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  1. Tahoebrian5

    FS Friedman Noho

    Great condition Noho for sale, looking to net $2400. Comes with case, certificate, etc, all the goods. Plays great zero problems. Main reason I’m selling is the Cali model fits me better so looking to buy a second
  2. Tahoebrian5

    FM9 MK2?

    Is there a FM9 with enlarged LCD mini screens in the works?
  3. Tahoebrian5

    Pro axe3 rig with parallel backup?

    does anyone run 2 Axe3’s in parallel for a redundant backup? Just wondering how you would go about setting this up.. splitting guitar signal, etc
  4. Tahoebrian5

    NGD! Ordered a Friedman Vintage T - Shoutout to Sound4less - pics added

    This is the second guitar I’ve bought from Alex and just wanted to give him a shoutout. Best prices around and no tax, free shipping, plus 10% off listed price. https://sound4less.com/
  5. Tahoebrian5

    Recommend a bass cab Ir with a deep tone

    Anyone got bass cabs you like for a full deep tone?
  6. Tahoebrian5

    SPDIF input problems

    I’ve been trying for a while and I am not able to get any kind of input to work using the spdif in. I have signal present on my interface out.. Then on the Axe3, I have input 2 set to digital, and the spdif chosen, nothing comes through. im wondering if there is anyway to test that the Axe3...
  7. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Friedman JJ amp model - vid link included

    The Friedman JJ to me sounds very distinctive and would be awesome to have this model in the Axe. Check out the tones in this vid!
  8. Tahoebrian5

    Fret filing question

    Quick question.. I’ve got the stewmac fret file for shaving down high frets, and also the fret eraser kit that starts at 220 and goes up to 8000grit. my question is it feels like I’m missing a step. Getting the grind marks off the frets with the 220 eraser is not really working. what do you...
  9. Tahoebrian5

    FS RND Neve 545 primary source Enhancer

    I have an RND 545 for sale asking $600 shipped. (Feedback suppressor in 500 series format) Great working order no problems
  10. Tahoebrian5

    Best amp model for “Chainsaw” Tone

    Anyone have a amp model suggestion for a nice bright chainsaw ish tone? the best amp model I’ve got so far for this is the Solo100
  11. Tahoebrian5

    Examples of metal songs with midi drums

    Anyone know of any songs that were produced with midi drums in the metal genre that sound convincing?
  12. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Change SPDIF in to a second SPDIF out for 4 tracks

    is it possible to repurpose the spdif in to another out? what I’m getting at is for recording I ideally need to record 4 tracks at once. 1) DI 2) Dry 3) FX Left 4) FX Right today I’m going to try using SPDIF for DI and Dry, and use the analog outs to record fx. I’m hoping I’m not going to get...
  13. Tahoebrian5

    FS Adam A5X pair

    I have a set of A5x monitors ready for a new home. I moved into a larger space and upgraded to some bigger speakers so no longer need them but no problems and good working order. $800 shipped SOLD
  14. Tahoebrian5

    Help needed with SPDIF reamping with Antelope Discrete 8

    I can’t figure out how to get the recorded DI signal back into the Axe3 via SPDIF. im also using Reaper and I added the ReaInsert on the track with the DI recorded. I pointed it to the track in the antelope mixer that is pointed to the SPDIF. I can see signal in the Antelope mixer so it seems...
  15. Tahoebrian5

    Convert a guitar to Lower 6 strings of a 7 string

    Hey does anyone have any knowledge to share regarding converting a Suhr Modern to a baritone ish setup? I’d like to tune the lowest string to A, then just tune the rest like a normal 6 string without the high E. I use 9.5 strings on my A440 guitars, what strings would you recommend?
  16. Tahoebrian5

    Best work around to have amp channel independent from scenes?

    Ideally I’d like to be able to choose an amp block channel and have it stay put when choosing scenes. I have one amp block with 4 different dirty amps setup, and a second amp block with 4 different cleanish amp sounds. I’m thinking someone cleverer than I could come up with a way to make this...
  17. Tahoebrian5

    Reverb site rant

    What the F is wrong with Reverb’s newish payout policy?!!! I used to just get a credit from selling stuff on PayPal but they no longer accept this. the only way to get your money is to direct link your bank account. It required me to give Reverb my bank login AND PASSWORD via the Plaid app...
  18. Tahoebrian5

    Baritone guitars to fatten bass tones in mix?

    Just wondering if any of you recording gurus have experimented with using baritone guitars as a halfway house between guitar and bass for recording rhythms? I’m talking about just mixing in just enough to support the bass. ive tried finding some examples but mostly I get djenty stuff when...
  19. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Master Room 305 style reverb

    Audioscape is releasing a recreation of this analog 12-spring reverb. Would be super cool to model it in the axe. I am pasting the discussion of how this works below. It was an interesting read for sure. And here is a demo with sounds. Pretty cool that it has separate levels for different...
  20. Tahoebrian5

    Recommendations for a kids guitar?

    I’m looking to get my 5 year old daughter a decently playable electric guitar. Anyone have a suggestion?
  21. Tahoebrian5

    FS Bare knuckle pickups (low prices)

    I have a cold sweat set, rebel yell neck, and pain killer neck. $100 each plus shipping (or $350 for the lot). Still Available: pain killer and rebel yell
  22. Tahoebrian5

    Any Parallax users for bass tones?

    I bought parallax a while back and just getting around to give it a good go through. Fairly disappointing. With the stock and artist presets. Almost every one has a high end that sounds like a can of bees. I am thinking I must be doing something wrong. Anyone use this?
  23. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Search feature for similar IRs

    Im not sure if this is even possible but sure would be nice. The idea is to have a search feature that points to irs that have a similar response curve. Maybe you could choose which frequency range to use in the search. Use case: you have an ir that is working pretty good or even great, but...
  24. Tahoebrian5


    New guitar anticipation day.. Im not gonna say what I bought but it will be here tomorrow. Let the wild speculation begin.
  25. Tahoebrian5

    This pedal was designed by the US DMV

    I was all set to order one but they don’t have true bypass
  26. Tahoebrian5

    Really great toanz, playing and discussion on Billy Gibbons

    Great watch. The fuzz tone at 16:10 is especially nice.
  27. Tahoebrian5

    Spdif input on Axe-Fx 3?

    How do you tell the axe to use one of the input blocks for spdif? I see in setup, IO tab, you can setup spdif for an output block but seems it’s not the same for input. What am I missing? thx!
  28. Tahoebrian5

    iphone buying info (buy used from fleebay?)

    Well I think it is finally time. I have been milking my 6s for as long as possible. Anyway, looking at an 11 pro. Probably get one for the wife also so looking at two phones What can you guys tell me about unlocked vs locked? I don't even really know what that means. Also anyone have any...
  29. Tahoebrian5

    Jazz Rhythms... shuffle, bossa, swing, etc

    Anyone have a good resource for a video lesson with examples of different rhythms? Can’t seem to find much out there
  30. Tahoebrian5

    Piano iish tone? Amp with least intermodulation distortion?

    Anyone have suggestions for a starting point on trying to create a guitar patch that will give a somewhat piano vibe? Mostly for playing with classical/baroque stuff. Chopin, Bach, etc. The way notes ring together seems to be the main hurdle, we’ll other than the fact the guitar is not a...
  31. Tahoebrian5

    Anyone have a Discrete 8 synergy core? Question on how to send to a sub

    I'm hoping someone can point me int he right direction. I have my main monitors plugged into the rca monitor output but I want to run a separate mono mix for a sub. How would I go about this? Do I just use one side of the reamp output and pan everything to center on the reamp monitor panel? Also...
  32. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Multi band distortion

    With all the drive improvements, how about adding a multiband option?
  33. Tahoebrian5

    Ichika... just discovered.. so creative!

  34. Tahoebrian5

    Tax on buying used stuff on Reverb and Ebay

    Who else thinks this is complete BS? I’m talking about individuals selling 5 to 10 items a year. I agree any income reverb or eBay makes off the sale should be taxable but come on!! Someone already paid tax when the item was first bought. If you’re just swapping gear around and not making a...
  35. Tahoebrian5

    Recommend a used 5 string bass

    I’m starting my hunt for a used bass for recording purposes. Looking for good growly Metal tones (not extreme metal though) Anyone have any recommendations on what brands and models to look for. Ideally under $1000
  36. Tahoebrian5

    Where to buy a new Strat neck?

    Hey all, I’ve got an EJ strat I bought from reverb. Im not liking how short the frets are. Was considering having new frets installed. Thinking might be better to just buy a new neck that way I can get different radius while I’m at it. let me know where you guys recommend ordering from. On...
  37. Tahoebrian5

    What amp model has the most growl?

    I’m looking for an amp/cab combo that has a mean low end growl. I know a lot probly comes from the guitar but I’ll take what I can get. Playing a suhr modern in drop d and mostly power chord riffs. Looking to use it to add another guitar layer to my track to make it sound a bit meaner. So far...
  38. Tahoebrian5

    Reamping with Spdif

    Is it possible to record a di signal on left side of spdif, and amped sound on the right side? Any other ways that will work without having to do an analog connection to my interface for the di?
  39. Tahoebrian5

    Reamping / Tracking in Reaper

    Anyone have any thoughts on best practices while recording? I want to record my DI along with an amped tone so I can reamp if needed. One thought is to create a 4-channel track, one channel for Di, two for left n right fx, and the last of the four for dry amped. This way everything remains in...
  40. Tahoebrian5

    Best Modern Metal Mix for Reference?

    Looking for opinions on the best sounding modern metal mix. I am in the process of looking for some good reference tracks. I do like the Avenged sevenfold sound overall band sound, minus the screamo vocals though. Dream theatre is an obvious choice to listen too but I don't really care for the...
  41. Tahoebrian5

    Any superior drummer 3 gurus?

    I took the plunge and upgraded to SD3. So far very happy with the improvements. It’s like a whole daw inside of a plug in. very cool stuff. Quick question if anyone knows.. I want to try doing some dynamic eq (using fab filter) to help low freq masking between the kick drum and bass guitar...
  42. Tahoebrian5

    Great lesson on 6-4 chords

    Everything you need to know about the 6/4 chord! perfect pass time for quarantined musicians. https://tedgreene.com/images/lessons/baroque/TriadsIn2ndInversion_TedGreene_1975-01-11.pdf
  43. Tahoebrian5

    SPDIF output level?

    Sorry stupid question.. I can't find the spdif output control on the axe3. Anyone?
  44. Tahoebrian5

    Fc12 locking up and mini screens go blank but still backlit

    im on fw12.03 and last practice couldn’t get my fc12 to stop locking up. Rebooting the axe3 gets it working but within a few stomps it’s back to locked up. Does it across multiple presets and the specific button stomped doesn’t seem to matter. I did edit some layouts prior to getting the problem...
  45. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Dedicated Stutter/Glitch block

    Would be cool to cop some polyrhythmic stuttering effects. example
  46. Tahoebrian5

    Reference tracks or tone help for progish metal?

    I’m trying to get a rough mix together for some original prog / melodic metal songs. I’m realizing I have no idea really where to start as far as getting drums, bass, and guitar tones playing nicely together. Anyone care to share some isolated reference tracks, or a source for pointing me in...
  47. Tahoebrian5

    Small midi controller for finger drums?

    Anyone have any suggestions for a really small midi controller for tapping out beat ideas in reaper and EZdrummer? I’m thinking smaller the better.. like I really only new 4 pads , mostly for kick, snare, highhat.
  48. Tahoebrian5

    How to get more staccato note attack out of the arpeggiator?

    Anyone have any thoughts on note attack and duration? Someone smarter than me could probably use a gate or compressor but I’ve not had any luck so far.
  49. Tahoebrian5

    Can anyone help setting up the Axe-Fx 3 as outboard fx in Reaper?

    I can’t seem to get the signal routing figured out. I’m trying to use the axe3 as outboard fx and the send receive is ultra confusing.
  50. Tahoebrian5

    How to create a synth like sweep effect

    Anyone have any tips for me? Trying to use the filter block in band pass mode with freq tied to Lfo to create a sweeping effect. Problem is when it sweeps high into the airy sound, too much of the volume is lost like I need some amount of unfiltered signal. Anyway I’m probably going about it all...
  51. Tahoebrian5

    String dampers?

    What’s the best string damper to get? Ideally id like to be able to slide it behind the nut quickly when needed.
  52. Tahoebrian5

    Custom wiring concept

    Anyone ever consider wiring each pickup in an HH config guitar directly to the axefx? For example use a custom trs cable from the guitar that then splits into two inputs into the axefx. Then the neck and bridge signals could be processed or combined, morphed between, combined out of phase, etc...
  53. Tahoebrian5

    What are you studying currently?

    I’m probably not the norm, but I enjoy studying different musical topics probably more than actually playing. So what are you guys studying currently if anything? My latest discovery is the cycle of sixths (not fifths!) with secondary dominants and sub doms leading into each new key center. The...
  54. Tahoebrian5

    Need input, going to buy a Suhr modern or std, or Ibby AZ

    I have 5 guitars and just realized I don’t really love any of them so after much debate and countless hours on google I’ve narrowed it down to a Suhr or Ibanez AZ. Of course there is nowhere nearby to try any of these so I’m considering ordering 2 and returning my least fav. Does anyone have...
  55. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Auto tempo detection

    Is this possible? Would be super cool if you could set an upper and lower limit, and if it would sync the timing also to what you are playing. Set your delays to tempo detect and never have to tap tempo between songs. Maybe an input source selector so you could use a aux input from another source.
  56. Tahoebrian5

    What’s better than an Axe-Fx 3?

    3 AxeFX3’s !
  57. Tahoebrian5

    FS Ibanez J custom - reduced price to $1500

    Price lowered, need to pay off my GAS spending spree! $1,500 shipped conus, This is still available as of 9/15/21. I will update this if it sells. Up for sale is a very nice RG style J custom. I’ve never really bonded with it and I think it’s time to let it go. The neck and fretwork on this...
  58. Tahoebrian5

    PRS S2 standard, feedback anyone?

    Anyone out there own or played one of these guys? I’m GASing for a new Axe! https://www.prsguitars.com/index.php/electrics/model/s2_standard_22_2019
  59. Tahoebrian5

    Guitars with trems vs hardtail.. Tone/Snap/Clarity

    After nearly 30 years of playing I feel like I am finally getting to the point where I know what I want my tone to sound like.. and I am having a hard time getting the aggressive snap/pop and clarity with my Floyd Rose equipped guitars. I use the trem quite a bit though. Not just dive bombs, I...
  60. Tahoebrian5

    Need a refret on my Ibby Jem, suggestions?

    My frets are toast. I live in Reno, NV and don’t know of any good luthiers locally. The last time I took a guitar to a local guy was not impressed at all. Anyone have any suggestions of someone really good I can send the neck to? I really like the ball end fret treatment on my J custom and...
  61. Tahoebrian5

    Looking for some good midi beats to buy

    Can anyone recommend a midi pack for me? I am looking for a general assortment.. something big that will give me a large variety of basic rock and metal through to progressive metal type stuff. It seems like the couple packs I've bought only have a handful of actual beats and then just a bunch...
  62. Tahoebrian5

    FAS modern !

    Anyone try the FAS modern on FW5.05 +? It didn't really do anything for me previously but this amp is really good now. Check out factory preset 102 "Djentlemanly". Seriously kicking butt with my les paul.
  63. Tahoebrian5

    Implemented Pitch follower enhancement

    It would be really cool if the pitch follower could track and output actual pitch. For example attach an enhanced pitch follower modifier to the center frequency of a filter block. The filter would then track accurately whatever pitch is being played similar to the capo/pitch block. Or maybe...
  64. Tahoebrian5

    Live sound, backline vs monitor vs both

    I’d been playing forever with a half stack backline so when I switched to the Axe with an FRFR box, I simply replaced my 4x12 with the frfr in backline position. It sounds great like that in the studio because we don’t use back facing monitor wedges like on a live stage. The thing I don’t gel...
  65. Tahoebrian5

    Some very creative heavy riffage

  66. Tahoebrian5

    Guthrie Aristocamp workshop

    Just stumbed across this. If it was near the west coast I’d consider going. Anyone here planning to go? https://www.aristocamp.com/
  67. Tahoebrian5

    How to get this Guthrie slap/mutron effect?

    Anyone want to take a stab at Guthrie’s effects/tone for the intro here?
  68. Tahoebrian5

    Any Josh Smith fans?

    I only recently discovered Josh Smith. One of the things I like most about his playing is it's relatively easy to hear how he is using advanced harmonic function ideas over blues progressions. It's almost like listening to a music lesson and every time I watch the link below I usually have to...
  69. Tahoebrian5

    Got a tone in my head, not sure how to get there

    How would you guys go about creating a clean stratty lead tone with sustain and compression similar to an overdriven lead tone? I want fast picking to pop almost like chicken picking but with more of a Gilmour tone balance.. I know, not sure if this is possible or even making sense. Anyway just...
  70. Tahoebrian5

    Mini LCD wish - bigger text or bold

    The LCDs are too small for my old eyes. I would gladly sacrifice some character count for bigger or even a bold text option.
  71. Tahoebrian5

    FS MFC mark iii w powered midi cable

    $400 shipped to contus This MFC is in great condition. I just looked it over and there is barely a scratch. There are two tiny little scratches on the front that are too small to photo and hard to see unless you are really close. Has not been gigged regularly.. maybe half a dozen shows. Usually...
  72. Tahoebrian5

    Newegg customer service rant (false advertising!!)

    Just a word of warning to you all, and also a good venting is needed. DO NOT BUY FROM NEWEGG IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER OPTION!!! I bought an ipad advertised as new, and I received a refurbished ipad. I thought maybe I messed up but checking back on the website there are still 2 listed AS NEW. On...
  73. Tahoebrian5

    Question about using left/right routing and outputs

    Is it possible to use the left and right outputs of a given out block (out1 or out2 etc) and have one side completely dry and one side with effects? Is this specific to which blocks are used earlier in the signal chain? In general I think I am confused about how to use the left/right routing of...
  74. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Phase-compare and adjust between blocks or rows at output

    This would be very helpful
  75. Tahoebrian5

    Wish LA2A "amp" block

    it would be really cool if we had an amp block matched to the LA2A to go along with the opto compressor. It is common opinion that the tube amp section of the LA2A is a big part of the magic. Maybe a Pultec amp model also!
  76. Tahoebrian5

    Micro headphone amps, anyone?

    Anyone try one of these micro headphone amps? Seems cool for practicing on the couch while my wife is watching bad TV. https://www.voxamps.com/headphone
  77. Tahoebrian5

    MFC Issue - Cant change IA mode?? Help!

    Hey guys, I'm sure I am missing something but can't figure it out. I am trying to set the IA buttons up for general use to control scenes on my Axe3. When I go to MIDI>AxeFX Mode on the MFC to try to set the IA button mode to "none", the parameter selector buttons won't let me toggle over to...
  78. Tahoebrian5

    Best minor blues guitar work?

    Anyone have any specific songs or artists you can recommend? Looking to study up on my minor blues riffs and ideas. Also if you haven't discovered Josh Smith give him a listen. Really great for learning classic blues and cool harmonic ideas over 7 chords.
  79. Tahoebrian5

    Making custom MIDI cable for phantom power

    im planning to build myself a midi phantom power cable to go from the Axe3 to MFC101. Can someone verify I have the right idea? So I wire 9v AC to the number 6&7 pins, then clip the 2 pins (6&7) on the Axe side. Anything Im missing?
  80. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Audio wave form view before and after block

    it would be really cool if there was a waveform viewer function similar to DAW's. Would be helpful to see the shape of any clipping going on as well as latency across the block. Latency in reference to the input would be nice too for phase matching parallel signal paths.
  81. Tahoebrian5

    Heart 'Magic Man' - Can the Axe-Fx 3 pull it off?

    There are a ton of different tones going on with this song, and a couple keyboard parts. Im wondering if it's possible to pull this off live using a single preset. Calling @Moke .. If you are looking for a new song preset to add I will make this my official request. Anyone have any tips on...
  82. Tahoebrian5

    Fun with Delay+Filter+Controllers

    This is a work in progress but I can see good potential. The idea is to take delay repeats, run them through a band pass filter, control the center frequency with the envelope follower, and the Q with the Pitch follower. This is making for a really cool sound and is very expressive based on how...
  83. Tahoebrian5

    Analog mic pre into input 2 okay?

    I'm gearing up to record some vocals and don't have a dedicated interface. Will the XLR input 2 on the Axe3 work well coming out of an analog mic pre (golden age pre73)? Sorry this is probably a dumb question but I am a recording idiot.
  84. Tahoebrian5

    Axe fx vs pro studio gear?

    Anyone compare the axe fx's EQ's and compressors to classic studio gear? Pultec, Neve, UA, etc? Curious how it stacks up. Another thought is how it stacks up compared to DAW plugins?
  85. Tahoebrian5

    Online Backing track creation tool, anyone?

    Anyone have a link to a website or two that you can input some simple progressions and have something quick and dirty to practice over?
  86. Tahoebrian5

    Recommend a midi keyboard

    I'm looking to get a medium to smallish size midi keyboard for use with FL Studio for recording writing (no live use planned). The Alesis stuff looks good as far as features but I don't want to get something that is low quality. It would be nice to have some velocity sensitive pads built in for...
  87. Tahoebrian5

    [solved] Scene increment problem

    I am trying to setup the scene increment feature using an external switch and the midi/remote menu. When I change the scene increment to pedal2, the AXE starts continuously switching between different scenes about 3 times per second. This happens whether or not an external switch is hooked up to...
  88. Tahoebrian5

    Any BFD3 drum users here?

    ive recently been trying to use bfd3 to sequence some drum tracks and having some trouble. Not much action on the Fxpansion forum so thought I would try here. Basically I am having a problem where bfd3 repeats the first two counts of a measure. So in 4/4 instead of running through the beats...
  89. Tahoebrian5

    IR mic mixes

    Just curious if there are ir mixes out there that were mixed live and then captured as opposed to single mic captures that are then mixed after?
  90. Tahoebrian5

    Cool Chapmen stick video

    I’m late to the party finding this but it’s wirth sharing.
  91. Tahoebrian5

    Wish RTA block compare function

    is it possible to have a compare function on the RTA? This seems like it would be far more useful. In other words have the ability to route two different grid paths to it, and output the difference in freq response. You could put a looper block on side and record a sustained note or chord, then...
  92. Tahoebrian5

    TS808 Drive - A good tweak for crunchy rhythm tones

    I was playing around with the TS drive and comparing to the "Klon" settings using the FET drive and discovered a really nice setting. I started using the tube screamer type with the classic almost zero drive, and high level setting. This sounds great for leads but it's a bit too round for...
  93. Tahoebrian5

    Tone match .. funky results

    This is the first time I've tried to use the TM block on the 3. I'm using it at the start of the grid as a pickup/guitar tone match. I've done this with the 2 and worked effortlessly. So anyway, I input my local and reference signals, the results are sounding really funky but that could just be...
  94. Tahoebrian5

    TB5's Clean-Rhythm-Lead with one Exp Pedal

    Thought I would share my current preset I have setup. This has a clean, crunchy rhythm, and boosted lead with delay all controlled by a single expression pedal. Heel down is clean, mid-sweep is rhythm, toe down is lead. I am too lazy to setup my MFC so this is my solution until the FC's start...
  95. Tahoebrian5

    Wish Modifier for individual IR levels in Cab block

    I would love to be able to have a modifier roll on more of my V30 ir when playing leads or even higher notes. I like to mix a V30 ir with a Greenback ir for my rhythm but the V30 sounds thicker and is better for leads and high notes imo. I know there are other ways to get there but this would be...
  96. Tahoebrian5

    Wish More Tone Match blocks and/or Channels

    Can we have more instances of the TM and channels please? I like to use the TM block at the beginning of the chain to make my ibanez sound more like my les Paul. Ideally I would also have a TM of a strat for my clean sounds. Or more cab blocks would be helpful.
  97. Tahoebrian5

    Setting the Axe3 up with my DAW question

    Hey guys, complete recording newbie here. Im trying to learn the best way to setup the 3 with my computer. I am able to get tracks into my daw (fl studio) over USB. But when I choose the axe3 as the audio device mMy DAW I then cannot play back audio over my computer monitors. Is there anyway to...
  98. Tahoebrian5

    Progressive Metal drum loops, good source?

    Anyone know a good source for free progressive style metal drum loops, or have some feedback on a purchase? I’m looking for odd time sig, poly rhythm stuff , (tool, dream theatre, etc)
  99. Tahoebrian5

    Any FL Studio users here?

    I’m attempting to learn FL Studio and wondering if anyone on the forum here is a user? I’m having a very difficult time finding good tutorial videos. I think this must be the DAW of choice for a lot of... non traditional types of music. Anyway I’m really just looking for a point in the direction...
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