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  1. jmillion

    Feeling brave last night... Dialed up new amp 5 minutes before show

    I've been listening to lots of AC/DC lately and wondering if I wanted to back off on my high gain rock tones. So, during line check last night I switched my main preset from the AFD2 model to the JCM1987 Treble (I think). Cranked the master, even though it was probably defaulted to 10 and...
  2. jmillion

    USB Interface-Channels swapped in headphones?

    I've been using my AxeFX2 XL as my main interface for just a couple of weeks and only noticed this issue yesterday. I was listening to audio from my PC through the headphones in the XL and noticed the channels are flip flopped. I swapped out cords, but I don't have a 2nd set of headphones handy...
  3. jmillion

    More Dirty Shirley - Seamless Scenes

    I got very happy when I stumbled across a preset I'd been working on and forgotten about. I like how the Dirty Shirley sounds with the "Ideal" Saturation Switch and Master Volume at 4. I combined it with some Scene Controller switching and it's going to be my next rehearsal test drive. The cab...
  4. jmillion

    Considering Cab IRs for live vs. recording

    When I'm dialing in tones for recording I love how cabs captured with ribbon mics sound warm and rich. Other single mic IRs can sound harsh out of context. I know that ears are the final measure, but do you lean towards IRs created with 57s or 414s (rather than mixes of any of these) when...
  5. jmillion

    Solo 100 Rhythm Preset with Scene Control

    Still working on my presets. Pretty happy with this one. The description is in the link itself but there are 4 tones that I go through in the sample below. Scene 2: Main Rhythm Scene 1: Clean Chorus Scene 3: Rhythm Chorus Scene 4: Solo Boost with Vibe Recorded straight in Studio One with a...
  6. jmillion

    FAS HotRod Gig-ready preset

    This is my first share. Happy with it so far. The full description is in the preset but highlights include a CS1 that shoots lasers and a univibe with speed control via the Exp Pedal 1. Hope you find something in here you can use. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5148
  7. jmillion

    Axechange inside AX8-Edit

    Telling on myself here... I had no idea the preset exchange was simply a window inside the editor. I've been downloading links and importing them with varied success. Now, this morning I stumbled upon over 300 easy-to-audition cabs I've been missing out on and they are phenomenal. So, just in...
  8. jmillion

    FAS Crunch

    Hey all, I accidentally flipped the BOOST switch when I was auditioning the FSA Crunch and was blown away. Still very organic... I dialed the drive down a little and it's my main crunch tone now. Boosts nicely for solos, feels great with a wah. I didn't have time to record anything, but the...
  9. jmillion

    I daydream about my tone now.

    I'm so happy with this magic box, I don't know what to do with myself. I'm 41 and I've owned so much, it's embarrassing (Triple Rectifier, JVM410, ADA MP-1, JMP-1 with Simulclass 2:90 power amp, Vetta... makes my head spin). I took my Standard to practice the other day with a few JMP-1...
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