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    11.02 beta1 Block error

    Hi all, updated to the current beta, when I launch axe edit iii I get a notification saying there is an error reading block library. Anyone else having this happen? Advice, ideas etc.? Cheer Anthony
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    Friedman ASC-10 Users/Reviews: Anyone Compared it to DXR10?

    Hi all, considering my options and would like your thoughts/opinions etc. on the ASC-10. Some people say it sounds a little like a guitar cab, more so than a linear, or frfr cab. This doesn't bother me, I am currently playing through a SS power amp and a couple of 1x12's. It would be used for...
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    New Voes FC's

    New Voes FC's 18 and 12 buttons, two layers, great price, no osx editor support. The 18 is smaller than the new Fractal Fc12, although they are very different beast. Tossing up my needs now between these and the new Fractal Fc's MX-18 MX-12 Cheers Ant
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    My Matrix GT800FX Died!!!

    Anyone know of a good tech in Australia that can work on a Matrix power amp? I would prefer not to have to ship it to the UK or US. For that kind of money, compared to what I paid I would be better to throw it away. Cheers Anthony
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    Matrix Fr12p or Xitone 12" passive

    Hi all back thinking of taking the plunge into frfr again, I usually run guitar cabs but feel like trying something different. I have a matrix power amp and have narrowed it down to the Matrix fr or the Xitone 12" passive. Does anyone have any experience with these, compared them etc. Also does...
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    How to Turn the CAE 3+ into a Pt-100

    Hi all I have searched but didn't really find much, other than it might be possible to get it in the ball park. Does anyone have any settings to get The CAE3+ into Pt-100 territory? Also does anyone know the differences between early pt-100 and the final release version? Cheers Ant
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    Wah issues in axe edit 3.10

    Hi guys can anyone help me out. After updating to quantum 6 and axe edit 3.10 in axe edit every time I click on my wah block to engage it a dialogue box opens saying "a modifier attached to bypass mode is preventing you from manually engaging or bypassing this block. To toggle the block use the...
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    Need a little help with tuner and tap tempo on an ext switch

    Hey everyone, I need a little help with using ext switches. I am using N/O momentary switches. Switches set up as per instructions. Tuner: I can get the ext tuner switch set up CC15 and it switches on the Axe XL to the tuner screen, but the tuner screen does not appear on the MFC. I know I must...
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    My XL Sounded Really Bad through a PA Today, Thats a New Experience!

    Hey guys my xl sounded nasty today, it is dialed in for guitar cabs on stage, and also sending with sims to FOH and sounds good. Through todays Pa it sounded harsh, trebly and scratchy. PA was an average vocal pA, but stage size meant no cabs, powered yamaha mixer sending to two ymaha 15" tops...
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    Vocals and axe fx through same wedges or separate pairs?

    Hey guys I was wondering what you do. I want to run stereo frfr and have two wedges for my stage monitors with vox, ac gtr, keys. Do you run separate wedges for stage/vocal monitors and your axe frfr? Or all through the same ones? Cheers Ant
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    Recommend me a wedge or frfr around $500

    Hey guys interested in a frfr setup or similar but have a budget of about $400 $500 a cab max. Any thoughts or recommendations? Cheers Ant edited for spelling
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    Help Please: New XL not registering input level

    Hi everyone I am new to the AexFx XL and have been trying to set it up, everything talks etc, but there is no input signal being registered. I have tried multiple leads and guitars. Probably new user error, any suggestions? Yes I have read manual and quick start guide and have followed the steps...
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