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    Anyone else dying to trade their axe3/fc12 for a Fm9?

    I have both. I had a kneejerk reaction the day the FM9 was offered and got on the list. Fast-forward, got the availability email and bought it. When it arrived, I looked at it and said 'what the hell am I going to do with since I have an AXE III and an FC12'? It sat in a corner for 2 months...
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01 public beta 2

    Some of the drives sound off. FAS Boost and TSMod in particular sound dull. Nothing like they used to. Almost like the treble is way down but it's not. Did a refresh after firmware update but no joy.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02

    Sounding great! So many cool tools on this rig. (And I got my bright switch back on the HiWatt! Yippee!)
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    HiWatt help

    It's OK folks. I'll just live with the patch I have, as heavily treble pumped as it is. Time to move on.
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    HiWatt help

    I'm aware of all the tools, I've been using Fractal products since the Ultra. I've used them all in this amp block. I now have the the Brilliant amp with bass on zero, treble on 10, the output EQ treble jacked up, and the input EQ on tilt with treble side up +2.5. That's a lot of manipulation...
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    HiWatt help

    I used all of the Hipower amps trying to find the problem. Lack of a bright cap can be part of it but my confusion is that I don't remember this with earlier firmwares... going all the way back to the Ultra. I'll try the Brilliant version again to see if I can make it work, but even it sounded...
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    HiWatt help

    I came to the forum just to ask if there is a problem with the Hipower (HiWatt) amp. I've doing a total make-over of my Axe III, changing lots of things and came to an amp I used in the past but haven't played in a good while, the Hipower. I can't get any treble out of this amp. Any of the AXE...
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    What amp, if did not have the Axe Fx III?

    Bogner Goldfinger 45 SL and/or Friedman Twin Sister. Yeah, on second thought, run both. Why cheap out.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.01 Public Beta

    I've been messing with the new Hi-mid knob in the drive block. Wow, this has really picked up some of the drive models. You can dial in some nice 'keeerrraaaangg' out of some of them. Especially the low gain models.
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    My wife is pissed!!

    One of the best football games I have ever seen! Epic for all time!
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    A Curious Case of Diezels

    Sorry if I sound dense, but I can't find VH4 in the amp models. Am I blind?
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    Celestion F12M 150 Full Range Speaker

    Yeah, I'm not talking about the F12-X200's. I have no experience with them. I was just commenting on my experience with the OP's question on the F12m-150 whizzer cone speaker.
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    Celestion F12M 150 Full Range Speaker

    Yeah, I used an Axe FX III several ways trying to get it to get better. It didn't.
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    Celestion F12M 150 Full Range Speaker

    I tried one. Had a Fryette 2/50/2 pushing it. I mounted it in a Avatar 1x12 closed-back cab. Sounded terrible. Weak and fizzy. Rolled several other speakers in the same cab to make sure there wasn't some mechanical issue. But no, it was the speaker. Now resides comfortably in its box in my attic.
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    5E3 Non-Jumped sounds incredible....

    Ummm ...OK . Whats a 5E3? I don't see it in the amp list.
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    EV SRO Pro 150W speakers (+ other free gear I received)

    If I'm not mistaken those are alnico speakers. Some people love them. I have a WGS Blackhawk HP alnico which is supposedly a takeoff of the SRO. I love the HP. Really has a lively vibe and a very cool low-mid vibe going. I'm jealous.
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    What's the current consensus on body wood's effect on electric guitar tone?

    I've been building my own guitars for some time. Perhaps assembling is a better word. Warmoth stuff...strats and teles mostly and my take is basically....pickups make the biggest difference, then wood...neck wood especially. Then body wood. Pots and strings are pretty far down the list, although...
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    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Is there any way to copy/paste scene names to other presets?
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.01

    All the drives have clean mix in a Fractal. That"s what is so powerful about it. I mix at least 50% cleans into every drive. T808 Mod with 1N4148 diodes x2 sure sounds like my SparkleDrive. I've got two of them right here at my feet.
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    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Hoodoo Drive (based on: Voodoo Lab Overdrive)

    This was one of my favorite drives back when I had a Mesa Mk IV. Liked it so much I had two...one for low drive and more clean and one for more drive and less clean. Marshall BluesDriver->SparkleDrive Low->SparkleDrive Hi-> Butler Real Tube->Mk IV. Good Times.
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    Sunday Jam with the Brit JM45 Jump

    Here's my version. I'm trying to go vintage tone so I've got it all saggy and a softer feel. Using scenes, I go from clean to mean. All my patches are stereo so it may sound wonky on a mono rig.
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    For you players with CLRs/PowerCabs/Other large FRFRs

    Two CLR's and two QSC K.2 10's here. It's got a pretty big sound and you don't have to get loud to achieve a full, rich tone. Also, have a pair of Equator D8's for very quiet listening. Also, two 1x12 Avatar speaker cabs, one with a Celestion Alnico cream in one and a WGS Blackhawk HP in the...
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    Marshall JTM50 simulation

    I've got one that I built years ago. Basically a Brit JTM45 jumped with EL34 tubes and a Plexi tonestack. I've since modified that and use KT77 tubes and a Friedman Smallbox tonestack just because I think it sounds better. The front end is still JTM45 so you'll have to roll back the bass to...
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    JC-120 authenticity

    I always got my best results with the JC-120 by turning off the power amp. I was looking for very clean and with the power amp on there was always just a touch of 'haze' I couldn't get rid of until I shut off the power amp.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    Ya'know...I've been doing this for a good while. Started with the Ultra...moved up through four variations of Axe FX. Early on, I spent all lot of time working to tame the lows and highs. rolling off the lows... trying to tame any harshness in the highs. This is all through FRFR speakers, so...
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    Any Love for the JC120?

    If you want really clean, try with the power amp turned off. It was the only way I could get the last little bit of fur off the notes.
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    Wow, terrible news. I admired his talent so much. I came to the Pat Metheny Group for Pat Metheny but left with an even bigger admiration for Lyle Mays. He will be missed.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

    I'm gonna have to pile on with this 10 beta. I've been a Fractal fan for a good while and have been very satisfied with the product, but the improvements in this issue and especially with the inclusion of the 'Gain Enhancer' Has just knocked it out of the park. The Axe III is soooooo much fun...
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    How do you delete a block from the library?

    OK, I found that and was able to delete it. BUT. That begs the question...Why is there a delete field in the LIBRARY drop-down list but you can't enable it? I got it to work one time a couple of months ago but I don't know what enabled it. I can't find any documentation on this function...
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    How do you delete a block from the library?

    If your speaking of the library drop down that appears in the BLOCK tab, there is no down-pointing arrow. I see a delete option, but it is grayed-out. How do you get the delete function to work?
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    How do you delete a block from the library?

    I used search, I went to the WIKI and I found nothing that tells me how to delete an unwanted block from the library. I see it grayed out in the choice list but how do you get it to work? It seems very non-intuitive to me how this is set up.
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    Midlife Crisis Car

    Maybe because I'm past mid-life I'll have to vote none-of-the-above. Also, I have two pro mechanic drinking buddies who have told me enough stories about European car problems and repairs that I'm pretty much scared off of any of them.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    Just installed 5 beta. Is everyones CF hardness on 9.50? It's never been that high before. All amps are like that, even Fender clean amps. I can't do a listen test because the family is still asleep.
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    Anyone use Dynamic Depth?

    I definitely use it and have for some time.
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    [solved] Trying to buy an Axe III....Fractal website won't let me!

    Thanks Cliff. Yep, it was my MC account that was the problem. I was on the phone with them for over a hour trying to straighten out. The transaction failed three more times and they had to get a senior account specialist to do a manual overide of their system. So, It went through! I'm gettin'...
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    [solved] Trying to buy an Axe III....Fractal website won't let me!

    Tried several time to order am Axe III online. Spousal Unit gave me permission to upgrade. Now the dang Fractal Audio website won't take my credit card! It works everywhere else! Now I'm just bummed. Wanted to take advantage of the Black Friday sale. Left an email for sales. Maybe they'll...
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    Mesa model question

    I had a Mesa Mk IV for 17 years and never did the 'V' on the graphic sliders. Didn't like it. It sounded much better to me as a subtle '^^' with the bass flat, the mids flat and the far hi treble flat. The low mids and mid treble boosted somewhat to taste. Of course, I wasn't playing metal.
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    QSC K.@ 10'' speaker

    I have a K.2 10" and an Axe FX II XL+. I always use the default because I didn't like any of the others. They all seemed to clutter up the sound and default was the cleanest.
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    Need to move pickguard screw holes (just a bit)

    I've done this. Toothpicks ( the round ones) and Titebond III to fill. When dry, sand lightly. You don't have to match the wood for this. Keep it simple.
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    Counteracting Fletcher-Munsen live

    I checked my M-F switch (I hadn't checked it in years) and I also had a mild mid boost at 1750 Hz with a broad Q. I only use the M-F switch during loudness wars, never at home. I work on getting the preset sounding right before hand. But sometimes when you really have it cranked up the M-F...
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    Counteracting Fletcher-Munsen live

    I have an F-M switch on my MFC. It's an EQ with the bass and treble rolled down. Bass alot...treble a little less. Works in a pinch. But getting the preset close to begin with is most important.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.01 Beta

    Now we got something here..... Been bumping up the speaker comp and speaker drive up higher then I have before. Hearing some pretty cool things. Chunky thunking goin' on. Nice krang, too.
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    Sennheiser HR280 Pro/ QSC K12

    I had K12's for over five years. Just switched to K10.2's. I never had the deep swich on or ext. sub switch on. Just normal position. EQ'ing the speaker is the key. There is tons of EQ'ing options in the Axe FX. Just rolling off the bass worked for me. I believe I set the roll-off about 150 Hz...
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    QSC K8.2 and K10.2 speakers

    I just traded my K12's I've had for over five years for two K10.2's. I A/Bed my old K12's and the new K10.2's at GC. Both sounded just fine. I really liked how the old K12's sounded but I opted for compactness and power of the K10.2's. I move them alot so the smaller size and the 10 pounds...
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    User Advice? Matrix GT1000FX or FRFR Speakers?

    I'm in the process of trading in my K12's that I've used for 6 years (along with CLR passives) for K10.2's. I compared the K12's to a K12.2 at a local GC and the K12.2 was quite a bit better. More bass, LOUDER, clearer mids (especially pushed), and smooth highs. I opted for the K10.2's Because...
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    R.I.P. Gregg Allman

    ABB and Greg pretty much wrote the soundtrack to my life. He will be missed. Great talent.
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    Bumblebees......... and PAFs

    Yeah, the capacitor cork-sniffing is a rabbit hole. You could try rolling magnets. A3 magnets can be a tad bright. You could try an A2 or my favorite for a humbucker bridge PU..an un-oriented roughcast A5. A2's roll off the highs somewhat but also some of the lows. UOA5 will push the mids...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    Tx Star Clean isn't clean anymore. Could it be mixed up with Tx Star Lead? This amp used to be a clean model (like USA Clean), now its way gained up. I've played Mesa Lonestars before and they have way more headroom on the clean channel than this model does.
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    Why does FX-8 use crappy Microsoft USB drivers not the Fractal USB drivers?

    I have an Axe II and an FX-8. While using the computer and listening to music through my soundcard (ASUS Essence STX II) the FX-8 will not connect to the computer. I checked the USB driver for the FX-8 and its using the standard Microsoft driver (Win 10). I've tried to install the Fractal USB...
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    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Blues OD (based on Marshall Blues Breaker)

    I'll have to try this one again. I had an original Marshall Bluesbreaker in the big metal box and used it for over ten years with my Mesa Mk IV. I loved the sound. The blues driver in the Axe never did anything for me, but since the drive models have been updated I'll take another listen. (I...
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    Amp design tutorial

    The old Tube Amp books by Aspen Pittman helped me a lot when I was first getting into modifying amps and building clones. It's a basic overview, not an in-depth analysis of tube amp design, but it would give you a taste...and lots of schematics.
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    Kinman or Zexcoils for a Strat?

    Had Kinmans in a strat for about ten years. Tried a set of Zexcoils. They came out after one day. The Kinmans went back in. That was two years ago. The Zexcoils are still in a box somewhere. I really want to try some of the new Kinmans...especially the P90 noiseless.
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    Drive block Mix...

    I've had mine set at 50% for years. I first got clued in to that by the SparkleDrive. It had a clean blend knob and I loved it so much I got two.
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    Question about Q6

    I have noticed an increase in gain in most amps and definitely in the drive blocks. I used to love the TS9 Mod with drive set on zero but there is too much gain now. In the amps their seems to be a grittier, edgier aspect to the distortion. I'm trying to figure out how to soften the OD.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Thank you so much. Just for that, I'm gonna buy some of those cool mini expression pedals when they become available. This company rocks!
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    The 12AX7B was my favorite preamp tube type. Was the name changed? If not, can we get it back. I think it was by far the best sounding preamp tube.
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    A Study in Plexis

    You guys that like the JTM 45 (me too!) try it with the Plexi 100 tonestack. Kind of moves to towards the JTM black flag era amps. Full sounding but with a tad more crunch.
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    Legacy Firmware Solution

    I just bought an XL+. Its my fifth Fractal device. Cliff, you certainly have built brand loyalty with me. I think this is the best value in musical equipment I have ever used. Carry on Mr. Chase, you're doing it right.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Firmware Released

    Did anyone else have all their preamp settings reset by this firmware. I had many presets setup for Q5 beta and this new firmware set everything back to Q4, all pre tubes to 12AX7A and no harmonics. I thought this had been fixed or is this my own personal demon. Fixing all this presets...
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    When do I lose the "apprentice" status?

    Just checking what I am. Don't post that much anymore.
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    [NOT A BUG] preamp tube tupe

    All my presets had their preamp tube type switched to the 'A' version and bias switched also. I did not change the modeling type.
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    Finding my IR's to be very bright

    I have K12's. I've had them for 5 years. I put two layers of 4" gaffers tape on the grill over the tweeter. It helps reduce the 'glare' from the tweeter and scatters and softens the treble. I run my treble up pretty high because I like that high shimmer and glassy chime. I find most of the...
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Citrus RV50 (Orange Rockerverb 50 MK II)

    The Orange RV has been one of my favorite Brit rock machines for years. Gorgeous crunch and just the right amount of rawk.
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    Matrix vs. QSC?

    I started out as a bass player who then moved to guitar about 30 years ago. One of the most important things I learned playing bass was more bass is NOT your friend. Try getting rid of the bass and then slowly add back lower mids. Your probably looking for cabinet knock which is in the low...
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    Matrix vs. QSC?

    I have had K12's for five years and love them. I use them in conjunction with passive CLR's driven buy a Carvin 1504L. Together they sound awesome. The bass is not a problem if you use your bass roll-off tools the Axe FX is loaded with. I do place 4 inch square doubled patches of gaffers tape...
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    Recommend a Tele Bridge Pup

    You may be fighting a losing battle as hard ash is nearly as bright as hard maple. A tele bridge is a bright pickup position. So bright I had to go with a stacked humbucker to kill some of the shrill treble. I had a Gibson L6 that was all maple. Despite having humbuckers in it, it was so...
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    VIDEO: Axe-Fx Harmonic Knob behavior

    Very cool video. Very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do that.
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    Bug? Preamp hardness saving incorrectly.

    This is version 2.02. It happened to me before and I just wrote it off to being a beta and AxeEdit being slightly behind the new firmwares. But its back. Maybe tomorrow I'll try downloading and re-flashing the firmware. It's definitely not saving correctly. Everything else works fine.
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    Bug? Preamp hardness saving incorrectly.

    Looks like a bug we had in v2.x beta is back. The preamp hardness is not saving correctly. It defaults to 8.2 and I change it to 8.0. I save it. Turn the Axe FX off. Upon restart the preamp hardness is showing 8.80. This is happening on all presets and all amp types. With several restarts. It...
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    Apparent UI Complaints

    Axe-edit for the win. The little green screen is a bit rough for my 64 year old eyes. I will when I have to but admit to being an Axe-Edit junkie. It's just so easy. The layout of both is completely intuitive. Although I have bitched about some of the parameters having their names changed and...
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    Which Amp with FX8

    I'm using a Ceriatone OTS Mini 20. A Dumble type preamp into a Deluxe type power amp. Does the 4 wire thing very well. Cost about $550 for the head. They also make a Yeti Mini 20 which is a modified Marshall type with a loop. I'm thinking about picking up one of those.
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    Questions about Axe FX from a possible buyer . . .

    While I vastly prefer speakers in open space over headphones, the headphone output is very high fidelity. I play while listening to headphones quite often late at night while the family is sleeping. I've just learned to resist building patches with them because they just don't seem to translate...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta

    No more long plate preamp tube? I has the sads.
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    Strat Bridge Single Coil Rock Tones

    Never could bond with a strat single coil pickup. Had to go to the humbucker in a SC package. It's an SD thats around 17k ohms in series. It has much more meat in the mids than a SC. Plus, I have it on a switch for parallel which blends very well with the two Kinmans in the other two positions...
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    Just upgraded from Fw17 to Quantum 2.0

    Put it on a switch. That way you can have it either way. I like treble bleeds on strats and teles but not humbucker types. I prefer the '50s tone control setup for HB's.
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    Owwww Yeah! XL+ upgrade just arrived!

    Loses mojo if you take the plastic off. Mine is yellowed and has cracks in it. Sounds totally vintage.
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    Try This

    I've run stereo cabs hard-panned L/R with a delay of .1 ms for about a year. Don't know exactly what its doing but I like the sound.
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    Amps models.....too many?

    The Fractal Axe FX is an embarrassment of riches. That is why I am such a big fan. What other company gives so much to their customers. I lift my glass in salute and drink heartily.
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    Speaker cable from Axe-Fx to power amp?

    Not a good idea. Speaker wire is unshielded. It would be very noisy.
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    Treble Bleed Circuits

    After much experimentation I found I prefer series. The parallel seemed to load down the pot too much, especially with a smaller resistor. Its been awhile since I've looked inside my guitars but it I seem to remember using a 333 pf /270k combo (series). The effect is more subtle and I have it...
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    FX8 Firmware 3.0 coming soon!

  82. S

    How many guitars do you own?

    Oh, just a few...
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    Another gig with the FX8 - success - and issues

    My FX8 does the same thing. I use 'sticky' to switch on scenes and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It goes straight into bank mode. I sometimes have to power cycle the FX8 to get it to snap out of it. Hope its fixed in the firmware update.
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    Firmware Updates

    I would like an update just to fix the bugs. It sounds fine, but I have to have work-arounds to deal with the bugs. It has been six months and the bugs are known.
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    Help with a EQ curve for the QSC K12

    I have K12's and I put a 4" square of gaffers tape, double thick, over the tweeter. Helps cut the 'glare' of the tweeter aimed right at you. Plenty of highs get around the tape. The lows just have to be cut somewhere. Either in the amp eq or an eq block. I cut all amps at 100 hz and further...
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    Looking for new pickups for my Les Paul Studio.

    I've got a DiMarzio 36th Annv. neck and a SD 59/Custom hybrid in the bridge of my LP. They blend perfectly and sound fantastic by themselves. No flub, no shrillness. Sound great clean but can push an amp input into crunchiness. Highly recommended.
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    Funk groove jam

    Nice playing. A bit pushed back with reverb sounding but a nice tone!
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    Rocktron Velocity 250

    Not much. I've got one in the attic. Haven't used it for 5 years. It's not a very good sounding amp.
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    Power Cable for Axe FX II

    Damn. Now I hear what I've been missing. I don't know if I can be satisfied with my Axe II now knowing I could have Quantum power! Oh the GAS.
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    Hanging scenes bug?

    Thanks for the update!
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    Hanging scenes bug?

    Scratch that last text. I WAS able to replicate the issue with filter 2, but in a different way. For what its worth, it always seems to happen coming from scene 6 or scene 8. Doesn't seem to happen coming from other scenes.
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    Hanging scenes bug?

    The filter 2 block does not exhibit this behavior. So I've found a temporary work-around. I gotta have my filter block.
  93. S

    Hanging scenes bug?

    After further testing I took FX8-Edit out of the situation and it still looks like something in the filter block firmware is causing the persistence or 'hang' as I was calling it. I tried 10 different types of blocks in different configurations and could only replicate the issue with the filter...
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    Hanging scenes bug?

    I'm on v. 2.0.
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    Hanging scenes bug?

    After further testing, it seems to be the filter block. When I delete the filter block and replace with a graphic eq the problem disappears. When I place the filter block into a different position the problem returns but in a different block position.
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    Hanging scenes bug?

    'Hang' means when a scene has a block on and then you switch to a scene that that block is supposed to be off...its on instead. On my second example, scene 1 has no blocks on. Switch to scene 8 and all blocks are on (block 1, 2, 3, and 4) but when you switch back to scene 1, block 2 (in my...
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    Hanging scenes bug?

    Since there isn't a bug section for the FX8 I'll have to put it here. I have scenes for four blocks, (compressor, filter, drive 1 and drive 2) I'm using all eight scenes. The problem is when scene 3 is supposed to be Comp & drive 1 only. When I go to scene 6 or scene 8 which both have...
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    Is there a way to get Scene changes in the FX8 to change scenes in the Axe II?

    I've been trying to get scene changes from the FX8 to change corresponding scenes in the Axe II all morning. Failed so far. I have the Axe II talking to the FX but hooking up FX MIDI out to Axe II MIDI in I get freeze-ups. I would like to get scene switching off of the MFC-101 to free up...
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    How about this for a change....

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