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  1. A to the T

    Migrating from a II to a III

    I'm struggling with the notion of re-creating all my presets on the III. A significant undertaking to say the least. Additionally, I'd prefer to sell my II now (before the III arrives.) The only thing I can think of at the moment is to run a screen recorder, launch Axe-Edit and cycle through...
  2. A to the T

    Migrating from Axe-Fx II to Axe-8

    I was thinking of replacing my Axe FX with an Axe-8 but concerned that I may have regrets. Has anyone done this and been 100% satisfied? I don't own an MFC but have been wanting one forever. So my option is, just buy the MFC or, convert to an Axe-8 and don't look back. Thoughts, opinions? thx
  3. A to the T

    Romeo Rose - BAHAHAHAHAHAH

    I just watched Video 3 and it was hilarious. There were so many comical moments. He even has Howard Stern fished in and Howard shreds him. He's clearly just looking for more "15 minutes of fame". Don't fall for any of this Cliff! lol
  4. A to the T

    Seamless Preset Switching

    I have an original Axe FX II. I was wondering if upgrading to an XL would give me any performance increase with respect to patch changes? I really miss not having that feature (including spillover) when switching between presets. Yes I know that scenes are the way to go but when I'm playing a...
  5. A to the T

    My AFD Slash Preset

    Well, I generally wouldn't play any GnR these days but I thought, hey, with all the hype over the AFD Marshall I should really try it out. So I made an Ultrares Cab preset created using the new AFD Marshall that was added in v15.03. Cab1 is OH_412_MAR-CB_V30-CH_Studio-Modern Cab2 is...
  6. A to the T

    Metallica - Orion - 3 Lead Presets (Tone Matched)

    Thanks to Guitarjon for his work on the original Orion preset as I used it as a building block for Kirk's lead tones. Essentially, re-tonematching the isolated solo tracks, adding in his TS808 setting, and trying to match the reverb. The first part of the video includes a backing...
  7. A to the T

    Favorite Presets?

    What are your favorites? Factory or user, doesn't matter. I always tend to lean on factory 24 "Friedman HBE" Should delete this thread..... saw a similar one. sorry.
  8. A to the T

    Next Gen Guitar Pre-amps (Image if you could build your own)?

    I was thinking about this the other day and the evolution of guitar effects. stomp boxes, rack units, multi fx units, midi controlled, hybrid solid state/tube based units, modeling, IR loading/creating, Ultrares IRs... etc etc whats next? well I had a thought. Maybe it will be a unit that...
  9. A to the T

    Help with acurate sound reproduction

    Currently, my guitar rig goes into a mixer and the Main Mix outputs to my Yamaha HS50m Studio Monitors and KRK 10" Sub. My guitar and Axe sounds great. I know this config is not true FRFR but I treat it that way as I feel the sound reproduction is very accurate. Here's the issue: The Alt...
  10. A to the T

    Cust.Shift Problem in Pitch 1 Block with Existing Preset (13.0,13.01, 13.02)

    Restoring old presets even as far back as 11 doesn't fix it but it was working fine in 12.04beta Updating all presets doesn't fix it Only way I could fix it is to reset the pitch block and reprogram all the settings. (via Axe-Edit/Block/Reset or via double click bypass on Axe-Fx while editing...
  11. A to the T

    Q: After updating firmware is re-tonematching required?

    I have now started to save and export my presets incorporating the FW version in the preset name. After a FW update, and then updating all presets I found that some didn't sound the same as before, specifically presets containing TM blocks. So, as I started to suspect the TM block I decided...
  12. A to the T

    Steve Vai - Eat Em and Smile Era Preset

    I used the Tobacco Road intro guitar lick in order to tone match. Use scene 2 for more reverb/delay on the leads. Sorry about the Example here: Preset here: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Vai - Roth Era 12.02 - by A to the T
  13. A to the T

    Anyone ever toy with Recabinet?

    Looks interesting Recabinet 3 » Recabinet Their ad states that its the industry standard among mixers, engineers, and producers.....
  14. A to the T

    Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time

    Scene 1 is rhythm, Scene 2 is the first harmony -5 fixed Scene 3 is the 2nd harmony using Custom global tuning setting #6 I preprogrammed as follows: (its in G) This was a perfect example of where the custom global tuning comes in handy as the harmony has 3 different intervals in it and you...
  15. A to the T

    Iron Maiden - Number of The Beast

    Scene 1 is normal rhythm, use scene 2 to kick in the intro flange. Found the backing track on Youtube. Guitar is mixed loud on purpose. Damn it was hard to time the beginning chords over his scream without a click track! lol The flange isn't perfect (tweak to your liking). The rhythm was...
  16. A to the T

    What happened to Swedish Chef?

    I appreciated his contributions. It appears he's removed all his presets from Axe Change as well as the body of his posts...... Seems like odd behavior. Hope he's alright.
  17. A to the T

    Paul Gilbert (REH Tone) & Racer X Preset

    Here's a preset I created for playing early Paul Gilbert Stuff. REH etc. Axe-Change - Download Preset - PG REH Racer X - by A to the T Scene 1 is the REH tone Scene 2 is a rhythm I use for Racer X Scene 2 I use for leads as the reverb is cranked. If you enable pitch and play the Motorman intro...
  18. A to the T

    I dread FW v12...

    If this gets released along with Cab Lab and I also purchase more IR's, I will: get fired from my job for not showing up get divorced from my wife for not showing up lose 100lbs from not eating grow my hair long again forget to shower slowly perish or worse, I may become:
  19. A to the T

    The Scariest Pumpkin On The Block !

    No word of a lie, my son just said "Dad, yer an Axe-Fx Nerd....."
  20. A to the T

    Yngwie - Trilogy Era Preset

    Tone Match Preset I made for stuff off of Yngwie's Trilogy. Sorry, posted the demo quickly without practice in order to accommodate a request i saw on the forum tonight. Not sure where I found the backing track for Trilogy Opus but its fairly decent. Demo'd this using my Yngwie Strat COSM model...
  21. A to the T

    'Bark At The Moon' - Jake E Lee

    Bark at The Moon tone match preset I worked on. enable scene 2 for the phaser in solo. Demo here: Preset: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Bark At The Moon - by A to the T
  22. A to the T

    This guy needs an Axe-FX!

    Or a leg extension......
  23. A to the T

    Django Reinhardt - 1937

    Preset I created and use for playing old gypsy jazz. Its built around a factory preset plus a tone match. Scene 2 will disable the old sounding record scratch and filter. Haven't payed this in a long time and forgot how fast it was and couldn't remember al the notes. I should mention that I...
  24. A to the T

    214: Wide Chorus Double

    This V11p1 factory preset doesn't seem to work properly for me. AMP2 is a Double Verb and no matter what I do, it has no sound coming out. I only noticed this as I run FRFR and I only had sound on the left channel I've checked all the settings, levels, balances etc. I've tried all sorts of...
  25. A to the T

    Blank Preset Banks - Sysex file

    For the sake of starting fresh and re-arranging my presets I decide to wipe all the presets in my AxeFX clean. Before wiping them I backed up all my existing banks. After wiping I backed-up the blank banks for future use. Here they are below but please don't forget to back up your Axe FX...
  26. A to the T

    King's X - Gretchen v2.

    This is my take (some minor changes) on singtall's great King's X Gretchen preset. It's sounds great for Faith, Hope, Love stuff too! I used a Roland VG-99 "Ty Tabor" COSM guitar model that I made prior to tone matching. Essentially, a modern strat sound with active single coil simulation...
  27. A to the T

    King's X - Black Flag Preset

    I used a Roland VG-99 "Ty Tabor" COSM guitar model that I made prior to tone matching. Essentially, a modern strat sound with active single coil simulation Preset is here: Axe-Change - Download Preset - King's X Black Flag - by A to the T
  28. A to the T

    Question for the AXEperts

    Is there any way to combine a scene change at the same time that I engage the wah with Exp1? It would be great if I good do this. Basically, when I kick in exp1 I'm trying to enable an OD and reverb too. what would be better is, if in the next firmware Cliff was able to create a...
  29. A to the T

    On The bAxe of Angels - Homage to Mark Day ;)

    Lead patch I created for Dream Theater's "On The bAxe of Angels". Its a tone match. Theres a sample of me playing it here in homage to Mark Day. The crazy faces business made it hard to play accurately :witless:! Oh, and pay no mind to the "practice" nail polish that my daughter applied...
  30. A to the T

    The Cult - Electric TM

    Preset I created on the Axe Fx for Billy's tone on Electric. Sample here: Axe-Change - Download Preset - The Cult - Electric - by A to the T
  31. A to the T

    Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Tone Match Preset

    Modification based on a factory preset. Axe-Change - Download Preset - Lonely Heart Solo - by A to the T
  32. A to the T

    Van Halen - Unchained TM - FW 11.03

    Here's another preset I made. Kick the Flanger in at the correct spots. :) I tone matched this and used Izotope Ozone to make sure it was damn close. The preset is louder than the actual recording. Here's a sample of some of the riffs and solo preset is here: Axe-Change - Download Preset -...
  33. A to the T

    Motley Crue - Shout at the Devil Era

    I didn't realize how many times Mick reused the same notes and chords and even harmonics in their songs until I laid down this sample. Theres lots of reverb on this just like the album. I used the tone match block against shout at the devil but this tone is very acceptable for tracks from...
  34. A to the T

    Rush - Limelight

    Here's a tone match of Limelight by Rush. When I A/B them it sounds pretty dead on to me. Patch is here: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Limelight - by A to the T
  35. A to the T

    Ventures - Walk Don't Run

    According to the book “Walk Don’t Run,” for the March 22, 1960 recording, the “amps consisted of two Fenders, (Vibrolux and Bassman), and a Gibson model GA-40.” You can switch between them both or have them both on using the Scenes. Preset is here: Axe-Change - Download Preset - The Ventures -...
  36. A to the T

    Bug? After tone matching on front panel FX Bypass state not in sync with Axe Edit 3

    I do a tone match via front panel with FX Bypassed on TM Block. After completing said Tone Match and pressing Enter to match then pressing FX BYP to enable, the TM Block in Axe Edit still shows it as bypassed yet its enabled on front panel.
  37. A to the T

    Axe-Edit 3.0 Bug with Voice1 Shift using Pitch Block and some effect types (solved)

    When in Pitch block using crystals effect type and turning the Voice1 Shift wheel all the way left it goes to +24 instead of -24 and moving all the way right sets it to 0 (zero). So from right to left the Parameter goes 0 down to -24 then jumps to +24. When moving from left to right reverse...
  38. A to the T

    Ballerina 12/24 and Tone Match

    After checking out the waveform of the actual recording the two delay settings for each pitch is 112ms and 224ms. When I programmed this in the harmony block and checked it in my waveform editor the delay was reported as 148ms and 264ms. This is caused by the high settings on the pitch...
  39. A to the T

    Rammstein - Du Hast

    Apparently Paul uses a SansAmp, Marshall & ENGL cabs. I tried to replicate it here. Added low mixed phaser to try and create the thick sound. I didn't realize how fizzy the original was until I went to tone match the isolated track. Funny how it sounds good in their mix though. Anyway...
  40. A to the T

    Accept - Ball To The Wall

    Here's the preset I use for Balls To The wall. Wolf used a modded JCM800 and I tried to emulate it. You should be running Axe FX II V11Beta Its uses the Tone Match block Kick the reverb in for the solo as Wolf used a PILE of it. Preset is here if you're interested: Axe-Change -...
  41. A to the T

    ver 11b - 'Tallica Tone Matches

    Ok, I made an attempt at 3 tone matches. First time - so I followed the TM manual :). I'm rather impressed with this feature as I think they turned out fairly close. I encorporated the new 5 band MKII EQ. Theres WAH and TS808 blocks bypassed up front and you'll also notice I put a...
  42. A to the T

    11Beta - Unable to Save or Load Global Block while in Tone Match block

    I've never tried this before but attempted to in 11B for the first time. I can double click FX BYP or hold it down on other blocks and it works. Just not on TM. Since it wouldnt work via front panel of the unit itself I decided to play with it in Axe Edit even though I know Axe edit is flakey...
  43. A to the T

    Petrucci or Myung may be using an RJM Mastermind GT Midi Foot Controller....

    Just saw a peek of it at the 1:00 mark in their latest video: I wonder if this is in addition to the MFC-101 he was using or if he's soley using the RJM?.. The RJM is very similar looking to the Liquid Foot but $1900 is simply insane.....
  44. A to the T

    Great Free Tool for Learning Guitar Parts and Slowing/Looping Video

    Just wanted to share with everyone a great tool I use for learning guitar parts. You can zoom and flip videos and even slow them down maintaining audio pitch. Create a loop region and even move the video around after its been flipped or zoomed. As an added bonus it has a built in youtube...
  45. A to the T

    Noise when using input 2 and inserting effects loop block

    Im wondering if anyone else is having the same experience. When I insert an effects loop block in the front of the signal chain for either my GR55 or VG99 (in order to use their Cosm guitar models) I get hiss predominantly on high gain patches. The only way to help mask it between playing...
  46. A to the T

    Problem: Controlling Axe-Fx via VG-99/FC-300 Midi Thru

    I have program changing working (up untill 100) with Display Offset = 1 (since Axe-Fx preset starts at 000 and VG starts at 001) I can also control some parameters via the CC# messages however I can't seem to disengage some of them and some won't stay on without holding down a controller...
  47. A to the T

    Fractal Audio Black Friday Deal

    4 more hours to go.... Should I sit here and wait for an Axe FX II Door Crasher to spawn or go in the hot tub and enjoy a few beers........ :lol :roll
  48. A to the T

    Axe FX II + Roland VG-99 question

    Is anyone using this combination? I'm wondering if the SPDIF OUT of the VG to the SPDIF IN of the AXE works properly. I know there were some issues when doing this with the Kemper and VG but I believe Kemper has addressed it.
  49. A to the T

    Anyone purchase an Axe-FX and have it Shipped to a UPS store?

    Maybe a silly question but I'm up in Canada and was thinking of buying a B-stock unit online and having them ship it to Syracuse NY as I'll be down there on November 3rd. The shipping cost to Canada is $150 whereas Syracuse is $28 and I figured it'd be a no-brainer since I'll be there anyway...
  50. A to the T

    Ibanez Jem "Copy" Kits

    Has anyone tried these out? Sounds interesting and possibly a decent deal with all the hardware and free shipping..... http://www.guitarkitsdirect.com/gem-500-guitar-kit/
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