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  1. A to the T

    The Guys From Metallica Getting To Grips With The FC-12

    Wheres the WAH button at !!!!?!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!
  2. A to the T

    Post Your Rig!

    I'd be terrified of me or someone else spilling their beer inside this :O
  3. A to the T

    New NAFTA US Canada Duty

    or for less than the price of many guitar pedals, you can buy an eleven rack at sweetwater for $199. I think I paid $199 for my first jordan 15 watt PoS guitar amp with spring reverb
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    'Bark At The Moon' - Jake E Lee

    Quick sample: New preset here: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6619
  5. A to the T

    'Bark At The Moon' - Jake E Lee

    Agreed, definitely a little thin. I'll fix it in a few moments. Thx
  6. A to the T

    Whitesnake - "Is this love" - Solo w/preset

    Well played and thanks for the preset! The coffee grab was a little pretentious though. lol.
  7. A to the T

    Migrating from a II to a III

    So I revisited FracTool again and the best thing I can do is export to HTML each patch at a time. The other formats seem to be missing the scene changes. If I go the route of recording a desktop video of me scrolling through a preset in Axe-Edit, it will make it quick to re-create as I'd be...
  8. A to the T

    Migrating from a II to a III

    I'm struggling with the notion of re-creating all my presets on the III. A significant undertaking to say the least. Additionally, I'd prefer to sell my II now (before the III arrives.) The only thing I can think of at the moment is to run a screen recorder, launch Axe-Edit and cycle through...
  9. A to the T

    Good time to get an XL, or two ...

    at $1699 for a refurb unit, I'm not sure how any of the sellers on eBay are making sales....
  10. A to the T

    Axe-Fx III won't make me sell MY AX8 !

    Lol. Troll alert
  11. A to the T

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Damn. Hopefully the probability of it being developed into the fabulous Fractool exists
  12. A to the T

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    I'm wondering if the new version of Axe Edit allow us to import and convert our Axe FX II presets to Axe FX III ?
  13. A to the T

    SKID ROW - The Threat cover video

    amazing as usual
  14. A to the T

    DIY Axe-Fx Foot Controller for $50 (Open Project)

    Has anyone else attempted a build? If so, please post details and pics.
  15. A to the T

    Wish TC MIMIQ Pedal

    Mimiq claims to simulate double-tracked guitars by manipulating the sound to create audible variations in your pick attack and timing. I have a delay preset I use with panned guitars to try and double or thicken the sound but this has given me an additional idea. 1. Pan one channel hard left...
  16. A to the T

    Migrating from Axe-Fx II to Axe-8

    I was thinking of replacing my Axe FX with an Axe-8 but concerned that I may have regrets. Has anyone done this and been 100% satisfied? I don't own an MFC but have been wanting one forever. So my option is, just buy the MFC or, convert to an Axe-8 and don't look back. Thoughts, opinions? thx
  17. A to the T

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Public Beta

    really?????? I'm not complaining at all, I'm just amazed that this latest update touches on nuances that I have zero ear for. It's incredible to think of how specific these firmware updates get. I don't believe there's any other piece of guitar gear that gets this type of obsessive...
  18. A to the T

    New CrowdFunding project : FX Development Board from MacroFab

    easily over $150 in parts through radio shack. there's some $5 resistors there! lmao
  19. A to the T

    Axe-Edit 3.12.1 Released

    Just noticed direct on the website, looks like it was taken down. All good. I'm patient :)
  20. A to the T

    Axe-Edit 3.12.1 Released

    When I check for update Axe-Edit says no update available. Running 3.12.0
  21. A to the T

    RACER X - Street Lethal - Full cover w/vocals (video)

    yup. and a better recording than the originals. vocals are better here too.. nice one
  22. A to the T

    LICK OF THE WEEK #1 | George Lynch/Warren DeMartini-style lick

    Nice lick and technique. Thanks for sharing. Subscribed. Yes, I grew up idolizing Kirk Hammett's solos but the only thing I hated was his vibrato.......
  23. A to the T

    Someone took my name. Need help

    i cant believe i read this entire thread and then started typing this response. i really need to play more guitar..... btw, i recently saw the new stars movie and assumed the "kid" reference was a homage to Mr. Solo :)
  24. A to the T

    Announcing FAS-FX REVERB!

    I went to check it out. Non-existent in the shop.
  25. A to the T

    Star Wars - The Force Awakens - No Spoilers!

    Saw a private screening at 8:30 this morning. Not as good as Empire but still an 8 out of 10 for me.
  26. A to the T

    Li-sa-X shreds some Dream Theater

  27. A to the T

    Axe-Fx II XL+ Mainboard Exchange Program

    Damn this subject line! And I was expecting to see something about an "exchange program" where I could change out my Axe FXII mainboard for an XL+ one.... :(
  28. A to the T

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Damn! my two handed tapping works now. I thought I'd never get it back!
  29. A to the T


    Declaring affiliation may still not stop the trolls or insurgents from attempting to dethrone such a great product and company. The forum will still get infiltrated by people who have alterior motives. This goes on everywhere and in every industry.
  30. A to the T

    Post Your Rig!

    WWAudio - it looks amazing, would love to see your gear list. Eventually I'd like to move to a setup like this and wish I hadn't sold my GSP-2101 as well...
  31. A to the T

    JOHN PETRUCCI AXE-FX ll presets in YOUNG GUITAR video

    exactly. I don't understand why a guitar magazine can't get things right. let's put John in a giant, empty, concrete warehouse and record him.... brilliant.
  32. A to the T

    Romeo Rose - BAHAHAHAHAHAH

    I just watched Video 3 and it was hilarious. There were so many comical moments. He even has Howard Stern fished in and Howard shreds him. He's clearly just looking for more "15 minutes of fame". Don't fall for any of this Cliff! lol
  33. A to the T

    Is the Helix in compatition for the FX8?

    If I had no gear (no amp), I might gravitate towards the Helix. However, I have yet to hear either unit so there's no fair way for me to properly review and evaluate yet.
  34. A to the T

    Pretty quiet here, don't you think?

    Put the XL in a floorboard with custom scribble strips and just watch the chatter then! Fractal has a different business model than Line 6 and Digitech. I was a repeat buyer of products from both those companies almost yearly (every time something new and reasonably affordable came out)...
  35. A to the T

    Cats on Axe-FX

    Cats, blankets, towels, dogs, bear skin rugs all contribute to reduced longevity of the axe-fx. Years ago, working as a Bell phone technician: one time I was at a customers house and it stank of cat piss. I noticed on the top of the old CRT TV and a window ledge that there were stains. The...
  36. A to the T

    Post a picture of your Guitar Family

    Great sign!
  37. A to the T

    Post a picture of your Guitar Family

    My "current" wall of shame.
  38. A to the T

    Axe-FX II: Judgement Day

    Well I was hoping to hear Whitesnake there.
  39. A to the T

    Seamless Preset Switching

    I have an original Axe FX II. I was wondering if upgrading to an XL would give me any performance increase with respect to patch changes? I really miss not having that feature (including spillover) when switching between presets. Yes I know that scenes are the way to go but when I'm playing a...
  40. A to the T

    Iron Maiden - Seventh Son (Murray solo)

    Great job. Brings back a lot of memories. Love Maiden!
  41. A to the T

    Roland VG-99?

    Love mine. VG-99 General Discussion
  42. A to the T

    Look What Arrived Today

    Hmmm.. that doesnt look like a shitload of boutique pedals just waiting patiently to be replicated.....
  43. A to the T

    Blackened (Metallica cover)

    sick original solo piece at the end.
  44. A to the T

    Firmware 18.04 going back to 17.04 issue

    No need to manual update by pressing enter. Just use fractalbot. funny story, I upgraded to 18 and found it sounded horrible. I downgraded to 17 and same thing. After banging my head a few times, I realized the tone knob on my guitar was turned off lol. anyway, back to 18 and its...
  45. A to the T

    And now....Van Halen on Ellen

    I luv diamond Dave but he's just gotten more obnoxious over the years to the point where its embarrassing to even watch. The giant tooth filled goofy grin doesn't help. I like what Wolfy brings to the band. His bass sound on this was awesome. He's a big boy who can handle the job very...
  46. A to the T

    Van Halen on Kimmel

    Well, maybe this explains it. I'll give him a get out of jail free pass. Its interesting how a lot of us just cant give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe a few of us would have phoned it in too, under the circumstances...
  47. A to the T

    Van Halen on Kimmel

    So sad really. The van halens appear to be in too notch shape. I luv dave but this was indeeed disappointing. Pitch. Timing. But this is nothjng new to dave. His timing is by design. "Hi, im dave, and im in control here. Nobody fux with me".
  48. A to the T

    Yet Another Metallica Battery preset (FW18)

    lol. bumpity bump bump.
  49. A to the T

    Update Amps Freeze

    Well, I just narrowed down which one was causing this. Preset 99 and its blank! I can't even scroll past it with the value wheel and the axe freezes.
  50. A to the T

    Update Amps Freeze

    Let me clarify, my initial issue was that backing up presets from Fractal Bot was freezing. In an attempt to try and dig myself out of that hole I decided to do the update amps/presets thing but no difference, same behaviour (also freezes) I'm still working on it. Using Axe Manage Presets...
  51. A to the T

    Update Amps Freeze

    Ok so I've resolved it by restoring factory presets bank A from front panel. It now all works. I then restored user presets bank a and we're back to the same problem. So its clearly a preset thats causing this. Not sure which one so I guess I'll have to restore a bunch at a time in blocks of...
  52. A to the T

    Update Amps Freeze

    I have the exact same issue. I've updated firmware 3 times and went from 18b to 18.01 and now 18.03. Can no longer update amps/presets because it freezes. Can no longer backup via fractalbot. it freezes 20% in. Can perform a successful backup via front panel. Now I will wipe all presets and...
  53. A to the T

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    I had to lower the Main output of all my presets where I was using the Plexi 100 Jump by rough -5 db. Also, a preset I have where I use the British Brown, is completely off. Otherwise most of my other presets I created in 17.04 still sound great.
  54. A to the T

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    Cool, I played with it a bit. If you adjust the sat drive level (live while playing) your tone will completely cut out for a few 100 milliseconds. Not really an issue as I see we can't assign a controller to it anyway. Also, I don't think it was implemented in Axe Edit 3.1.5 yet. I...
  55. A to the T

    Fw18... news?

  56. A to the T

    Fw18... news?

    45 in a few months
  57. A to the T

    Announcing the Axe-Fx II XL Plus

    LMFAO. Not true. There were no compliments around the subject matter. But there was one made to the very intelligent community. Implied as necessary to market the product. Disgusting? Really? You understood this correctly. This is true. I'm torn, because I love the product, the...
  58. A to the T

    Announcing the Axe-Fx II XL Plus

    Ok, I confused you when I added in the industry standard Rev. explanation so forget I even said that. The heart of my argument is that Plus implies "more" or "in addition to". So what more are we getting? An additional display? No, the old display was removed from the build so why not...
  59. A to the T

    Announcing the Axe-Fx II XL Plus

    Well, lets be honest. Adding Plus to the name because of an MD'd part is indeed a marketing play. Most technology manufacturers use terms like Rev.2 or UR2. Not really confusing. Might as well call it the Axe-Fx II XL Minus then. Just saying.... Fanboys will dislike my post, but I call...
  60. A to the T

    Learning scales the easy way.

    This holds true for most people. I had a friend who had perfect pitch and was also subjected to music at an early age. I felt like we put in the same amount of "time investment" after school with our guitars but he clearly picked up his understanding of the fret board a lot quicker than...
  61. A to the T

    Learning scales the easy way.

    Well, I wouldn't say its easy. I think easy is the wrong term. There are so many tools, systems, methods, techniques, schools, videos, books, out there for free or for sale and all involve the same requirements....WORK. It doesn't matter which approach you take. My suggestion is to find out...
  62. A to the T

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Only one stomp label required.
  63. A to the T

    Your D.A.W. of choice?

    I've been a Cakewalk -> Sonar guy for years. Wondering if anyone out there has switched from Sonar to something else will never look back? Just curious
  64. A to the T

    Rock vs. Country Guitar Duel - Who Won?

    I'll tell you who won..... ME...for getting to watch this. Absolutely fantastic song and video, thoroughly enjoyed it. A big pat on the back to Vegas for providing the extras! Can't wait to hear more of your stuff.
  65. A to the T

    Our Debut E.P: Hair Force One "Hair To The Nation" All AXE II Guitars

    Zaturday night is my favorite of all the tracks! Looking forward to the new EP. Great job Kyle!
  66. A to the T

    Shirley turned 18 - fw18 preview

    stoked to try this out!
  67. A to the T

    Admin_M has 18 avatar!!!

    Two can play THAT game!
  68. A to the T

    The band Failure using Axe-Fx II

    I still love the title of this thread. continually catches me off guard :)
  69. A to the T

    My AFD Slash Preset

    Sorry old thread but I found an old video of him playing live at the Ritz and he definitely pics it all as per Bakerman's previous comments. I even tabbed out the exact finger he used FWIW. lol
  70. A to the T

    RPM Challenge 2015

    I can barely get 1 song out in 35 years let alone 35 minutes of music in 1 month ;)
  71. A to the T

    Background Noise In Brand New Axe-Fx II

    I know this is of no help but I was intrigued by the fact that you bought one and "I finally got around to firing it up." ROFL:lol When I got mine, weddings and funerals were put on hold. lol
  72. A to the T


    I'll admit that I'm not a religious man but I'm wishing your father, you, and your family all the best. I can't imagine what you all are going through but I have hope and a positive attitude and I urge you to embrace these as well.
  73. A to the T

    finally went Wireless

  74. A to the T

    Quick Short Peek at what Axe-FX II Firmware v3.0 brings to the table...

    I can hardly wait. But imagine if it had tone matching? now that would be something......
  75. A to the T

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    I was holding back from using that analogy but there now, the cats out of the bag. I guess I should also use my Axe FX as a wall hanger and go buy an authentic Marshall ;)
  76. A to the T

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    No. this has nothing to do with duping people. Counterfeit is duping people with fake goods. My analogy is in relation to someone profiting from other peoples work. i.e. guitar knock offs or sale of copied material. or musicians making money playing other artists songs without written...
  77. A to the T

    Clark's Stock IRs: TOP SECRET

    Just out of curiosity, when you compared that live TM with your manual EQ/resonance tweaking via Ozone reference how substantial was the difference? Really that noticeable?
  78. A to the T

    Van Halen Cathedral Delay Settings

    EVH had an Ibanez Destroyer and that guitar did have a Linear Volume pot in it (from the factory). So its possible that he used that guitar. Wiki states that he used the stock unmodified destroyer on several of the tracks from VH1.
  79. A to the T

    Axe FXII CPU Chart - firmware 17.03

    Wow. Didn't realize an Ultra Res cab can consume 1/3 of your CPU....
  80. A to the T

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    That is probably the most understandable argument against the manufacturing of copied products IMO. The purchasing of said products does indeed promote the manufacturing. So now I've come to a dilemma. When/If my guitar arrives, and if it shows up as an excellent impersonation of a Slash...
  81. A to the T

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    No, two different statements in my post. First one addresses the misused term "counterfeit". Second implies that there are people out there that have developed a strong opinion against the purchasing of Chinese guitar knock-offs. But if they take a step back and look at themselves they...
  82. A to the T

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    nobody wants to buy a counterfeit guitar. once again, counterfeit implies that you intended on purchasing the real deal and were duped by paying for a fake. if nobody should make, sell, or buy knock-offs then this should hold true for all products tangible or intangible. There are many...
  83. A to the T

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    Lots of great opinions here. Here's my take, if companies like Ibanez and ESP can have their guitars made in Asia (including China) then there's got to be some quality factories out there. Comparing a $226 knock-off to a $2500 authentic LP may be apples and oranges to a seasoned vet but...
  84. A to the T

    Gravity Picks

    I've used Gravity, V-Picks, and Jumbo JD Jazz III picks but it made no difference, I'm still shitty...... :lol
  85. A to the T

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    not when the ad says its a copy and they show photos of it being made in their chinese factory. many sellers disclose this. many don't. so if the seller is saying its "made in usa" by Gibson and authentic in every way and you receive a knock-off then its counterfeit.
  86. A to the T

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    Agreed, but its only counterfeit when the seller is fraudulently deceiving you by stating that its the real product AFAIK.
  87. A to the T

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    I was thinking of ordering a few of these knock-offs in order to decorate my bar/home theatre. Originally, I thought of trying to make them myself but holy smokes, it took me years of time, money, trial and error, to knock-off Vai's flame guitar. As purchasing them isn't illegal and I see no...
  88. A to the T

    AXE-FX II RENTal??

    Renting out AxeFX.. (interesting idea). Not sure if i'd ever consider renting mine out unless it was going into a reputable smoke free studio and you could password protect the firmware upgrade process.
  89. A to the T

    Scared SH$$LESS Help!!!!

    I second the high power omega 3s and glucosamine. I'm 44 and have been active all my life playing hockey and other sports. In 2007 i came down with lower back tightening and pain and it still isn't resolved. I can't stand for more than 15 minutes. Anyway, MRI showed arthritis in L4 L5 and...
  90. A to the T

    fw15.07 - VAN HALEN | F.U.C.K. tone [w/patch]

    This is quite fantastic. as usual. Loved Judgement Day
  91. A to the T

    Hot to be a guitar player jerk

    I'll teach you all. lol
  92. A to the T

    Times Square Guitar Center

    Wow, this video is going viral. It was on CTV National News at 6:30EST. "Guitar Center in Times Square Opens - allowing anyone to try anything, the sights and sounds have become unfavorable for some shoppers" Lol bahahahahahahaha double wow.
  93. A to the T

    Times Square Guitar Center

    yup.. I used to cringe each time I was subjected to the next Vinnie Vincent wannabe. I remember a bunch of times where it got so bad that I'd actually go up, turn the amp down, and say "so, we ready to pull the trigger on this one?" lol
  94. A to the T

    Times Square Guitar Center

    The best part is the GF just draped over the amp waiting for her BF's 8 string madness to end....
  95. A to the T

    IMPORTANT for Front Panel Users - Layout menu behavior change in 15.04

    this change makes a lot of sense. two thumbs up:encouragement::encouragement:
  96. A to the T

    My AFD Slash Preset

    well said :)
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