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  1. toneseeker911

    Naked amps vs Live Gold ( which is more suitable for home recording ?)

    I have both packs, play with headphones (HD650) and IEMs regularly when not in the band room. I prefer live gold, the bass seems a bit much on headphones sometimes, but HD650s do have a bump in the low end. Overall it translates really well to any scenario, so I don’t have to second guess anything.
  2. toneseeker911

    HK Triamp MKII Ch3

    Sounds good. I replaced the cab with a GGD Cali cab which worked a bit better with my guitars.
  3. toneseeker911

    D-Bells, Klones & Hallows (Dumbles, Klons and Halos). Preset. Video. Homage to the mighty Axe-FX III

    That ODS clean channel paired with a 1x12 Triptik is great ! Just became my primary clean tone, had to bump up the gain quite a bit for my pickups.
  4. toneseeker911

    Anybody Else Running Their Axe III With Studio One 5?

    I’ve used studio one since version 4. Have version 5 pro, but mostly use logic now. Just like the workflow and UI better. Also, easier to setup for live use with click / backing tracks along with the axe fx.
  5. toneseeker911

    5150 Rhythm Crunch Channel

    What cab are you using with the model? Never owned a 5150, so want to hear it the way it’s supposed to sound.
  6. toneseeker911

    How to get this mellow lead tone? (André Antune Chopin Nocturne) Distorted, but pleasant

    I think this tone requires the right neck pup and an amp turned up loud at the edge of breakup. Then play with a light touch to get the notes blooming. It’s the old Tim Pierce trick.
  7. toneseeker911

    Is the Two Notes CAB M+ worth the invest?

    I think it’s quite the opposite. Profiling was a stop gap to get real world amps into digital and making it sound good. More and more new players don’t ever play a high end tube amp, never mind owning one. Their sound is from a modeler, especially with the proliferation of things like the hx...
  8. toneseeker911

    Help me please! - Axe with a Tube Amp - 4cm, adc dac, tone suck, etc

    A differential amplifier in a converter doesn’t remove existing second order harmonics on your signal generated by a tube amp for example. What is suppressed if perfectly matched are the even harmonics introduced by the amplifier in the converter itself. Which is a good thing in a high quality...
  9. toneseeker911

    Wish 88.2k and 96k sample rates

    Ok, this is actually the problem. The analog outs vs digital has no perceivable sound difference in a mix. But having to reconfigure the studio is a bit of a pain, especially when you have everything racked. I can see how the aes port becomes unusable.
  10. toneseeker911

    Help me please! - Axe with a Tube Amp - 4cm, adc dac, tone suck, etc

    People love bashing “digital”. The more buzz words it contains and convoluted it sounds, the easier it is to propagate these myths.
  11. toneseeker911

    can someone help me plz

    Go to Setup -> MIDI Remote -> Other -> Scene Select and enter the CC you want to use. On the FCB, configure your buttons to only send CC (no PC) and enter the above chosen CC number and value 0-7 for the scene.
  12. toneseeker911

    can someone help me plz

    You are trying to do too much too quickly. I recommend understanding scenes / bypass / ctrl switches and the general philosophy of the axe fx before you muck around with midi. The manual and Leon Todd videos are a great place to start. Once you get the hang of how things are setup, it’s pretty...
  13. toneseeker911

    Silicone vs acrylic custom IEMs

    Yep, I did get their recommended one, works pretty well.
  14. toneseeker911

    Silicone vs acrylic custom IEMs

    I’ve been using the sensaphonics 2Max for about 2 weeks now. They are bigger than the UEs, a little more difficult to wedge in and look considerably uglier. However - the isolation is fantastic. I can finally hear our bass player and the keyboards. I actually need to add a healthy amount of...
  15. toneseeker911

    Help me please! - Axe with a Tube Amp - 4cm, adc dac, tone suck, etc

    No, the axe fx will not destroy your sound nor add any other audible distortion, it has high quality convertors. As a preamp / front of amp or in 4CM, it works great. Don’t feed the speaker output of a tube amp to the axe. And, running a tube preamp into a SS power amp doesn’t destroy the...
  16. toneseeker911

    USB Firmware V 1.14 Release

    What DAW are you using ? I’m assuming you’ve disabled other plugins with high latency ?
  17. toneseeker911

    Best off drive pedal!

    For me it’s the maxon 808 , OCD, love pedal and now the Klone. But depending on the amp and cab, different drive pedals fit the sweet spot.
  18. toneseeker911

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.03 Release

    Maybe it’s the new drive modeling, but I can get the lovepedal or the OCD model to sound pretty close to the Klon at a mid gain setting. All these three drives are excellent.
  19. toneseeker911

    Klone Chiron sounds better than my KTR

    The Axe Fx klon model sounds better than the Rocket Archer I have. I really didn’t buy into the klon hype, but the axe fx model sound really good.
  20. toneseeker911

    IEMs at home

    Yep, I switch between IEMs and studio monitors. I use IEMs live, so want to make sure things sound good there and the monitors are for cranking up to confirm the presets sound good loud. IEMs also exaggerate small volume differences between presets, so I usually level with them too.
  21. toneseeker911

    Couldn't hear the backline?

    Somewhere in another forum, your sax player is talking about how great their last show was and that they could hear themselves over electric guitar. It becomes a volume war when you are close to another instrument. I have an FRFR wedge in front of me pointing right at my face in small stages...
  22. toneseeker911

    USB Firmware V 1.14 Release

    FWIW, I use a caldigit 3 dock too with a lot of stuff connected, including midi keyboards, controllers etc. When I had the power save feature on (I think it was the disk off), I experienced lost connections after some inactivity which required a reboot of the axe. I’ve unchecked the “turn off...
  23. toneseeker911

    Wish "Amp Plex" or "Combined Amp" block

    I don’t really follow what advantages this has over just dropping in two amp blocks.
  24. toneseeker911

    More Archean action.

    Oops, thought I was, but it was beta 1. Thank you.
  25. toneseeker911

    More Archean action.

    Anyone else getting an empty preset when trying to load it into axe edit ?
  26. toneseeker911

    Axe-FX III as a UAD plugin?

    Right ?! There is so much hype around those UAD pedals, everybody YouTubing and dropping it into their pedal boards - Yeah ok, we have all this and much more in an FM3, just that fractal doesn't have the marketing budget of UAD.
  27. toneseeker911

    The Deadly Dual Amp Thread

    Thank you ! Curious, have you used them live with a stereo feed going to FOH? I’ve always used dual amps through headphones, cause I’m never really sure how they translate.
  28. toneseeker911

    IR smoothing

    Wow, thanks for that in depth response, very helpful ! I’m going to give this a shot.
  29. toneseeker911

    IR smoothing

    I’ve never trimmed IRs. I need to try it out, I’m guessing you trim the tail to try removing reflections ?
  30. toneseeker911

    Middle of gig right now panic. Help

    I used to have XLR cables failing on me all the time till I started coiling them correctly using the over under technique. Without that, they get twisted and just short out after a few months of abuse.
  31. toneseeker911

    Favorite VSTs

    Fabfilter Pro Q3 Fabfilter L2 Fabfilter Compressor Gulfoss Soothe 2 Soundtoys Echoboy Soundtoys Decapitator Valhalla Reverb For the rest, I can pretty much get by with Logic stock plugins.
  32. toneseeker911

    GGD Cali Oversized

    I’m liking one of the preset IRs in there, Cali Mid Gain. Seems to work well with any type of distorted amp.
  33. toneseeker911

    Middle of gig right now panic. Help

    And people on the internet wonder why we are such die hard fans of Fractal.
  34. toneseeker911

    IR smoothing

    Just noticed this parameter recently. Pretty effective to get rid of the hollow sound from some IRs. I’m at about 4-5 usually, but for some IRs even cranking it up to 8. A quick search in the forum tells me it’s leveling out the peaks in the IR frequency response. I guess, maybe removing some...
  35. toneseeker911

    Middle of gig right now panic. Help

    Swap out your XLR cable ! I’ve had this happen with a bad one.
  36. toneseeker911

    Wireless Headphones in 2022

    Look at gaming headphones. Steelseries Arctis models have a 16ms latency. Sennheiser rs175 and other rs models are also non Bluetooth wireless solutions.
  37. toneseeker911

    The Deadly Dual Amp Thread

    Isn’t this a problem for anyone who is monitoring in stereo and the FOH? Only left ear / speaker has guitar and the right keeps going in and out.
  38. toneseeker911

    Silicone vs acrylic custom IEMs

    Well, I took the plunge and ordered a Sensaphonics silicone IEM when I was at NAMM. Should be here soon, I’m really hoping this works out.
  39. toneseeker911

    Cygnus /Austin buddy

    Critical comments with no details on the problem or anything to back them up should just be ignored. Your Naked amps pack from the AX8 days, the Axe Fx 3 version and the live gold have all been amazing. It filled a void back then and I remember how glad I was to get that. It made the whole...
  40. toneseeker911

    My favorite amp models featuring the EV-12L speaker (v20)

    Those rumble cabs are excellent. You’re right, it just works with any kind of amp, been looking for something like this. Other targeted cabs offer more character which is nice for recording, but live, having the same eq profile across presets/scenes is a must IMO.
  41. toneseeker911

    Wish Need More metal circuit models like Hermansson, DAR, Fortin, VHT Pitbull, Randall Satan etc...

    I think all the high gain stuff is in the box. But needs some deep diving into parameters. It would be great to have a block library of these other non modeled amps, approved by some of the experts in this forum or by fractal. For example, I’ve been trying to cop the sound of a mezzabarba...
  42. toneseeker911

    Wish One-touch metronome on and off

    +1 and an ability to turn it on/off from axe edit.
  43. toneseeker911

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.01 Public Beta 2 (Beta 5)

    Ooh, we still doing new amps ? A mezzabarba would be nice 😊. I guess it’s just a SLO, but can’t seem to get that grind I hear in demos.
  44. toneseeker911

    Dual output - stereo stage monitoring and mono to FOH

    I’d just keep everything as stereo in the box . Use out 1 L/R as stereo for stage. For the mono FOH, just use out 2 L.
  45. toneseeker911

    Beato Book Interactive

    I wouldn’t rate him too highly as a teacher, he has interesting videos on music history and his interviews are amazing though. The book is ok as a reference, the last part is just a bunch of chord shapes.
  46. toneseeker911

    I've Decided I Hate My Headphones

    Ha. I’m forced to use IEMs almost everytime due to silent stage requirements. The key is to create that space in the IEM output, with a reverb or cab room. I also have a mimiq and run a dimension chorus on cleans. Stereo effects on IEMs are an amazing experience.
  47. toneseeker911

    Struggling user - I can't get anywhere close to my prophecy's gain and sustain, please help.

    On another note, I remember playing a POD I think, a long time ~15 years ago, for about 5-6 months at a stretch. When I went back to Marshall tube amps, I sounded like shit, I could not generate power when playing, sounded sterile and I found it very difficult to get the amp to compress etc. My...
  48. toneseeker911

    Struggling user - I can't get anywhere close to my prophecy's gain and sustain, please help.

    OP probably fixed his cable or something to the axe and got blown into outer space after slamming an A chord with everything dimed to 10.
  49. toneseeker911

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    Ah fuck man. Didn’t know him personally, but saw so many of his Ozz videos and read a bunch of his informative posts. I was following his updates on his battle with cancer, was really hoping he had beaten it. Condolences to all that knew and loved him. Rest in peace brother.
  50. toneseeker911

    Have we reached the end of new amp models in the Axe 3?

    I’m hoping fractal can think of a better way to handle IRs. Maybe a GUI type interface like the two notes stuff. Auditioning hundreds of files while keeping your ears honest is not the greatest experience. And the cab has such a big impact on tone. Prefer some more of these quality of life...
  51. toneseeker911

    Why are so many people not relying on their ears anymore?

    Because your ears play tricks on you. They are very unreliable and adapt to any sound after a few minutes. Everything just becomes relative. After listening to a bass heavy preset for a few minutes, a well shaped guitar tone sounds harsh. Not to mention perceived eq changes based on volume...
  52. toneseeker911


    Copy channel A into Channel B first (via the copy function). Then change the amp type.
  53. toneseeker911

    How do impulse on/off convert to 1/0 numbers in computers?

    I think the OP wants to know physically how the 0 or 1 is stored. I’ll bite. Assume 0 is reading 0 volts and 1 is reading some supply voltage like 1.8V. A basic circuit that can store this information while power is on is called a flip flop. It consists of CMOS transistors that can be in one...
  54. toneseeker911

    Waitlist Email

    If I have the invitation email from late last year, am I able to order the FM9 now or is it completely out of stock ?
  55. toneseeker911

    AFIII Presets Pink Floyd Presets Pack for Axe FX III

    Sounds great, purchased. Will check it out.
  56. toneseeker911

    [implemented] Support scene ignore in Multiplexer

    I can’t bypass the pedal, it’s in a rack along with the axe fx. I couldn’t use control switches since I have a RJM controller, but I got it to work similarly with one of the external controls. Thanks.
  57. toneseeker911

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.06 Public Beta

    Oh, I thought setlists were just for the FC controllers and I didn’t even look at it since I have a 3rd party controller. I should read the notes.
  58. toneseeker911

    Seeking a solution for output “switching”

    Maybe you could set out2 (or whichever output goes to top boost ) at a lower level than the normal output.
  59. toneseeker911

    Wish Add Scene Ignore to: IRP / VOL / LPR

    While we are at it, the multiplexer too ( have a wish for that already).
  60. toneseeker911

    [implemented] Support scene ignore in Multiplexer

    Would be useful to have the multiplexer block be able to ignore scene changes. My use case : I have a Mimiq pedal that I use for a double tracked sound when going in ears. However, with a back line, I don’t want that effect. Currently have my mono amp+cab and Mimiq stereo output going into a...
  61. toneseeker911

    Wish Copy And Paste Preserve Block Number

    It’s pretty effective the way it is now. If I’m copying and I don’t want a pitch-2 , I just paste. If I want it to be pitch-2, I add a pitch-2 and paste into that. We have the option to do it either way currently.
  62. toneseeker911

    Save block changes without altering the scenes

    Exactly this, would be a nightmare to hunt down and click all those pesky Save buttons.
  63. toneseeker911

    Scene Ignore feature - Discussion & How you use it

    It’s just the way you approach creating presets. If I have my effects dialed up in various scenes and now I want to use them with my low gain amp, high gain amp, clean amp etc. Conservatively, 4 effect chains into 3 amps is 12 scenes which doesn’t work the old way.
  64. toneseeker911

    Dad Jokes

    Went to see a Mexican magician the other day. His first trick was called the vanishing Latino. He counted out “un, deux “ and poof ! - he vanished without a tres.
  65. toneseeker911

    Platforms for MIDI control of Axe Fx III

    I run backing tracks through logic which also does my preset changes. Additionally I have a RJM midi controller that controls both logic via midi over USB and the Axe FX via regular midi. This setup also does a multi-track recording of the show directly from our digital mixer.
  66. toneseeker911

    Preview! Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 19.04

    Thanks for the great work all. Excited to check them out. And I'm glad FAS has prioritized factory presets since Cygnus, they really showcase what this unit is capable of for newbies to fractal.
  67. toneseeker911

    EV PXM 12MP vs ATOMIC CLR w Pics

    DM me if you are planning to sell those CLRs :)
  68. toneseeker911

    So I finally was able to get Atomic CLRs from Craigslist...

    How do you like the EV speakers compared to the XiTone ?
  69. toneseeker911

    1 amp, 2 cabs. Scenes will only take 4 channels -> Intended behaviour!

    4 channels of Cab 1 and 4 channels of Cab 2. You have your 8 cabs for 8 scenes. I do this a lot when auditioning cabs while playing and just switch scenes using a foot switch. Check the manual or a couple of YouTube videos, seems like your understanding of scenes is not correct.
  70. toneseeker911

    Setting up an RJM Mastermind GT to control an Axe-Fx 3 Mark 2

    I’ve got an Ableton layout , now logic actually , that works really well for backing tracks. It’s for the GT16 though and does require you to setup midi assignments in the DAW.
  71. toneseeker911

    Wish Please add special processing for In Ear Monitors

    Already exists. Use a separate output and IR loader for full res IRs.
  72. toneseeker911

    Wish Preset/Scene Level Calibrator

    My bad, I meant tickling the red inside the output block on the grid does not cause digital clipping. Red on the physical leds is clipping.
  73. toneseeker911

    Wish Preset/Scene Level Calibrator

    No, tickling the red on the output meter does not cause digital clipping.
  74. toneseeker911

    Latency reporting to DAW

    Offline is not a good solution. Especially if you need to reamp with a wah or change effects etc.
  75. toneseeker911

    Bi-directional MIDI with phantom power over one cable?

    Yep, that’s the one I have.
  76. toneseeker911

    Bi-directional MIDI with phantom power over one cable?

    You need the RJM breakout box for that. It also supplies phantom power, so you just need to run one cable from your rack to the gt.
  77. toneseeker911

    FullRes IRs vendors or packs ?

    Not sure if the whole fullRes has really caught on. I usually set to something like 12-15 dB lower than the direct IR. The current default ones seem to be sufficient for adding a bit of ambience to headphones.
  78. toneseeker911

    Front panel poll

    Axe-Fx having deep parameter edits is understood. It's not that we need to be magically aware of what the parameters do. But just navigating it has a bunch of quirks and usually 15-20 seconds of staring at various buttons and menu items wondering how exactly to do something. Compare that to Axe...
  79. toneseeker911

    Front panel poll

    Id be really frustrated if the front panel was all I had. I think it needs some TLC. A lot of buttons with sort of similar functions that could be combined. If I need to deep dive into the manual to navigate the UI, it is a bit much IMO. A good UI usually presents your options clearly without...
  80. toneseeker911

    Fractal Friday with Cooper Carter!

    Just used this workflow when adjusting a patch. Very useful to quickly A/B, thanks ! I’ve always noticed that camera icon but never clicked it for some strange reason.
  81. toneseeker911

    [solved] Logic Pro MIDI automation not working with Axe FX III

    Sorry to bump this up from the dead, but how exactly do you send sysex from logic ?
  82. toneseeker911

    Red SoundMF.10 G66 Edition FRFR Review

    No you don’t need to. Check levels on the output meter, if it’s healthy, that’s all that matters. If you want more volume, just turn up the volume knob on the axe or your monitor.
  83. toneseeker911

    Presets for mixing vocals, drums, etc?

    The axe is a digital unit with a constrained CPU. If it’s not analog outboard gear, I would just stay in the box and use one of the many quality plugins available for common mixing tasks.
  84. toneseeker911

    How to blend 2 Amps correctly

    I usually use two amps and two cabs. Both have balance right in the middle, ie default. There’s a mixer block following that, where I set panning usually at 80-85 per side. And then adjust each row’s volume for a good balance. Then towards the end, I add an IR player with room IRs mainly for...
  85. toneseeker911

    Austin Buddy's packs... Should we have both of them?

    I’ve got them both. I prefer the live gold, haven’t really incorporated the naked amps into any of my gigging or recording.
  86. toneseeker911

    They All Sound the Same Again

    1. Line 6 2. Amp 3. Neural
  87. toneseeker911

    Drive Models Suck

    1. Neural 2. Real pedal 3. Line 6 4 Axe Fx
  88. toneseeker911

    AFIII Presets Axe-FX III AustinBuddy 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack for firmware 20.01 is now fully updated!

    @austinbuddy thoughts on FW 19? Do you think it requires any tweaks, especially to non MV amps ?
  89. toneseeker911

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 3

    Imagine you have a 100W Marshall full stack cranked to ear splitting volumes. You decide to unplug your guitar without muting and hear a horrible pop sound. Are you going to sell all your gear in that scenario too ?
  90. toneseeker911

    Time to leave Pro Tools. What would be a good replacement?

    Studio one runs on both and is constantly updated. They do have a buy it now option instead of their subscription. But I still prefer logic X on a Mac. Aggregate audio interfaces along with rock solid audio drivers is a must for me.
  91. toneseeker911

    Headphone Output vs Output1

    Turn up out 1 on the axe fx and then crank your monitors up. It should be painfully loud at that point.
  92. toneseeker911

    Modifiers assign issues using mastermind GT22

    There are default CC numbers assigned in the axe fx. But the mastermind GT doesn’t use CC, I believe it directly uses a FAS format , sysex, to control the most obvious and used features. For specific items like control switches or custom modifiers on various knobs, you’ll have to assign an...
  93. toneseeker911

    Modifiers assign issues using mastermind GT22

    It’s a multi step process 1. Pick an external control number, say external 13. Attach it as a modifier to the preamp drive control 2. Go to axe fx and set external 13 to CC13 3. Go to the RJM editor, create an IA switch with CC13.
  94. toneseeker911

    Why Kemper users should come over to the Axe III.

    Care to share some of those presets with the tone match ? Never owned a kemper and want to hear what it sounds like through my rig.
  95. toneseeker911

    Recording Axe FX III to Logic Pro X

    Yes, you can have both simultaneously when on a Mac. You’ll have to create an aggregate audio device.
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