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  1. Black Bitch

    Instrumental: "Women of Irland"

    We just finished on the weekend our video. Its a beautiful song. It's actually a poem by Ulster poet Ò Doirnin (1704-1796) und the music was composed by Seán Ó Riada. For the clean part I used the Double Verb 5 Scenes Preset (Scene 1) and the solo is played with a Mesa Boogie Preset. Both...
  2. Black Bitch

    Toto Cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

    Hi, here is our Toto-Cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". The Beatles where the reason why I learned the gutiar when Im was about 14. Now I'm getting 74 and still love those songs. I used the Double Verb 5 scenes preset from Fremen.
  3. Black Bitch

    Cover of Santana's "She's Not There"

    This is our cover of "She's Not There" from Carlos Santana. I used the Plexi Amp Preset from Fremen.
  4. Black Bitch

    Cover of Humble Pie's "Natural Born Bugie" to honor Steve Mariott

    A great song in my youth when I started playing as a professionel in Europe. Using again my Plexi Amp Preset from Fremen, which is just great for any kind of music.
  5. Black Bitch

    Disco Fun with Fremen's Plexi Preset

    I love the sound of this plexi preset.
  6. Black Bitch

    Hungarian Gipsy Music

    My friend is half hungarian and half german. He wrote this song with some nice gipsy touch and asked me to play a solo in this song. I think I did get the right feel for this song.. It's about memories, when he was a little boy he used to play in Hungary in the streets to get some money and...
  7. Black Bitch

    Cover of Tom Petty's "Into The Great Wide Open"

    Our cover of "Into Great Wide Open" by Tom Petty. I used with my Axe FX II a song preset from @Moke which is called: "Run To You" This preset is with a Class-A 30w amp und works well in this song.
  8. Black Bitch

    Cover of Pinball Wizard by The Who

    Our singer wanted to do this song. So here it is without any solo but with a lot of fun recording it.
  9. Black Bitch

    Cover of "Simple Man" by Lynnyrd Skynnyrd with the factory preset: "Petrucci Rhythm"

    I was looking for a heavy rhythm sound and the Petrucci preset worked very well. I also used the same preset for lead and added some Reverb, Delay and TS808.
  10. Black Bitch

    Eric Clapton's "My Father's Eyes" - our cover version

    Our cover version of Eric Clapton's "My Father's Eyes". For my guitars I used an old preset from "GD"? I can't remeber his name, some with with Glen D? Anyway it is the GD LONE STAR preset which worked perfect for this Song. I only swaped the ir to an Ownhammer 412 Marshall ir.
  11. Black Bitch

    Cover of Black Velvet

    Our cover Black Velvet from Alannah Myles. Our singer was just recovering from a bronchitis and his voice had a slight nasal sound which seemed to fit quite well. I used in my Axe FX II MK I again the Fremen Plexi Preset bundle.
  12. Black Bitch

    Our Cover of "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Our cover of a great Lynyrd Skynyrd song: "Tuesday's Gone". I used again the Double Verb 5 scenes preset from Fremen, where I swaped the preamp Valve to the 7025.
  13. Black Bitch

    "Tulsa Time" cover - Eric Clapton

    New song recorded with Fremen's Plexi preset. Mostly played slide guitar. My health is better again and a new singer has been taken from my 2nd band project for this video. Next up is "My Fathers Eye's by EC. Right now on the Clapton trip."
  14. Black Bitch

    Cover of "Rough Boy - ZZ Top"

    Cover of Rough Boy with my Plexi SLP 1959 preset from Fremen in my Axe FX II MK I. This wasn't easy for our singer, as he doesn't really speaks english and the voice of a texan, Billy Gibbons gave him a "rough" time. Well what we do is just for the sake of playing and recording. So its just fun.
  15. Black Bitch

    Whitesnake Cover - Is This Love

    Here I am again. Was out of action for over 2 months. Since the end of April I have found out through a chance finding that I now have a cardiac rhythm disorder, i.e. atrial fibrillation, as well as polyneuropathy (a nerve disease that starts in the feet and and continues up the legs, ultimately...
  16. Black Bitch

    Cover of "Badge" by Cream

    Our cover of "Badge". Used for that as most of the time my Plexi Amp Preset by Fremen and a Ownhammer 412 Mrsh IR.
  17. Black Bitch

    The Shadows meets Bluesrock: "Apache"

    Here is a cover of a song, where we old chaps over 70 are startet learning to play guitar. My friend with his Strat and Kemper as myself using the Euro Blue (Bogner) 5 Scenes Preset from Fremen.
  18. Black Bitch

    Cover of Doctor Doctor by UFO

    Here is a cover of Doctor Doctor by UFO using the Fremen Plexi Amp Pack (Plexi 1959 SLP). Nice "vintage" tone.
  19. Black Bitch

    Test of Fremen's Plexi Amp Pack

    Just bought the Plexi Amp Presets pack from Fremen and what a lovely Marshall tone. These presets are made with the Axe FX XL but also for the Axe FX II with different IR's. The cabs are in "Normal" resolution and sound great this way. I tried them with UltraRes and prefere the NormalRes. I used...
  20. Black Bitch

    Cover of "Midnight Blues" Gary Moore/Peter Green....

    Here is our cover of Midnight Blues. I used with my Axe FX II MK I the Fremen 5 Scenes Double Verb preset. I changed the preamp valve to 7025.
  21. Black Bitch

    Cover of "Wishing Well" (Band Free)

    Cover of Wishing Well by the band "Free". I've used my own SLO 100 Lead Preset. After Xmas when I'm home again I will post here in this Thread my preset, in case somebody is interrested. Wishing every one a Holy Christmas in this difficult times. The preset is now in Axe Change...
  22. Black Bitch

    Gary Moore Cover: "If You Be My Baby" with Plexi 100W 1970

    In times of corona without gigs we have added a singer to The Corona Gang. This song is dedicated to Peter Green and Gary Moore (RIP), my two blues favorites. I used as always Fremen's 5 scenes preset Plexi 100W 1970
  23. Black Bitch

    Slow Blues with the Plexi 1970 from Fremen

    This corona lock down is making me very depressiv. Recorded a slow blues with my Axe FX II MK I to make me feel better. Best therapy....
  24. Black Bitch

    My Corona Song with the 100W Plexi 1970 from Fremen

    Our song about the Corona Kriese. Together with friend and producer Zoltán (Croco Records Hamburg-Harburg) and his wife Susanne Bodó we wrote a song about Corona. I sang the middle part and the guitar solo starts at 2:08 for those who don't want to listen to this song in german language.
  25. Black Bitch

    Santana's EUROPA with the 1959SLP Jump

    I recorded for fun, as there are no gigs anymore, EUROPA from Santana. So I tried the Satriani Preset "Friends" from ToneQuest and it worked great. Love this preset. I did a few changes: I swaped the IR's (I always do that :)) for 2 of Audio York's ir's from his Marshall M20 Cab Pack: YA MRSH...
  26. Black Bitch

    "Dust My Broom" with Plexi 1970 from Fremen

    In times of Corona I recorded a song via internet with my friend and producer Zoltán. This is my second song in my life where I'm singing. I'm not very fond of my voice and I certainly play better the guitar than singing :p But in times of Shut Down and having to stay at home, it was stil fun d...
  27. Black Bitch

    Fremen's 1970 Plexi Preset with Stormy Monday Impro

    I'm suffering on a "Sudden Hearing Loss" since about 2 weeks and can't hear anything anymore proper. Sounds like my ears are full of water and very dull. My balance is out of order and when I walk I feel dizzy. I dearly hope this will recover soon while I'm getting Cortison infusions. It makes...
  28. Black Bitch

    What happend to IR threads for the Axe FX II - they are not there anymore?

    The Treads for IR's for the Axe FX II are gone? does that mean there is something new coming?
  29. Black Bitch

    OH (r)Evolution Series IR Libraries loud in the room (Marshall Plexi 1970)

    Some loud noodling with the new IR's from Ownhammer. With this preset from Fremen I used the OH 412 MRBW M75-GNR Balanced ir from the "Mixes" Folder. Great tone I got with them. I supose they are made for the Axe FX III with the latest technic shooting ir's but I got them loaded in my Axe FX II...
  30. Black Bitch

    The new Ownhammer (r)Evolution Series IR Libraries

    I tried the new (r)Evolution Series IR Libraries from Ownhammer. Which are in the Axe FX III now been released. I got them with CabLab 3 Stand Alone into my Axe FX II MK I and sound better then ever before. Very open and punchy. I used 2 ir's togehther: My Favorit MRBW M75-GNR and the 112 DVRB...
  31. Black Bitch

    Plexi 1987 and ARES 2.0 loud in the room

    With ARES 2.0 the Axe FX II MK i sounds more tight and full. Also on the very heavy and gainy presets the "fizz" is gone. Clear as hell and you can hear now the mistakes when you don't hit the string perfectly right. 📷:) Sorry but after 2 hours of bending the strings the g and b string where out...
  32. Black Bitch

    Marshall 1987 Fremen 5 Scenes Preset

    Some noddling with an awesome 5 Scenes Preset from Fremen. It's a Marshall 1987. After I brook my index finger I practice now fast and fluent playing again. Stil problems with heavy bends and vibrato with my index finger. Apart from this its great to play again as before.
  33. Black Bitch

    Austin Buddy's Dream Rigs Live 2019 with an Bogner ML ir

    My broken index finger is on the way of recovery and needs a lot of practice to get back to where I was. It's coming now day by day. I stil have problems with bendings and finger vibrato as playing open chords like c or F major. This little happy tune is all open chords with some melody. Done...
  34. Black Bitch

    Fremen's Marshall Plexi 1987 5 Scenes Preset and the new 412 Marshall Cab V2 Green69 IR's from ValhallIr

    This is Fremen's Marshall Plexi 1987 (my favorit at the moment) 5 Scenes preset. Using scene 5 and reduced the gain about 10%. I also usually use third party ir's and this is the new V2 Green69 ir's from ValhallIr. They sound great. It's Marshall cab from 1969 loaded with Pre-Rola-Greenbacks.
  35. Black Bitch

    Two Finger Blues

    Two weeks ago I brook my index finger while slamming the back door of my car and got squashed in. So I have to wait at least 4 weeks bevor I can start slowly using the index finger again. Meanwhile I 'm learning to play with the left 3 fingers, but my pinky is quite useless for bending and...
  36. Black Bitch

    Fremen 1987x Treble 5SC Preset and YA-Checkmate-M25 IR

    Another short clip of the amazing Fremen 5 Scenes Presets. This is the 1987x Treble 5Sc preset. I tweaked a littel to my needs. I used scene 5 but lowered the gain about 10%. What a graet tone in the mix. I also swaped the IR and used from Justin York: YA 412 MRSH M25-2 57 1C + 160 G2. Is an...
  37. Black Bitch

    Fun with the Bm Synthpad preset from Fremen....

    Axe FX II MK I and Matrix Q12a- what an awesome rig. The axe FX II is the best piece of gear I've ever bought.
  38. Black Bitch

    The new valhallir.at IR's in a funky funky....

    After trying the free ir's I bought the triple pack. Amazing punchy und full when playing loud in the rehearsel room. here is a little Funky Blues. This is the AC30 Preset and I used 2 ir's in a stereo cab block. L=V2-1960EMTV-k-4400-A2 and R=V2-1960EMTV-k-4400-MF2 which is a Midfield ir I supose.
  39. Black Bitch

    Fremen 5 Scenes Preset Pack - Marshall 1987

    After a very weary and hard day there is nothing better than a nice slow blues. I used on my Axe FX II MK I from Fremens 5 Scenes Preset Pack the Marshall 1987. I used scene 2 but did some tweaking with the amount of gain with the scene controller and added a chorus and delay block. I also used...
  40. Black Bitch

    Fremen's 5 Scenes Preset - Marshall 1987

    After a very weary and hard day is nothing better than a nice slow blues. I used on my Axe FX II MK I from Fremens 5 Scenes Preset Pack the Marshall 1987. I used scene 2 but did some tweaking with the amount of gain with the scene controller and added a chorus and delay block. I also used again...
  41. Black Bitch

    Glenn Delaune's Free Presets

    Tried today some old free presets from Glenn Delaune. I think they are from 2016. As he is doing now commercial preset packs I wanted to test the old free ones. They sound realy good already as they are but with Ares 1.03 on my Axe FX II MK I I wanted to hear them with the changes in Ares 1.03...
  42. Black Bitch

    Glenn Delaune's Free Presets

    Tried today some old free presets from Glenn Delaune. I think they are from 2016. As he is doing now commercial preset packs I wanted to test the old free ones. They sound realy good already as they are but with Ares 1.03 on my Axe FX II MK I I wanted to hear them with the changes in Ares 1.03...
  43. Black Bitch

    Pete Thorn's video about the length of an IR?

    This is a video from Pete Thorn I just came across. Its from the 14th May 2019 and very interessting....
  44. Black Bitch

    HBE C45 and ML Freeman Cab Pack

    With the final firmware ARES 1.03 for the Axe FX II I started now doing my own presets and it seems now really easy to tweak your own tones. I loaded the HBE Factory preset and swaped the amp for HBE C45 and a few little tweaks with MV and mids. Sounds great with the Factory IR's but even better...
  45. Black Bitch

    Blues impro with the JTM45 on Ares 1.0

    So far I'm very happy with this Ares 1 firmware. More clarity no harsh highs. Very inspiring and did a little blues impro with Reaper and used the JTM45 preset from Austin Buddy's Dream Rigs Preset pack.
  46. Black Bitch

    `50s Tweed Deluxe sounds awesome

    This preset is on of the 700 Naked Amps Pack by AustinBuddy. I highly recommend this preset pack. They sound really good and a few little add ons and switching delay and reverb to your own taste. Here is a little clip from a session with friends using the `50s Tweed Deluxe preset from this...
  47. Black Bitch

    Fremen Preset and the Ownhammer IR is a great combination

    Fremen is giving away 7 presets from his preset packs and this is one of them Little recording bevor lunch today: Fremen's amazing Preset (Matchbox D-30 5SC) from his 5 Scenes Preset Pack and added an IR from Ownhammer's new Friedman Cab Pack FMAN. What a great combination.....
  48. Black Bitch

    New Ownhammer 412 FMAN 6-PaCK Cab Pack

    I've checked out the new ir's from Ohwnhammer with the Plexi 2204. Those ir's are based on a Friedman BE-412 4x12 cabinet and they sound awesome. Those and the last Marshall Cab Pack: OH 412 MRBW are my absolute favorites at the time being. Preset can be downloaded here...
  49. Black Bitch

    Class-A 30W from Fremen's 5 scenes presets

    Fremen's Class-A 30W from his 5 scenes preset pack. I left everything as is but did put the "Tape Dist" drive block between amp and cab block which gives it a very sweet and nice compressed tone.
  50. Black Bitch

    Fremen's Presets and OH 412 MRBW GNR M25 Cab Pack

    writtten a little solo for a song in a cover band. Using Fremen's Supremo Trem 5 Scenes amp sim and from Ownhammer's amazing cab pack: "412 MRBW GNR M25" from the Core Mixes the MRBW Med OH3F-M+ ir. What a smooth and lovely tone. For rhythm I used scene 2 and lead scene 4. Mind you I turned the...
  51. Black Bitch

    OH 412 MRBW GNR M25 with Moke's Brownface preset

    Another samlpe of the great OH Marshall ir's. They sound great with any amp so far. here is with the Brownface preset from Moke's "Clean to Mean" Preset Pack using scene 4 and again my favorit OH 412 MAR MED CL2-M+ ir....very smooth
  52. Black Bitch

    Cab Pack: OH 412 MRBW GNR M25 Plexi 100W Jumped

    This Cab Pack is based on a 1971 Marshall 1960B 4x12 Cabinet with 1969 pre-Rola Celestion 75 Hz G12M-25 and those ir's are my favorits. Best sounding ir's so far for me and fit any kind of amp or music. This is with the Plexi 100W Jumped from Austin Buddy's 700 naked amps and my Indie Les Paul.
  53. Black Bitch

    Free 5150 preset from SinMix

    FREE 5150 PRESET from SinMix: I've downloaded the free 5150 preset from SinMix and for me it sounds realy good. I haven't had a chance to try it loud through my Matrix Q12a but I did a little impro over one of my playbacks and it sits perfect in the mix. I'm not a metal player, more of a blues...
  54. Black Bitch

    Axe FX II MK I is still a amazing sounding magic box ODS-100 Ford

    ODS-100 Ford With fw 9.04 its now really easy to get a great sound. I used Cliff's advice with the optical 2 comp after the cab here and my favorit ir's at the moment from CabIr.eu: MB Lonestar. Here it sounds great with the Dumble ODS-100 Ford and I used the Focus Cab 421 and Focus Cab 57 with...
  55. Black Bitch

    FW9.04 factory preset "Still Blue" in the mix

    I can definitly hear the more highs in the fw 9.04. Very smooth and singing away with less gain as I usualy use. I turned CF Hardness to 7.30 and Motor Time Const to 100. I also changed the ir's to my favorites at the moment: MB Lonestar Cab from CabIr.eu. I can use them almost with any amp -...
  56. Black Bitch

    Rocco's Marshall Plexi Preset

    I did a little recording with Rocco's Plexi preset as is. I did not tweak nor change anything. Lovely vintage tone indeed. Sorry for the dying note at 1:24. I've changed to a lower gauge of my strings and realised that I have to adjust strings a bit higher :D
  57. Black Bitch

    9.03 Twin Reverb and a Strat with an laid back vintage tone

    I was trying for the first time the Ernie Ball Cobalt strings and did a little recording snippet. I used the normal strat from my singer and from austin Buddy's 700 naked amp tones pack the Twin Reverb. Added some delay and reverb and adjusted according to the fw 9.03 Motor Time Const down to...
  58. Black Bitch

    FAS Wreck loud in the room - what a beast.

    This is a Custom Amp Model from Fractal Audio based on a Trainwreck Amp. What a killer sound that "beast" has got.....This is another commercial preset from the Fremen 5 Scenes Preset Pack.
  59. Black Bitch

    FW 9.02 with Brit 800 loud at gig level

    This is with the latest firmware 9.02. The Preset is from an older firmware but sounds great. I only changed in the amp block the Motor Time Const to 100.0 ms and the Spaeker Comp up to 6.00 in both amps. This is an single preset called: "Moke's JCM 800" and available at Moke's Website.
  60. Black Bitch

    9.01 Brownface 6G12 Concert + optical comp after the cab block

    Little blues with the latest fw 9.01. Using the Fender Brownface 6G12 Concert from Fremen's 5 Scenes Preset Pack. Added the Optical 2 Comp in "Line" after the cab block to make it realy smooth. Sound and feel is awesome.
  61. Black Bitch

    SPKR Comp test different settings SLO 100 Revision 9.00

    Test of the new speaker comp parameter in the Axe FX II with Moke's Soldano SLO 100 Lead Preset. I tried 6 different speaker comp settings: 3.30, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50 and 6.00 with the same riff. The last clip is with my favorit setting "6.00" and in combination with the FAS TS808 but I...
  62. Black Bitch

    Plexi 100W High with an "Room" ir in fw 9 Beta plus Patch

    This preset (Dimed Plexi) was created and posted by Gary Cainer about a year ago and I just digged it out again wit fw 9 Beta. Did a few changes and added the SPKR Comp. I also changed IR's for OH 412 MAR PR-75 Room (OH Players Pack "Mar Green Vintage) OH 112 DVRB ATP OH1-06 (OH 112 Deluxe...
  63. Black Bitch

    Friedman BE with FW 9 Beta loud in the room.

    The latest firmware Beta 9 works fine on my presets. Here is the Friedman BE 100 from Moke's Preset Pack: "clean to mean" where he upgraded the factory presets from Bank A in 4 Scenes. No tweaking realy with the Beta 9 firmware required. All I did was changing the IR to the Ownhammer Player...
  64. Black Bitch

    Live&loud fw 9 Beta USA IIC+ Brt/Dp and Mono BBD Delay

    Here is a short demo of fw 9 Beta with the USA IIC+ Brt/Dp and a mono BBD delay as I only used one of my Matrix Q12a monitors. After 6 months I'm back in my old rehearsel room and I just noodled something with the amazing Fremen B minor synthpad from the Preset Pack: "Fremen's Pick". for my...
  65. Black Bitch

    Beta 9 test with the USA IIC+Brt/Dp, Stereo BBD and OH Zilla IR's

    Just got myself the Fremen's Pick Preset Pack and here is one of his Synth Patches with the USA IIC+Brt/Dp. I put the SPKR Comp knob on 5, changed to the Stereo BBD and used 2 212 Zilla IR's from the Ownhammer Heavy Hitters Collection 2 Cab Pack. What a great difference the SPKR Comp does to the...
  66. Black Bitch

    Factory preset "Gilmour Lead" sounds amazing

    Little tune in E-Minor with the factory preset "Gilmour Lead" in the Axe FX II. I used my new Richard Hallebeek pick which is great for harmonics and pinched highs.....it almost sounds as fat like picking with my finger. So it is great for "Hybrid Picking" aswell.
  67. Black Bitch

    100W Plexi from Moke's "Clean to Mean" preset pack 1 "Bank A"

    Had a shity day today (women!!!) and had to get rid of some agro in a c-minor-blues. This is with the 100W Plexi Treble in Moke Perry Moke's "Clean and Mean" Preset Pack 1 "Bank A" and swoped the ir for a Marshall ir from CabIR.eu MR-AX1960_Focus_A. It worked very well and I feel a lot better...
  68. Black Bitch

    Brit 800 and a free 412 London City ir

    I've recorded a little slow blues with the free ir "YA 412 London 57 TR TEST" (Blackback Speakers) from Justin York and the Brit 800 I've just added a tad with the TS808 and same little delay. Nice bite to the tone - not so smooth as I normaly do but I love it.
  69. Black Bitch

    Free Marshall Vintage Preset Pack

    There is a new free Marshall preset pack here in the forum: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/free-axe-fx-ii-preset-pack-based-around-a-vintage-marshall-jmp.129273/ These are 8 Marshall Vintage presets with a custom ir and they are very well done. They cut in the mix like a knife. I did a...
  70. Black Bitch

    Double Verb Vib with the Fender Tweed IR's from CabIr

    Test with the Fender Tweed IR's from the latest CabIr.eu Cab Pack: "Core 4 Tone" with the Fender Double Verb Vib (Factory Preset slightly modified by Moke's "Clean To Mean" Preset Pack) As I haven't got a practice room at the time I recorded this with smartphone at about bedroom level and sounds...
  71. Black Bitch

    Plexi 100W High and the new IR's from CabIr.eu

    Demo of the new "Core 4 Tone" Cab Pack. This is from the Focus folder the first IR: MR-AX1960_Focus_A and sounds really great. Preset is a 100W Plexi High and I can load it up later if somebody wants it....
  72. Black Bitch

    Larry Mitchell played in Hamburg with my Matrix Q12a.

    An great evening with Larry Mitchell at Hamburg Reeperbahn Große Freiheit 77. He's an awesome Grammy Award Winner guitarist and we enjoyed the concert very much. This is a little Clip of the sound check. He's been playing with the Ax8 trough a powered speaker box (I think it is the Kustom PA...
  73. Black Bitch

    Moke's factory preset #117 (Plexi 100W High and ODS-100 HRM)

    Here is another little demo of factory preset #117 " So Many Roads" in the "Clean to Mean" Pack which is a dual amp preset created by Cliff for Bonamassa's tone with an Plexi 100W High and ODS-100 HRM. Beautiful tone right out of the box. Those presets are great. Nothing to tweak on my end. The...
  74. Black Bitch

    Moke/Mark Day's "Eruption" EDVH Preset

    This is Moke's commercial "Eruption" (EDVH) Preset tweaked with different amp and cab by Mark Day in a Soft Rock Impro. I swaped the factory ir's for Ownhammer EDVH ir's. In the stereo cab are now OH 412 EDVH M20-PR + M25-PR MDRN 05 ir's - sounds awesome in any kind of rock songs. I'll have to...
  75. Black Bitch

    Brit 800 #34in sits great in a blues mix

    After demoing Singtall and Moke's preset, here is a demo of another great preset maker: Fremen fw 7.02 5 scenes with the amp sim of Slash's Marshall JCM 800 #34. I used scene 3 and increased a little presence and treble.I also changed the ir to the OwnHammer H75 Fat from the MAR Green Vintage...
  76. Black Bitch

    Moke's Bank A presets: Double Verb Vib

    We have now quite a few good commercial preset makers and after I've done a clip of Singtall's presets now here is a demo of Moke's Double Verb Vib preset. I used scene 4 for this smooth blues and changed the factory IR's to the Deluxe LM IR from the Larry Mitchell presets posted here on the...
  77. Black Bitch

    USA Pre Clean and JM45 Jump

    As I haven't got a room any more for the time being to play loud on video, I've done another little snippet of 2 Presets from the Singtall Superpack of Presets: Rhythm with the Singtall Glassy Clean and for lead the Artist Preset Jeff Beck - Wired. The Slide part without the ringmodulator and...
  78. Black Bitch

    JS410 Crunch OR (Steve Lukather cover "Smile")

    I did a cover of Steve Lukathers song "Smile" on his solo cd "Transition". This time I tried the Epic Lead Preset from the Singtall Superpack which is an epic lead tone. He uses factory ir's and they sound really good, but I have so many commercial ir's, so I always try something different and...
  79. Black Bitch

    Original tune with two Allan Holdsworth Presets

    Little sound clip of an original song idea done with two Allan Holdsworth Presets from Simeon. The Lead tone is with the Mesa Recto Vintage Orange amp sim which was also tweaked from Derryll and sounds great. I used the latest Ownhammer Recto oversized cab ir loaded with Texas Heat speakers...
  80. Black Bitch

    Double Verb + Les Paul Input Trim on -0.200 very smooth

    Something different. Double Verb and my Les Paul with the hot Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups. Turnt the Input Trim down to about 0.200 plus a comp block and you get a very smooth clean tone...
  81. Black Bitch

    Singtall Superpack Preset: Transition"

    I've been in my practice room today and tried various presets from the Superpack - wow really nice presets. I've asked Ross for the Steve Lukather tone on Steve's cd "Transition" and the tone is really very close. Of course I can't play like Steve, but for myself I've been looking years to get...
  82. Black Bitch

    AC-20 Deluxe Treble revised preset from bank "A"

    AC-20 DELUXE TREBLE new revised preset from Bank A in sad blues which is part of my life at the moment....
  83. Black Bitch

    Matchbox D-30 new preset from bank A for a a blues to chill...

    Little blues in A minor with my Les Paul to chill on a thursday night. First day this year in Hamburg with 18° C...wow. I've used another new preset from Bank A: Dee Cee 30 which is the Matchbox D-30 sim... Didn't change anything and left the preset as is...
  84. Black Bitch

    Carol Ann OD-2 (New preset Bank A) with default settings fw 8.01

    Demo of the latest factory presets from bank A for the Axe FX II. It sounds so good, I didn't need a drive in front of the amp. Sounds just like a nice overdriven real amp. I left the preset on default settings and changed only the IR to the Ownhammer PR-H75 Warm from the Player Pack "MAR Green...
  85. Black Bitch

    Slow Blues with the Dweezil Zappa B-Man

    Little sunday lunchtime blues for a stormy monday to come...with the Dweezil's B-Man 5 scenes preset from fremen....what a wonderfull tone you can get out of this magic box.
  86. Black Bitch

    Original song for our next cd

    My singer and me writing new songs for our cd and I wanted for leads a very distinktive preset sound, which differs from my usual sounds. It's quite a dark and depressed song called "Purple Head" and I tried Moke's "For The Love Of God" - Bingo what a killer tone. The first part of the middle...
  87. Black Bitch

    Gilmour style blues with the 5F8 Tweed (Keith Urban?)

    I did not indent to play a GILMOUR tone, as I've never played anything from Pink Floyd nor Gilmoure. I wanted to do actually a Peter Green stylish blues, to try some clean scenes from Fremen's 5 scenes pack, but with the tone I suddenly thought that would be good for Gilmour style. I did put my...
  88. Black Bitch

    Fremen's ODS Ford new 5 scenes preset

    Here is a loud demo of Fremen's new 5 scenes presets with fw 7.02. This time I brought other Matrix Q12a aswell to the practice room to enjoy the presets in stereo. I had 2 hours of fun playing with the ODS Ford. The first part of the video is as Fremen made it. No tweaks - no eq and the second...
  89. Black Bitch

    FW7.02: Super Verb + OH Recto V70 inspired me to try some Jeff Beck..(patch incl)

    After recording into Reaper a clip of this combo: Fender and Mesa with Firmware Quantum 7.02 I did today a test playing loud at gig volume with the Fender Super Verb Vip and the OH Recto V70 cab ir. It sounds great and It inspired me to do a humble try of my alltime favoriteJeff Beck's intro of...
  90. Black Bitch

    AC-20 - Strat - OH112

    After ignoring my Strat for a few month I tried it again with fw 7.02. I was already about selling my Strat. But now with all the new tools in the Axe FX II it sounds great - I love my Strat again - its full and warm sounding.
  91. Black Bitch

    AC20 Deluxe Treble and OH 1x12er Class-A Duo IR's

    I wasn't happy with the recording yesterday. Yesterday was over a muddy MP3 backing Track recording from my friend, but it was not good for hearing the guitar in the mix. So I've done another one over a better recorded Backin Track with the AC20 Deluxe Treble and a mix of 2 IR's from OH Class A...
  92. Black Bitch

    Double Verb with IR from OH "The Core Tone Bundle" into Reaper

    I did some guitar impro over a instumental blues track from an old friend and drummer in Vienna. I used the Double Verb and Mix 1 from the Starter Folder of the 112 DVRB FN-AXA (The Core Tone Bundle) and sound beautiful. Nothing fancy, just a one take playing over the track using Optical Comp...
  93. Black Bitch

    FW Rev 7.02 2 minor tweaked Stock presets: 1959SLP & Boutique2 (Presets incl.)

    Firmware Quantum Rev 7.02 is a killer firmware and sounds awesome. Marshall's have bite and the Boutique amp sounds full and warm. Both presets are loaded with 2 different IR's from the new Ownhammer Marshall Green Vintage Player Pack. My fav IR's for almost anything this time. The first part...
  94. Black Bitch

    Testing the new Motor Drive with Firmware 7.02beta and SLO100

    Amazing thick, fat and juicy tone with the new Motor Drive in the latest firmware Quantum 7.02 Beta, the new Ownhammer Players Pack IR and my great #Hawk Picks. I enjoyed it so much - I've broken the D String which I haven't done for years now. Preset is in AxeChange...
  95. Black Bitch

    [NOT A BUG] Axe Edit pauses while playing guitar and changes IR's?

    I have a problem with Axe Edit on my pc as on my laptop - after awhile Axe Edit pauses and switches IR's sometimes switches the optical 2 to Studio Comp or Pedal Comp 2 or even the Drive Pedal? I downloaded the fw again reloaded - still happening. Never had this before since fw 5. I've swoped...
  96. Black Bitch

    FW 7.01 with Cliff's 1968 Plexi preset - Optical Comps and Shimmer Drive

    I've tried last night the 1968 Superlead Plexi Preset which Cliff gave us in the Fractal Forum Thread to the FW Rev 7.01. I did not tweak and did 3 takes. 1. the preset as it is, 2. with the new Shimmer Drive added and 3. With an additional Optical Compression on the beginning of the chain -...
  97. Black Bitch

    FW Q7 with USA Lead and a OH Players Pack IR - killer tone....

    I'm in the middle of moving house, so I had only a couple of hours to try the new Q7 loud in my room. here is a snippet of the a factory Mesa stock preset with an ir from Ownhammers Players Pack. Sounds killer.....
  98. Black Bitch

    Fremen's Mesa MK IV Preset and the new "California-Duo" Cab Pack from Ownhammer.

    I had a very bad and pissed of day, so I did a 3 hour blast with my Indie Les Paul and it was the right tone to get rid of some of my agro and frusttration. Demo of thew new Mesa Cab Pack from Ownhammer "California-Duo". Very fat and huge sounding IR's. Even with Marshall-Presets or in a mix: 1...
  99. Black Bitch

    Brit Silver Preset from Preset A Day FEB 2017 loud in the mix

    This was done last thursday and fw Q7b2 wasn't out at the time. So this still is the fist beta Q7 but sounds awesome. I used the daily free preset from Silent Underground Studio/PresetADay... and this is the free preset from Day 9 FEB 2017 (Brit Silver). Love those presets. I've been a naughty...
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