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  1. Ba55Man1ac

    Strugle to get full modern bass sound

    Not sure if this is your style, but worth a watch.
  2. Ba55Man1ac

    NBD: Lakland 55-94 5-string

    Luv my Laklands! 🥰
  3. Ba55Man1ac

    Please Help! - My new dingwall is having a weird issue (video inside)

    My NG-2 5er does the same thing. Probably preamp cap's charging/rails stabilising/op amps settling in.
  4. Ba55Man1ac

    Axe-Edit III 1.09.01

    God himself is jamming on that one. How does He sound?
  5. Ba55Man1ac

    Suggestions for a power amp using the FM3 as a pre in a Bass rig

    Quilter Bass Block 800 here. Stupid light, stupid powerful, adequate eq (fine for correcting for the room). Currently going into a bass cab w/tweeter (Schroeder, Eden, Ampeg... whatever takes my fancy on the night) but will probably go for a FRFR solution at some point.
  6. Ba55Man1ac

    Does this bass DI sound off?

    It sounds fine to me for a dry track. My first instinct is to put some compression or light overdrive on it. Plop it in a mix & see how it sounds. Bass, even more than guitar imho, needs to be tweaked while listening to it in a mix. A great sounding solo bass sound might not work in a mix, &...
  7. Ba55Man1ac

    It's been awhile, bass frens

    IMHO, the biggest difference is in the feel of playing - it's a sentiment echoed by many of the geetarists here. There's a bouncy immediacy to playing bass through an Axe-Fx III that wasn't quite there in previous units. Cygnus has really taken it to the next level. BTW, my history is Ultra -...
  8. Ba55Man1ac

    Something's amiss and seems to be devolving

    That part is a bit of a mystery. If it were analog gear I’d say the switch contacts on a jack socket (usually fx loop return) are dirty. What the hey, plug a jack in & out of all sockets just to be sure. BTW, I also had the input 1 front jack pcb connector work it’s way off. It didn’t give the...
  9. Ba55Man1ac

    Something's amiss and seems to be devolving

    Sounds to me like you're feeding a L & R stereo signal down the 2 legs of a balanced input. The result is everything panned center is cancelled & you're left with ambience & no dry.
  10. Ba55Man1ac

    Wah 9.84 Instead of 100

    What's the best Dustbuster for rock tones? ;)
  11. Ba55Man1ac

    "Rolled R" Growl, or "Burp Tone"

    Low action + strings rattling on frets...?
  12. Ba55Man1ac

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08

    @Piing are you using input 1 on the front? Try using the input 1 on the back. The daughterboard connector might be loose.
  13. Ba55Man1ac

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    Are you using a quality mic cable to connect to the FC12? Not unnecessarily long?
  14. Ba55Man1ac

    My new Axe-Fx III has blown me away...but I have one question

    Do you have it connected to a pc with Axe Edit running? If so, press the pause button in the top left.
  15. Ba55Man1ac

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.02

    I'm going to join in on the praise for this this fw. My kitchen sink (bass) patch sounds gorgeous! There's a lovely harmonic 'purr' to the overdriven SVT (2), especially when playing chords.
  16. Ba55Man1ac

    Australia FC-6 and FC-12

    Yay! Soon I can finally use my Axe3 live! :smile:
  17. Ba55Man1ac

    Australia FC-6 and FC-12

    We need a support group... :sob:
  18. Ba55Man1ac

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta #2

    Bad soldering can ruin even the highest quality cable. That's the 1st thing I'd be checking.
  19. Ba55Man1ac

    XLR and TRS, difference in output levels?

    The difference between an unbalanced and balanced (differential) signal, all else being equal, should be 6dB (double the voltage). ;)
  20. Ba55Man1ac

    XLR and TRS, difference in output levels?

    Not familiar with that interface but XLRs are usually higher gain to accept everything down to mic level.
  21. Ba55Man1ac

    Wish Pitch tracking below bass G

    Yep tried this. A good suggestion for helping an analog octaver track but not applicable in this situation. Thanks for bumping the thread though! ;)
  22. Ba55Man1ac

    Wish Pitch tracking below bass G

    Still my bass guitar gently weeps...
  23. Ba55Man1ac

    AX8 Power Strip Turn On-Off

    Switches are passive devices & cannot create spikes. They do bounce but it really is a non-issue when switching AC mains - the voltage is already cycling at 50/60 times a second. Fuctionally using the switch on the power strip is no different from using the switch on the AX8. There will be...
  24. Ba55Man1ac

    Q10 RC2 In Depth

    Wow Leon I really enjoy your vids... no pretense, no ego, just getting down to it. Your playing takes me right back to the early-mid 90's supporting The Poor Boys. Drinking away any money we earned with Skenie & the boys at the Family Inn at Rydalmere... ah those were the days! Although my...
  25. Ba55Man1ac

    AX8 on bass at Budokan, Tokyo

    Wow, your lyrics are in binary... that's so hardcore! ;)
  26. Ba55Man1ac

    Noise goes away when touching the AX8 with my hand

    This. I've had the contacts in old powerboards fatigue so that they are no longer making a good connection. Another symptom of this is getting a shock on your lips off the microphone.
  27. Ba55Man1ac

    Wish Pitch tracking below bass G

    This is the only thing stopping me from getting serious about using the AX8 live with bass. It tracks a G1 on the E string nicely but warbles on F# & below. 'Twould be nice if it went down to B0 (or A0 for those drop tuners). Then I could cop the guitar-doubling-bass sound. Mucho gracias!
  28. Ba55Man1ac

    Potentiometer in a box - does anyone sell this?

    Loopi Pedals (sorry no hyperlink, less than 10 posts)
  29. Ba55Man1ac

    XLR Cable Length?

    I think you would lose the 'humbusting' capability... at least on the length of regular cable. If the humbuster cable is only going to be short, there's probably very little advantage over plugging the long guitar cable straight into the AX8.
  30. Ba55Man1ac

    FOH desk setting

    As 1 noob to another, i'd say upgrade to v6.02 firmware, then update all the factory presets to the new v6.02 versions (deets on doing this in other threads) then audition away & copy the ones you like to user presets for further tweaking.
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