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  1. USMC_Trev

    Who's into EV's?

    This is my truck... or it will be when it's delivered (August-November at the latest). Standard Range Lariat in Antimatter Blue Metallic. Electric sex is what it is. Who else is drinking the EV Kool Aid with me?
  2. USMC_Trev

    Trey Anastasio on Amazon Prime

    Between Me and My Mind @iaresee I'd be suprised if you weren't aware of this.
  3. USMC_Trev

    UNICEF Ukraine Donation Link

    Donate to support families affected by the crisis in Ukraine Not doing politics, but there's a lot of displaced persons that need help right now. This link is via the Apple.com main page.
  4. USMC_Trev

    Burgs Andy Wood EVH Axe-FX II Preset from January 2021

    Re-creation of Burgs January 2021 version of Andy Wood's Woodshed Ep. 24 (also January 2021) Axe-FX III EVH preset. YouTube's algorithm made me do it. Burgs AW EVH FM3 Some minor FM3 concessions to keep CPU in the low to mid 70's: 1 - Uses block channels in lieu of multiple amp and cab blocks...
  5. USMC_Trev

    Wish USB Port for my TriplePlay Thumb

    Not sure how the USB Port is wired (power only or power and data?) but I'd like to be able to plug the thumbstick receiver for my Fishman TriplePlay into that to go USB to the computer so that the receiver is closer to the board instead of potentially 30 feet away or more. The signal on that...
  6. USMC_Trev

    Anastasio 2021 rig rundown

  7. USMC_Trev

    Rediscovered an old axe. This ever happen to you?

    I‘ve had this Steinberger Spirit for about 12-13 years. I bought it to take on employment because it’s about the size of a cricket bat. I yanked out the original pickups and put some passive EMG’s in it and put it in the case. The deployment never happened and it basically got ignored for the...
  8. USMC_Trev

    72 hours without electricity

    Saturday’s ice storm kicked Central VA in the taint. Gonna get more ice tonight. How’s everyone else doing?
  9. USMC_Trev

    Wish An Idea About User Setting Default Preset/Scene

    I just had a thought that maybe we could have a place to set our own default preset and scene number in case of a lockup (so that you can shut down and restart to a known good), or just for convenience sake. If not set, the startup default would be like now where it uses the last used preset.
  10. USMC_Trev

    I’m not ok today.

  11. USMC_Trev

    Have fun!

  12. USMC_Trev

    I forgot how to pump audio in and play through headphones

    I'm having a total brainfart. FM3 USB from Macbook (iTunes) Devices set to FM3 for Output and Input in Preferences on the Mac Out 1 copied to Out 2 - been playing through headsets no problem I can see the USB IN 1 & 2 meters deflecting along the with music going out I can see the USB Out 1 & 2...
  13. USMC_Trev

    PSA: The USB-A port does not work / reserved for future use...

    .... and that’s why I couldn’t get FractalBot to talk to my unit. I hadn’t heard or seen that mentioned anywhere else before, explicitly or implicitly. So, I thought I’d just state that for the record in case some lost soul is having the same and using the search function like a boss.
  14. USMC_Trev

    Strandberg TT Strings

  15. USMC_Trev

    I Knew Sandler Could Play...

    ...but I didn’t know he could play. My boy's been woodsheddin'. Caution: Potential Eyeball Sweat
  16. USMC_Trev

    Ran into this - FM3/FractalBot/macOS all newest versions

    Trying to connect new FM3 to FractalBot on a USB-A to USB-C cable to a mid-2016 MacBook Pro. Latest macOS. Fresh install of FractalBot. Brand new cable. What's going on? Edit: FM3 Edit also not talking to the unit. FM3 not showing up as an audio device either.
  17. USMC_Trev

    p. 29 of the Manual

    😂 🤣 The jokes are all over this manual. I freakin love you guys.
  18. USMC_Trev

    Something Different - Fractals in Biology

  19. USMC_Trev

    Tremsetter or Tremol-No?

    Esteemed Peanut Gallery, i’m thinking of putting one of these on my Strandberg Boden 6 string. What are the pros & cons of the two in your opinions? Experiences and horror stories appreciated.
  20. USMC_Trev

    So is it gonna be called Logic Pro X forever now?

    I'm trying to figure out when Apple is going to dump Logic Pro X for the next version but I'm reading that they just had an update and so I'm wondering is this just the name they're going to call it from now on or am I going to buy it and then get screwed for another $80 or whatever to...
  21. USMC_Trev


    You all can stop writing now. This thing is so much fun I can't stand it: https://djen.co
  22. USMC_Trev

    WISH: Daily/monthly limit on Axe-Change uploads

    Ever since the advent of Axe-Change integration with Axe-Edit, there are some who like to dump half a dozen to a dozen or more presets on Axe-Change in a single go. Do people really like seeing this, or is it spam? Is it really necessary to paste the walls with our presets or should there be...
  23. USMC_Trev

    Wish: Green screen mode

  24. USMC_Trev

    Thanks to the admins for cleaning up Axe-Change

    The effort is appreciated.
  25. USMC_Trev

    Strandberg wierdness.

    I love this guitar. I really do. I love the way it feels and plays. I love how light it is. The issue I'm having is that that while the guitar is fantastic to play, the intonation is an issue with the NYXL 9's that are currently on the guitar. When the guitar is tuned standard (EADGBE) no chords...
  26. USMC_Trev

    Seeing Marty Friedman, Scale the Summit, and The Fine Constant ...

    ... tonight in Baltimore. Anyone else catching this tour?
  27. USMC_Trev


    Never seen this before: I was playing with Axe-Edit open for editing parameters and I got a loss of comms. I closed AE and restarted and got: Unknown device The version information could not be queried. Recycled Axe Edit again, same result. Closed Axe Edit and cycled Axe power resolved it...
  28. USMC_Trev

    Is there a power on time indicator?

    Purely out of curiosity. Haven't found an "odometer" and was wondering if there was one buried in a menu tree somewhere, or if there was a maintenance mode where such would be visible.
  29. USMC_Trev

    If you didn't do something like this too at some point ...

    ...you're probably fibbing. In my case it was an RP-1. For some reason the video link tool in Safari isn't working.... Edit: Looks like you don't need it anymore.
  30. USMC_Trev

    OK I'm at wit's end and I don't know what to do about these expression pedals

    I have reset everything to defaults, both Axe and MFC. I have three mission pedals and a Fractal pedal. I have the missions on expression pedals 1, 2 and 3. 1 (red) has an IA switch. Out1 is in expression port 1 and OUT2 is on Switch 1+2 2 (green) is on expression 2. 3 (black) is on expression...
  31. USMC_Trev

    Fanboy NGD Pending...

    Finally broke down and bought a .Strandberg*. Been trying to talk myself out of one for a long time but they're just too cool. OS 6 w/trem - black w/rosewood fretboard, Duncans... I'm weak.
  32. USMC_Trev

    Because M@ is Such a Genius

    This had to go somewhere. M@y Nice, you're a genius, bubba. The man says so.
  33. USMC_Trev

    GAS won. This is on the way....

    Refi refund check came in soooo..... A 2017 SE Custom 24 in Trampas Green.
  34. USMC_Trev

    Periphery 2017 Tour

    Who else is planning to see them this year?
  35. USMC_Trev

    New Presets Link for Mk.II is a Mobius Strip

    The DL links for The XL+ and XL trigger downloads, but the link under the Mk.II FW DL link takes you to a pretty splash page with a link that takes you to the support page download links which takes you to a pretty splash page with a link that takes you to the support page download links which...
  36. USMC_Trev

    These dudes tho...

  37. USMC_Trev

    Periphery show last night was doubleplusgood

    End of tour. I'm all in on this crew now. Of course it's 100% Axe-FX goodness:
  38. USMC_Trev

    Feature Request: Break The Manager Windows Out Of "Jail"

    It appears that the Presets, Axe-Manage Presets, Axe-Manage Cabs, etc. are confined to the area inside the Axe-Edit Window, and their size scales to that fixed area. Can you guys separate these UI windows from the present boundaries, such that we might be able to grab a corner and size them...
  39. USMC_Trev

    Block Errors from misplaced blocks

    Howdy. I'm getting errors on startup of Axe-Edit and I think that it's from placing one or more of Simeon's blocks in a folder it doesn't belong in. I'll find it eventually. First question - Is there a quick way of figuring out what folder the offending block is in? Second question/feature...
  40. USMC_Trev


    I updated MFC Edit and now everything is all 6's and 7's. The license field was redded out, and I though I had dealt with this but maybe not. So I went back into my emails and found the license key from March 6, 2015 and typed it in, hit save, and I get this: What am I supposed to do with...
  41. USMC_Trev

    Issue with 3.3.1

    Weird timeouts and failure to query device information after update "Unknown device - The version information could not be queried" Rolled back to 3.3.0 and it's doing it too. Didn't do it yesterday on 3.3.0.
  42. USMC_Trev

    Bug? Screen bug IR capture

    What appears to be an IR in the background. Don't know if this is normal, I've never been to this page before.
  43. USMC_Trev

    No communication with Axe-Edit after updating to 19.01b

    Communication breakdown. Per the title, no comms with AE after updating to 19.01 beta 1. For the record everything was working fine between axe edit and the unit the last time I used any of it. I powered up, updated the unit via fractal bot and AE will not connect.
  44. USMC_Trev

    Expression pedals are out of whack after updating to FW 19.00

    After updating to FW 19.00, all my expression pedals went from acting right to on/off at the top and bottom, respectively. What do I need to do to get them back on track? I first noticed when I went to use a previously trusty vol/pan block for volume. Normally I do just use that one to...
  45. USMC_Trev

    Stick this in your pipe and smoke it, internet!

    FAS Forum denizens, let us rejoice! In the span of just a few days we've gotten: 1. NEW FW release. (Edit: FREE) 2. UPDATED Fractalbot (Edit: FREE) 3. UPDATED Axe-Edit (Edit: FREE) 4. NEW Cab Pack In the last six months and year we've gotten: 1. MORE Cab Packs 2. NEW Cab-Lab 3 3. NEW Cables...
  46. USMC_Trev

    Yek, did you drop the Wiki?

    403 Forbidden. Are you doing some work. Or is it broke? Thanks again the the wiki!
  47. USMC_Trev

    Able To Update to FW 3.06, Cannot Get a Sysex Dump

    This is with a MkII MFC-101. I did just manage to get the MFC to take a FW update today to 3.06 from 2.16. Axe-FX II Mk.II FW 10.00b I can't get a sysex dump from MFC-Edit (downloaded yesterday) or Fractal-Bot. I have the Axe-FX Mode set to II, the Use Port set to MIDI. I get X040 (for...
  48. USMC_Trev

    How bog is an MFC-101 Sysex Data Dump supposed to be?

    ...And how long does it usually take to pull from the MFC via ethernet cable and fractal bot? 7,500 bytes and still going and it's been a while now...
  49. USMC_Trev

    Relish Guitars Jane Demo - NAMM

    I thought these were really cool.
  50. USMC_Trev

    John Petrucci on That Metal Show tonight.

    So yeah, 9:00? Great.
  51. USMC_Trev

    Enter button sorta stuck in, has no click

    The Enter button no longer has any 'click' in it. It feels permanently pushed in. It still works and so far it's not constantly contacting that I've noticed so far, so I guess that's a good thing. Don't know when it happened, since I use Axe-Edit most of the time. Must've been the move. I...
  52. USMC_Trev


    Axe-Edit 3.1.3 FW 17.00 Mac OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite MacBook Air 13" 1.7GHz Intel Core i7, 8Gb 1600MHz DDR3, Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536MB I had Axe-Manage Cab open for an extended period of time: while waiting for Cab Pack 6 to download, got distracted by a bumblebee for about 30 minutes and...
  53. USMC_Trev

    Pete Cornish Soft Sustain SS-2

    What block type and general settings would I use to approximate what this pedal does? Perhaps in front of Hi-Watt and AC-30 models, looking for Gilmourish Division Bell era tone. BTW the new PF drops next week. Anyone else stoked for that?
  54. USMC_Trev

    Holdsworth Tonight @ Ramona MainStage

    Anyone else going?
  55. USMC_Trev

    NGD - Carvin DC800

    Black limba top, walnut body and neck, ebony fretboard, satin finish. This is my first 8-string guitar. Just got it home late last night.
  56. USMC_Trev

    I don't get new, relic guitars.

    Can someone please explain this concept to me? Who goes for this? I think Fender are the only ones doing this. Is this just a marketing thing? Is there big demand for this? It always seemed to me that a guitar was supposed to earn those nicks, scratches, scuffs and cigarette burns from years of...
  57. USMC_Trev

    Axe=Edit version

    Don't know if this has been written up before, a quick search didn't show anything obvious. It would be helpful if there was a small line of text in a corner or a Help > About that showed what version of Axe Edit I had installed, the reason being I just installed 3.0.10 and my pseudo self...
  58. USMC_Trev

    Help Request: Respect the Wind

    I want to put together a preset for EVHs instrumental from the closing creds of Twister. Amp & settings, cab, effects, signal path. Trying to piece together intel from around the net but it's like a jigsaw puzzle and I can't find the corners to get started. I've got an EBMM AX, but can't...
  59. USMC_Trev

    Dream Theater Troll Thread

    I just wanted to say that I'm at the Orpheum Theater in LA right now waiting for Dream Theater to take the stage.
  60. USMC_Trev

    Bug? Presets Become Bypass After FW Update

    It's happened a few times since FW 14 came out. The preset I was on before updating FW 14.00. .01 and now .02) becomes a Bypass preset after I update. At first I thought it was happening because I was on FractalBot 1.2.7 (I swore I thought I updated it) so I did update to 2.0.1 and it happened...
  61. USMC_Trev

    When using these UntraRes Mix IR's Mic Should ne None?

    When using these UltraRes Mix IR's Mic Should be None? So I'm trying to match up and replace all the normal res cabs with the suggested UR's for all the stock presets from the AFX2 wiki and don't know if mics in the cab block should be None or not. Seems to me the mic is simulated in the IR...
  62. USMC_Trev

    Trying to do a DIY Streets Preset - learning how much I don't know.

    This is a learning exercise so I can actually say I did it myself, using this as a resource: A Study of The Edge's Guitar Delay (U2) -- Where the Streets Have No Name (The Joshua Tree) So far I have the input signal split to two CLASS-A 30W TB and each has its own cab set to...
  63. USMC_Trev

    Swapping presets with Axe-Manage Presets Crashed AF2

    I was attempting to re-order some presets in AE (3.0.6 on Mavericks 10.9.2) and got multiple persistent Communication Timeout dialogues. I was unable to Command-Q quit AE and the AF2 screen was on but blank. Powered off AF2 and back on again and force quit AE and everything was OK. I think I...
  64. USMC_Trev

    Bug? Installed 3.0.5

    I just installed 3.0.5 and it buried itself in the top left corner so that only the bottom half is visible. Changing screen resolutions doesn't fix it. I am unable to move it. Mac OS X 10.9.1
  65. USMC_Trev

    Wish Axe-Edit Fonts too big for the info being packed in there.

    In Axe-Edit, and this is especially with regard to cab name conventions, the names are generally too long for the space provided (even with the massively intricate code names) and it's therefore difficult to know which you've picked/loaded. Can you make the space bigger or the text size smaller...
  66. USMC_Trev

    Zip Archive - Feb 8, 2014 - NOTE: Always disconnect MIDI/MFC/Pedals during firmware

    Just got home and saw the update -schweet! I looked at the DL page and saw this..... ... Which I had never heard about before, and therefore never done, with no mal effect whatsoever as far as I know. What might I have caused? What bullet have I been dodging? Thanks!
  67. USMC_Trev

    An idea for Axe-Edit: Notes

    Usually when I think of something brilliant it's been done, so I'm guessing the alchemists at FAS have already got this covered.. I could really use a notes section where I could jot down things about the preset, scenes, songs, markers in DAW, other sundry items, right in the preset itself...
  68. USMC_Trev

    Just met the master.

    So this must be what it's like for Catholics to meet the Pope. Yeah that just happened. Q&A and sound check = phenomenal.
  69. USMC_Trev

    LEDs too bright.

    Finally getting around to writing this post. I searched through the pdf manual and did a forum search and couldn't find anything relevant. Is there a way to turn down the LED brightness? They're actually so bright to me that they drown out the text on my stomp labels and the LCD screen.
  70. USMC_Trev

    Need recommendation - MFC and 3 mission pedals

    I'm looking for a commercial off the shelf solution for the proper mounting of my MFC-101 and the three mission expression pedals I picked up at AF2. Any suggestions?
  71. USMC_Trev

    Securing the Axe-FX II

    Esteemed Board, What do you all do? I don't see a K-slot anywhere and I don't have any kind of rack for it yet. The reason I ask is I just had my house robbed the Monday before last. They took three computers - a tower PC I built as my flight sim rig, my MacBook Pro, which had everything Axe...
  72. USMC_Trev

    Admission of Ignorance

    Is there a primer that decodes all the stuff you guys are talking about? I bought my Axe-FX II because of how all y'all make it sound. I don't have a clue what you guys are on about. Dafuq is a tone stack? Sag? I kinda figure stuff out in the scavenger hunt of dubious information that is most of...
  73. USMC_Trev

    What's the longest you've left your Axe-FX running for?

    I'm paranoid about leaving gear like this running. Although I leave my MacBook Pro running for weeks at a time, if it dies its easily enough replaced, particularly with Time Machine. However, my Axe-FX II is a bit more difficult, so I'm concerned that it shouldn't be left running too long...
  74. USMC_Trev

    DR-880 and Axe-FX II

    I have a DR-880 that I'd like to route through the rear inputs so I can hear everything through the ole headphone out on the front panel. Any gotchas I should be aware of? Settings somewhere I should know about? I've had my AFXII for a while but haven't played with it much.
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