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  1. Swedish Chef


  2. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    Ha ha! :lol
  3. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    I can make a patch that's ready if somone posts a good reference tone, YouTube video...
  4. Swedish Chef

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.02 Released

    That'd be noble indeed.
  5. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    Thanx! No worries, dude. I know the feeling...
  6. Swedish Chef

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.02 Released

    Sounds awesone, bro!
  7. Swedish Chef

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.02 Released

    Really digging this update, dude! :encouragement:
  8. Swedish Chef

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.02 Released

    Really liking that cracking snare sound... Sounds like the DT "A Change of Seasons" snare!
  9. Swedish Chef

    IR Present for You

    For Me? Well don't mind if I do... Thanks CC! :encouragement:
  10. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    The 6 inch is one of the most versatile stock cabs in the Axe, me thinks... :encouragement:
  11. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    A hint to guys who are daring to try this patch out. Add the Jazz 120 model directly after the TM block... add a cab and audition the cabs til you find something that'll take away the worse sizzle and the boomy bottom end, I like the 6 inch, oval. Then add the SM58 mic. Turn room to 40-50%, add...
  12. Swedish Chef

    Pedal Steel tones with the Axe-Fx 2

    Killer playing, guitars and steels... :encouragement:
  13. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    No worries, SS! I seriously hope people can get off Cliff's back about it now! There's really nothing at all special about this pedal... I'm selling it onward tomorrow. The funny thing is that none of the guys from the never ending original HM-2 thread has posted here. I wonder why that is...
  14. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    Enjoy it!
  15. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    Heart warming, you guys!!! Thank you!!! :D
  16. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    Yes... You would need to add an amp and cab to the patch to really party!
  17. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    So, yesterday I bought the Boss HM2, mainly for you guys. And within like 10 minutes I had this: What you are hearing is the Boss HM2 compared to the patch I made. There's a fine difference, but can you tell which one is which? The three blocks in the patch emulate the sound of the HM2 pedal...
  18. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Super Mario

    FW15, but I did test them out on 16 before posting them. Enjoy, cheers! :encouragement: Cheers guys!!!!! :encouragement::encouragement:
  19. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Super Mario

    Even more cheers!!!! :encouragement::encouragement::encouragement:
  20. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Super Mario

    More cheers! :encouragement: :encouragement:
  21. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Super Mario

    Cheers! :encouragement:
  22. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Facelift

    Thanks guys!!! :) Here's the patch, hoping it translates well to your setup. It's not as crunchy as the original but works. Originally it's a stereo preset but I kept it mono since a lot of you are running mono. Patch is taylored to my Tyler, it might sound different with your guitar. I t c you...
  23. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Facelift

    maschoff, that's a great story!
  24. Swedish Chef

    Your Fav Amp(s) for tight bottom end??

    Found the icons online... Made them to clicky thingy links. :)
  25. Swedish Chef

    How do you imagine the future of cab + mic simulation

    Next giant leap is going to be made into the realm of convolution technology... For this we need more break horse powers, i.e an Axe-FX 3 or 4. I think the next unit will have convolution IR's.
  26. Swedish Chef

    Your Fav Amp(s) for tight bottom end??

    Fryette has the tightest bottom end...
  27. Swedish Chef

    Sweatshirts and Hoodies

    Baseball caps please... This kind: Or how about a chef's hat?
  28. Swedish Chef

    Acoustic Body IR?

    Better to tone match...
  29. Swedish Chef

    Can your wife cook?

    Women have no place in the kitchen at my place...
  30. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Facelift

    A stab at Cantrell's tones on the AIC album "Facelift". Patch will be posted if there's enough interest. FW16 bitches!!! :devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish: :devilish:
  31. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Strange Land

    Yes, this is one of my Top 10 patches. So fun to play with. No lockups... But it might sound a bit different, although I highly doubt it since this patch is based around the drive block. Best thing is to reset the amp. Thank you, sir! :encouragement:
  32. Swedish Chef

    Sound engineer has issues with AXE--suggestions?

    "Sound engineer has issues..." 'Nuff said IMHO...
  33. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Super Mario

    Soon! :)
  34. Swedish Chef

    Do you like Melodic Death Metal?

    Fuck yeah, Theo!!!!!!! This is awesome!!!!
  35. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Super Mario

    "Oh, mamma-mia!" :-D
  36. Swedish Chef

    Welcome to the new FX8 General Discussion Area

    Dell: The power to do more Apple Inc.: Think Different Intel: Leap ahead LG: Life's Good Microsoft: Where do you want to go today? Samsung: Everyone's invited Panasonic: Ideas for life Fractal Audio Systems: Soon ;)
  37. Swedish Chef

    Using your guitar volume knob?

    Pinky is glued to the thing...
  38. Swedish Chef

    2 amp sound

    You've outlined the idea already, why don't you make the patch yourself?
  39. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Intergalactic Lyre Bird

    Thank you Azael for your great support and all the likes!!! Really appretiate it!
  40. Swedish Chef

    Axe FX II + Kemper together (Kemper in the Axe FX II FXLOOP), the ULTIMATE TONE R

    I think you should cut the blue cable... ...no, wait. Try the red. :nightmare:
  41. Swedish Chef

    Europe Superstitious Solo and My New Music Room in New Hampshire.

    Good job on this, Mark! Check out my patch here: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Chef's Kee Lead - by Swedish Chef This is what it sounds like:
  42. Swedish Chef

    Where are you facing when you record? IT MATTERS!!!!

    In Sweden recording faces you...
  43. Swedish Chef

    10 Loudest Rock Bands of All Time....

    So what you're saying actually is that the cowbell was finally turned up to the proper level?
  44. Swedish Chef

    Can Axe do Moof freqBox?

    Drive block, bit crusher preset, sample rate and bit depth knob will give you all the tones you want for this...
  45. Swedish Chef

    Tips for fattenning up single coils

    Use the ToneMatch block and tone match your single coil with a humbucker equipped guitar you find sounds fatter... Use the blend and smoothing functions to find the sweet spot... Or use chicken fat.
  46. Swedish Chef

    Two Notes Cab Link removed

    Thank you!
  47. Swedish Chef

    What 'cha listening to?

    Darude – Sandstorm
  48. Swedish Chef

    RIP Robin Williams

    USMC_Trev, try some Sports Illustrated pics. It's the only proven fool proof way to diffuse any type of situation and snap the male psyche out of fighting mode... :D
  49. Swedish Chef

    RIP Robin Williams

    I watched "Good Will Hunting" a few nights ago! I feel so deflated reading this just now... To me he was, is, immortal! Nano Nano, Robin!!! RIP...
  50. Swedish Chef

    Evertune & Bare Knuckle vs PRS vs Squier with PRS pickups

    I'll take the one second to none... It had more string than the other two.
  51. Swedish Chef

    Who can help me out with a thick Clean tone?

    Back off the wetness of this and it's good to go: Cheers!
  52. Swedish Chef

    Do you have natural talent for guitar?

    I hate guitars!!!
  53. Swedish Chef

    Gourdo's preset

    Hey guys! Since you can't attach presets to PM's I'm posting a simple template preset here for Axe-FX user Gourdo. Nothing fancy, just a push in the right direction... Cheers! :)
  54. Swedish Chef

    What is the best advice to all axe owners?

    Do not overcook your beef...
  55. Swedish Chef

    REQUEST: Boys of Summer by Don Henley

    Hi guys! Don't know how this will work, it's a FW8 preset. Tip: Reset the amp and tweak 'til you're a happy pappy! :D Cheers!!!
  56. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Norum Lead

    Sharing a John Norum patch I made. The patch is available below. Don't forget to like, comment or subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel. Cheers gang!
  57. Swedish Chef

    Join Swedish Chef on Youtube! :)

    Permission granted, captain Lawrence! Thanks for subscribing. I'll see what I can do... Thanks mate! How are the negotiations going regarding the HM2? Thanks iaresee! :) Ole, I thank you and say olé!!!!!!!!
  58. Swedish Chef

    Join Swedish Chef on Youtube! :)

    Hi guys! I've been AWOL-ing for a while, been really bizy with some cool musical projects. Anywho, I'm enjoying some time off and started a YouTube channel. Check these new tones out and be sure to write a comment and subscribe to channel. Hopefully I'll have time to make some "swedish...
  59. Swedish Chef

    It was 20 years ago today...

  60. Swedish Chef

    Great tone, from the tone master.

    Jaw is on the floor, the tone and playing is stellar... How about an IR of the Eminence EJ1250 speaker?
  61. Swedish Chef

    I can't tell anymore.

    I have been clueless from the get go!
  62. Swedish Chef

    I turned a Kemper guy into an Axe guy

    For valor in action against an enemy force you are awarded: We salute you!
  63. Swedish Chef

    Thinking hard about buying this, Suhr Corso...

    Such a great sounding amp... This will be my first amp in 7 years.
  64. Swedish Chef

    Poll: Which reverb is the real reverb?

    OH YEAH????????
  65. Swedish Chef

    Poll: Which reverb is the real reverb?

    First one is real... ...or is it? I forgot...
  66. Swedish Chef

    In light of the third party cab libraries...

    Or if like Cab Lab could read a directory, where you could just scroll through a directory and each cab.syx would be loaded automatically to the Scratch Pad by just highlighting it. You won't always want to audition cabs in the end of the audio signal chain...
  67. Swedish Chef

    In light of the third party cab libraries...

    Here's hoping Axe-FX 3 comes out with convolution technology; cabs and reverb...
  68. Swedish Chef

    In light of the third party cab libraries...

    I don't get this statement at all. I understand how a "normal" company would do this, but this is Fractal Audio. Plus the XL has +500 slots. Opening the factory cabs would give us some odd 130 more user slots. Still half of what the storage capacity of the XL is. Beside, the extended user slots...
  69. Swedish Chef

    In light of the third party cab libraries...

    In light of the great third party cab IR libraries, wouldn't it be great if one could overwrite the factory cabs and use those slots for user cabs too? What say ye?
  70. Swedish Chef

    Poll: Which reverb is the real reverb?

    IR was captured with sine sweep, then the room was also excited using a ballon. I used a close mic and a room mic. The close mic signal was cut 2 ms into the impulse wave, that was almost 2x distance to the closest wall. This short pulse was fed into the artificial reverb patch in DAW. Mics were...
  71. Swedish Chef

    Poll: Which reverb is the real reverb?

    Think you're missing the point here, Simeon. The issue's not whether it's easy or not not. The questions is: Can you hear the difference? Can you pick out the real thing and why you drew that conclusion? Since I know which ones which, I can hear the subtle differences – probably because I'm...
  72. Swedish Chef

    Revving Car Engine Patch

    Glad to be of service!
  73. Swedish Chef

    Poll: Which reverb is the real reverb?

    Can you hear the difference? One of these reverberations is the real recording of a balloon being popped in the room space below. One of them is the digital equivalent I created in a DAW. Can you tell which one's which? Vote and write a comment. I'll announce the order in a couple of days.
  74. Swedish Chef


    Shouldn't you know better than to crank your amp so loud that the speakers are damaged? I fail to see how that's Fractals problem. Because, had you not had your amp that cranked that loud, or had you done a proper gain staging, had it not happened the way it did. Once a digital signal gets...
  75. Swedish Chef

    SeeD - I made a new song. See if you Like it to ??

    Tool much? Effin' GREAT!
  76. Swedish Chef

    Album tip: Janne Schaffer "Earmeal"

    I found this in my record collection. It's a great album and I thought you might like a listen. It was Janne's last attempt at making it internationally. Then the whole 80's shred thing happened. Being the top guitar player in Sweden in the 70's, Janne is also heard on most Abba albums. One of...
  77. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Breaking the Silence

    Coming real soon to a theater near you! :)
  78. Swedish Chef

    Preview of upcoming CD

    Very Metheny-esque... Henry, you're awesome brother man! :encouragement:
  79. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Breaking the Silence

    By taking the Side out of the Mid/Side... :) There are numerous plugins for this.
  80. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Breaking the Silence

    Ha ha, I wish! :) Come to think of it, it need a bit more mids... :)
  81. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Breaking the Silence

    One badass album! Enjoy! :encouragement:
  82. Swedish Chef

    Wish Official MFC Expansion Module

    Sorry guys, but I don't think it's cool, funny or tasteful to associate Yngwie, as a swedish guitar player, with doughnuts (a forbidden treat in many countries).
  83. Swedish Chef

    Metallica tonematches/patches extravaganza v2.0!

    Wow! Some of these tones are spot on! Great stuff!
  84. Swedish Chef

    Looking for a Banjo preset

    I might offer my services if there's money or strippers involved... Either way let me know. :D
  85. Swedish Chef

    New Vid Up! Trial By Fire (Blackened Soles) YouTube

    Great stuff, brother Petross! Well done, you rock! :encouragement: Edit: For your next video, please have some more pics of Sports Illustrated girls... Cheers! :D :encouragement:
  86. Swedish Chef

    Jazzzing the Vox AC 30 :-)

    Really nice!
  87. Swedish Chef

    Guitar Piezo?

    Did you have something like thiis in mind? Played on a Godin XTSA, a solid electric with piezo's. Or do you want this tone out of magnetic p/u's?
  88. Swedish Chef

    Patch request: Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-preset-exchange/83185-chefs-fear-dark.html :encouragement:
  89. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Fear of the Dark

    Quick soundclip of the patch: :devilish: UP THE IRONS!!! :devilish:
  90. Swedish Chef

    Trow your two stones......

    Tasty playing there, brother Paco! I love it! :encouragement:
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