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  1. HaloHat

    Metallica - "Master of Puppets" cover

    What setting were you using on the beverage? Tune sounded wicked good. Fishmans seem to be all the rage post Bare Knuckle but I love the sound of EMG's as much as anything, so articulate.
  2. HaloHat

    The Royal Scam

    WOW! Most excellent... Went to your channel on YouTube and listened to Bodhisattva and From the Beginning. Pure joy...
  3. HaloHat

    Test - Duncan HYPERION (Ibanez AZ series) - SH2 & TB4 - Di Marzio TRANSITION (Luke III) 😉

    Liked the Duncan SH-2 & TB-4 best on everything except the "Lead", where I prefer the sound of the Di Marzio Transition. Nice demo, clean and consistent, easy to follow.
  4. HaloHat

    OT: Trogly trades up for an Axe-Fx III

    How to lose all credibility... "It's an Axe FX III, kind of like one of those Spark amps" "This amp is from a company I've never heard of, Randall" Alrighty then...
  5. HaloHat

    FSOT 2010 Strictly 7 Cobra 7 string

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Built 2010 and built mostly by Alan Marcus who left the company when the shit hit the fan at S7G. The guitar is signed by Alan and the company owner Jim. 7 string 27.5" scale, 26 frets with partial scallop [see photos]. Original Floyd Rose. Wenge...
  6. HaloHat

    FSOT A pretty special Carvin 7 string

    The last Carvin "Elite" made before the change to Kiesel [an Elite has the top wood on the back as well]. They were going to make this the first Kiesel advertised but changed that because all the non standard woods I sent them [you could do that at the time under certain guidelines]. I have the...
  7. HaloHat

    Axe-Fx III Dimensions and Weight

    From the Bias website - " Add to that a glitchless effects loop for your favorite effects and the ability to take pedals like a champ, and BIAS MINI makes the impossible possible." I've hear the Axe has some of those effects and pedals included? And that effects loop thingy? How lucky we all...
  8. HaloHat

    The Year Of The Axe FX 3. A Huge Year For Fractal Indeed!

    Well I guess given most posts here Fractal should delete the "Wish List" thread eh nznat :)-]--<
  9. HaloHat

    AX8 Video Tutorial, Part 1 (of 8 to come)

    Thanks, well done and will be a huge help to me when I join the Fractal Mafia :-)-]--< Did you do something similar to this tutorial for the Ax Fx XL+ ? I really like the way the instruction flows. Not too much time spent on things but teaches me where to go and what to do when I get there...
  10. HaloHat

    Obligatory NGD Tune, Video, pics

    What a beautiful guitar! I like the lack of board markers too. Pickup suggestion, P-Rails set. That chair !!!!!!! Happy New Year everyone. May your G.A.S. wishes all come true. I'm jealous you can get your grub on at both Ted's Hot Dogs and Guido's Taco Shop in Gilbert !!!
  11. HaloHat

    FAS 2018!!!

    At my age seeing another year is pretty amazing :)-]--<: If I don't make any bonehead moves with my stock trading I do believe I will finally get my Fractal Audio act together whoo hoo! Happy New Year to all.
  12. HaloHat

    Dream Theater - Scarred ( solo ) cover

    As others have already said, of course that was awesomeness. Perhaps an ignorant question - What helped you, back in the day as they say, to learn finger positioning for lead playing? Does the question make sense? I like your vibrato technique btw, sounds great. Thanks for sharing your videos :)
  13. HaloHat

    Dream Theater - Innocence Faded Solo Cover

    Sweet !! May I ask the signal chain please? Sounds really good.
  14. HaloHat

    Rock N Prog - ML - Mikko N' Fortus - Impulses for Destruction"

    I like that I can hear all the instruments clearly and there is no constant cymbal tick tick tick lol. To my ears it sounds really good! Too short!!
  15. HaloHat

    new playthrough video (fas modern bite)

    Sounds good! I was head banging to it :)
  16. HaloHat

    New Dalbello Guitar = Arch Echo Playthrough!

    Enjoyed the song and the guitar. Looks like you are too :-)) Is the fretboard not Pale Moon Ebony or some ebony? Love to know the specs on it. Body White Limba? Reminds me of that but could be lots of woods. Gold Evo frets? I'm going to try those on my next build. Brass nut? Like to see a back...
  17. HaloHat


    Wonderful :)
  18. HaloHat

    Will putting a monitor on the axe fx unit be a bad thing to do

    Huh, same advice a doctor once gave me after a wild weekend...
  19. HaloHat


    What Mr. nobody said :cool:
  20. HaloHat

    Thunderbolt Interface?

    Hello Fractal Family, Thinking of buying a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt interface so my questions are these - [to be used in a home studio almost exclusively though may get out if that matters] 1. I believe in reading this forums valuable opinions over the years that some say just use...
  21. HaloHat

    Acoustic/Electric (Tone Match)

    Most excellent I don't do FB however I found the info for your upcoming EP on the opening page that I can look at on FB without signing up. I could listen to more of that ++
  22. HaloHat

    The NEW snippet of our project ''Blasting The Wine'' + FAS & ML upcoming MESA pack

    Sounds good. Reminds me somewhat of Blotted Science [a very good thing].
  23. HaloHat

    Mysterious BASED ON MESA IR's From ML Sound Lab (yeah it's heavy again)

    You sig clip sounds pretty brutal too :-)
  24. HaloHat

    Mysterious BASED ON MESA IR's From ML Sound Lab (yeah it's heavy again)

    I hate to be that guy and if anyone should shut up its me... Misha and I yeah I know, I'll shut up now lol. The clip sounds great :-)
  25. HaloHat


    You know what struck me as I watched and listened to this video? If not for the guitar pick necklace you could be just about anyone I'd see at the market, in the car next to me at a traffic light, at a sports event etc. There is some kind of lesson in that for me to remember. I enjoyed your...
  26. HaloHat


    How do you play so well with such a yuge bow in the neck :p
  27. HaloHat

    MEHL ANOMA meets the Cars "Just what I needed"

    Great job!!! Sounds excellent!!! Elliot Easton = on the list of most underrated guitarist. Brilliant playing. Saw The Cars live at Mile High Stadium a very long time ago with Heart, Ted Nugent, UFO and The Rockets. Upside to being old lol...
  28. HaloHat

    Some more Vader/acoustic Fun

    Is the acoustic thru the AxeFx as well? It sounded nice. Liked it all... Mine if I ask about your recording chain? Always interested in the "specs" of a good tune.
  29. HaloHat

    Need more Death Metal! Got challenged to write a riff to 240bpm blastbeat. I said, "Hold my beer."

    Like the riff and the guitar. I just gave an old friend my 2007 Loomis. btw, I lived in Surprise for 7 years before moving to Seattle. Lived on Larkspur Lane :) Keep rockin' the neighborhood :cool:
  30. HaloHat

    Did I make a mistake?

    You have the state of the art product from the state of the art company. If you, upon thinking about it as related to your particular use, now feel the AX-8 is a better overall solution for you and you are not going to miss the feature set difference or have to buy additional gear to use the...
  31. HaloHat

    New Fractal Pedal

    So... if it does not have a spring does that mean the tension on the pedal can be left cocked at a certain angle and left there a la Michael Schenker? The pedal looks nice! Shame on anyone thinking there is a small pun in the above :)
  32. HaloHat

    I recorded an EP with Axe FX, mic'd acoustic, and Superior Drummer

    Love it. Bought the EP at Bandcamp. Reminds me of a mix between Pucifer,King Crimson and as said Opeth in parts though very original. Sounds great.
  33. HaloHat

    New Jazz/Classical/Prog Tune

    I do in fact enjoy that :D
  34. HaloHat

    Blindtest: Axe Fx2 vs Amplifire (Recto + ML SOUNDLAB)

    I hear a huge difference in the third segment, whichever that may be. They all sound good on my 5" 100w monitors. Path of Shadows sounds good too :) I don't know anything about fitting things in the mix but my ears really like that I can hear all the instruments clearly and balanced. Cymbals...
  35. HaloHat

    L.A. Amp show?

    Are Fractal Audio not going to the LA Amp show this year? Didn't see them listed as they were last year? http://www.ampshow.com
  36. HaloHat

    Where Devils Dare - Bass Only heavy rock song #3, ML USA Bass & Zilla content

    Sounds really good :) I could see doing doom metal this way for a full album easy.
  37. HaloHat

    Symphony X-Underworld guitar cover/preset in the video description

    Well everyone already covered your playing so... that guitar sitting next to the radiator is freaking me out lol. Now I'mma gonna play some air guitar with your soloing haha...
  38. HaloHat

    AxeFx 2 concept recording for many band , a little jenty in places (maybe)

    Version 2 [SoundCloud] sounds better on my 5" powered monitors. Version 3 the drums and cymbals are overpowering everything and the definition of individual instruments doesn't sound as articulate as version 2 to my ears. Both versions sound more quiet than other music I may be playing at the...
  39. HaloHat

    AX8 : Electric to Acoustic Preset sample

    Well, goodbye to another expense. Cancel Piezo upgrade.
  40. HaloHat

    Some bad video of SATO from last weekends show

    You had me at plays a V :cool:
  41. HaloHat

    What expression pedal to buy?

    I'm kinda thinking the same. Haven't made up my mind either ha. I'll likely buy the Fractal EV-1 http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-ev1-expression-volume-pedal.php Looking/thinking about one of these maybe. Probably go with the Fractal in the end ha. http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/dvp3-volume-x...
  42. HaloHat


    Excellent full live show video and audio. Friday 13 2015 in Sweden. They rock. But they wouldn't want to run into me in a dark alley :)
  43. HaloHat

    Free Bank of Presets for AX8, Clean to Lead with extras!

    Then what does this mean? "These Presets were made with an Ernie Ball Majesty guitar, a high output 2 Humbucker guitar, going direct to PA style full-range speakers. If the presets sound like they have less gain than they should, please increase the Drive parameter in the Amp block as desired."...
  44. HaloHat

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Only one more "get up" :) Cleared runway for big brown truck tomorrow woot! Xmas in March!
  45. HaloHat

    Free Bank of Presets for AX8, Clean to Lead with extras!

    You mention in your video you are going direct into PA style FR speakers. Would you mind sharing what speakers you are using in the video? Sounds quite good clean or crunch. Thanks much, expecting my AX8 tomorrow :)
  46. HaloHat

    AX8 Wishes

    Exactly. So how much difference do you suppose that makes an AX8 with that capability? Just wondering as I wait for Thursday ha. You see I am mostly going to be home recording. If cash were no object [it is for me] of course the choice is clear for home studio use. I have been pricing, with...
  47. HaloHat

    AX8 Wishes

    How much of the price difference between the AX8 and Axe Fx II XL+ do you suppose is because the AX8 does not have USB audio capabilities? Enough that would be an unreasonable wish? UPS sez delivering on Thursday :)
  48. HaloHat

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Or keep your eyes peeled on the Classified section. I think I should go with the Axe ii XL+ as I am going to be almost totally home recording. I am going to give the AX8 a shot at home first, I should have it on Tuesday. The cost of the Axe II XL+ and the 101 are double the AX8 [and worth every...
  49. HaloHat

    Standalone Audio Interface

    Thanks Dealmaker, I am impressed with everything I have been reading and hearing about the XR18. It really does seem like a great piece of gear and for the price very impressive. I am still considering it as I would not have to daisy chain additional gear [$] for more ins/out pre's as well as...
  50. HaloHat

    Standalone Audio Interface

    Alrighty then... That Audient iD22 looks like the winner. If/When I need more in/outs/pre's I'll invest in the Berhinger XR18 as both together are still relatively affordable [$1298.00 USD total for both]. I "get" them both now, but can't get them both now ha. Thanks all sincerely for sharing...
  51. HaloHat

    Standalone Audio Interface

    artzeal: I'm actually having a bit of a time finding mixers that offer S/PDIF, at least in the $250 - $700 range I'm looking at. Could you [or any others] point me at a couple or give me the names and I'll look them up. I found a Soundcraft mixer with it but they are no longer available and it...
  52. HaloHat

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    I do believe you are correct! I didn't think about that, thanks :)
  53. HaloHat

    Standalone Audio Interface

    These are the choices I am struggling to decide on at the moment. I appreciate all opinions on the matter and thank you for your time and experience. Good to hear from you artzeal, are you using Apple/iPad or PC or Android or ? Now going bananas trying to figure out what mixer/interface to buy...
  54. HaloHat

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    OK, I checked my email history and I sent the original attempt to sigh up for the wait list on 10-13-2015 @ 3:07pm <- This would have put me second on the Excel spreadsheet list of people who signed up on 1-13-2015. The persons above and below me on that list got their AX8 several weeks ago so...
  55. HaloHat

    Standalone Audio Interface

    Anyone using the Behringer XR-18 AIR Wireless mixer? For the money it looks like something I would not outgrow, portable, wireless, affordable enough, good reviews, Mac/PC/iPad/Android etc. AX8 on the way today, gotta pull the trigger on something. The price of the XR-18 AIR would be about...
  56. HaloHat

    Gator GK-2110 fits like a glove

    Have my AX8 on the way. Thanks for the tip. That is very affordable and I like the shoulder strap feature and the side storage compartment for cables. $40 is a great deal. How is the padding in your opinion? The reviews say decent but it doesn't look like much? Is there room to add some padding...
  57. HaloHat

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    In Seattle Wa USA. time of wait list sign up and now. I originally tried to get on the wait list within the first few hours it was announced but for whatever reason FAS did not respond to that email account. So after trying a few more hours I emailed FAS and they suggested trying a different...
  58. HaloHat

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Sign up 10-14-2015 Invite 02-24-2016 Ordered :-) Got to admit I'm still wondering if the AXE ii XL+ is more what I should get as I will be doing almost all home recording. We'll see. Excited because I am finally getting Fractal Audio quality gear :cool:
  59. HaloHat


    Saw Ghost open for Opeth and Mastodon in Seattle 04-30-2012. Pretty much an attack on all your senses. Good show. Glad to see them doing well and wish them continued success.
  60. HaloHat

    So when is the waitlist open!

    Though the Randall RM4 - RT2/50 is one of my favorite tube amps I do not miss lugging around the 72lb [weight on shipping tag when I sold it in a gator case] RT2/50 power/pre amp rack, good lawd that thing was an anchor. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/amps-cabs/32117-anyone-randall-rt2-50-a.html
  61. HaloHat

    So when is the waitlist open!

    Sent my wait list request via the email link at FAS 50 minutes ago. Have NOT received confirmation email back. Not in junk mail folder etc. Just saying. I'll resubmit the request. Wonder what an hours cost me lol. No big deal. Also, I too read the part about the headphone out jack on the AX8...
  62. HaloHat

    How many amp models do you tend to use?

    I still have not made up my mind if I am going to buy the AX8 or go for the Axe rack and MFC. The biggest reason is the ability to blend two amps on the rack unit. I have not had the privilege of owning a Fractal product yet however I am 100% sure I will not use more than 20 or so amps either...
  63. HaloHat

    So when is the waitlist open!

    Yeah yeah, we know the AX8 is going to smoke the Helix, What about the wait list dood :eagerness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbLhHtaVIO4
  64. HaloHat

    AXE 8 VS. Helix GAME Over!!!

    Well I guess the included foot pedal was a waste :? Perhaps he didn't want us to see the messy floor, ya know how you notice all that background stuff in videos :playful: This person may indeed have saved themselves $100 with the AX8 [is the Helix even powered up in the video?]
  65. HaloHat

    First Look at the Fractal Audio AX8 from Gear Gods

    Who is going to buy an AX8 Floor unit and not buy an Expression pedal or two? I'd call them priced the same so price not an issue either way [though Line6maha will sell a ton of the Helix units via easy short term financing at the on-line retailers from people who would rather buy the AX8 but...
  66. HaloHat

    AX8 - Can The MFC-101 Be Used As An Extension?

    It says there is one "Combo Pack" deal left at the Fractal store. Get the Axe Fx II XL+ and the MFC-101 for $2499.00 We apparently have only hours left before we can buy the AX8 so we will know the cost of the AX8. Add the cost of the MFC-101 and I assume the "Combo" offer is a really good...
  67. HaloHat

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Agree with your entire post. I think for a lot of people it is not so much the price but a wish list of personal preferences they would rather have than 200 amps i.e. gimme 50 amps and let me run two at the same time like the Axe II, a headphone jack and mic pre etc. Doesn't change that your...
  68. HaloHat

    I know it's been asked-but AX8-

    Move "AX8" logo down, make screen large. Done. I'm not so concerned about the price, I expect it to be reasonable for what we get. I'm not concerned about the Helix because despite its nice screen and I/O's I am confident it will not be a match for the Fractal unit when it comes to tone/sound...
  69. HaloHat

    AX8 - Any Updates?

    fwiw I am in the "bullet proof it" club. At this point about all I am wondering [other than where is that wait list :)] is the price to see if I can live with a single amp chain and no IR's or if I go with the rack unit and MFC.
  70. HaloHat

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    +1 for a choice of amps on an a la carte menu. If anyone is using all 200 amps they are a rare buyer imo. "Updates" are free, want new offers great, don't want them don't buy them. I don't want "packs" because they could include something I don't want to pay for. I like having a choice. Cool as...
  71. HaloHat

    FX8 Update

    Happy for all who were hoping for this. They should sell really well and after some time with users around the world giving feedback plus Fractal's dedication to quality and value I am sure it will get even better. I think for me, given the price and features, it makes the Axe Fx II/XL seem...
  72. HaloHat

    New metal track - Das Metal Amp - 4 x 12 SLM

    nice tutorial! Oh, if you have a BandCamp or ? page somewhere I can bookmark, I'd like to buy your album when it is done. Could you post a link please if there is one...
  73. HaloHat

    New metal track - Das Metal Amp - 4 x 12 SLM

    Love it except for the constant "tick tick tick" that runs throughout much of the song, which as I said, I like a lot. I find that cymbal [ride?] to be distracting after a while when cranked on the studio monitors. I think you would need to mod some parts to keep it instrumental however I am...
  74. HaloHat

    Recto Orange - surprise! you're dead

    If you had a BandCamp page or? I would buy your music. Magenta Bomb is ready to go 8)
  75. HaloHat

    Will you buy an Axe FX II?

    I will buy the Axe Fx II within two months [as soon as available?] Also want the FAS MIDI Controller but will probably wait for the newer version of that [if I understood another post recently? There is a newer version expected fairly soon, is that correct?] Hoping the new/improved...
  76. HaloHat

    Axe Fx II Shipping Date....?

    OMG, There it is! The last page of this thread! page 42! What were we talking about?
  77. HaloHat

    Axe Fx II, It's not Hype (IMO)

    What is up with a "NY Amp Show" being held in tiny little motel rooms :roll: Kind of like an over-sized ISO Cab lol. I seem to recall some West Coast Amp show recently also looking like it was held in a motel room [small.] Who organizes these events? Perhaps the amp builders should get...
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