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    Kirk Hammett with AXE-FX lll

    When I watch a live video I can’t really tell a difference between the Green LP and his Frankenstein or Ouija which have EMGs. I’m sure there is one but in a live mix I wouldn’t know in a blind test.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.00

    I really want to upgrade to take advantage of the faster block/channel switching, but I have a gig tonight. I probably shouldn't
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    Austin Buddy Presets fw 19.06

    Thanks for the replies. I think maybe I wasn’t loud enough or my leveling was a little off.
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    Austin Buddy Presets fw 19.06

    Has anyone noticed a volume drop with the beta firmware? I'm pretty sure the last few iterations of fw 19 didn't really change much but I feel like there's a volume drop on some presets, especially the AB XTC Rig. Maybe I'm just now noticing from a few fw versions ago...or maybe it's in my head.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.06 Public Beta

    I’m liking this so far. One thing that would be really cool would be to set a tempo for each song that would override the default tempo of a preset. I usually only use a handful of presets but it’d be cool to have the tempo linked to the song.
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    Wireless suggestions for FX3?

    I use the Shure QLXD because I didn't want anything that was operating on the 2.4GHz spectrum. I love it
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    32 "Scenes" Per Preset?! - Unlocking the Power of Scene Ignore - Fractal Friday #23

    If I want to switch the cab channel with my amp channel I can use the link feature and accomplish what he’s doing with amp channels with cab channels with one button right?
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    Announcing FC-6 Mark II and FC-12 Mark II

    Is that the only difference? This is pretty cool. I color code everything tho so I don’t even need to read most of the time. Good to know I can get one of my eyesight gets any worse.
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    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    Thanks. I'm not sure I'm doing this right though because these offsets make everything sound really bad. The amount of low end compensation seems really high.
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    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    what correction curve do you use for the DT880?
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    WOW! Is it just me or have prices sky rocketed on gear?

    I miss my old job measuring precision optics. Sometimes you get the measurement results and know it can't possibly be right because it doesn't make sense. Kind of the same thing. Don't trust the people doing the measurements.
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    Austin Buddy's packs... Should we have both of them?

    Same. But that’s because I play live way more than I record.
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    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    Real amp is 1 or 4. I'd wager the other is the Axe
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 2

    Can anyone comment on how it’s changing their presets? Is it just a slight polish to the sound or changing levels, etc? I probably won’t update until the stable release so I’m curious.
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    Is Neal Schon still using the Axe Fx III?

    Didn't Fractal wind up helping them tweak everything?
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    FS SOLD. Atomic CLR Neo MkII

    If you decide to ship I’ll definitely take one.
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    Trey A - 4.2 (updated Sept 12th!)

    What's he doing on that? 1/8th note delay and just playing 1/8th note runs?
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    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    More or less. I think for the JCM800 it’s just the preset with the drive tweaked. For the Ojai I mixed from the diff presets for clean to dirty.
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    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    I can’t since it’s from the Austin Buddy Live Gold pack. I can look later tho to tell you the cabs used. I think the only tweaks he does is on the authentic page though.
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    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    Yup that’s the key. Just pick something and go with it. I use 2 main amps for 90% of the songs I play. JCM80 and Ojai. I get a lot of mileage out of those 2 presets. I might try out the Blue/Red just to see how it goes live.
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    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    I mostly use a JCM800 live for 90s stuff. I use the Hairy Brown Eye for AIC. I like the Bludotone too for stuff that needs smoother drive. Not really period accurate at all, but it sounds good and that's all that matters.
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    Create a "subBlock" from a preset?

    no. You'd have to save each block separately. You could make a template preset that has those blocks already added and then you could amps, etc as you please.
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    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    Any idea what it was in 16?
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    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    I like the idea of the new “shimmer” verb. I wonder if they’ll ever add a reverse reverb.
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    What is this octave/doubler-like effect Dweezil turns on?

    Isn't that the Dynaflanger?
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    I personally would trade 1,024 user cabs for 32 FS cabs.
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    Eventide Micropitch

    I have an H9 and I set the dual detune block to the same settings as in the H3000 preset. They sound basically identical. Just need to tweak the high and low cut a bit and they sound exact.
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    Why does a "side" Reverb block at the end of a chain, right before the output so different/great?

    This is all good info. I knew the mix for delay and reverb behaved the way they do for quite a while, what I didn't know was that the gain is still reduced of the dry signal even if the effect is bypassed if you have the block set to Mute Effect In. I just went crazy for 30 min trying to find...
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    I was worried for a second Cliff was only give the new firmware to the folks who could answer correctly.
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    Wish Naming Channels

    Not sure if it was suggested before but naming channels would be helpful for choosing what the FC displays instead of just a custom name for the block.
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    Wiring external stereo pedal

    In 3 and Out 3 are both stereo. Don't both of those pedals have 2 ins and outs?
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    Venu PA Stereo to mono phasing.

    You really only have 2 choices because you can't run stereo through a mono PA. 1. Redo all presets to be in mono, this will include finding ways to beef up your sound that will sound good that way, micro-pitch, etc, might help, or maybe new combos of cab IRs. 2. Create 2 sets of presets. One...
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    Naked amps vs Live Gold ( which is more suitable for home recording ?)

    When Naked Amps gets updated that would be my choice for recording. For those that say it’s dumb to buy presets, maybe they have all the time in the word to dial stuff in, but it’s nice to have 1,000 solid sounds accessible in seconds when you have other things to worry about.
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    Wish Echo the Pedal1/Pedal2 MIDI CC position to the MIDI USB and to the MIDI Output

    Just to make sure I'm clear on what we currently can't do: So if I want to use an exp pedal connected to my FC12 to control say, an H9, that's not currently possible? But it IS possible to use the fc12 control switches to change presets bypass functions on an H9?
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    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    I'm glad there's been no updates. I'm always torn between wanting to get the latest and not wanting to redo my presets. The amps sound so good. I don't even know that there's much room for improvement of the effects, if any. Only thing I'd like to see is reverse reverb.
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    Controller Like Boomerang Wholly Roller

    Is there any product similar to this? They’re impossible to find but it would be really useful to have one.
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    Trey A - 4.2 (updated Sept 12th!)

    Not so much predictable as not able to resist
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    Trey A - 4.2 (updated Sept 12th!)

    I knew this was coming when I saw Trey got a Trainwreck. Very cool
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    What guitars do you use with Fender amp models?

    I like to run my hollow body McCarty into the Princeton and Bassman. Sounds pretty amazing.
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    Perfect Leslie/Rotary - 60 Second Sounds #8

    good stuff, but that ticking the whole time is giving me anxiety :)
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    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    I'd just like what the MFC had. You can pick the set list and it cycles through songs where each song pulls up the preset you selected.
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    It's been back seated for over 2 years :coldsweat:
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    Get Lucky - Preset -AXE-FX III

    I run a chain with no amp or cab. Just an EQ to boost the level and a little compression. That’s how Nile Rodgers does it...more or less.
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    So is a setlist mode still on the table or has the idea been scrapped?
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    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Presets - Banks A & B Preview

    Any examples of where you did this? Sounds awesome. I haven't used the factory presets in a while so now I have a reason to go back to them.
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    How do you rate Axe-Fx 3 effects vs Eventide and other high end stuff?

    The rack gear and the pedals use the same algorithms. The crystals in the H9 is the same as the eclipse or H9000 from what I understand.
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    Tips for Dynaflange sounds

    Wasn’t there another preset that was shared from the live video thing with Dweezil. Some kind of Axe FX event or something? I have a few different ones and I don’t know where they came from. I thought M@tt made one
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    Super clean Strat tones. Just lose the cab and... zzzing! Video and preset download

    Whenever I need that Nile Rodgers super clean spanky strat I just go "right into the board" like he did. No amp or cab. Just a compressor and eq.
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    The REAL Mesa Boogie Mark IIC++

    I thought different tapers meant the ++ had more gain on tap.
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    Woah a Klon drive model! Just kidding. Don't anyone beat me up.
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    AFIII Presets Axe-FX III AustinBuddy 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack for firmware 20.01 is now fully updated!

    Can't wait. Got to play a few shows with FW15 and it sounded stellar.
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    Your favourite Axe-Fx 3 “stuff”?

    The AB packs, especially the Live Gold I also like all the lights on the FC12
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    Which Audio Interface Is Your Favorite with Axe-Fx III?

    Same thing, just the 2i2. Works perfect for everything I need.
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    Configuring at Axe-Fx 3 for wireless (e.g., differential line in on Input 2 "left")

    The shure QLXD says 2.9ms of latency. The Axe is 1ms. I don’t think an extra 3.9ms is making or breaking anyone. I don’t use the same presets to record as I do live so that’s not an issue. I’d think most people wouldn’t but maybe I’m mistaken.
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    Configuring at Axe-Fx 3 for wireless (e.g., differential line in on Input 2 "left")

    The high end shure ones are expensive enough. Very reliable though from all I’ve read. I guess I’ll see for myself. I think in a live situation any degradation from the ADA of the Shure wouldn’t be noticeable by even those with great ears.
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    Configuring at Axe-Fx 3 for wireless (e.g., differential line in on Input 2 "left")

    So I got the Shure QLXD and I wanted to make sure the level from the wireless going into the back input 1 was the same as the front. It seems like if I set the receiver to -18db the levels match. I'm just curious if anyone else has the same unit and if this is also how they had it set up. The...
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    Forgot How Loud Tube Amps Are

    It's crazy what you could get away with back in the day. The worst thing that probably happened after that was the producer yelled a lot at their manager and he just shrugged and said "rockstars eh? What can you do?"
  58. E

    Forgot How Loud Tube Amps Are

    I have a tweed blues Jr that I take to jam with friends. It's insanely loud for its size, but it's a great little amp for the price.It can cut through anything else going on. And it's nice and light.
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    Block Libraries for Effects?

    It would with extra steps. You’d have to save the preset then go in and save the blocks to your library. Being able to just download a bunch of blocks would be way easier.
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    Axe-Fx 3 as Keyboard Effects. Anyone using?

    I don’t think I’ve seen any recordings of this. I feel like you could get some great sounds running a Rhodes through a bassman or something like that with some trek and reverb.
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    How do you monitor your Axe-Fx III?

    The Matrix CFR. I think that's the only wedge they make. My band uses QSC K12s for FOH and they sound pretty good, so I'd guess that any good wedge you drive with it will sound good.
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    How do you monitor your Axe-Fx III?

    I use a matrix wedge with their gt1000 amp. Sounds great and very reliable
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    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    I’m excited for the low gain chime. I can get it with some amps. But I always felt like it left something to be desired with many models.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    I saw that one before. Pretty cool with the spruce top. Yeah $18k is way too much. I’ll probably get an Artinger one day. I’m sure it’s pretty close. Unless I win the lottery.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    I thought they were soooo expensive when they were still less than $10k. Now what is it? $16k? Probably gonna be one of those missed opportunities as I didn't have that kinda scratch when you had a chance of getting on the list, but now with the price and just a tiny chance to even get on the...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    I would just like a chance to play one once.
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    Cloning the Eventide H9 and beyond. Chapter 1: Crystals Algorithm

    The only effect I really haven't been able to get satisfactory on my Axe is the blackhole reverb. Any ideas on recreating that one? I think the specific preset I was after was called fish verb. It was pretty extreme like the sound was being sucked in to a black hole. The other would be reverse...
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    [POLL] Do you buy or have you ever bought commercial presets?

    Same. I just want to find good sound in my chosen amp/style and get on with jamming. Then I add my own effects and tweak the drives
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Did you try a different preset? if it's just the one preset it's a bad preset. If it's all presets something else is going on. You can also try backing up your system settings and resetting them.
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    I’m assuming you have the mkII. There should be a setting in axe edit on the FC page>setup that lets you pick the upper limit for the bank #s. It’s the page that lets you select the LED brightness and all that if I’m remembering correctly.
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    Best patches

    On this forum, Austin Buddy has great preset packs. Well worth the money. Moke also has great presets geared towards the tones of specific songs.
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    Here is something I'll bet you haven't heard

    Rule #1: Check to make sure it's not a bad cable Rule #2: Seriously, it's probably a bad cable
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    Boss FS-7 Dual Footswitch

    Yup I use one button dedicated to engage the tuner and the other to go back to layout 1
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    The new DS1 Mod is unbelievably good

    This is the first pedal I ever saw or used. My friend's friend was in his garage playing STP through a crate amp and it all looked so cool. I bugged him until he showed me how to play riff in Come As You Are and the rest is history.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00 Public Beta #1

    Excited for the jumped Bassman. And 16 seconds of delay? That’s just nuts.
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    Anyone want Improvements in Axe-Fx User Interface?

    Personally I don’t like the kind of interfaces with slick graphics that try to mimic the real gear. I like that all the controls are the same or relatively so no matter what amp or flanger ow whatever I choose. I want to see levels, EQ curves, gain, etc. I have no use whatsoever for a picture of...
  77. E

    Delay Designer

    That’s what I do to get the black hole kind of vibe.
  78. E

    13 Gibson Adam Jones LPs Stolen at a Truck Stop

    Assuming Gibson goes and remakes those 13. Then again, they might not
  79. E

    13 Gibson Adam Jones LPs Stolen at a Truck Stop

    How pissed would you be if you paid your money and waited months only to have this happen? I'd carry that rage with me for the rest of my life o_O
  80. E

    13 Gibson Adam Jones LPs Stolen at a Truck Stop

    I had one about 12 years ago, an 81 custom. I bought it for something under $3k and sold it for just a touch more a few years later. I really regret it because it sounded great but now they fetch $6k or more with all the hype from this limited signature run. Thing was so damn heavy though. I...
  81. E

    13 Gibson Adam Jones LPs Stolen at a Truck Stop

    https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/31029-gibson-adam-jones-les-pauls-stolen-en-route-to-sweetwater right off the truck. This reminds me of that scene in the beginning of Goodfellas. Gotta be an inside job.
  82. E

    how do i get the overtones of a delay to really pop out?

    Use the eq in the delay to boost that frequency range.
  83. E

    Question about Axe-Fx

    There are a few options for hooking it up. You can use the amp models and then run through a real cab you like. This requires an external power amp. You can run it with the amp and cab sims. This requires a powered FRFR speaker. There are many available. Some of the most favored are Matrix and...
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    Help with PlexDelay

    The effect will not kick in for at least 120ms since that's the lowest delay you have set. You can lower one of the delay times
  85. E

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    I’ll be honest. I have the 12 cause I just like more buttons and options. However for certain songs and presets the extra buttons are nice. I could easily get by with the 6 with very little tap dancing. But in the middle of a performance I’m easily distracted so having to hit one button instead...
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    AFIII Presets Axe-Fx III AustinBuddy's 200+ Bass TonePack updated to CYGNUS 19.08, now available!

    What does the ^ next to a scene name mean? I didn’t see anything in the PDFs. This is more bass sounds than I’ll ever need and they’re all fantastic. Might have to get a jazz bass now as well. They all sound great with my BTB but a jazz bass is a jazz bass.
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    Baba O'Riley #2

    What did Pete say??
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    Tips for a realistic Spring Reverb sound?

    I think it only shows up for the spring type, but i was on that one. Maybe it's just more subtle than I expected.
  89. E

    Tips for a realistic Spring Reverb sound?

    What is the boing parameter supposed to do? I turned it all the way up and all the way down and don't think I heard anything change.
  90. E

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    Yeah, that would just elicit another uniformed response from him anyway. I'm not in the habit of arguing with people with agendas online. You will never win.
  91. E

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    What irritates me the most about videos like this is all the people in the comments praising him for all the "great information" he's providing that have little to no knowledge of what any of that information means. No matter what's under the hood, the Axe III is the most powerful and versatile...
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    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    I bought a Maz38 from there around 08. I still miss that amp. I haven’t been able to get my Axe to sound quite like it. Probably had a lot to do with the rest of my rig. The Analogman orange squeeze went really well with it and my ES335
  93. E

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    Don't they bash everything over there? Every now and then there's a good thread, but usually after 8-10 pages even the good ones go down hill.
  94. E

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    Something to augment my talent or lack thereof?
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Archean (based on PRS Archon)

    I’m going to assume they designed this with their own guitars in mind and it really shows. I plugged my CU24 in and man does it sound great. I didn’t even out the gain past 9-10. I put the TS808 on with the gain all the way down and it pushed the kids in this nice way I’ve been looking for. It...
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    AFIII Presets [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx III Master Thread - Updated to Firmware 16.xx 'Cygnus'! New 'Triple-Gain' (HB) Versions

    Does that only apply to presets on the same hardware? So if I had bought presets for the Axe II I'd have to buy them again for the Axe III, correct?
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    What is up with Fractal, and supply? New Customer

    Don't want to have to send the Fractal Goons out to start peeling the protective plastic off people's Axe screens
  98. E

    What is up with Fractal, and supply? New Customer

    Some of the Fractal folks have also mentioned supply chain issues in the past. It's not quite as simple as just making more. We have no idea what goes on behind the scenes as far as the effort being made to increase production and meet demands and I'm quite sure there's a ton of leg work on...
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