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  1. Solarfire

    ‘There is something very, very wrong with today’s music. It just may not be very good.’

    Well there certainly aren’t any milestone-setters coming out of the woodwork anymore.. I’m 63 (mainly rock oriented) and my kids are thankful that they have access to my music collection and they’re continuously discovering the new (old) stuff
  2. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.03 Release

    Jeeess...Unbelievable!...well, I guess there's a sucker born everday
  3. Solarfire

    Warmoth neck with Gotoh Truss Rod Side-Adjuster won't fit on American Deluxe Strat (offset screw whole issue). Possible workarounds?

    If your action gets higher under string-tension the truss-rod needs readjustment, makes no sense to shim the neck to do what the truss-rod is for. Evaluation of truss-rod adjustment is done under string-tension. Shimming is only necessary when the truss-rod is loose and the neck has a slight...
  4. Solarfire

    IV anywhere on the horizon?

    What about the V???:wink:
  5. Solarfire

    Mouse Review

    Also SW Programmer, came to prefer the logitech trackball m570...IMHO better than shoving a mouse around...not to mention the ergo-factor
  6. Solarfire

    Banned from TGP

    Apparently the new "normal" in all aspects of life....
  7. Solarfire

    More Musical Studio Monitors

    I landed by a pair of JBL 4425's powered with a Carver TFM42...enjoyable!
  8. Solarfire

    WAR PIGS (silent thread)

  9. Solarfire

    Gibson or Epiphone

    Went out a some years ago to buy a Gibson 61 SG Reissue, they also happened to have a Epi Elitist 61 SG hangin there, which ended up coming home with me, not due to the price difference, it was just the better guitar, at least against the Gibson’s I could compare it too. Geess… I didn’t see that...
  10. Solarfire

    Is Old Music Killing New Music?

    Being 63 years old now I see the problem in not much noteworthy new stuff coming out of the woodwork. There just aren’t any new milestones like Hendrix, Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles, Deep Purple, Sabbath and so on (just to mention an example), some of which people are still listening to a half a...
  11. Solarfire

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Well they absolutely all sound more or less different to me. Not really giving a shit about accuracy, but the bottom line for me is the sound/feel aspect (the latter not able to judge here). For me the ranking would be 4, 1, 3 and 2 whereby 4 and 1 sound the closest matched to me.
  12. Solarfire

    Intonation with Axe tuner: Why doesn't it work?

    The Axe is best suited for intonation setups. Precondition that said guitar is generally setup correct (action, saddle, strings, neck relief ...). A guitar is far from perfect what fret board layout is concerned, therefore some tempering of the intonation may be necessary to get things...
  13. Solarfire

    Can someone help me with my pickups?

    Possibly wired out of phase... Check the wire coding.
  14. Solarfire

    Wish Photos of the Amps and pedals in the edit program

    Just my 2 cents: a total wast of resources (human, cpu and memory) and cost driving just for a pretty GUI? Perfectly happy as is.
  15. Solarfire

    Flat out: Why hasn't Fractal given us the ability to invert the colors on the LCD screens?

    Yeah.. It's terrible when ones glass is half empty. Cliff!... Quit lolly-gagin around and get this done!;)
  16. Solarfire

    Convince Me Not to Sell My Axefx

    If you need convincing then you obviously don’t know what you want. Sell it and go with whatever floats your boat.
  17. Solarfire

    Other hobbies!

    Another homegrown-project, including milling of all parts, development and assembly of all PCB drivers and CPU-PID temperature regulation. A couple of high-end RGB-Laser-projectors @ 10W each
  18. Solarfire

    Other hobbies!

    There’s a company (Schaeffer AG) here in Germany that supplies a free CAD-Software to do offline design/development of faceplates and housings, includes libraries for diverse connectors and such, excellent and easy to use…even calculates the costs. They have a wide variety of materials to...
  19. Solarfire

    Other hobbies!

    Nice work dude! Here’s another little tube-project, a preamp-overdrive…
  20. Solarfire

    Other hobbies!

    My homegrown dual-mono-plexi with switchable dual rectifiers and dual eff-loops, all tube (except for the switchable silicone rectifiers of course). I'd say my hobby is hobbies in all directions, many in technical and creative directions.
  21. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Uhhh...it has an off button?...is it for service purposes?
  22. Solarfire

    Fret the first fret when checking string action?

    John sums it up to perfectly, beyond that and in my experience; a precise nut setup is by far the most win bringing aspect in the setup process.
  23. Solarfire

    Over 100 people dont like this! Man the world is talented!

    There are people in the world that will dislike something just for the sake of disliking it, this is what they like (dislike).
  24. Solarfire


    Absolutely speechless, didn’t see that one coming! The biggest inspiration in my musical career, still remember that jaw-dropping moment back in 78, the first time I heard eruption (amongst others), one of the biggest tipping-points in rock history, especially for tone hunting guitarists. RIP...
  25. Solarfire

    DIY Monday - mods to my Epi LP

    To the subject of Epiphone: about 8 years ago I decided I wanted a Gibson SG (61 style) so I went to the local RockShop and tested a few they had there, when I saw this Epiphone Elitist SG (61 style) hanging on the wall there and decided to give it a whirl. It was an immediate no brainer that...
  26. Solarfire

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    Fortunately I’m ignorant to what “Snarky TGP Nonsense” is, I’ll stick with the “Snarky FAS Nonsense”.:cool:
  27. Solarfire

    axe fx has an intrusive LOUD hum

    If this is not present when nothing is plugged into the Axe then it’s probably external. Start with a different cable, any change? Remove all external connections, except guitar, including monitors and check with headphones only. When rolling down the volume on the Guitar does it disappear...
  28. Solarfire

    Dead G string on 12-56 gauge

    Glad to hear that solved problem. Cheers!
  29. Solarfire

    Wish One click install for Axe-Edit updates

    Yes, this is known, but it doesn’t shorten the process any, 12 clicks or 12 key-strokes, the events are the same, aside that, the dialog window isn’t jumping around the screen, on the contrary, the mouse cursor automatically assumes the position of the control which has the default focus. The...
  30. Solarfire

    Wish One click install for Axe-Edit updates

    Well this is absolutely no biggy, but with 12 clicks to do the install every time an update comes out, sets a record in my book, being a Windows HMI Programmer myself. Depending on the IDE with which Axe-Edit is developed, this should be easily doable with the ability to choose between a...
  31. Solarfire

    Dead G string on 12-56 gauge

    A .024 plain is more of a steel rod than a string, like Bakerman, I'd also sugest a wound .024 string at this position.
  32. Solarfire

    Wish One click install for Axe-Edit updates

    I would really like to see a one-click-install for updates of Axe-Edit instead of having a 12 click orgy (on win platform) every time when an update comes along.
  33. Solarfire

    Shielding methods?

    That mainly depends on the problem at hand and to what extent you’re willing to go. Extreme example: missile calibration lab where all walls, floors and doors have a grounded very fine wire-mesh implemented (similar to screen-door) underneath wallpaper (wallpaper is just for optics), windows (if...
  34. Solarfire

    Shielding methods?

    [edited] But just to clarify, I’ve done literally hundreds of guitars including strats, tele’s, SGs, Paulas, Wolfies, Ibies, you name it and the only time they ever lost anything is was EMI. If you’re losing anything beyond EMI then check the routing of your ground and shield connections...
  35. Solarfire

    Shielding methods?

    Sorry, but if you’re losing top end due to cavity shielding then you did something seriously wrong, or you consider HF EMI as an essential in your tone spectrum.
  36. Solarfire

    Shielding methods?

    I’m an electronics engineer and I‘ve been playing guitar for over 50 years now and doing complete setups and repairs for the better part of 40 years now, not to mention prototyping tube-amps. EVH was by no means an electronics genius, on the contrary, everything he did was based on trial and...
  37. Solarfire

    Did I get a returned Axe-Fx III?

    Well thank god I got my III from G66 in pristine condition! Just because this, that or the other is performed on the unit, is absolutely no reason to send a unit of this value (2700€ in the EU) in that condition to a customer. Where I work, we use cotton gloves to avoid such things as...
  38. Solarfire

    Where Has Integrity Gone?

    Ethics, morals and common decency went down the drain proportionally to the profit-maximization evolution.
  39. Solarfire

    The 25 Greatest Riffs of the 2010s Decade!

    Oh I totally got the point, but I can’t find the part in my post that you’re referring to about “technical capability", no there was no mention of that? The point you’re missing though, is that there are light-years between the enthusiasm EVH brought into the guitar-world and TS, I was there, I...
  40. Solarfire

    The 25 Greatest Riffs of the 2010s Decade!

    Ouch! Putting Taylor Swift in the same sentence with Eddie Van Halen is a blasphemous undertaking. This underscores my assessment that that the bar for grading musical value has been put into the basement… OK… to each his own. Sorry Eddie that your achievement has been so massively degraded!
  41. Solarfire

    The 25 Greatest Riffs of the 2010s Decade!

    I respect everyone’s individual taste for music, but IMHO the recognition value of music of the last decades has dropped dramatically towards 0. I seriously doubt that a mentionable portion of todays “music” will be sought after in just a couple of years from now, not to even think about decades...
  42. Solarfire

    FS [SOLD] DIY MIDI Controller for Axe-Fx III with 4,3" touch screen

    Very interesting project, have to check this out after the holidays!
  43. Solarfire

    Is Amazon Rigging the Ratings System?

    Meanwhile I tend to read at the negative ratings first
  44. Solarfire

    Axiom Bluecat vs Axe-Fx

    If your tone and feel hunt is a budget directed subject, then you’ve already given yourself the answer. Your question is like asking which color is the best for dollars X, analog to that, pretty much every musician that I know has different priorities and preferences on what tone and feel are...
  45. Solarfire

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    I’ve been doing my own setups for about 45 years now (everything except for the fretwork) due to me being very anal about tuning-stability, intonation and action (I play mostly hard-tails). After playing guitar for 52 years now, my view is that a setup is very personal and dependent on the...
  46. Solarfire

    Power conditioners?

    Depends on how anal one is about hum, noise and other interference, I would definitely recomend it, it helped a lot in my home-studio and I'm very anal about having a hair in the soup.
  47. Solarfire

    Let’s see those Super Strats!

    This is my Nr. 1 USACG/Warmoth custom build, a guitar built for the “ton is in your fingers player”.
  48. Solarfire

    Resist the GAS, or succumb to it? To upgrade or not to upgrade? Help a guy out!

    Well I had the II and the XL+ and for me the III is the icing on the cake and it crosses the t’s and dots the I’s… beyond that the evolutionary ride goes on and it puts a satisfactory grin on my face that I’m able to easily realize the tones in my head. For me the upgrade was absolutely worth it.
  49. Solarfire

    Bug? Ares 1.0 - Freeze When Scrolling Through Amp List ("Type")

    Start with an update to 2.0
  50. Solarfire

    The "Modelers Don't Clean Up with the Volume Knob" Myth

    For me it’s due to the fact that the Axe cleans up so well with the volume control (I’m a volume/tone control player) that got me hooked on the FAS-gravy-train. Cliff I can’t thank you enough that my old ass finally reached his guitar heaven with my Axe III, a recapped and serviced Carver...
  51. Solarfire

    Band names for seniors

    The Rusty-Wrinkles
  52. Solarfire

    So we recorded a couple of Journey tunes at rehearsal.

    All-around great work on instruments, mix, tone and talent… kudos to the vocals on the drums there! The guitar creats a broad stage, good tone..
  53. Solarfire

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    USB, that's why I was wondering why this message?
  54. Solarfire

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Just got the FracPad for my III and when connected there's an exclamation icon next to the home button when clicked, the message “Warning! You’ve connected your AxeFx III via MIDI/Bluetooth some functionalities may not work. Prefer a USB connection if possible”. I searched this but couldn’t find...
  55. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Look @ cliff go he’s on a roll here, I got the III (had everything since the II) but it’s just awesome that the II is still getting these occasional updates. Thanks Cliff!
  56. Solarfire

    How to get warm round high end

    Not necessarily true, depending on pickup and height adjustment, “harder play, dig-in” will introduce pickup compression/saturation making the top-end less prominent/smoother.
  57. Solarfire

    Unchained patch, nailing the flanger timing

    Yeah that'll work, nice work sarge!
  58. Solarfire

    Anyone else a McIntosh (Big Blue Meters] Geek?

    I’m 60 years old now and have been involved in the engineering of high-end amps and speakers and I have come to learn that there is no such thing as an “accurate” listening-system or listening-space. Accuracy in this context would imply that what you are hearing is exactly that what the...
  59. Solarfire

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    Yeah.. there was a point in my life when I shit and pissed in my pants, I don't do that anymore either.
  60. Solarfire

    Ready to purchase III, but knowing my luck, a MK2 would probably show up soon...

    Strange how some people apparently think that when a successor of a product comes out the gear they have, will immediately become obsolete, less desirable, sound worse etc. Following this logic you will never be able to purchase anything because the next successor is just around the corner...
  61. Solarfire

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    Well that kinda raises the question of “Why in the world is one contemplating going Fractal if the above named gear is viewed as superior and apparently has what you want? Geeess… wipe your tears and go for whatever floats your boat and spare us the agony of witnessing your agony.
  62. Solarfire

    What is your number one guitar at the moment?

    My custom build USACG/Warmoth Strat dethroned everything including my PRS Modern Eagle. Specs: Mahogany body, carved curly maple top, ebony/ebony neck with SS-fret wire and bone nut, Schaller locking tuners, Schaller Hannes Bridge, CTS Pots, SD 78 model pickup, copper shielded cavities...
  63. Solarfire

    Closed Axe-Edit offline operation

    Programming presets without hearing doesn't make much sense.
  64. Solarfire

    Do not trust Windows Defender !!! What Windows Anti-Virus are you using?

    Yeah.. not everybody wants to tie themselves into the confinement of the “status symbol Apple”!
  65. Solarfire

    Left my Axe-Fx III on a little too long, oops.....

    Yeah... better to keep them tubes at working temperature..
  66. Solarfire

    Best/Worst monitors for use with Axe FX

    Well I love my JBL 4425 studio monitors (passives) that I have setup as midfields, absolute killer sound.
  67. Solarfire

    DAW Opinion

  68. Solarfire

    III has arrived !!!

    When did you get on the wait list?
  69. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Well I didn’t think the bar could be raised significantly higher, but Mr. Chase did it again, for me at least. Being a low- to mid-high-gainer the improvements (IMHO) are more apparent in the areas of articulation, clarity, string-separation, attack/velocity and interaction with volume and tone...
  70. Solarfire

    Ares on XL+ ... mission possible or impossible!

    Just iterated through this thread and geeess…what a bunch of power whiners, dropping tears the size of hot-air balloons, grow up people! I just went from a II to an XL+ less than a year ago, just checked, and yes, my XL+ still sounds as great as before the III was announced. Incredible the sense...
  71. Solarfire

    Wish USB Driver that is stable

    You pretty much answered your own question, the longer a USB-cable gets the higher the dependency on quality of the cable components. Beyond that, the max length of a USB 2.0 connection is @ approximately 16.5 feet, so you’re pretty close to the limit and if it’s cheap cable then I wouldn’t...
  72. Solarfire

    Wish: Retain last GUI mask when navigating same block types

    For example: 2 Amp blocks on the AE grid, current GUI mask of Amp 1 is “Power Amp”, selecting Amp 2 will default back to the “Basic” settings GUI mask. The wish being to remain in the last used GUI mask when changing to a block of the same type as the previous.
  73. Solarfire

    Will there be a Windows 10 driver?

    I can verify this; I’m on Win 10 x64 Pro with no issues, but I’m also anal about keeping HW/MB drivers up to date.
  74. Solarfire

    Tone is in your fingers debate

    This pretty much sums it up... It's not an either or situation, it’s the sum of the two which will define you tonally and sonically…
  75. Solarfire

    How is this possible? Axe Fx II producing sound even though nothing's connected.

    what he said. Take the speaker of/away from the Axe and try again.
  76. Solarfire

    Axe FX vs Amplitube vs Revalver vs TH3 vs Pod Farm vs 8505 vs Guitar Rig vs Helix: 5150 edition

    Very limited spectrum being compared here, if I were after this kind of tonal character, any one of these modelers would do… not very challenging for a modeler. Challenging would be to hear how well the character of the modeler can be controlled with pick attack/intensity/technique (dynamics)...
  77. Solarfire

    Axe + FRFR users, how are you getting feedback?

    As already stated, you need adequate volume at a given distance to the speaker.. Don’t be shy, turn that thing up!
  78. Solarfire

    Dave Friedman and Steven Fryette discussing modeling

    Did anyone really expect an amp-manufacture to say “Yeah.. those amp-modelers are really up to par now a days!”??
  79. Solarfire

    My Axe Fx 2 sounds dull

    ^^^^What he said^^^^ Expecting Q1 with guitar X to sound identical to Q8 with guitar Y is very unrealistic. Even if you were using the same guitar, alone the difference from Q1 to Q8 will more than likely be a stumbling block. After comparing the 2 clips I would say the guitars are the major...
  80. Solarfire

    the difference between 170ms and 500ms IR lenghth

    Ahh.. reverb by definition is reflection.
  81. Solarfire

    Pink Noise coming through speaker with EHX Magnum 44

    I think you're expecting a little too much, this is more a toy/marketing gimmick than even bottom of the line amplification, maybe ok for when you're out camping and sitting around the fireplace. Pairing with the Axe or equivalents is like implementing a sonic bottleneck. JMHO...
  82. Solarfire

    Unwanted Tuner Offset while Re-amping (Word Clock issue?)

    It apparently affects clocking dependent functions of the Axe..
  83. Solarfire

    Unwanted Tuner Offset while Re-amping (Word Clock issue?)

    Samplerate of your soundcard?
  84. Solarfire

    Somebody please convince me to NOT buy an Axe FX with my tax return.

    Take the Quantum leap dude and thank me later for keeping you from wasting further time.
  85. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    So what’s with the lollygagging around here in the forum when you should be finishing this up? Naa.. seriously… I’m really looking forward to this running down my leg!:cool:
  86. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Well then you heard right!:rolleyes:
  87. Solarfire

    G66 appreciation

    I can ditto that, just bought my 2nd Axe a couple months ago from G66, top notch, only bought it because of the box of Merci chocolates they tuck in there with it.;) G66 fits to FAS like a glove.
  88. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Just revers-engineered Cliff's modeling algorithm 10 IMPROVE 20 GOTO 10
  89. Solarfire

    A review after two years

    Ditto what the OP said.. After 48 years of guitar playing and tone chasing, finally finding my tonal and sonic nirvana in the Axe.. Thank you Cliff and FAS for deliverance.
  90. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Holy shit...what's this! Thank you!
  91. Solarfire

    Extra blocks being added to signal chain I didn't put there!! ???

    Sounds like you may need an exorcist..
  92. Solarfire

    Anyone else here using or tried an external DAC on the Axe?

    what is/was your experience? Well I just got me a Cambridge Audio DacMagic plus for my media-PC (a small Zotac) in the living room and decided to give it try in my home studio, between the Axe and a Carver TFM-42 power amp (2 x 375Wrms) on a pair of JBL 4425 Studio monitors (mid field setup)...
  93. Solarfire

    Axe-Edit 3.12.2 Released

    Working fine on win 10 x64...
  94. Solarfire

    Ugh...back to work 2017

    Yeah.. Life would be great if it not continuously interrupted with work!:rolleyes: Happy new (work) year!
  95. Solarfire

    Fixed Had my XL+ Freeze on Q 6.02

    AxeFX II XL+, FW Q 6.02, AE V3.12, PC Win 10 x64 (Axe is 3 months old from G66) I was editing a preset via AE, wanted to select a different preset (CPU 82%) without saving changes, Axe froze, screen blank. Left AE running and shut the Axe down and turned back on. AE connected and everything...
  96. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    Thank you very much
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