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  1. Algone

    Dj0nting with the new Blackglass 7k :)

    Thanks for your answer ;)
  2. Algone

    Dj0nting with the new Blackglass 7k :)

    Very good tone, what's the IR for the guitar?
  3. Algone

    New M28 Album. FAS Modern II madness. Modern Metal.

    I like the style and the tone, good job.
  4. Algone

    Fas Modern II / Tight Metal

    Very good, tone and track, good job.
  5. Algone

    New full band prog-rock mix with Q8.02 and the OH Recto PP

    Amazing, i realy like what you do, congratulation. Is an album coming?
  6. Algone

    cab pack 13 with fas modern. feel the bite!

    I think it's very good, tone and track :)
  7. Algone

    Just another GGD2 and groovy metal!

    It's always with lot of pleasure that i listen your samples, and this is monstruous, good job ;)
  8. Algone

    another groove from me (with engl amps)

    Old FW and modern tone :D Very good ;)
  9. Algone


    Yes! very good, song and tone :)
  10. Algone

    Friedman HBE V1, in one of the heaviest tracks I mixed

    Wohaow! very massive, very good. Thank you for sharing ;)
  11. Algone

    Fender Vintage Combo Synth Ambient Metal test. Yeeeah, you heard it right...

    Really cool!!! very different from usual but very sympatic, good track man ;)
  12. Algone

    Q6.01 Fas Modern II Riff

    Very good!
  13. Algone

    Upcoming ML Sound Lab Cab Pack. This thing is OLD and HEAVY and super versatile.

    It's very dirty, is the cab or your setting? For this time, i don't enjoy this tone but i like always your style :p
  14. Algone

    FAS 6160 Metal Cilp

    Really good tone and mix, i like it much, i'll try your preset, thanks for sharing ;)
  15. Algone

    Diezel Herbert + Mesa cab

    Very good, i always like your tone and playing ;)
  16. Algone

    Who Likes Strange Effects? (Patch Included)

    Excellent, i must try it. I like the name :D
  17. Algone

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Public Beta

    Thank you for letting us the choice, I am eager to try.
  18. Algone

    DIEZEL HERBERT - preset and new song

    No worries dude, my english is not terrible too :p I'll try your preset, the 5153 is my favorite.
  19. Algone

    DIEZEL HERBERT - preset and new song

    I don't all understand but i try to answer. I don't tweak much your preset for don't lose his charm, i put the "scsel" of the Gate to "Input" i find it more efficient. I don't touch the "Drive" and "CAB" bloc, just "AMP", i switch on the "BRT" for more harmonics, up the "negative fedback" for...
  20. Algone

    DIEZEL HERBERT - preset and new song

    I don't know if you will like this changes ;)
  21. Algone

    DIEZEL HERBERT - preset and new song

    I try your bundle, it's very good, in low tune (F) it's awesome. Great job man, i just touch some parameters for my guitar/playing, but it's very good ;)
  22. Algone

    Chimaira - Power Trip cover

    Yeah! very good cover, good tone and good screams :)
  23. Algone

    Heavy Soundtest (Ownhammer ENGL cab pack)

    Good tone man!!
  24. Algone

    Slow F powerchod sludgefudgeheavies with ZILLA 2x12

    yes!!! there I recognize your big and massive tone :) I like to hear it.
  25. Algone


    Very good, can you say more?
  26. Algone

    Hi, it's ok i have send to you 7$ ;-) Bye Alex

    Hi, it's ok i have send to you 7$ ;-) Bye Alex
  27. Algone

    Hi man, where can i buy your EP (ceremonies)? I really like what you do, it's excellent ^^ Alex

    Hi man, where can i buy your EP (ceremonies)? I really like what you do, it's excellent ^^ Alex
  28. Algone

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.00 Firmware Release

    Thank you a lot to leave us the choice for the Dyn Pres. I am very grateful :)
  29. Algone

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    Yes I wrote a little too quickly and the heat of the emotion, i'm sorry, but this parameter is the one that is closest to the "grain" of the tubes, so why not touch "bright" instead? why touch something that already works perfectly? I understand that by using the "character" one could find the...
  30. Algone

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    Hey Cliff, what do you fucking touch to the "Dynamic Presence control" it's my most important parameter for me and it's very well as it is.
  31. Algone

    ML Sound Lab Dizzy V30 / SM57 + MD421 FW 2.04 Clearing off the spider webs!

    I prefer your old guitar tones but i always like your style ;)
  32. Algone

    My Band's Latest Single

    Nice music, i like it.
  33. Algone

    HBE v2.04 Drop A Test

    Really good tone!
  34. Algone

    New heavy tones (Quantum 2.02)

    I like your tone, can you say more?
  35. Algone

    Fallen ENGL's.... Q2.01, OH ENG 4x12 and 8-string guitar

    Very good, the style and tone. Do you will share this preset?
  36. Algone

    Chimaira - Nothing Remains Quantum 2.0

    Good guitar tone, however rythm guitar in hard pan (100% each side) will be better ;)
  37. Algone

    Heavy baritone song.

    The guitar tone is great!
  38. Algone

    Ambient and Heavy tones (XL)

    Very good, big big tone!!!
  39. Algone

    F# lowride swing / HBE with Cab Pack 19 (Kurt) Angle

    You can try the 0.75 or 0.80 for the F#, i use a 0.90 for the F it's very good ;)
  40. Algone

    F# lowride swing / HBE with Cab Pack 19 (Kurt) Angle

    My balls too :D Very good!
  41. Algone

    Veil of Maya - Mikasa (ML Sound Lab Bulb pack 13)

    Very great playing, really, the guitar tone is perfectible.
  42. Algone

    Symphonic Modern Metal Thingy-(demo) CP13 (bulb)

    Very good, good tone, good mix, juste the synth more wide.
  43. Algone

    cab pack 12! heavy groove

    Good heavy tone ;)
  44. Algone

    ML Sound Lab CP20 Brit 80's 4x12 test / JCM800 / Heavy rockis'h shishkebabha

    Oh ho! very good, it's a rock with big bollocks :D
  45. Algone

    Future Breeds Machine - Drums & Guitar Tone Test

    A little too mids scooped for me but very good tone, i like it ;)
  46. Algone

    Diezel Herbert + Recto 4x12

    Oh thank you very much Javi :)
  47. Algone

    Diezel Herbert + Recto 4x12

    Very good, i'm curious to see how you build your patch ;)
  48. Algone

    ML Cab Pack 19 / ENGL / Friedman HBE / Quantum

    this Engl looks very good. Good tone, i like it :)
  49. Algone

    Djent/Death Core (heavy guitar + bass)

    Oh it's very low!!! You can up the volume of the guitar and bass. Good track:)
  50. Algone

    HBE on Quantum with new OwnHammer EWH cab mix... is... amazing.

    I always like your guitar tone and the new is so good. Do you use a Drive bloc?
  51. Algone

    "Recto Red Modern" Tryout! New Mix / Song Clip

    Good guitar tone, what do you use for the drum?
  52. Algone

    Recording tone help! Tone tests inside

    The tone is very good, i think too much top end too.
  53. Algone

    ODD CORE my new project (Metal)

    This is the preset with two TM (home made) i use for this record, in the bloc CAB the TM Algone is up, the CONF TM is down.
  54. Algone

    ODD CORE my new project (Metal)

    Hope you'll enjoy :)
  55. Algone

    Every Hour Kills EP Stream!!1

    I heard it, "excellent" is the best description 8) A full album for 2016?
  56. Algone

    Judge my Tone: Help me make the best tone possible.

    I think the first is too dry.
  57. Algone

    Bleak - Frontierer - FFO Danza/Ion D - 7's/Noise/Breakdown Death

    What an apocalyptical sound! You're crazy but it's good :)
  58. Algone

    QUANTUM-MESA MARK IV-A QUADRUPLE riff and his little brother DOUBLE

    Awesome tone, good job man :encouragement:
  59. Algone

    FAS modern with Cab Pack 13(Uber Chugga Metal)

    Nice shot, all is good, guitar tone, drum, playing, i like it. The preset interest me too.
  60. Algone

    Cab Pack 13(METAL) short riff demo

    Very good!! :encouragement:
  61. Algone

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    I try the 20b, my Axe mkII freeze when i open the CAB bloc, after i must reboot :|
  62. Algone

    Tesseract swing ripoff rythm patch test / Firmware 20b / Cab Pack 13

    Each time you post you kill me more :lol Excellent job!
  63. Algone

    DiMarzio X2N Test

    Good tone i like it :encouragement:
  64. Algone

    Headphones&EQ recommendations

    Hi, i tried lot of head phone for the Axe, i have DT990 pro, i tried a Philips Fidelio M1, an AKG K272HD and the AKG K712pro, a Grado 325IS, a Sennheiser HD25-1 II and a Sennheiser HD25 SP, my favorite is the last, the HD25 SP and not the more expensive (125€) it has a good dynamic and is very...
  65. Algone

    Black/Death/Extreme Metal - Firmware 18 - Church Organ!

    I'm not fan of these guitar tone but i find the mix realy good ;)
  66. Algone

    Whitechapel-Our Endless War(Engl Savage)

    Good job, i can't hear enough the guitars but the tone seems good ;)
  67. Algone

    Cab Pack 13: ML USA Bulb 4x12 UltraRes™ Reeeeally short Chunk Test Drop G#

    I like all your tones, very good : Encouragement:
  68. Algone

    My metal band did a playthrough video (recorded with Axe FX II)

    Very good tone, massive as i like :)
  69. Algone

    The ultra still has some life in it yet

    Yeah good tone man!
  70. Algone

    Metal Song Noodling

    I think the guitar tone is good, not too middle range, up the bass a little bit to the guitar, more for the bass and kick, it will ring more massive.
  71. Algone

    Metal Song Noodling

    Your guitar tone is interesting, the mix is good to, i think all a lack of bass frequency ;)
  72. Algone

    Fryette Power Station tube power amp

    is someone have compared the Power Station to a Matrix power amp?
  73. Algone

    Inspired by factory preset 'The Planets'

    Very nice :encouragement:
  74. Algone

    New metal song with the axe fx 2

    Good job guys :encouragement:
  75. Algone

    Getting close to that Hevy Devy tone.

    You're very near of the Devy tone, good job.
  76. Algone

    Cab packs 11 and 12, FW19 & 5153 100w Red demo in drop-c!

    Big tone, very nice job :)
  77. Algone

    The Herbie retains the title of most kickass metal amp with the least tweakage. FW19

    Fat and clear, just what i like :encouragement:
  78. Algone

    FW19 wanky leads with a recto

    Thanks :encouragement:
  79. Algone

    blackened melodic death metal and ENGL invader patch

    Good tone :encouragement:
  80. Algone

    FW19 wanky leads with a recto

    Good tone, and very nice guitar :encouragement: What's the top wood, Cocobolo?
  81. Algone

    Defaced Metal Cover

    French comunity is here, nice shot man ;)
  82. Algone

    Carvin DC800/ HH2/ Axe FX play through video

    Excellent!! good pleasure to hear this, good job :encouragement:
  83. Algone

    Death Metal Test Mix

    Good fat tone ;)
  84. Algone

    'Atlas' - Monuments (Firmware 19.00b3 w/ Cab Pack 7)

    Excellent!!! great cover, you have a great tone too :encouragement: Thanks for share man!
  85. Algone

    EVH 5153 Red and Mesa Cab FW19B2, Avalerion - Into The Wild Remix/Master

    really better for me, i like your massive guitar tone ;)
  86. Algone

    Gojira -"Explosia" Mix practice (DI's included)

    Good cover, i like Gojira, you got a very good tone and good prod. thank you for all that you shared man ;)
  87. Algone

    New Herbie Patch fw19b2 (no drive at all!)

    Very nice, that's a really good tone :encouragement: Thanks for the patch, i'll try this just by curiosity.
  88. Algone

    DZL Herbie FW 19.00 / No drive pedal / Owhhammer Mills 4x12 / Full Demo Song

    Excellent i love your tone and your style too :encouragement:
  89. Algone

    A hardcore song made with a RAC12 ^^

    Yes :mrgreen
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