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  1. Midiot

    These are Great IR's

    Trying as many IR's as I can and seen these here before for Ultra. Well now they updated all for Axe Fx II. These sound nice for heavy stuff. And the nicest part about them is they are free. Gods Cabs
  2. Midiot

    UFC 141 -spoiler dont look if you aint seen it!

    Wow..... Lesnar got his ass handed to him. Overeem is a Beast! So many people doubt him, but I just made $500. The guy is strong as a BULL! Brock really had no business in there with him, that surgery he had is career ending considering it leaves you open for what he got. Stomach kicks and...
  3. Midiot

    No lights on my new Ultra?

    Hi, just received it Friday and I heard you can test the lights but I don't know where. Or even if it's just bad lights. When I jam, only my left side of input 1 lights L/R. Here's some pics. Do you think I have a faulty Ultra? Thanks :geek: M :ugeek:
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