. Comes in original box and packaging. Shipped and Paypal'd anywhere in the CONUS for $450 insured. PM for questions. First to give a solid "I'll take it"...
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    FM3 + External Dual Footswitch = OMG 5?

    I've got the FM3, a Mosky dual foot switch, and an expression pedal. I'm interested in what others have done and found most effective when using an external dual foot switch? I think it might be useful to many FM3 users if there were some good OMG 5 templates available to help users get started...
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    Implemented Stereo Delay Option for all Delays

    On the Axe-Fx II and AX8, normally mono delays could be easily switched to stereo if wanted. For some reason that was removed in the III. I know I can pretty easily add two delay blocks in parallel to get the same effect with even more control. But many times I just want a quick and easy stereo...
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    FC Pedals - Clear way to tell difference between tap and push and hold function selection

    As far as I can tell, when I set a foot-switch to do one thing on tap and another on push and hold, there is no clear way to tell you are on the push and hold option. Tap clearly turns the LED ring on/off, but push and hold option is just dimmed. It would be nice if the ring LED did something...
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    Wish Input pad setting per preset

    I have 5 guitars with very different output levels. My Strat and Tele sound best at 0 input pad, my LP and Suhr Modern at 12 - 18 to stop clipping. It’s a real pain and very easy to forget to change the input pad settings each guitar change. It would be great if this could be set per preset so...
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    Wish Add more scene 1/2 switching options

    Some things I wish would be added to the scene switching options; Press and hold option for the Scene 1/2 button. Press and hold for scene 2, tap for 1. Add scene 3/4,5/6,7/8 with press and hold option. Default starting scene per preset added to AX8 Edit. Kind of a pain to need to dig into...
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    Higher output pickups input level issues

    I'm having a problem getting a couple of my guitars, one guitar in particular, to sound good with the AX8 especially with low to medium gain tones. With my Suhr Modern there is always a nasty nasually sound when hitting the strings hard, plus dynamics are limited and not natural. This guitar has...
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    SPDIF dropouts and noise since FW 6.02

    I've noticed that I keep getting occasional SPDIF connection dropouts and noise since upgrading to FW 6.02 (cpu is below 85%). Everything will be fine for 15 or so minutes and then the connection seems to loose sync with my Focusrite 6i6 which causes the 6i6 to switch sync source back to...
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    Equator D8 Studio Monitors - New & Improved

    A couple of years ago there was a lot of praise for the Equator D5 and D8 Studio Monitors. Then they strangely disappeared for a long period of time while preparing updated versions. The updated D5's have been back on the market for a while, and the new & improved Equator D8 Studio Monitors...
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    Wish: Tuner with spinning ball

    I wish Fractal would add the spinning ball from the Axe-Fx II to the AX8. I use the ball all the time on the II to fine tune and really miss it on the AX8.
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    AX8 Wish: Footswitch Block Scene X/Y

    When using the Scene 1-8 function in the footswitch block, I would like to be able to set Y to another scene. For example I would like to set button 1 to scene 1. Push and holding would switch to Y and scene 5. Button 2/6, 3/7 and 4/8. That way I could use the upper row for other things.
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    Stacking Scenes?

    Is it possible to stack scenes, like having scenes 1-4 on buttons 1-4 and then having a second set of scenes stacked on top using "push and hold" to access scenes 5-8 on the same 1-4 buttons? This frees up buttons 5-8 for other functions but still gives me full access to all scenes without tap...
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    Block Copy/Paste between Axe-Edit and AX8-Edit?

    Is it possible to copy and paste blocks between Axe-Edit and AX8-Edit?
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    Struggling with dynamic and punchy cleans

    Struggling with dynamic and punchy cleans (no dirt) A couple of months ago, after going tubeless for a long while, I picked up a small 1x12 tube amp with a really beautiful clean channel. It's super dynamic, punchy, warm and fun to play and has giving me a new appreciation for clean tones. I've...
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    Is it worth adding a sub to my studio monitors?

    I have KRK Rokit 8 G2 studio monitors that I have toyed with replacing with Equator D8's or something similar. But my biggest complaint with them when playing guitar is they fart out in the lows and just don't have the bass warmth or punch of my 1x12 tube combo or a CLR. I'm now thinking...
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    FAMC LF+ with Axe-Fx II - Quick Start Guide and Template:

    Quick Start Guide V1.1 - Updated 4-30-2014 I created this LF+ quick start template and Axe-Fx II preset to try and help new LF+ users get up and running quickly with something that more fully demonstrates the capabilities of the LF+ when used with the Axe-Fx II. Hopefully it will save you MANY...
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    Looper bug? Silent spaces

    With threshold and quantize (16 beats) turned on the looper sometimes randomly deletes part of the loop and replaces it with silent space. Anyone else having this problem? And a non bug related request would be to allow more than 16 beats. 16 beats is very limiting. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Easiest way to quickly preview IR's?

    I was wondering what is the easiest way to quickly preview IR's on my computer? I'm in UR IR overload! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looper Setup with FAMC LF+

    I setup a looper page on my LF+ JR+ and kind of have it working. But far from idealy. It's rather confusing how to get everything working logically. Has anyone figured out how to get the looper fully functional with the LF+?
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    UltraRes factory cabs?

    I know currently the factory cabinets are not UltraRes, will they be replaced in the future with UltraRes versions?
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    How to Setup FAMC LF+ JR+

    I’ve had a LF+ JR+ for awhile to use with my Axe-FX II, but have only figured out how to do basic things with it like use the wizard to load patch names and a basic layout. But I barely use the JR+ because getting it setup to do the things I want seems too complex and time consuming and the...
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    LF+ JR+ will not connect to editor software (Mac)

    So I finally received my LF+ JR+ friday but the editor can not connect to the LF+ with my MacBook running the latest version of OS X. Installed the latest driver and editor software and verified the USB cable is fine. Verified the LF+ connects to my friends Windows 7 computer. My Axe-Fx II, Zoom...
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    Liquid Foot LF+ JR+ Where to Start?

    Looks like FAMC will be shipping me a new LF+ JR+ any day and I'm wondering where to start? I don't think my needs are that complex. I'm really wanting to get basic functionality like switching patches, scenes and controlling the looper up and running quickly. Anyone have any pointers on doing...
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    I got my invite awhile back but could not buy at that time. Now I have the money but they have been out of stock for a good while. In the meantime my name came up for a Liquid Foot LF+ JR and I should be able to order one of them in a few days. Not sure which way to go at the moment because both...
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    Larry Mitchell Band Rock Hard in Santa Fe!

    Wow! What else can I say. Larry and band absolutely rocked the Santa Fe, NM bandstand tonight. He made fractal sound really good tonight. What an amazing player surrounded by other amazing musicians. Really fun show, see him if you can.
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    Two Rock frustration

    Anyone have any luck getting a great tone out of the Two Rock model? No matter what I try it sounds squelchy and muddy. Especially with a Les Paul. I am currently comparing the Axe2 and Kemper with Two Rock profiles from the amp factory and the tone from the Kemper is very good using the same...
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    How to Use the POD HD500 as a MIDI Controller for the Axe-FX II

    I recently received my Axe2 and with the help this thread and some over at TGP, I managed to get my HD500 controlling my Axe-FX II very nicely (I think it should also work with 1st Generation Axe’s). I uploaded the following presets to Line 6 Custom Tone that are fully setup and working. They...
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    Jumpy Value Knob

    I received an Axe-FX II last week and I am having a problem with the Value knob. When I turn it in the up direction it only occasionally increments the value up by one. Often it does not do anything until it clicks 3 or 4 times. However, going in the down direction usually works as expected...
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