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  1. AndyTNBD

    Did some playthroughs yesterday

    Wasn't really sure where else to put this, because it isn't really Fractal gear related. But I think a few people could get a kick out of it. Was really bored yesterday. So I setup this rig: Marshall JVM410HJS (the Satriani JVM) into my Egnater Tourmaster 4x12 with V30's in it. SM57 on the...
  2. AndyTNBD


    I've got the Axe III, and gonna be getting the FM9 in August. Just wondering, is there anyway the FM9 can act as a controller for the AxeIII without having to resort to a bunch of tedious midi programming stuff? IE: How close to an FC controller can it get?
  3. AndyTNBD

    I really love the Axe III for the chuggggggggg

  4. AndyTNBD

    Is there a DSP bug with the 'worn tape' algorithm? <probably user error>

    I was playing with the worn tape algorithm and I noticed a chirping after playing for a while, with the feedback up at 70% or so. Haven't tweaked anything else. Now at a very very VERY low level, there is some chirping and noise in the -66dB range. If I add some boosts I can make it a bit...
  5. AndyTNBD

    Talk to me about the Revv Generator 100R and 100P MKIII amps

    I can't afford the 120 MKIII. So if I was gonna jump in with a Revv, it would be the 100R and 100P. They seem to each be centred around the Red and Purple channels. On my Helix I like both of them. I play atmospheric post-metal type stuff - www.bridgedisaster.co.uk I use lots of cleans...
  6. AndyTNBD

    Wish Global Setup Presets

    So quite a few scenarios involve tweaking some of the global settings. It might be nice to have presets for these. So you can load up a bunch of global preference settings at the touch of a button, rather than having to tweak them from scenario to scenario.
  7. AndyTNBD

    6 weeks it took me....

    6 weeks ago I sold my Axe III to get an FM9, and have been waiting since. This isn't an FM9 moan thread though. I realised..... I actually really loved the Axe III. Just ordered a turbo. 6 fucking weeks. I'm a twat.
  8. AndyTNBD

    Fractal 'clippy' ?

    Okay, this isn't exactly a serious wish, so I'm putting it in general discussion.... but at the same time... there is a serious point here. In plugins like the Fabfilter suite you will often get a nice user experience where controls are given informative tool-tips and you get a bit of a...
  9. AndyTNBD

    FS (UK only) unpowered Kemper toaster and remote

    I have an unpowered Kemper and remote for sale. The Seymour Duncan PS is not included. Kemper+Remote, £1100 or best offer. I would take an EVH 5150III-50watt head in part-exchange, but I'd only be interested in the one with the stacked gain and volume pots for channel 1+2. Collected from North...
  10. AndyTNBD

    What do you do to make the Axe feel fluid and as close to amp+pedals as you can get?

    Just curious really, more about everyone's strategies rather than specific features or what have you. I know about the performance pages, but is there anything else you do that sorta bridges the gap between the two worlds of multi-fx and amp+pedals??
  11. AndyTNBD

    How many people are making original stuff with their AxeIII?

    Not gonna lie, I'm totally allergic to crap covers bands. The UK is utterly rife with them, and they are mostly soulless and terrible. I was wondering how many people are making original stuff with their AxeIII? I'm curious about metal bands, prog bands, post-whatever bands, etc. If I see...
  12. AndyTNBD

    How can I stop modifiers from slowing down towards the end?

    Okay, this is something I noticed. Scene Controller 1 - 0% on scene 1, and 100% on scene 2. Load in a pitch block, selected advanced whammy, and assign Scene Controller 1 to the whammy control. Now... set the attack and release both to 8000ms. What I notice is.... I'm on scene 1 and the...
  13. AndyTNBD

    This week I compared - AxeIII/Boss GT1000/Kemper/Helix Floor

    At present I own all four of these modellers. I did have a Quad Cortex previously, but I sold that to fund the Axe III. I still have solid memories of that device though, so I will opine somewhat on that. I'll start with the Boss because that is the easiest - I don't really know why the amp...
  14. AndyTNBD

    Thank you for the compander in the delay blocks!

    Gotta say.... I know it seems like a small thing, but the compander in the delay block has completely transformed the delays for me. I love it. I can now really dial in all the mushiness and 'orrid stompbox nastiness that I was looking for from the Axe II so many years ago. Being a delay...
  15. AndyTNBD

    Is anyone using their AxeIII just for effects?? And is it overkill?!

    I'm getting heavy heavy vibes for using my AxeIII just for effects, either in 4-cm with my Diezel VH4, or in 4-cable method.... or some sort of mega OTT rig where it's VH4 and JVM in a stereo rig, with both amps being controlled by midi. I have an FC12 as well, but haven't really set it up for...
  16. AndyTNBD

    I don't really believe in profiling anymore...

    Tangentially related to the Axe III I suppose. But I've owned Kempers throughout the years, and I had a Quad Cortex primarily for the amp capturing functionality. Leaving all of the UI+UX differences aside... I genuinely have lost my "faith" in profiling/capturing technology. The final tone...
  17. AndyTNBD

    How sensitive are the Fractal expression pedals??

    I've got a Boss EV30, but the travel doesn't really kick in until almost halfway up the pedal. This is even when callibrated and happens across all of my digital modellers. It kinda sucks. Is the Fractal one any better?
  18. AndyTNBD

    Scene bypass???

    Does Axe III have a scene bypass function for the blocks, similar to Helix's 'snapshot bypass' feature? On Helix I can have some effect blocks part of the snapshots, and some not. So the way I've ran it in the past is have 4 snapshots along the bottom row, and 4 effects along the top that are...
  19. AndyTNBD

    I wasn't quite expecting such a difference between the III and the II

    So I just picked up an Axe III mkII yesterday, and I'm pretty blown away. I had an Axe FX II years ago and made many songs with it, but it always nagged at me a little. I didn't like the tones as much as my valve amps, I didn't like the delays, and I was always running into DSP limitations and...
  20. AndyTNBD

    Wish The ugliest and filthiest and nastiest sounding fuzzes known to man

    Wish list - a couple of really ugly nasty fuzzes that just sound awful (and awesome) and tear your head off. Reference models: Friedman Fuzz Fiend: with the RAGE switch held down this brings in an oscillator that fights against your guitar to create huge walls of noise Subdecay Harmonic...
  21. AndyTNBD

    Can the AxeIII/FM9 cover these delay sounds and this fuzz sound??

    Hey crewwww. I'm selling my Quad Cortex. It just isn't doing it for me. Can the AxeIII/FM9 cover these ugly-but-pretty delay fuzz wall oscillations; like these: https://soundcloud.com/sloppiestholes/truth-oscillation...
  22. AndyTNBD

    Wish Improvements to 'scenes mode' for live use

    It would be super awesome if we had the option to turn on 'scenes display' so that when you're in scenes mode, the display flips over to display the scenes - this should be something very obvious so that in the heat of the moment you can see whether you're in scenes or manual mode. The LED on...
  23. AndyTNBD

    Reamping via SPDIF is my new favourite hobby

    Fantastic. It's quick, great signal to noise ratio, no additional AD/DA stages, and allows me to play with settings on the fly whilst I record my tones. Did some reamping today and had a whale of a time! And the Memory Man model in the delay is my new favourite delay on the planet! Fantastic...
  24. AndyTNBD

    Boss FS-7 in pedal socket

    Heya, Is there any way to use both switches of my Boss FS-7 into the pedal socket on the Axe II? Currently I can only get one of them to work.
  25. AndyTNBD

    Seriously dudes... I need this thing naow!

    I need this thing naow! I've got recording projects coming up, and I don't really want to stick with my Boss pedals with their crappy noise performance and buffer issues. Release it already! ;)
  26. AndyTNBD

    "new blocks for sending MIDI and manually controlling the onboard RELAYS"

    I'd like to know about these new blocks for controlling the onboard relays. Will it be one block for relay 1, and one block for relay 2... or will it be a single block for both relays, and will you be able to load up multiple of these blocks into different FX slots, so that you can have a range...
  27. AndyTNBD

    X/Y workflow

    What is the X/Y workflow going to be like? Will it be a hold the footswitch to toggle between them kind of deal?
  28. AndyTNBD

    USB Adapter mode + Roland TD-20 = Evil midi dropout hell

    Today I tried the Axe FX II as an audio interface with a Mac Mini. Worked fine. I also tried it as a midi interface at the same time with a Roland TD-20. Performance was utterly terrible. Midi notes coming from the e-kit would often not get through into the software, latency was very spiky, low...
  29. AndyTNBD

    Diezel D-Moll tone-match syx here...

    I don't know if anyone will care about this, but a tonematch of my Diezel D-Moll FX loop send. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzm29ec4rsjfu2p/D-Moll.syx?dl=0 Amp was on high-gain channel 3, with the mid-cut enabled. Just kinda does something nice. Add a cab 1 and load this IR, then cab 2...
  30. AndyTNBD

    I *think* the tonematch feature has helped me get that last percent...

    I've been struggling to get as good a tone from the Axe as I do from my Diezel D-Moll. Made no secret of this, to the point where I considered selling the Axe. Two things I've realised: 1. The Marshall 8008 valvestate unit is not bridged when used in mono mode. So you've got 80-watts to play...
  31. AndyTNBD

    SLO100 - Axe versus Amplitube

    Maybe this will vaguely interest you. Same impulse IR - Guitarhack Sneap Fredman Angled - Amp settings dialed in roughly to match. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/630473/GearDemos/Axe FX II/SLO_A.wav https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/630473/GearDemos/Axe FX II/SLO_B.wav
  32. AndyTNBD

    Please help:Not enjoying my Axe through a poweramp and into a cab

    Okay, this isn't a 'the Axe is shit' thread so please don't take any offence :) I'm having some issues getting believeable tones going through a poweramp and out into my 4x12 cab. I've got an Egnater Tourmaster 4x12 with V30's. I've got the following: Marshall 8008 Valvestate poweramp Diezel...
  33. AndyTNBD

    Who uses effects pedals with their Axe?

    Just curious really. Does anyone not use the Axe FX for effects, instead preferring to just use it as a preamp ala JMP-1?
  34. AndyTNBD

    Comparing Axe FX II to a Diezel D-Moll

    So I'm still not a 100% convertee over here; I still like valve amps, and I still have this gut feeling or instinct that they sound better than modelling. But I'm having quite a number of my fundamental assumptions challenged over here! :D So this isn't scientific in the slightest, but here...
  35. AndyTNBD

    Tool - Schism Bass Whammy

  36. AndyTNBD

    So .. um... can I promote my band?

    Without being too much of a nuisance, can I make a post promoting my band... if not, mods feel free to delete. I wont hold a grudge! :) We fit into a similar vein as Tool, ISIS, Cult Of Luna, Red Sparrowes, Russian Circles, and the whole "post-metal" or "post-rock" type of thing... y'know if...
  37. AndyTNBD

    (Prog Metal) New song, just a demo, but what do you think?

    Here is a very rough demo, featuring Axe on guitars and bass. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nut6h2al2ok6ts/Plus2Degrees_Bass.mp3 Das Metall yet again - I think it's my favourite amp on the thing! Cleans were the Super Verb. Light crunch was Das Metall with gain at something like 1.2 with boost...
  38. AndyTNBD

    Karnivool Bass Tone - anyone nailed it?

    Anyone managed to nail the Karnivool bass tone in the Axe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjvtx3HMUks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDKsosOvVmw
  39. AndyTNBD

    One or two row midi controllers?

    Hi all, So I got an MFC, but I don't really dig it. Functionally it's all cool. But I don't like the layout, having the three and a bit rows boggles my mind, my feet are big and I keep hitting switches that I don't intend. Feels uncomfortable to use. Just wondering what people out there are...
  40. AndyTNBD

    Heh... reverse delay...

    So here is a thing. I use reverse delay a lot in our material, usually mixing it with a regular delay so you get bouncy textural undulations in time to the beat. Anyway, I was wondering why the Axe wasn't sounding as good as my two Boss DD7's in this respect. Turns out that one of the devices...
  41. AndyTNBD

    Egnater Tourmaster 4x12 w/V30's (UltraRes) [II+XL IR+SYX]

    Just got Cab-Lab. Made these from some existing IR's I had. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t0pbfu8hw3dodrm/EgnaterTourmaster4x12.zip I believe they're ultra-res because the names are italic, but I'm not sure if the IR's were long enough in length to warrant it. SM57A Beta Sennheiser 421...
  42. AndyTNBD

    Fryette D60M tweaking to sound like Sig: X ???

    So I've been using the Fryette D60M quite a bit recently. I recorded our last album with a Sig: X (and later sold it, IDIOT!) and these two are incredibly close! But it's not quite the same sound on the high-gain side of things. Anyone got any tips on how to tweak it to sound similar to the...
  43. AndyTNBD

    Wish Option so that in reveal mode hitting bank up or down stays in current bank

    When you're in reveal mode and hit the bank up or down switches, the unit will jump to a new bank. The wish is for an option to not do this. Instead, when you hit the bank up or down switch the very first time, it should remain on the current bank, and it would take another hit to make it change...
  44. AndyTNBD

    Bug? IA LED's should switch off when in reveal mode and bank switches are used

    I have the option "Axe-FX IaOffLed" set to OFF. When you're in reveal mode and you press bank up or bank down, the IA LED's stay lit from the current preset. This is confusing to look at on a dark stage, where two or three LED's will be lit up and none of the others are. So when you press...
  45. AndyTNBD

    First rehearsal with amp+axefx+mfc and 4-cable-method ... mixed results...

    So... first practice with the Axe FX + Diezel D-Moll + MFC combo tonight. Mixed results. - Even though I have DIY humbuster cables (TRS > TS) I am getting quite a bit of hum and noise increase in 4-cable mode. This needs solving. - First half of the practice, the whole rig felt too quiet...
  46. AndyTNBD

    FW15 - Convinced there is something awry with the Dizzy models

    The Dizzy models are sounding a bit odd. No, I don't have the saturation on. I deleted my old presets and am attempting to make it anew. I cannot get anywhere near what I had with 14. It just starts to fart out and sound dark, or sounds undergained. Thoughts??
  47. AndyTNBD

    How do you have your MFC switches configured?

    I'm trying to decide the following: 1. Whether to go 4-cable method with my real valve amp or not. 2. Whether to get a poweramp or plug into the FX loop return of my valve amp. The amp is a Diezel D-Moll btw and I LOVE IT! So related to this, I am also trying to decide... 3. What bank...
  48. AndyTNBD

    EB Vol Jnr - jitter??

    Anyone else getting this with their EB Vol. Jnr? It's working and is calibrated correctly in the MFC, but in the upper region as I go from heel to toe, I get some jittery jumps every now and then. I'm just using it to tide me over until I can get some better expression pedals. But it's kinda...
  49. AndyTNBD

    Wish Scroll preset names when banking up or down

    Option to see preset names scrolling across the MFC display when banking up or down - ala Ground Control Pro. Useful for when you're queuing up a change in a live setting and you need to jump several banks ahead. You can hit bank up or down as many times as you need, and leave it scrolling...
  50. AndyTNBD

    Bug? MFC MKIII - looper 'short' mode is borkd

    Can anyone confirm this? Set their looper mode hold length to 'short' exit the menu, then hold down the reveal switch afterwards. What I'm seeing is, it goes into reveal mode first, and then into looper mode.. and the overall time is not any shorter than when it is set to 'long' Confirm???
  51. AndyTNBD

    So... 4-cm: Diezel D-Moll + Axe FX II + MFC + Real cab

    So this is what I have to work with - a Diezel D-Moll. AxeFX II, and my new MFC MKIII, plus a selection of real cabs. The idea was to use the D-Moll as my preamp and poweramp, to use the Axe FX purely as an effects unit, and to switch both of them from the MFC. The D-Moll supports midi, so no...
  52. AndyTNBD

    Axe FX in a sludge/post-metal context...

    Axe FX in a sludge/post-metal context... (vaguely Tool/ISIS influenced) So this is a song my band are working on: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ueltozi9oflzx70/OrogenicReWrite.mp3 Guitars and bass are all Axe FX. Using a combination of the Superverb amp for cleans, and the Fryette D60 M for...
  53. AndyTNBD

    Spent the day coming up with some patches...

    ...and I really REALLY like the Recto Orange Modern, Das Metall, Dizzy V4 3, Fryette D60 M, and the Double Verb. To me, they're the cream of the crop. I'm using the Ownhammer HGE Diezel V30-EN cabs, the 5881 Studio 00 one. I find a lot of the other IR's in that pack to be a bit too dark to be...
  54. AndyTNBD

    Best way to change amp channels via midi without changing Axe preset?

    My Diezel D-Moll takes program changes via midi allowing you to change the preset on the amp - which is essentially channel, loop on/off, midcut on/off, master 1/2. Don't have my MFC yet... but curious about how I'd set it up so from three switches I can send a PC to the amp without affecting...
  55. AndyTNBD

    My Axe FX II and MOTU 8Pre USB don't play nicely together

    So I run a Hackintosh machine here at home, running OSX Mavericks 10.9.2, with a MOTU 8Pre, Logic X, Pro Tools 11, Studio One 2.0, Cubase 7.5 and a wide variety of plugins and what not. I've generally been plugging my Axe into the combi inputs on the MOTU and recording the audio. Last week I...
  56. AndyTNBD

    One final OH HGE mix!

    Diezel cab as are all my other demos of these packs. This time, Recto orange modern! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/630473/GearDemos/Axe%20FX%20II/AFII_RectoOrange.mp3
  57. AndyTNBD

    Ownhammer HGE + Das Metal

    Wee clip here. Drums are EZ Drummer 2, as I've been checking it out lately. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/630473/GearDemos/Axe%20FX%20II/EZD2_AFII_Test.mp3
  58. AndyTNBD

    Poweramp dampening question

    Hey. Is it normal that the poweramp damp value changes from amp to amp when you switch through them? Is it normal that a selection of the models seem to have it turned all the way down (full dampening) and is it normal that these models sound a bit muffled and lacking character until you turn...
  59. AndyTNBD

    OH High Gain Essentials Diezel Cab Clips

    Did a pair of clips... First one: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/630473/GearDemos/Axe%20FX%20II/AxeFXII_Test.mp3 Das Metal. Studio 00 impulse. Second one: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/630473/GearDemos/Axe%20FX%20II/AxeFXII_Test2.mp3 5153 Red. Studio 00 impulse.
  60. AndyTNBD

    AF2 on the way...

    So I've been gassing for an Axe FX for about four years now, basically since I heard about the Ultra. Well I finally ordered one. It was a b-stock from g66, one of the AF2 Mark I's. I plan to use it in several ways: 1. For live and rehearsals use it in 4-cable method with my Diezel D-Moll and...
  61. AndyTNBD

    I *think* I'm basically settled on the Axe II ... but some questions...

    Okay, so today I tried out a Kemper, and I don't think its for me really. It didn't sound bad, but I didn't have that "OMG!" moment I had when I heard the Axe-FX. So... my intended rig is to be: Axe-FX II Matrix GT1000FX2u Marshall 4x12 w/V30's I guess then, I'm looking for some setup...
  62. AndyTNBD

    Has anyone done a good recording/demo that's similar sounding to Tool?

    Heya, I'd say the fundamental tonal reference I have in my head for the guitar tones that I like, is Adam Jones' sound on Tool 'Lateralus' ... has anyone gotten anywhere near that kind of tone with the Axe-FX II? I'm going to be switching to an Axe FX II at some point over the next few...
  63. AndyTNBD

    Question about live use with a foot controller (MFC probably)

    Heya, I've got a question about live usage, in particular foot controllers. I'm thinking the MFC, but this applies to any of them I suppose. If you don't want a single patch per sound that you use in a set, and rather want to emulate a traditional amp channel changing situation, how would you...
  64. AndyTNBD

    First post - I really want to try an Axe-FX - London, UK!

    Hey all, First of all I know this is my first post. I play in this band: http://www.myspace.com/tacomanarrowsbridgedisaster We're based in London, UK, and well... I really want to try an Axe-FX out for a few hours if possible. Is anyone here based in London, and wouldn't mind hooking up with...
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