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  1. Stratman68

    Under Daw\Desk Chair mat? Glass? Plastic? Plexiglass?

    So , small bedroom\studio has low carpet and I want a GOOD appx 4' x 4' mat underneath. don't really care about flattening the carpet, it's a spare bedroom with cheap carpet. Glass looks cool, but expensive. I would get it if I knew it was really durable. Any suggestions\experience? Thanks folks
  2. Stratman68

    New Martin OM28Elrb a flop

    So, my new I i have had it since April 12th) has a crack from bridge to front-the seam . Of course the store and Martin immediately let me know that humidity related issues are NOT covered under warranty???? I have been in florida since 1972, I have owned no less than 20 different acoustic...
  3. Stratman68

    Fractal Preset icon?

    OK, so I lost the icon that was. So, what the heck was it and where can I get it? Dumb, I know, but definitely frustrating........ I know it's just a sysex file but I prefer things the way they were...................
  4. Stratman68

    Tele neck pup cover?

    Opinions and why? I am going with Fralin Blues specials on USA STD Tele with channel bound neck RW Neck pickup cover options: NECK COVER * Choose how you want your Neck pickup to look in your guitar. If no option is chosen, you will receive an Uncovered neck, which is standard. Polished Nickel...
  5. Stratman68

    OT: CL replies to emails?

    So I have a USA Tele Standard and A USA Deluxe Strat listed on CL. Got at least 10 replies. But they keep asking me why IO don't reply? I have sold many, many items on CL and never had this issue. I cannot believe they are ALL scams, to what, get my email address? Very weird. I understand that...
  6. Stratman68

    Gibson LP Special, etc with wrap around bridge?

    Specifically any with dual P-90's is what I have been looking at. My ignorance-Can you set\adjust the intonation on these bridges? Hard to tell in picts if the the bridge is all one piece or actually 6 saddles> Yes I am a dumb ole Fender guy.................Here is an example pict:
  7. Stratman68

    this gives me hope for the future

    As @MrGuitarabuse put it last week, paraphrasing here-These kids are what the world needs more of. Kids playing and loving music.............. I have been following this channel for a long time now!
  8. Stratman68

    My NEW Martin OM28E LR Baggs impressions

    So, first. for clarity. Yes I play mostly blues, R&B, Blues rock and classic rock-Strats and Teles. BUT the first 15 or so years of my guitar life were strictly acoustic guitars. Lots of finger picking, james Taylor, Croce, CSNY, general hippy acoustic stuff :-) Even did some ragtime finger...
  9. Stratman68

    Finally ordered New Martin- after much procrastinating

    So, don't get to play it first, but life is too short. Purchased OM28E LR Baggs Anthem..................
  10. Stratman68

    USA Standard Tele, Wanting a middle pup? Chrome Cover???

    2014 USA Standard Tele, Channel Bound RW fingerboard. Would love to add a 3rd pup, ala nashville tele thing. Feasible? Would the pickguard screw holes line up? Thanks
  11. Stratman68

    Mooer Shrooms

    I know there was a discussion about this but after 3 weeks with the Mooer Shrooms on my FM9 I have to say, what a difference. Yes I had the "other" brands, which seem to be OK on my FM3. I had removed all from my FM9 and was much happier without any add-ons. Until I got the...
  12. Stratman68

    Fender Strat Neck weight difference?

    Wanted to put a rosewood fretboard channel bound 9 1/2-14" compound radius neck on my 2006 USA Deluxe Strat. I recently acquired a 2016 USA Standard tele with this neck on it and I love the feel, etc, etc. So I asked Fender the obvious questions, then asked Sweetwater and bought the neck from...
  13. Stratman68

    Still Searching-Home Studio VOCAL mic :-(

    Yes I am still looking. Anyone have thoughts about these 3 mics-The price is important, shouldn't be but TBH the Warm Audio mics are just too heavy(as in actual weight) for my little home studio the way I have it setup. Also 50% more $$$$. Anyway, if you feel like voicing an opinion it would...
  14. Stratman68

    OK, maybe a Polytone-But so great-Joe Pass

    Looks like my old Polytone from decades ago on the floor. Maybe not! Just so amazing- like the guitar and he just blended together. I am no jazz player by an means-but I still love listening when guys like this just take control of the guitar-totally!
  15. Stratman68

    Acoustic\electric opinions please

    I remember a thread about Taylor guitars, etc, but could not fin it. I have my Strats and Teles, so I am looking for a good acoustic. Looking at Martins and Taylors only. Somewhat higher end ones-$3,000 area. My MAIN concerns are playability, as in action and intonation. Don't really care as...
  16. Stratman68

    My FM9 is being very possessive-wants everything?

    So I built my new PC, re installed everything I need and all is well, except this: I have never (Since 2009), used my fractal gear as an AI, just because. Anyway, it now is showing up everywhere. I looked in the device itself? Before I start disabling anything I would like to know where to look...
  17. Stratman68

    another dumb question for my fav forum-but serious!

    So I need small venue powered PA 12" speakers. I like these: Electro-Voice ELX200-12" Powered $699 each or JBL EON612 12" 2-way powered PA speaker — 1,000W peak $499 each Just a one man thing, sometimes acousti and sometimes Strats with backing tracks and of course vocals Wondering if the $$$...
  18. Stratman68

    Never mind

    Is delete your own post not a thing anymore?
  19. Stratman68

    Finally finished (almosst) my new DAW build

    Quite a difference. The NVMe m.2's make such a difference. Aomei PA Pro, which I have owned for a very long time is just hard to beat. Cloned my Sample drive and yes, my game drive in a few minutes and they are huge. All works perfectly. Only thing left to do is migrate OS (SATA SSD) to one of...
  20. Stratman68

    MOVED to DAW and Recording

    ? Tried to delete it-?
  21. Stratman68

    Advice about sound treatment - small home studio?

    So I have a bunch of Auralex 2" Studiofoam wedges. Also 2 Auralex 2'x4' 3" thick panels on mic stands. Never used the Auralex-Duh! Studio Monitors MAckie HR624 mkii's are 3' from the wall. I have 2 DXR10's behind me in case I want to blow my eardrums out. My small guest bedroom\home studio is...
  22. Stratman68

    DDR4 recomendations? SOLVED-PURCHASED

    So, I am getting dizzy looking at all the ram options. I do have the QVL for Asus Prime Z590 A MB\11th gen i7 11700 I purchased. I will be using 2X16GB. Cheap enough. This leaves some room for my massive Noctua D15S w/2 140MM fans. Just wondering what you guys and gals would recommend. Usually...
  23. Stratman68

    PC Issue advice before I tear it apart

    win 10x64 Asus Prinme Z370\32gb DDR4\Geforce 1060 ti 6gb\multiple drives. Noctua D15 dual heatsinks and 140mm fans The issue: CPU fans rev to max and never stop until I reboot. But cpu emps according to Asus AI APP and Hardware monioto show CPU and other temps normal and low? So I thought it was...
  24. Stratman68

    Am I alone when it comes to the Fractal grid?

    I am a confirmed OCD guy. Always have been. Since forever, when it comes to fractal and the grid, mainly in the xxxEdit apps I do this: I MUST have the rid filled "horizontally. IOW, Even if I have sa a drive block\amp\cab\reverb I will edit to make sure the grid is filled, as I said...
  25. Stratman68

    Saw a Laney Amp thread and.........Lari edit added 2nd video

    This young lady's playing is just so amazing to me-Wish she would try a fractal, but since she has a Laney endorsment and Ibanez endorsment, etc, etc I guess that won't be happening anytime soon! So melodic and smooth-Clean. Love the way she transitions from fingers to pick so seamlessly!
  26. Stratman68

    Warm Audio weirdness, imho!

    So kind of working my way towards the WA-47, but 2 things bug me. 1st-read the preamp is propietory, so it goes, no mic. Can't use generic tube mic preamp. Now I do not know if thats true-I have an email into Warm audio. Is this pretty much true for most tube mics? 2nd-thgis one is just, WHY...
  27. Stratman68

    Thin finish cracks in USA Deluxe Strat?

    It's a 2006 Special Run USA Deluxe Stratocaster. I believe for Guitar Center. 2006. Beautiful Strat but small finish cracks by neck pocket are starting to spread. I did a lot of web hunting and found one site mentioned using Micro pipettes to apply thin viscosity penetrating glue? Does this...
  28. Stratman68

    Upgrading my DAW Build...

    Open suggestion except for "get a mac" bs. Seriously! Reasonable upgrade using some already owned parts: New parts would be: 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-11700K processor (8-Core, 16M Cache, 3.6GHz to 5.0GHz) $350.00 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 12GB GDDR6 $329.00 (have gtx 1060 TI already so?) 2 x 16...
  29. Stratman68

    FS Lindy Fralin Loaded (BY Fralin) Strat Pickguard(NEW)

    $250 includes shipping to Con USA.........So about a year ago I bought a Strat Ultraburst. I was going to change the noiseless pups like I always have in the past. 2 of my other Strats have these same Fralin pups. Changed my mind so the BRAND NEW lindy Fralin put together pickguard is up for...
  30. Stratman68

    Too many preamps in recording chain? SOLVED

    I am new to the Scarlett, not to recording. But I really never had an AI with superior (or real good?) mic pre's. too many preamps? I presently am usingf a Stellar Large Diaphragm Tube condenser. good clone of one of the higher end whatevers. It is over 10 yrs old but stays in my home studio...
  31. Stratman68

    output to power amp in? Talking FM3 here!

    Really dumb question I guess. I have never used any of my fractal products into an FX loop of an amp. So how do I do that? With my FM9 it would be easy. Obviously cannot use the xlr outs. Told you it's a dumb question. Thanks
  32. Stratman68

    Another Video of the Great Rory Gallagher

    Great live version-Just so good imho . Killer bass and drums also! Ah, R&R!
  33. Stratman68

    Vocal mic for home studio 2021

    Boy, searching this question is ridiulous. I tried. I would rather hear what some of you folks have to say. Budget is <$1,000, well actually $600 or $700 would be MUCH better :) . Normally prefer large diaphram mics-this mic will be for vocals (mine) only. I do have the Scarlett 18i20 mic pres...
  34. Stratman68

    This kid is just so talented-Kent Nishimura

    Drums, bass , melody, lead----uh OK! Astoundingly talented young man
  35. Stratman68

    Focusrite 18i20 in single space closed rack?

    Is this a heat issue for the AI? The 8i20 does NOT have a wall wart so their will be some heat besides normal AI heat production. LAst hting I want to do is damage my new AI. But it fits so well in my home studio this way- part of the reason is with it in single space rack of it's own I have my...
  36. Stratman68

    Any othe UFC Fans here?

    I have been since the Matt Hughes days. Big fan here. Big Rose fan also................Looking forward to UFC 268.....................
  37. Stratman68

    Small Amp with Power Amp in? SOLVED

    so I was looking for a small amp with an fx loop or at least power amp in and found the Boss Katana MKII used very cheap. It has a power amp in but no full FX loop. My FM9 is setup in my studio. So I want something for the occasional jam with friends or whatever to use with my lonely FM3. The...
  38. Stratman68

    SRV and Jeff Healy Live-

    Hmmm. Never saw this video before. 2 killer guitar players- Cool video. Amazing how Jeff Healy stands up and plays like that. I have seen him do that before. 2 gone way too soon!
  39. Stratman68

    FM9 with Gear by Ceba Shields\protectors

    So rec'd my Gear by Ceba plexi covers for my FM9. I like them Fit perfect-very strong tiny magnets and pretty thick. Notrhig fancy just great protection. I do need to remove the little plastic film thingies :-)
  40. Stratman68

    PreSonus AIR12 2-Way Active Sound-Reinforcement Loudspeakers

    So, I have been thinking about going out and doing my one man gig again. Probably mostly acoustic but may do some with electric and backing tracks, I only use the Bass, keys and drums in the backing tracks. I have a zillion. Anyway don't have a ton of $$$ to throw at this but need some 112"...
  41. Stratman68

    we all have our guitar heroes. So here is mine...different.

    When I was in Chu Lai, yeah, you know, that place. I met a guy from Kentucky who played guitar. He was my first nudge towards the guitar. He said when you get home give a listen to a guy named ry cooder. So I did. Many may not kow but ry cooder was backing up pop stars when he was 14. At the...
  42. Stratman68

    Tele question

    Neve mind-got It.
  43. Stratman68

    Audio Interface 2021: Focusrite vs Presonus

    Yes I know I can use my Fractal gear but I prefer using external interfaces. since forever. Looking at the Focusrite and Presonus stuff in the $500\$600 price range. Preamps are irrelevant for my purpose but I know they all have them. I have no experience with either of these. Any opinions? Thanks
  44. Stratman68

    Small mixer for Home studio MONITORING

    I have been using Small mackie VLZ mixers for a very long time in my home studio. Mainly for monitoring. I need a new one and I am looking at these 2. Mackie 1202VLZ4 12-channel Mixer - Soundcraft EPM8 10-channel Analog Mixer Any thoughts? Price is the same $295 vs $299 Thanks
  45. Stratman68

    Daw Tables-adjustable height.

    So I read a few threads about chairs, etc as related to DAWS and recording. I pretty much live in front of my computer screen. Yes, I know, probably too much. Don't play out much anymore, mainly write and record at home, small bedroom\homestudio. I do need (want?) 30 deep" X 60 wide" I have done...
  46. Stratman68

    American Tele question for those in the know!

    So I have been looking at Used Teles for a while now. what I really want I cannot find 2014 Dakota Red Channel Bound Neck-Limite Run I believe. Anyway, Fender and Sweetwater have the rosewood Channel bound necks so I was thinking of buying a lesser expensive Tele and swapping the neck. Neck is...
  47. Stratman68

    Must be nice...............Joe B and Josh white sittin and Producin too!

    I am guessing I am not the only one here who is on Joe B.'s email list. I enjoy watching the videos he sends us. I had heard Joanne Shaw Taylor play before, many years ago though, but don't remember her voice being so, well Cool! Didn't like the fact that they just overdubbed the recording...
  48. Stratman68

    FM9 + FM3 + Computer

    So, when I rec'd my FM9 I first uninstalled the FM3 drivers and editor. I then installed FM9 drivers and editor. OK, all good. Just want to be sure-Any issues if I install FM3 drivers and FM3 edit and use both on my PC? Not at the same time! Thanks Folks Stratman68
  49. Stratman68

    Love this sound\tone-No pedals, just Amp\Strat

    He is using 2 Marshall 4x12 cabs. with the trainwreck express. I have to try this. Great tone imho......... Didn't we used to have a preset, way back maybe, named "Let it Ring"? That's the name of his CD. Hmmm Icouldn't find it on the FM3 or the FM9....Maybe too old.
  50. Stratman68

    Django Reinhardt by Joe Robinson

    Ok, so Joe has twice the number of fingers, but still....plays this so well. I am no jazz player, just appreciate nice guitar playing. Django was a master. Joe ain't bad :)
  51. Stratman68

    FM3 as Audio Interface, some questions

    So I didn't want to jump in on someone elses thread about FM3 as AI. So, I will ak here. I record vocals, not just guitars. Since the FM3 does NOT have preamps for vocals what do most of you folks do? Thanks - Been here a long time just never read about this. I am guessing I will get bombarded...
  52. Stratman68

    Zager Acoustic-electric? Anyone familiar?

    Just read real well and are 1/2 the price of any MArtin or Taylor. Supossedly they have a no questions asked return policy? They have an OM with Fishman Aura electronics. Kind of what I was looking for. Was shopping the Martin 00-28E also. Thanks
  53. Stratman68

    Such a Great Player! Derek Trucks

    Derek Trucks is just so amazing. Killer solo...............Live!
  54. Stratman68

    NEVER MIND - variax guitars-Strat type-Some questions please

    EDIT: So I put nevermind in the title because I found my answer, the one that really matters. Latency.................. So, is anyone familiar with these? Specifically the neck, playability, build quality and any latency? Just thinking of checking one out but they all are on line in my area...
  55. Stratman68

    FedEx vs USPS....Just Sayin!

  56. Stratman68

    Terry Kath

    A while back I posted a link to the short intro about Terry Kath's daughter writing\producing a documentary about her father. She was in the process of creating it at the time. I never saw\heard the final product until today. Jimi Hendrix knew (and stated) just how good a guitar player Terry...
  57. Stratman68

    NEW Strat Weirdness?

    So, I have been playing Fender Strats for about 4 decades. I have ALWAYS decked the bridge. I have a new Ultra Strat, mainly because i wanted one :-) Well and a rosewood fingerboard, which I didn't have on any. All my strats (except the new one) have 5 springs. Just the way I did things. The...
  58. Stratman68

    Win 10x64 Laptop or tablet, prefer tablet or 2 in 1 for VST playback?

    First, please, WINDOWS. Lets not have the same old win vs Mac argument please. I am asking for advice. Also, one person gig type stuff with backing tracks. I have 2 choices- \1> convert all midi files with VSTS to audio (easy but has limitations. 2. Use VSTS and out put as audio (my preference)...
  59. Stratman68

    Very OT: Webcam confusion-newbie webcam user

    So, I have a computer background but that doesn't seem to help with this. Never, ever used a webcam. I have: Canon EOS M50 -Rode Videomic Pro plus (didn't even bother with the mic yet, just wnated to yesy camera. Installed the Canon webcam utility-it shows up in DMgr. Newbie question: when al...
  60. Stratman68

    Question for those that sit at a desk with a daw, etc= Pretty regular!

    So, do you folks use chairs (be they drafting or regular) with wheels? I am constantly fighting with the guitar cord and the wheels..............Curious! I'm thinking I should lose the wheels.................................... What say ye?
  61. Stratman68

    direct mount Mic for My Canon EOS M50?

    Not for music, I use my studio stuff for that. But I would like a decent mic-maybe around $150? I that doable? I did search the web for a while and everything came up Rode, even the $55 one? I have no idea myself, web was really no help. what a surprise right? Thanks
  62. Stratman68

    Joe Robinson at 16 yrs Old- Great Story! Killer player

    So, I remember the posts about Joe Robinson , last year, I think. Amazing guitar player, plays anything and everything. Came across a video where he explained how he won Australia's Got Talent @ 16 yrs old. The cool part is from the very first audition he "refused" to sign Sony's (and others)...
  63. Stratman68

    Taylor T5z, so far, headaches abound

    So, I bought it used from Sam Ash in San Antonio, Texas. Thru Reverb. First noticed trble pot, which is suppose to be active, did nothing. Was told by Taylor to replace the preamp\pot piece. They sent me a new one. Had it installed and it made NO CHANGE at all. Treble pot is USELESS, even as...
  64. Stratman68

    Very Cool 20 String Harp Guitar-Woah!

  65. Stratman68

    Guitar IN Case Storage- Standing on side or laying flat?

    I got the "is this already being discussed message, but not one title referenced guitars or cases, so, if it's a repeat, sorry. Just a simple answer would be great. Don't need suggestions about storage because this is my ONLY option. Bet for me if stood on their sides, but I have always felt...
  66. Stratman68

    Gone but NEVER forgotten - Very Special Lady

    Loved her voice-By her own words she was shy and wasn't comfortable in front of crowds. Could sure fool me. Jazz singer at heart-but she sang everything........................
  67. Stratman68

    Home Skoolin... Anyone Familiar with it? I am...

    He once said if it weren't for 2020 we probably wouldn't know of each other. Of course, I remember him and his wife as a duo years ago. Tom is a studio guy, what a surprise. definitely a different kind of guitar youtube thing. imho anyway.....LAID BACK.... Tom Bukovac The chord progression he...
  68. Stratman68

    Fender Strats... Floating, Blocked or decked... Curious about opinions

    For argument sake, I put floating in the title. But it is irrelevant to my question. I have , are you ready, NEVER used the tremolo, vibrato, whatever you care to call it, on my Strats. Been playing them for many, many decades. So floating is NOT in this conversation, please. I have always...
  69. Stratman68

    OK so who wrote "Hey Joe"? Really?

    Billy Roberts. This is the guy that got credit for it-you be the judge Early 60's? This woman says Billy Roberts was an ex boyfriend and he stole it from her? She commented in the video n I quote: Niela Miller 4 years ago "Thanks for recognizing my song as the original impetus for Hey Joe...
  70. Stratman68

    So much Soul-The vocal and the guitar solo...

    Doesn't get any better than this............................
  71. Stratman68

    Lari B. is just So Good!

    I love this album-Listen to it when driving. Love how fluid and easy her touch is. She is amazing!
  72. Stratman68

    So this guys style-is, uh different, but, my lord!

    Seriously talented guy! Wonder if Marco knows this guy? Sicily, Italy!
  73. Stratman68

    LEDS on-power off? Screen white!

    Maybe been discussed already, not sure. So found my FM3 seemingly getting power from USB able? Just my guess of course. But ALL LEDS were on bright and the screen was on WHITE. Now it has not been used for a few days but of course I leave the USB cable plugged in. Is this familiar? Known? Thanks
  74. Stratman68

    My Fav Duo doing a Post Malone cover-Really?

    Never heard of Post Malone before I saw this. What can I say. But these 2 sisters made it their own imho. No autotune, no massive FX, I liked it!
  75. Stratman68

    Very OT: 4G vs 5G vs who cares?

    So, not being a youngster or a smartphone mega user I have to wonder about 5G? I am switching to infinity mobile and will need a new phone only because my LG6 is not acceptable to xfinity. But my monthly bill will go from $55.00 a month to $16.70-verified by xfinity-that's the 1GB plan and...
  76. Stratman68

    Another Strat bridge\saddle\tremolo question

    So I read thru and followed links in the long thread about Strat tremolos https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/recommend-a-replacement-tremolo-for-my-strat.164140/ Helped me but left some questions unanswered. I am talking my 2006 USA Fender Deluxe Strat. Was special run for MF I think-the...
  77. Stratman68

    Happy Halloween from Larkin Poe :-)

  78. Stratman68

    My Favorite Sisters-Rebecca and Megan Lovell-a Lockdown Session!

    Just love these ladies...........
  79. Stratman68

    The Sky is Crying (NOT SRV) Live Jam

    Derek smiles at Susan when she lays down some licks............Real nice version and jam imho!
  80. Stratman68

    Are these Fender Strat neck shape images accurate?

    Always had Strats with the common "C" neck- Wondering how different the newer "D" shape would be? Don't have anywhere I can try one. Images seem like it would just fill your hand a bit more. Seems very close to my PRS S2 McCarty 594! I did search and this is the best image I could find thru...
  81. Stratman68

    Lari Basilio playing Far out Ibanez...She is so good!

    Just a great player. Never saw her playing an Ibanez before. This album (Far More) is great-
  82. Stratman68

    Another family Band.

    I am guessing many have already heard of these 3 brothers and 2 sisters- Liliac. In Romanian means "Bat" as in vampire maybe! Good cover imho, especially singer\bass player and the guitar player. Their father is from Transylvania. Their mother is also from Romania.....
  83. Stratman68

    Stormy Monday with a smooth Feel-Robbie Calvo-great player

    Just his touch and feeling is so cool.............Solo is last half of video. I liked it all though! definitely a personal approach to this iconic blues song.
  84. Stratman68

    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    I thought this was outstanding, but hey, I'm just a guitar player.....................Superb!
  85. Stratman68

    FRETS ... Mainly Strat type guitars

    So I have always played Fender Strats and Teles-just what I like and do. So not looking for advice on "other" guitars, just have questions about frets. I have had different frets way back when, mainly because I have been playing so long and that's what Fender offered. Last 20 years mainly medium...
  86. Stratman68

    OK, Now I know I'm old, but.......It's OK

    First, most here know I am not a metal fan, not for or against, so don't take it as a dig-just an old blues\rock guy. Came across a video of 3 really young sisters playing rock\metal. I mean the fist one I saw the bass player was 8 yrs old. They ALL started , wait for it, with classical piano...
  87. Stratman68

    Incredible musician with a fabulous attitude

    Some may not like her music, but her approach to music is what intrigues me. She also is an amazing Piano and Violin player. I remember the discussion about open tunings and this fits right in there imho. I may not have her albums but I most certainly appreciate her talent and approach to the...
  88. Stratman68

    Stay logged in?

    OK, so maybe I forgot something after all these years, but why can't I stay logged in anymore? I accepted cookies, etc, etc. Checked and unchecked and checked the remember box to be sure.I looked thru my account but didn't see any options for this. Weird after 11+ years. I mean of course I have...
  89. Stratman68

    OT somewhat for this forum-Acoustic-Electric-Thinline

    So. as the title says, looking to buy an acoustic electric "thinline" guitar. Cannot handle, Godins-because of 16" radius-would have been my first option otherwise. Taylor-bad reviews on play-ability and tuning stability-plus the $$$$$. Ruled out many and I am left with these: Fender...
  90. Stratman68

    Random Notes and Chords................Beautiful!

    I especially love the fact that it is so easy to see how much she loves to play.................
  91. Stratman68

    Nice Cover of SRV Superstitious-Real nice!

    Vinai T use to post on the forum many years back. Around Axefx II era I think, maybe earlier. Great player...............
  92. Stratman68

    Father of Young Italian guitar player I posted-Jazz-Singer kills it!

    So, Federica Golisano, young lady guitar player I posted last week. This is her dad, playing bass. He plays all instruments and had the young guitar player playing piano and sight reading at 7 yrs old. Explains a lot I think.Another who started with classical music. Btw, This is not the original...
  93. Stratman68

    Yes, yet another human being guitar player- from Italy, ahh, Italy

    So, It takes a while to be really versatile on guitar, Right? Wrong........................Young Italian girl shows us depends how hard you try! 3 Videos! She plays everything from Steve VAi, Satch, Dream Theater, Becker, Randy R, etc, etc, etc. Lot's of talent. I think she is another young...
  94. Stratman68

    So, while surfing youtube-A Family Band.

    Possibly you all know this young group already- I am a bit behind in todays music and bands tbh. But how cool can it be to play in a band with your 3 daughters.
  95. Stratman68

    Anyone using the Ceba lcd protectors?

    So, just wondering how they fit, look, etc. Wondering if any changes in heat also. Yes I know, just asking......
  96. Stratman68

    Yes another guitarist-Canadian player 19 yrs old

    Yes, another earthling entity playing guitar. Very good technique in my humble opinion-Clean........We know Steely Dan plays in a very syncopated fashion so to speak! Well spent 3 minutes and 7 seconds imho!
  97. Stratman68

    PRS 58/15 S question please.

    So, being the Stratman, so to speak I do not have much experience with these pickups except of course what I hear in videos. I really do not care for them. Thy break up way to easy and rolling off the volume they do NOT clean up real well (or quickly enough) I was looking at the 57/08's at...
  98. Stratman68

    So is this temperature normal?

    Just turned on the FM3-a\c 76F degrees room. Temp says 123F and now it is going up to 132F. That seems really hot for just starting up. It is wavering between 129F and 131F. Have not DONE anything, now 132F steady? I don't like that. Anyone? I'm beginning to regret selling my AX8 :(
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