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    Help With Analog ReAmping Info Please

    I am unfortunately unable to make use of the fantastic USB reamping features of the III, due to other bandmates’ preferences regarding 48k, and the need to pass working projects back and forth. So, my intention is to route the input signal out of output 4 to my interface, and reamp by routing...
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    Stand in switches on expression pedal inputs?

    The new stand in switch functionality is just amazing! Does anyone know if this feature will be eventually added to the expression pedal inputs as well? Not for actual expression pedals of course, but for switches plugged into superfluous EP jacks.
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    FC6 possible bugs

    FC6 Possible bugs 1. When revealing hold functions: screens 1,2,3 flicker when no hold function is assigned to those switches. 4,5,6 do not do this. 2. In MLM page 2, hold functions do not work on switches 1,2,4,5,6 unless there is also a hold function assigned to them on MLM page 1...
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    [fixed] FC6 Layout Link Bug?

    When I assign a layout link to the hold function of a switch, it disappears after power cycling the Axe. Layout links applied to the tap function remain as programmed. I have tried resetting the FC6 to factory setup. I am On Axe 3 firmware 5.02, and FC firmware 1.05. Any helpful suggestions?
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    Wish Set Lists

    Since all the processing for the FC’s happens in the III, I figured this would be appropriate here. To take full advantage of the FC6, I’ve been considering making redundant presets to approximate the set list functionality of the MFC pedal. I am resistant to committing to this approach...
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    Axe3 Tonematch IR won’t appear for Ax8 use

    I made an acoustic guitar tone match on my Axe Fx3 and exported it as a user cab. I then exported the user cab as a .syx file. In Ax8 cab browser, this file can not be seen in the directory. In AxeFx3 cab browser, it can be found as expected. Is there a compatibility issue here, and perhaps...
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    Wish Separate Power Amp Block

    Or, at least a way to insert blocks in between preamp and power amp. Seeing as this is how effects loops are implemented On standard amps, I wonder why this is not a feature in Axe Fx routing.
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    FC USB Port for Axe Edit (Wish)

    I wonder if it will be possible to access Axe Edit or FracPad by plugging a PC or tablet into the FC 6/12 USB port. Since FasLink II supports bi-directional communication, this seems to be quite a feasible possibility. I’m aware that the USB port is listed as “reserved for future use,” and...
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    Wish 44.1k recording

    Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please.
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    FC 6/12 choice: regrets?

    Has anyone purchased the FC12, and now wishes that they had purchased the FC6 instead? Or, vice-versa? I’m torn between the two, as I’d imagine some others are as well. 6 has a great footprint. 12 has all the cannons. FC owners: what is your experience?
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    Stereo vs. Mono at gigs. What are you using?

    I typically run mono, as I traditionally view guitar as a mono instrument, and I’ve heard that stereo guitar effects and setups can be lost on an audience- depending on the venue setup. However, I have been absolutely loving the stereo effects and sounds at home using monitors and headphones...
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    Merry Christmas to Cliff and the entire Fractal team

    Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication. I hope you all have a great holiday. Aw hell, Merry Christmas everyone!
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    FASLINK 2 cable length limit?

    Is there a known cable length limit at which the FC 6 or 12 will not receive sufficient power or signal?
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    Sound delay and stuttering while using Output 1 volume increment & decrement

    I’m using an MFC mkIII sending CCs to control volume inc/dec on the Axe III, and it works, but for every switch press the sound drops out, creating a stuttering effect for a couple seconds . I used this function on the 2, and I don’t remember the volume changes having this negative side effect...
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    Composite Acoustics, anyone?

    I've been looking at these carbon fiber guitars as an option to take when camping and traveling when I don't want to risk my Taylor or Martin. I don't have the ability to try one out, so I'm wondering if any of our trusty fractalites have any experience with this brand. Up for option are the...
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    MFC owners help pls!

    Is the current store price of $649 the $100 off sale price that is being advertised right now? The Axe Fx sale price is clearly marked, and the XL+and MFC combo has a discount code, but the MFC's tag of $649 is listed as the direct price only. What did you pay for yours? Please help me soon-...
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    Black Friday Sale?

    In the news section, M@ posted that the MFC 101 should be $100 off today- but I'm not seeing a checkout code or any indication of it being on sale in the checkout page. "Direct price" is not a sale price, right? Any help would be much appreciated!
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    AX8 as midi controller?

    Does anyone know if it will be possible to use the Ax8 as a midi controller for the Axe Fx II?
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    Using Edit 3 and 1 together?

    Can I run Axe Edit 3 and 1 on the same computer? The other guitarist has an Ultra, while I have the II. Installing either version overwrites the other. Help? Suggestions? Thanks :)
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    Acoustic Tone Match Recommendations?

    Hello all, I am using the Piezo pickups on my Ibanez Prestige into FRFR. Would y'all be so kind as to recommend your favorite tone matched acoustic guitar patches from AxeChange? If you have info about the particular guitar that is being matched, that would be helpful as well. Thanks in...
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    Tone match a violin/cello?

    During the heyday of the Ultra, I saw some pretty good violin/cello sounds using the synth block, but latency/tracking was a dampening factor. Now, I'm seeing a lot of success with people using tone matches of real acoustic guitars in conjunction with piezo pickups to get some amazingly...
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