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  1. bread

    Preset Levelling Using Set Lists

    Is anyone using set lists to help level presets ? For example, move a crunch scene to a part of set list song (say, Intro) and a new crunch scene to the same song in the set list as another part (say, Intro 2). Then use the Level Preset function in Axe Edit to adjust the level of the new...
  2. bread

    Wish Fc12 - Pedal I/O Routings

    Be nice if the FC12 pedal inputs could be routed as send and returns
  3. bread

    Behringer X32 / X32R Latency with MX-Q Help

    Hi ! I recently bought an X32R with a S32 stage box (Midas Preamps) to use for sweaty pub gigs so I don't have to use the Soundcraft Impact SI on front of house. We have 6 members in our band and we all have in ear monitoring, using iPad to mix our personal monitoring from the stage. We have a...
  4. bread

    People Falling Into Your Pedal Board

    #1 Pub gigs eh ? It all started when this lady decided it would be a good idea to just buy bottles of Prosecco at the bar instead of individual glasses and waiting about 15 to 20 minutes to get served at the bar. Over she came... a middle aged lady dancing towards her friends who were at the...
  5. bread

    Proximity Frequency

    Does anyone use the proximity frequency on the cab block ? I've just been playing around with it and instead of leaving it at its 120Hz default, raised it to 140Hz - 160Hz with a proximity value of around 1. The difference is subtle (probably because I'm not changing it very much) but it...
  6. bread

    Fixed : 80s Style Chorus

    I've put a chorus block before the amp and selected the 80s Chorus type. When increasing mix, the volume reduced and at 100% there is no volume at all. Is this right ?
  7. bread

    Strymon Sunset

    Has anyone used a Strymon Sunset in front of the Axe FX and what are your experiences ? Thank you
  8. bread

    Preset Access with FC-12

    Is there a way I can heel-toe the two buttons on the FC12 so that 10 presets are immediately displayed, then select one preset and automatically return to my default layout ? Thanks in advance...
  9. bread

    Spillover Issue

    I am using a delay in a scene in one preset but if I change to another preset when the delay tails are tailing off from the previous one, I get a very noticeable "bump" in volume for one delay when the new preset is engaged. I'm sure this is to do with the spillover (configured as "both" on my...
  10. bread

    Bug - Axe Edit Modifiers ?

    I use a FAS expression pedal as a wah connected as FC12 Pedal 2 as a modifier. When i view in the Controllers->Modifiers menu in Axe Edit, it says it is in position 3, not 2. Could someone check please ?
  11. bread

    Wish Retain Output and Input EQ When Using "Reset Amp Block"

    Please could the input and output EQ settings be preserved when using the "Reset Amp Block" feature ? Mesa Mark series are dialled in using these EQ settings in particular and would be great if resetting the settings could be avoided Thanks !
  12. bread

    Wish Synth Block Fixes Please

    Can we have the synth block fixed so it doesn't chirp when using it please?
  13. bread

    "Your Love" by The Outfield - Harmoniser Help Needed

    Could someone shed some light on how to get this harmoniser sound in the first solo section on the song Your Love by The Outfield please ? I've seen some on-line demos and read some stuff on the internet, but my attempts sound like a fairground so I wondered if anyone could give me some tips...
  14. bread

    Control Switch Channel Toggling Problem?

    Hello and Happy New Year ! I'm setting up a filter block which will give me 2 different boosts depending on whether a button on the FC12 is using the tap or hold state. However, I can't seem to get the block to revert to Channel A when the button is disengaged. I want it to work like this ...
  15. bread

    No Audio Using Axe-Fx III with USB into a Mac with Scarlett 8i6

    Hello, I wonder if anyone could help me with this issue I'm having. I have my Axe FX III connected via USB to my Mac which runs Axe Edit no problem at all. I want to use the Axe Fx audio over the USB into my Scarlett so I can hear it through my monitors but, although I can see the meters move...
  16. bread

    Key Changes Using Layout

    Is it possible to use a layout dedicated to changing the key of a global pitch block for harmonies etc. So I can change layout hit "Key C" and then go back to my preset in my main layout and the Key of the pitch block is set to C for all of that preset please ? Or is there an easier way of...
  17. bread

    Loving the FAS Amp Models

    Not much is mentioned on here about the FAS amp in the Axe FX. I think they are amazing - if you want a mega clean sound that really springs out, try the FAS Class-A. The FAS Crunch is another belter.
  18. bread

    The Paradox of Guitar Tone

    I stumbled across this today I'm not sure if you've already seen it ? Anyway, here it's explained how to get a great big tone from your guitar using the master volume on the amp, how speaker compression kicks in, how it distorts, pick attack and power amp tube distortion all work together to...
  19. bread

    External Switches With Control Switch Properties

    Is it possible I can assign my external switch (connected to the FC12 via a TS cable) as a control switch ? Here is what I want to do .... Assign my external switch (a Bright Onion pedal) to a Filter Block on Channel A so that when engaged, I get a 3 or 4db boost to make up the loss in level...
  20. bread

    Chorus Hall Reverb

    Have you tried this reverb ? It's now my go to for just about all my presets because it sounds so good. I have mix about 12% and the rest stock. If you haven't tried it, give it a go.
  21. bread

    External Switch Help

    I'm trying to assign an external latching footswich (Bright Onion) to a filter block so it will act as a dedicated boost across all scenes. I've assigned the switch in Layout 9 as a Stand-In Switch (Effect Block - Filter in bypass mode) and included the block in the layout of my preset. My...
  22. bread

    WISH : Blocks Select on Toggle

    I'm not sure this is possible already but here goes ... I can assign an effect block (for example DELAY 1) to an FC switch to switch that effect on or off - that's no problem. However, what I would really like to do is in the FC12 config of Axe Edit 3 is to have a drop down to select which...
  23. bread

    Map Volume/Pan Level to OUT 1- 4 Controls

    I'm not sure if this can be done already, at least I haven't seen a way of doing this yet. Here is my current setup ... I have the Axe FX3 OUT 1 going to FOH, echo'd to OUT 2 (internally in the config) which goes to my rack mixer channel 1. The mixer outputs go into the stereo input of my IEMs...
  24. bread

    Weird Crackles and Pops on 12.09

    Hi Since upgrading to 12.09 I'm getting weird crackles and pops coming from my higher gain presets. Its especially noticeable on a single note and sounds as if its digital clipping coming from somewhere. 1. I've bypassed all blocks except the amp and cab bock - still happens 2. The outputs are...
  25. bread

    Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 SPDIF Help

    Hi I've connected my axe 3 to my scarlett interface but can't seem to get it to sync at 48khz anymore. I've set the AF3 as follows Input 1 Source: Analog Word Clock: SPDIF/AES IN SPDIF/AES: SPDIF SPIDFI/AES Out Source: Output One When I change from 44.1khz to 48khz on the focusrite control...
  26. bread

    Power Supply AC Line Frequency

    Hello ! I was wondering if we should ask to have the Power Supply AC Line Frequency moved from the Amp Block Power Supply setting to a global setting because of the way it interacts with the new noise gate in the input block ? I've played around with it and changed it for most of my amps from...
  27. bread

    Fat Solo Tones

    Hi I've searched the forums for advise on this subject but with new firmware coming out all the time I thought I would start a separate thread for it now that FW12 is here I normally use pitch, a bit of chorus, a long delay and an 800hz bump. What other tips are there for creating solo...
  28. bread

    "Walk This Way" ... Solo's?

    Hi I'm learning Walk This Way by RunDMC and Aerosmith but the single version solo's are completely different to the live version which is the one I've just spent ages learning. Does anyone know which studio version on an album is the one that is closest to the live version (link below) so I...
  29. bread

    Music Hall Reverb is So Cool !

    I've never used this reverb before but thought I would try it out with a low gain fender type preset. I have the mix quite high at 15% and everything else at the default values ... its amazing - anyone else use this ?
  30. bread

    Embarrassing Moments ..

    Thread dedicated to when you make an absolute nob of yourself. I was at the London Drum Show years ago with my son who was only about 13 at the time but a monster drummer doing his trinity guild grade 7 exams. We saw this guy playing in one of the booths and he was amazing so we got chatting...
  31. bread

    Cab Block Question - Stereo

    Hi I was wondering if someone could help clarify my cab block settings. I looked in the WiKi but didn't really find my answer, so I thought I would ask on here. I'm running stereo effects (chorus, delay and reverb) into the cab block (after the amp ofcourse), so I've set the cabs up (all 4 of...
  32. bread

    Compressor Block Problem ?

    Is it me or does the auto gain make up not work on the compressor block ? I need to crank the level to around 14db just to get unity gain when mix is 100%. On the Axe II this was really simple, choose a compressor, select Auto Gain makeup and adjust the settings. Now I need to re-do all my...
  33. bread

    Wish Drag and drop a block to a trash can

    ... to remove it from the grid.
  34. bread

    Studio Compressor - Bug ?

    I had this on 100% mix on my Axe II and with gain makeup on it pulled the level back up to unity (or thereabouts) On the III this doesn't seem to be the case anymore and even with gain makeup on I need to really crank the levels to get the preset back to it's original level Is there something...
  35. bread

    Include Mini Display Label on Per Preset Override Selection

    Is it possible to include the Mini Display label when selecting a PP# from the PER-PRESET OVERRIDE menu selector so its a bit more intuitive than just showing the PP# ? It would be great if it could display something like PP#1 FLANGER or PP#2 DELAY 2 or PP#3 SCENE 8 etc. I'm lazy and have a...
  36. bread

    Effects Explained by Cats ...

  37. bread

    Scene Search

    It would be great if I could search within scenes of presets in Axe Edit III. I would like all presets returned with my search criteria as BOLD for the search is in the preset name and NORMAL for if the search criteria appears within a scene of that preset. ... or colour would work to highlight...
  38. bread

    Implemented Preset Linked to Layout

    I've only had my III for a few days but I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how to assign a layout to a preset. What I want is a standard layout where I have 5 scenes and 5 effects, plus preset up and down - this is Ok, I have this. Preset number 2 I want layout 2 so I have 10...
  39. bread

    Layout Question

    Hello I'm on day 2 with my Axe Fx 3 and programming up the presets with Axe Edit III. I have an FC12 foot controller and wondered if there was a way that I can change layout on the FC12 when I change preset without going into the master layout to select it. I've changed the setting in Axe Edit...
  40. bread

    In Ears for Input / Output 2

    Quick question please I'm going to run everything from the desk (stereo) into input 2 of the FX3 when it arrives so I can mix the guitar from out 1 and everything else from out 2 as a blend to my IEMs. I can ipad individual mixes so this isnt a problem for separate mixes Question is of the...
  41. bread

    Synth Block

    Is the synth block improved on the axe 3 please ? I find it sounds great on my XL+ but very difficult to control. Thanks in advance
  42. bread

    Two Tribes Help

    Hi I'm working on Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood but cant seem to dial in the tone that's used in the song. Does anyone have any ideas please on amp, cab effects etc ? Thanks in advance :) Here's a clip
  43. bread

    Steve Farris Tone on Broken Wings

    Hi could someone please tell me what the effect is thats running through the distorted guitar tone on Broken Wings please ? It's a kind of modulated pitchy chorus ..... I've tried phaser, chorus and pitch (detune) but can't get anywhere near it. Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  44. bread

    Fractal Load Box Question - Bass Amp

    Our bass player has a Mesa Carbine 600 bass amp which he wants to use without the cab. He will run an XLR from the back of the cab clone to a mixer where it will be split to the FOH and his IEM. I've seen the spec on the Fractal Load Box but it only goes up to 100W (the Carbine is 600W). Could...
  45. bread

    AustinBuddy HiWatt DR103 Jumped Clean

    Holy cow ! If you have the AustinBuddy naked amps collection, give this one a whirl with a plex delay, rich hall reverb and studio compressor. Its absolutely amazing.
  46. bread

    Wish Level Control Generator in Axe Edit

    Is it possible to have a constant tone generator in Axe Edit which has a range of instrument level volumes to match (roughly) each guitar pickup type (passive hum bucker, passive single coil, active hum bucker, active single coil etc) ? This is so I can use this facility to match levels more...
  47. bread

    USA Pre Clean Level Problem

    For some strange reason, reducing the level on the USA Pre Clean doesn't seem to do anything. I'm not sure if its something weird about the preset or something odd going on with my Axe FX XL+. I've tried using Axe Edit and on the unit itself, it stays at the same volume from about -12 downwards...
  48. bread

    Weird Buzzing - Help Needed

    Hi, I've tried everything with this preset and for some weird reason, when playing there is this strange buzzing from the left speaker. It doesn't happen with any other preset I have - just this one. I've tried saving to another preset, bypassing the blocks, resetting the blocks etc etc and it...
  49. bread

    Two Tribes FGTH - Help Needed

    My band is doing Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and I need to get the preset sounding just or near to the original. I'm struggling with that "metallic" sound that sounds like it's layered on the guitar so wondered if anyone had any ideas. I've tried pitch, chorus and multi delay but...
  50. bread

    Amp block bypass modes

    I'm using two amp blocks routed in parallel. I have the top amp block "mute" and the bottom one "thru". Do I need to change the bottom amp block to "mute" to prevent dry signal going through the amp block ? Thanks in advance.
  51. bread

    Mark V Amp GEQ

    I'm gravitating to the 5 Band (Mark) EQ on just about all my amp blocks now. I've found it to work really well with the Brit 800 so I guess I'm moving away from authenticity to using what I prefer to hear. That's a good thing I think... Anyone else doing this and had similar results ?
  52. bread

    Dual Delay Live

    I'm using the Brit800 with a big studio reverb and a dual delay. I have the first delay line set at 375ms and the second at 750ms which is giving me the huge sound that I really like. I've never gone this big on delay before for live use and just wondered if anyone had tried this and what your...
  53. bread

    How to import new factory presets ?

    Hi Sorry for the stupid question but how do I import the new factory preset banks A, B and C into my XL+ banks D, E and F using axe edit? Thanks !
  54. bread

    GEQ Mark Setting

    I've been experimenting with the GEQ settings on the Brit 800 amp model and having great result using the "Mark" setting in the GEQ section. Has anyone else tried this ? Im find it very easy to dial in great tones on pretty much every amp I've used. The Brit 800 is a very bright sounding amp...
  55. bread

    Odd Sound - Like a Wah Coming On Randomly

    When I was using my Axe FX II XL+ with MCF101 III at reharsals last night, I came across this weird problem. After playing on the same scene for around 3 minutes, the sound would suddenly change as if the wah had come on in the heel down position. This also happened in another preset with the...
  56. bread

    Running Stereo to FOH

    I'm going to give Stereo a go on Friday but just before I do I thought I would check a few things to make sure I've got it set up correctly please. All my stereo effects (chorus 2290 delay and reverb) are after the cab block and I have them all set to stereo with a width of around 60%. I have...
  57. bread

    Axe FX XL+ with Mesa Mark V Experiences ?

    Hi Has anyone used an Axe FX XL+ with a Mesa Mark V ? If so could you please tell me if it works well in 4CM and how you are switch the channels ? I'm going to experiment with this with a Mini Amp Gizmo if I hear good things about it. In particular the noise levels - are they as good as the FX8...
  58. bread

    Tone Matching a PA

    Is it possible to tone match a cranked PA to simulate what a patch would sound like at gig levels? I guess this has been discussed before but I would be very interested if the Fletcher Munson characteristics could be simulated so that a patch can be EQ'd at bedroom levels ready for live...
  59. bread

    Mark IIC+ Amp Model Issues

    Hello ! Is anyone else having problems dialling in this amp model? No matter what I do it always sounds very "dead" and lifeless. I've tried various different cabs but although there are some minor improvements (like the TV Mix F131) it still sound pretty crap. All my other presets sound great...
  60. bread

    Axe Edit Preset Name Doesn't Update Properly ?

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before but I haven't seen it on the forums ... Anyway I'm using Quantum 6.0 on an Axe FX XL+ running 3.10 Axe Edit on a Mac with Sierra 10.12 If I copy an existing preset to another location using Axe Edit, save it and rename it, then save it again, the MFC101...
  61. bread

    Question : Tone Match to Cab Block

    Hello, sorry ... another question. Is it possible to export 2 TM blocks into a single cab block - one TM for X and the other one for Y ? This way I can use 2 tone match presets and switch them using scenes ? Alternatively, is there a way to convert a TM block to a cab block without using the...
  62. bread

    Help - Preset Causing Strange "Crackling" When Using 2 Amp Blocks

    I have 2 presets attached - one which has 2 amp blocks that creates a strange "crackling" noise and another that has one amp block which doesn't crackle. Does anyone know why this is the case as I've used 2 amp blocks before and not had a problem, it's just with this preset. I'm running Q5.0...
  63. bread

    Block Input Gain and Parallel Path

    I was wondering why only some blocks such as reverb and delay have an input gain control ? For example, if I have chorus in parallel, then I would adjust the amount of effect with the level control (100% mix). However, the overall volume increases as a result and because there is no input gain...
  64. bread

    FX LOOP Block Question

    I have an FX Loop block in series from my reverb to the output. My output 1 level is about twice the volume of my output 2 level so is this because the level on the FX Loop block is not high enough (0db) or because it is in series connected to the output and not in parallel with the reberb...
  65. bread

    Axe Edit - Changing Types of Delay Resets Ducking Parameters

    Is there any chance that when changing delay types in the delay block, the block could retain the ducking parameters please ? Thanks
  66. bread

    External Switching Per Scene ?

    Hi is it possible to set up the MFC101 to switch on or off the external switches per scene within a preset please ? Thanks
  67. bread

    Scene Changes - Anomoly

    Hi When changing scenes that use different amp blocks I'm getting a momentary noise when the new scene is engaged. It sounds like the wah comes on for a 10th of a second then goes back off again. Anyone else had this problem ? It doesn't happen switching scenes that use the same amp block...
  68. bread

    Boost for leads

    I'm currently using a null filter for a lead boost and it's around 8db in order to cut through. Is this about right ? Thanks
  69. bread

    So Far So Good - Week 4 With the Axe FX II XL+

    So far I've read a heap of stuff on here, read the manual (a lot) and watched the super videos from Axe FX Tutorials (thanks Chris - these were a big help in getting everything up and running). So far I think the Axe FX sounds amazing. I've had a G System, POD HD, Kemper and still own an FX8...
  70. bread

    Setting Up Volume and Wah

    Hi I've got everything set up properly now on my new Axe FX II and was wondering if anyone could tell me 1. How to set up a global volume pedal between the preamp and the power amp (delay tails remain) 2. How to set up the expression pedal 2 for a way I've read the WiKi and looked at some...
  71. bread

    Error Installing MFC Edit

    Just purchased and installed MFC Edit, on my Mac running El Capitan. I get an error saying I need to install the Java SDK and when prompted for my code that was emailed to me, it says "incorrect administrator log in". Any ideas ? Thanks
  72. bread

    New Axe FX XL+ Day - A few Problems

    Got my new Axe FX today and I've cabled it all up, connected to the Mac (el Capitan) and installed the latest Axe Edit software. Problem is, that I can't connect to the Axe FX - it just stays permanently on "non connected". Any ideas ? The cable is fine as I use it all the time with my FX8...
  73. bread

    Cab Block Question

    My setup will be using the Axe FX with amp and cab sims to the FOH in stereo while using a guitar cab via a Matrix 1000Fx amp for on stage monitoring in mono. I've read about cab block positioning on the wiki etc and wondered if I could set the cab block to stereo going to output 1 and then...
  74. bread

    So impressed with FX8 I'm going Axe FXII

    Hi I'm on the wait list for an XLII+. Yeah !!! I intend to use it stereo direct into the PA with a stage monitor using a fryette power station with a wide body MESA 112 cab. Is this something you would recommend or sell the fryette and get a FRFR monitor or Matrix setup ? Thanks for your help.
  75. bread

    The Bread Pedal Shootout

    My good old chum Tony popped over yesterday and brought from his "warehouse" some of his pedals for me to have a listen to as I was having a blistering GAS crisis yesterday morning. We plugged the following into the front end of the FX8 OCD Mini Tubescreamer Mini Keeley Red Dirt Xotic RC Clean...
  76. bread

    Anyone got a Bogner Ecstacy Blue Working With the Relays ?

    Hi, I'm trying to get a Bogner Ecstacy working with the FX8 relays to no avail. I was hoping for OFF = OFF, TIP=On, RING=BOOST or similar. Unfortunately, it uses TIP=BOOST, RING=ON/OFF so I think its a non-starter. Thanks !
  77. bread

    Wish LED Custom Config and Custom XY Layout

    It would be great if I could configure what LEDs come on or stay off on a per scene basis. If I have the top 4 switches as stomp boxes I would like just the green led on if the block is engaged and off if the block is disengaged - yellow for x/y as it does currently. For the bottom row of...
  78. bread

    Wish Multiple Inbound Equalisers

    It would be useful to have a feature that would allow more than one in/out equaliser for the front, back end or both of the FX8. This way I could have one set up for each guitar including an increase in volume gain for going to single coils from humbuckers. If I could select an eq setting from...
  79. bread

    ISP Decimator G String II vs Intelligent Gate

    Since my Decimator G String II died last week, I’ve been forced to use the internal gates on the FX8 until I can get a replacement. I’m running a Mesa Boogie Mark V in 4CM with high gain settings, and where the Decimator has done a superb job in the past, I thought I would grab the opportunity...
  80. bread

    Review - Kick Tags

    I just had my Kick Tags delivered from Sukh today and thought I would add a quick review of them on here. Firstly, I'm seriously impressed with the quality of them. If you think these are just "stickers on magnets", then think again - there has been a lot of thought and effort gone into the...
  81. bread

    Wish X - Block

    It would be great if we had an "X" block that, when selected, could be used as any one of the currently available blocks. This would mean we could have a 3rd drive block, 3rd delay block, 2nd PEQ block, 2nd MIDI block etc, all with XY switching - simply select it and it becomes whatever you...
  82. bread

    Wish Add FX8 to Axe Change Please ?

    Can we have the FX8 (and AX8 ?) added to the Axe Change database please ?
  83. bread

    Wish Per Preset PEQ Instead of PEQ Block

    I use PEQ on most of my presets. Is it possible to introduce a "per preset" PEQ within the preset configuration and have separate per scene controllers to vary how much or how little of the PEQ we want per scene ? Think how the Mesa Mk 5 EQ works - along those lines but with a 5 band PEQ...
  84. bread

    2290 Delay - Amazing

    If you haven't tried the 2290 delay yet, you're missing a trick - this block is simply stunning. I use it with a medium spring reverb on my high gain channel and its super lush. Tried it out last night at rehearsals and couldn't stop grinning.
  85. bread

    Second FX8 Gig ....

    Did 40 songs with the FX8 at a NYE event last night. It sounded great - lots of air guitarists in front of me and drunk blokes slurring compliments on my tone. 1 gin and tonic over it plus half a glass of wine and an empty glass smashed on it. Not a mark the thing is bomb proof ! I'm really...
  86. bread

    Mesa Mark V Combo Switching

    Hi can I switch all 3 channels plus solo and eq from the FX8 or do I need a Mini Amp Gizmo ? I'm thinking of getting the big Mark V combo Thanks for your help
  87. bread

    Wish AX8 ->FX8 Preset Converter

    A simple software program that splits the amp and cab blocks from a preset of the AX8 so the effects blocks of the scene can be reused with the FX8 - and vice versa. My theory is that if all the effects are compatible then it's only the amp and cab modeling for the FX8 that needs to be removed...
  88. bread

    Fractal FX8 Users (Unofficial) FaceBook Page

    Hi, I have set up a facebook page if anyone wants to join to post stuff FX8 related ? It's not an official Fractal page and is not endorsed or supported by FAS - just to make that clear. It's just for fun ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/420813328098450/?pnref=lhc I hope that's OK to post...
  89. bread

    Wish Global Boost

    Is it possible to assign a global boost function to each of the 1-8 buttons that would automatically boost the scene by a configurable amount of boost (say 3db or 2db - as a global parameter) this would mean I could have x/y OR global boost OR nothing. This would give me a lead boost on every...
  90. bread

    Tips and Tricks Sticky ?

    Any chance we could have a tips and tricks sticky so we could put up ideas and methods that would help other fx8 users ?
  91. bread

    First Gig With FX8 Tonight

    Here I go - 32 scenes in one preset ready to for our 80s Party Night tonight. Wish me luck ! Photos to follow ...
  92. bread

    PEQ Problems Maybe ?

    When changing the parameters in a PEQ block it appears to change for every scene within a preset - basically only one PEQ per preset. Could someone check on their FX8 please and if it's a bug ill report it to FAS. Thanks
  93. bread

    Wish Adjust Overall Output Volume

    The G System has a great feature where you can adjust the output volume overall on the unit by hitting EDIT and then rotating the encoder. For people like me who don't have a master volume on the amp it's really useful to increase/decrease the overall volume quickly when playing live. A feature...
  94. bread

    Scene Revert Bug ?

    Could someone check please if this is an issue with the scene revert feature ? I've got scene revert switched on and sticky scenes ... I press SCENE to come OUT of STICKY SCENES and STOMP MODE goes ON I press the drive block to ON in SCENE #1 I press SCENE = STICKY SCENE = ON (STOMP MODE =...
  95. bread

    Global Volume Pedal Help

    Hi I've gone through the manual but cannot for the life of me find the setting to control the global volume by the pedal I gave calibrated in Pedal 1 of the FX8. I can calibrate the pedal but cannot assign it to the global volume parameter. any help much appreciated.
  96. bread

    Wish Default Expression

    Have the ability to select a default expression block (like wah) so if no expression block is selected in the preset the default "global" one is active. This would save an fx block for all scenes where say a cry baby wah is used.
  97. bread

    Wish Display Preset and Scene Name instead if Fx Blocks

    Would be nice to have the preset name in big letters and the scene name in big letters on the display instead if the Fx blocks. A menu option where you could configure it for either depending what mode your in would be great as would a feature to hold a switch to flash the alternative display if...
  98. bread

    Help - How to Switch on Sticky Scenes and Scene Revert Please

    Hi, I checked the manual but it looks like since the v2.0 update, the manual still refers to how things used to be before they changed. Could someone please tell me how to enable sticky scenes please ? Thanks "Bread"
  99. bread

    New FX8 Day - First Impressions

    So I have been playing with my FX8 for about a day and a half now, and as I've had multi-fx pedals before I've found it remarkably easy to set up and get going. I love the effects that are built in and the routing flexibility. The fact you can stack effects is also a big plus and the variety of...
  100. bread

    Scenes and Stomps

    Hi everyone, is it possible to assign the top row (buttons 1-5) to stomp boxes and the bottom row to scenes please ? This would be the same as how I have my G System currently. I have read the manual, but I got a bit confused as to how to configure scenes within a preset. Can I, for instance...
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