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    Coldplay-Fix You

    Anyone have Coldplay-Fix you preset?
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    SOLD FM3 (non-headphones)

    Have an amazing condition FM3 (non-headphone) Comes with Original box, still has factory plastic on it. $800 plus shipping to lower 48 CONUS.
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    Mosky Dual Switch?

    I know a lot of guys are using the Mosky Dual Switch. Can you program one of the switches to hold for Tuner and Tap for tempo? I can only figure out one switch for Tap and the other switch for Tuner? What settings am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
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    SOLD Fractal AX8

    Still available!
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    SOLD Fractal AX8

    Ax8 for sale. I’m the original owner. I can reset it factory settings if you want. $875 shipped to Conus USA only. Comes with all kinds of IR’s and Tone Packs. PM with questions.
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    FS Gator Utility Case

    I have gator Titian Series case for sale that I use to used for my AX8. I was able to fit that and EV-2 plus cables underneath. Ax8 is not for sale in this post. Just for reference. Link below for dimensions...
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    Stand In Switch for tuner and tap tempo?

    I don’t see the polarity switch anymore. There use be an option to switch it to reverse. But with 1.04 update. I can’t find it. Anybody know where it is?
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    Stand In Switch for tuner and tap tempo?

    @teddis sorry for the noob question but polarity of my trs cable?
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    Stand In Switch for tuner and tap tempo?

    Hi guys- I have one of those mosky dual switch. So I have it configured as hold for tuner and the same button for tap tempo. On the same button when I get done tapping my tempo it reverts back to tuner mode. What setting do I have wrong? Thanks in advance
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    FS FS: 2-channel snake for AX8, Axe-Fx II or III

    I had this made for my AX8. XLR ends male/female with IEC power. Left/Right channels from AX8, AXE II or III straight to board. 50 foot snake made by ProCo! $100 shipped to lower 48 states
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    E J tone

    Get Austin Buddy Dream Pack! He has like 3 or 4 presets that I thought sounded like EJ tone
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    Output question

    Just wondering if I’m already using left and right xlr straight to the FOH. Can the 1/4 plug output be use separately to a CLR or a FRFR solution. I know there are thur options on CLR.
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    WTB Temple Audio pedal board

    looking for the temple audio pedal board. 24 duo.
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    WTB Ampli-Firebox

    Looking for a back up solution. Atomic Ampli-Firebox. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    New Patch Set - "Hybrid Amp Collection"

    Glenn- can you tell what the rest of the amps are that your working on or will be in the pack?
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    Quick Connection Of AX8 To FOH & Stereo Backline

    Great stuff Bill!! 45 sec and that is All she wrote! Haha! Still using the preset you posted way back?
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    Fremen AX8 presets released

    New website looks very nice!! www.fremenpresets.com
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    New Fractal Pedal

    Any updates on the EV mini?
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    Monitor Advice or experience (Presonus Eris E8 and Focal Alpha 65)

    Anyone have experience with the presonus eris 8 or the focal alpha 65? Was thinking about picking one of these up. Thanks in advance
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    New AX8 video - My Live Direct Preset/Tones

    Sounds great! Let me ask the question for myself and the rest. Would you mind sharing the preset? I would love to try it. Thanks in advance!!
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    Carrying case?

    Saw this pop up on my fb. Check this bag out. Might be an alternative to grab and go. http://lugville.com/shop/lugville-musicians-gear-bag/
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    Top 10 ML Sound Lab IR's!!

    Great video!! You can sell these as a "STARTER PACK" Great for newbies and advance user!! Variety is what I like!
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    IEM Systems-What do you use/recommend?

    I'm using mipro IEM 808 system. It has work flawlessly for me also. Not the big names as Shure or Sennheiser, but I feel they are right up there if not better. As far as in ears. Im using jh audio custom, but saving up for some 64 audio. Ultimate ears is also great also. But 64 audio has this...
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    MC-6. Small, fully programmable midi controller

    If you have, lets say 4 presets and within those preset you want to use scenes. Would you dedicate a switch to turn that particular preset in scene mode? Like the mfc. You just hit the reveal button. Can this be program to do that?
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    It works! $99 Windows 10 Tablet Running AX8-Edit

    With the nextbook flex. Anybody having problem downloading the axe send tool with smartscreen blocking it? Running Windows 10.1 Trying to shut smartscreen off but having no luck
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    OwnHammer 112 DLXVRB - FAS Q3 Deluxe Verb

    Sound outstanding! I'll have to pick the cabs up. Would you be able to provide preset?
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    your advice on AX8 + headphones without mixer

    +1 on blue mofi
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    12" x 24" pedalboard ideas

    Trailer trash flat pedal board makes a 12x24 flat board. It's not too expensive. I use to have it for my mfc and misson expression pedal.
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    It works! $99 Windows 10 Tablet Running AX8-Edit

    Just wondering for those who have the tablet. Does the al's axe converter work on this?
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    Fremen AX8 presets - teaser

    Initial thoughts of the presets I went through! Outstanding!!!!! Can't say that enough!!! I only got to play through the blue mofi headphones. Everything seems nice and balance. I'll hook it up to the CLR tomorrow! I'm sure everything will translate well! The time that went through making these...
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    MKII C+ with Cliff's settings and ir receipe - awesome.

    Awesome! Way to rock out young man!!
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    ML Cab Pack 20: Numero Uno

    Sounds amazing!! HBE amp? Pan ir's hard left and right?
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    Connecting Axe FX II to mac 10.6.8 with USB

    i can confirm that i also am running 10.6.8 and I'm not able to record either. Need a new laptop is the answer!
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    Using the Axe with In Ear Monitors?

    Which UE did you go with? I'm have jh audio jh5, but looking to upgrade to either the UE 18 pro or jh audio 13 pro v2 version.
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    FireHouse Main

    Got a chance to test the preset out on some blue mo fi headphones only. The preset sounds great! I might mess around with different ir's just to see, but what you have sounds amazing! Straight forward preset that works! Thanks Bill! A big Firehouse fan. One of my 1st concert was Telsa, Damn...
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    Spotted at NAMM yesterday.

    Of course Cooper had one at Mission! He sounded great!!
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    LM Life Pad

    Larry sound great. Would you by chance have be same preset on axe fx II or xl units for the rest of us while most of us are still waiting for our invites on the AX8? Thanks in advance!
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    Headphones for AX8 Recommendations

    I also love my blue mo-if also!
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    Carrying case?

    Gruv brand has backpacks made for musician in mind. Could be an option that might work. About the same price as Mono I say. http://www.gruvgear.com/club-bag
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    My AX8 came in. Just magical!

    Scott- when you put your board together. Would you be able to do a video on how that momentary boost pedal really works? Sounds interesting on how you can have your foot on it and off of it. Thanks in advance
  41. B


    Congrats Willis! I assume you have one already? Ever thought about sharing some of your patches? Keeping on rocking buddy!!!
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    If you could buy one cab pack?

    CP20!! Awesome tones right off the bat! Mikko did all the hard work for us!
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    Fremen Quantum 1.05 presets

    Thanks for sharing! Maybe you can come to the states and work for Fractal? Wouldn't that be awesome?
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    AX8 w/ wireless system on pedalboard

    Thought of this thread when I saw this. This wireless looks interesting. $299 I heard but I'm not sure if it's out yet. Check it out: Be great for the AX8
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    KickTags - Glow in the dark Modular Labelling System - released next week!

    Love the tile concept! No pealing off! I wish I would of got a couple extra ones. Maybe on the next batch.
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    KickTags - Glow in the dark Modular Labelling System - released next week!

    Just got mine today here in the states! I have to say these are the best of the best. Major upgrade from Sukh's previous kicktags. The previous one I had the problem where the labels started to peel. These I can say, won't peel. Very happy customer! Packaging was on point! Hands down the most...
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    AX8 w/ wireless system on pedalboard

    Lectrosonics here!! One of the best in my opinion!
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    Problems with USB connection

    Chris- it's an older macbook , so I think I can only go up to 10.7. Maybe it's time for a new MacBook pro. Thanks for the info.
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    Problems with USB connection

    Hi guys, I've tried to search the forum for the answer, but I can't pin point the problem. I can connect the axe to my MacBook 10.6.8 just fine using axe edit, fractal bot, cab lab. But I want to connect it to a DAW (Reaper) and my mac is not seeing the AXE FX + in the drop down menus on my...
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    AX-8 Price

    Great price! Count me in! How can you not get one of these if you are a gigging musician! Are we going to see the increase of selling our xl for this instead? I probably myself, will get rid of my xl+ and mfc for this!!! Can't wait!!
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    Ready for the Amp Show

    Anybody get how many user cab slots?
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    Don't forget about Cab Pack 15!

    Anyone have any more clips of this Cab Pack 15? Really interested in buying this pack for some cleans
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    My Friedman ASM-12 Review

    I'm wondering if Mark Day could do a demo on the Friedman ASM-12? I'm sure he has one or two connections from past relationships w/ Friedman.
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    Band wants me to consider In Ears....

    Sennheiser ew300iemG3 is great. I have the mipro 808 t/r which is great for the money and can run with best of them!
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    Band wants me to consider In Ears....

    I run JH Audio 5 pro and MI Pro 808T/R wireless system and I love it. On the MI Pro I have never had drop outs. Check out ineargear.com for more info. I'll probably upgrade on my JH Audio to the JH16 or the Roxanne later this year. If you want to try some in ear. Look into MEElectronics M6pro...
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    Sneak Preview: New Cab Pack Goodness Heading Your Way

    Sounds amazing! What amp?
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    A couple of 18b7 Friedman BE jams.

    Sounds amazing! Would you be kind enough to share the preset?
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    Frozen green screen at boot :(

    I have the eprom install on mine and has been working great since maybe fw14. Just follow directions when installing. My question is, can the frozen green screen happen again to a axe fx unit that has a EPROM installed already?
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    Upcoming Axe-Fx II Streaming Class

    hey guys-just wondering for the guys that bought the class already, what preset's does Cooper Carter share with the purchase of the class?
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    Brad Paisley - Cliffs of Rock City

    Great job! Love this tune!
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    KickTags Pro - new labels for MFC coming soon!

    Want to chime in and say that I got my kicktags here in the states yesterday! All I can say is it was worth the wait! Hands down the best kicktags around! If you are contemplating, don't think, just order them you will not be disappointed! Everything was on point with these kicktags. Package...
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    KickTags Pro - new labels for MFC coming soon!

    Cool, i just didn't look far enough down the email. Thanks
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    KickTags Pro - new labels for MFC coming soon!

    I just place my order, but was wondering is there a separate email to a link form so we can enter our custom label?
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    AxeFXII MKII vs XL Patches

    +1 How about someone w/ a XL would be kind enough to do screen shots of settings?
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    CRL problem

    Tom was great! Gave me a call and a replacement amp on the way! Thumbs Up!!
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    CRL problem

    I email him directly and through support. I got an email back today. He said he was going to call and try to figure it out.
  67. B

    CRL problem

    Yea, I been waiting all day for them to contact me back. Had it for about a year so I hope they will take care of me.
  68. B

    CRL problem

    Yep! It stayed on. But it seem like it work normally this morning.
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    CRL problem

    Hey guys I encounter a problem with my CLR at my last gig. The last few songs the CLR totally cut out and no sound came out. I know all cables,guitar and connections was fine. Axe ii is also working fine. Have been using this set up for over 30 plus gigs no problem. I tested it out again last...
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    Godin Multiac SA

    I love mine also! Had it for about 10 plus years. Don't use the 13 pin anymore. But I use it live almost every weekend. Get a good direct box and plug and play! No feed back issues! Great sounding live!!
  71. B


    I just had a question for those that use the CRL. Is there a difference in signal or tone if you are running AXE output 1 to the CRL input 1 and the link out from the CRL to the FOH vs. output 1 from the axe to the FOH.
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    GuitarHack IRs in UltraRes Format

    Bahrecords? Just wondering, is there a difference in the ir of Guitar Hack This One L vs R?
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    V13 update froze my unit!

    Only way is to get an EPROM. Very easy to install. Mine froze also while updating to fw13. I happen to have my mfc plugged in and was doing something else on my Mac. Best thing to do is not to plug your mfc in if you have one or run any other programs while updating. Got my EPROM install and...
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    EEprom thought!

    I had to install one recently. Easy install. Just wondering, could the one I have ever go bad?
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    V13 update froze my unit!

    So the only solution to this is getting a eprom? Even holding the recall button down while powering up doesn't do the trick. Still froze and all led lights are lilt up. Just need to verify before I get an eprom.
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    V13 update froze my unit!

    I'm having the same problem after updating to 13.1. Screen flash wildly and now frozen. All led lights are lilt up and frozen.
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    Rack recommendation

    Gator GR-4S should work. 14.5 deep!
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    JP Scenes preset updated for FW 11.03

    Sounds Great! Thanks!
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    Just ordered Ultimate Ears 11 pro. Anyone else use in-ears?

    JH Audio 5pro with mipro here!
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    Latest FW VIDEO Journey Cover Mark Day

    Thanks Mark for posting! Welcome back for just a minute! Rock on!
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    Atomic CLR Wedge - latent hissing noise?

    Are you plug in output 1? if so try that ground lift switch on the back of the fractal.
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    Own Hammer - Mix IR's Mix Bundles - Modern/Vintage

    I bought the vintage IR's from Ownhammer and some of the files I tried to load gave me invaild file. I can't remember which ones off the top of my head, but I will post here later on which ones. Anybody experience anything like this? Some loaded fine without a problem? Would I just need to re...
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    Custom ATA Case for AXE FX II

    Anybody know where I can get a custom made ata case made. The thing is I want a 5space rack unit with 14"depth or 14.25 depth. I know SKB makes a 5U but I don't want it to be 16 or 17" deep. Thanks
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    best pedalboard for MFC101 and 2 expression pedals???

    I went with Trailer Trash for myself. I only need one mission so I went w/ the 24x12, but for 2 mission go with the 24x16 flat board Perfect size! Their gig bag is great if you don't want to get the ATA case!
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    CLR connection cable

    If you some are using output 1 on the Axe to the FOH. Output 2 on the Axe to the CLR. What cable are you guys using. 1/4 to female xlr or just and instrument cable?
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    Pete Thorn Axe FX 2 Tone Match presets, coming soon!

    Can't Wait! Thanks Pete!
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    has anyone used their axe fxII in Phuket Tailand

    you might want to ask guitarholy here on the forums. The Great Vinai T plays in Thailand all the time w/ his Axe FX
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    Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways sample

    Awesome! Could you share the patch? :)
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    Yek's Presets for MkI/MkII (v15.03) and Blog

    Yek, has any of your preset change from 10.9 to 10.11? Keep up the great work my friend!
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    trip-tik and brit+

    Awesome! Please Share the Patch!
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    what date did you get on mfc wait list and did you get code yet?

    If anybody else has a code that their not going to use. I like to have it. Just PM it to me. I appreciate all the members that who are honest and are willing to give their invites up for whatever reason. Thanks in advance!
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    Anyone has experience with Port City OS 1x12?

    Just seeing if anyone has experience w/ the port city 1x12 cab with a matrix amp? I know others has the Port City 2x12 and the reviews are promising! I just looking at a smaller cab. But still considering the 2x12 Thanks in advance!
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    FOH and Cabinet Hook up?

    Perfect! Thanks!
  94. B

    FOH and Cabinet Hook up?

    Hi guys, had a question and I try to search for it, but not sure if my search was correct. I have output 1 going to FOH I have output 2 gong to power amp and guitar cab. Everything works great! Trying to separate output 1 and 2. I inserted a FXL block in between the amp and cab blocks...
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    Dear Fremen :)

    Outstanding!!!! Great Playing Also!
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    Matrix GT1000/Q12 vs Atomic CLR Active Cab Comparison

    @guitarjim could you maybe do a video for us?
  97. B

    Atomic Active Cab vs. Matrix Q12a

    With these two active cab. Will I get the same results for FRFR? Is one different than the other? thanks in advance
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    I need a new wireless - Suggestions?

    Another vote for lectrosonic is400 unit. I have it and it's awesome!
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    Active Matrix Q12 or get a matrix power amp?

    This is a question I like to know also? :)
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